Monday, April 29, 2013

Do You Want To Be A Cabin Crew? Check This Informative Summary!

A summary of some of the valuable/informative posts i have written/posted in this blog....about my own experience of becoming a Etihad cabin crew....and Emirates  od/ad/fi + other things + other peoples valuable/informative articles and experiences about cabin crew with etihad and emirates and other airlines too.....check it out:  for you newbies who dream of becoming a cabin crew...which i hope you guys eventually will achieve!!!! :-)

ps: sorry for all the different font sizes, font styles and what not...i just havnt had time to organize all these links..  :-)

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  1. Oh my God!!! I read your post from when you posted there a while ago!!! So this is your new blog? And your with Etihad now? CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I always wondered what had happened to you and if you had kept going with your dream! I did not know this page was yours until I saw the EK OD post and put 2 and 2 together! But wow, Congrats. You give us hope. When one door closes another one opens.

    1. Hi dear Alexis,,,
      so cool you found my blog,
      thank you sooooooooooo much for your wishes,,,,,
      may i tell u what a crazyyy journey it has been since my post many years ago in that forum..
      a journey...filled with joy, tears, struggle, victory, hardship ect ect.....i bet a journey of all of us....too
      it all began with me doing a ek final interview, than i got rejected by ek, than i applied for etihad, i got the job, than i resigned etihad, now im here again with new dreams....
      i keep getting rejected over and over again....but we shall never give up!!!!!
      but you are so right, when one door closes another one opens...and sometimes i feel when one door closes and we so badly wanted this door to be open, thats ok cause this door that closed on us, will lead us to a better new door that will be open for us... :-)
      i truly wish you the best dear alexis, may all ur dreams, hopes and wishes come true from the bottom of my heart
      be safe

  2. Hey, I was wondering what happens if you get approved for AD, and book the date for AD online, so you already uploaded all the stuff (CV, passport copy, contact info, pictures) but you'd like to change for example the CV.

    If I already got approved for AD with this information, will my AD booking be canceled if I change it now? I realized I made a few mistakes too late, I submitted a plain version of my CV and plan to bring a normal, updated one on the AD. Is it going to be a problem if I show up at the AD with one CV and have online another version? I don't wanna mess this up...

    1. hi dear....
      regarding the questions u have..dont change anything until, cause u already gotten ur invite and gotten approved ect....once u attend the assessment, bring ur new resume with u, and the new updates and the new stuff u already changed....than hand it over to them than....tell them u either forgot some details in ur resume and now changed it and would want to hand in the updated resume or papers or whatever....cause i think it might get complicated if u change it now...either by emailing them or whatever u will do i wouldnt do that if i were this stage....
      so dont worry about the new version of ur resume or papers....bring the fresh new updates during ur ad and once u made it to the final interview they will ask u to give them tons of papers...ect....than u can tell them that u have with u a updated resume ect....OR dont even bother to give them anything.....i mean in regards to ur resume or papers
      the recruitment team already seen ur papers already approved why change anything now?
      if its a important detail than change it and hand it to them during ur ad.....ect....
      hope this make sense :-)
      so if i were u i would either nor change anything or give them the updated papers on the final interview...cause thats ok to do wont cause any issues :-)
      good luck....have a lovely monday

    2. Thank you so much! :))) I'll just tell them I have an updated one and hand it in :) Hey, do I have to bring confirmation from every place I worked + the 2 letters or are the 2 letters enough?

    3. ur welcome dear,
      no u dont have to bring service/reference letters from every job u done,,,or confirmation letters from every job...
      as far as i know of you need 2 reference letters from 2 previous jobs...doesnt matter which one...or when....than u need to add 2 reference people as well....
      if u have any service letters from previous jobs bring those with u as well....if u have a copy of whatever bring it with u...cause the more copies of those jobs u have the better....but at least 2.... :-)
      take care...good night

  3. Hi there!
    I was wondering what your schedule was like when you worked for Etihad. Did you have more than 24 hour layovers in countries? I was wondering because one of my best friends works for Emirates and she spends days at different countries (more than 24 hours layovers) and can really enjoy the country's attractions. I read online that Etihad only has 24 hour layovers and barely allow their cabin crew to stay for more than a full day. How accurate is this? I'm torn because I have been accepted for both EK and EY for AD which happen to fall on the same day as each other in my country. I would greatly appreciate hearing back.

    1. hi dear...
      in regards to ur question about etihad u have more than 24hrs layovers....u can have anything between 18hrs, 24hrs, 42hrs and 72hours...
      depending on where u fly to....
      wishing u the best
      good luck

  4. Hi dear! :)
    I really liked your posts! They helped me a lot with their explanations and ideas to be a flight attendant.
    I´d like to know if you have any model of a curriculum in English in case of a recruitment. Another question is that if you know a site or contact of an australian company. Tks for helping and a big hug!

    1. dear cynthia....
      i have sent u 2 emails...check them out when u have time
      have a lovely weekend

  5. hello,

    i enjoyed reading your blog.
    very informative.
    i have a question about the qualifications to be a flight attendant... is it okay to have a dental bridge?


    1. hello dear
      as far as i know dental bridges are allowed long as you have a healthy smile... :-)
      have a lovely day dear

  6. can i ask your email...thanks.

    1. dear to your right there is this ´´´contact me form´´ and via that u can send me a message and write whatever you like....and i will reply via your email address u write in that message :-)
      have a lovely day

  7. Hi, I'm planning to apply for Qatar cabin crew, but they require experienced ones. I am inexperienced. Can I go ahead apply? Do they train you once they hire you?

    1. Hi dear
      About Qatar hiring experienced cc...only people who have worked as a cc for more than 1 year can apply for this specific job...
      if u havnt worked as a cc before...than u can only attend those cc open days qatar have sometimes....
      and yes once u get the cc job, qatar does train u
      i wish u all the best and hopefully u find a qatar open day soon which u can attend....good luck
      hugssssss :-)

    2. That's so helpful. Thanks...but how will I know their open days? Do I keep checking on Google..?

    3. Hi dear
      Qatar will advertise their cabin crew open days on their career site:::

      so check this site daily...for updates...

      good luck :-)

  8. Hi,
    I found this blog really useful!
    I have something really important that I would like to ask you, but I don't wanna post it here. Can u please email me at
    I would really appreciate it!
    Thank you!

    1. hi dear
      check ur inbox i just emailed u
      take care xoxo

  9. hi can I get sent the journal by email please?

    1. Hello
      Sorry for my late reply
      I have now emailed you
      Have a great day