Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Info For Cabin Crew Wannabes :-)

Do You Want To Be A Cabin Crew? Check This Informative Summary!  



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Why do you want to become a cabin crew?


  1. Hello!
    I love your blog! Thaks for sharing all your experience. I just have a doubt about all the papers to bring for the AD. About the Pre employement declaration form... the last page is the vaccination certificate and must be colmpleted by a physician. Do I have to bring at AD? IS it necessary?

    1. Dear Marcia!
      Hope ur well
      ur welcome my dear im happy u like the info....
      i did my assessment year 2010, so things might have changes since than...

      during the time i did this..they sent us these pre employment papers after our final interview when we got successful...
      but i would fill in the pre employment papers before ur assessment and bring it with u in case they need it once u made it to the finals...cause they will do a final interview...
      cause u never know...also the pre employment papers are easy to fill in...
      just in case fill it in and bring it with u...
      as for the vaccinations, i think this should be done once u got this job....once u got the successful email after ur final interview....
      not during the assessment....
      so no need to bring it with u, if they dont write it in the email...

      but i also think we should bring that vaccination paper to abu dhabi,,,during ur medical exams....cause i remember i didnt do any vaccinations in my own was all done in abu dhabi..

      perhaps they sent it to everyone so everyone could have these papers, and fill it in after final the process would go they wont need to send it again to those who made it to the FI....

      hope i could shed some light about this...

      good luck dear have a great summer....

  2. This is a very good effort!
    All cabin crew wannabes, keep moving forward!