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Etihad cabin crew recruitment process

Dijanas Etihad cabin crew journey. Very informative. To you newbies out there, you will find some tips and tricks. You will get some insight into the recruitment process. While the recruitment process change a little bit year from year. The basics are still the same. The ''system'' is still the same.

Dijanas successful Etihad assessment and interview experience:

My Assessment Day was in Belgrade. It started at 8:00 in Hyatt Regency.
I showed up twenty minutes earlier. One recruiter from Australia was standing at the entrance of the hall. She had a list with our names so you should tell her your name or ID number.
I decided to wait for my friends, two lovely girls with whom I practiced my English and answers for final interview.
We checked in at the last moment and sat for a round table which was in the back of the room. Two recruiters were in the other room.They were taking the documents from applicants. During this process I was asked couple of questions ( what is my current job? about Wimbledon?) and I did the reach test (210 cm). (210cm is from year 2013. Today 2020 it is 212cm)
I was the last one with the number 96.
Then they made a presentation and gave us information about the company and Abu Dhabi. After that they asked questions in order to test our listening skills and then explained our first exercise.

They gave us 5 minutes to find out one interesting thing about our new friend who was sitting next to us. So, we should stand up and speak in front of the whole room:
Hello everyone. My name is .... and my registration number is ....I would like to introduce to you all my friend .....She works as a .....What I found interesting about her is ....for example that she loves pats, she would like to go skydiving, she likes to read and her favorite book is ....
After that we had an English test. Test lasted 15 minutes and had 4 exercises.

I - elementary grammar: provided answers a,b,c,d and you should choose the right one
II - answer the questions about text: again provided answers a,b,c,d
III - text with missing words: you have a list with this words and should choose the right spot for them in the text
IV - answer the questions about the text but this time you should write down the whole sentence

Then the results...
They read the registration numbers and names and those who heard his/her name should leave the room. I was in the group, left the room and followed the others. We went to other room where they again read our names and then congratulated us. We passed, 50 of us.

The next stage, testing our teamwork skills.
Eight of us and one recruiter were sitting for a table. We got a task on the paper. One of the girl read the task and then we had to agree about the steps that we would take in that situations.
We were receptionists in 5 star hotel and we had a guest Mr. Smith who was complaining about the room. What would we do in that situation?
We were really good team and we all got through the final interview. We talked about apology, empathy, extra service (free of charge massage, spa treatments, special meals, free sports activity), about discounts, upgrades, VIP cards.

After this part of testing, they again read the names and registration numbers. But this time, if you were lucky to stay in the room you had passed this stage.

It was 13:00 o'clock and 33 of us made through the final interview. Some interviews were done that day and some people were asked to come back tomorrow.
Before interviews started they had made one more presentation. This time they told us about the conditions, salary, training...
I had interview that day and I was waiting until 18:00 for my turn. We could not go anywhere because we did not know when they would call us. The interview was 2:1, one recruiter was taking notes and the other was asking questions.

My final interview lasted about 15 minutes. Everything happened really fast. I was asked just one customer service question and that question was
Tell me about the time you handled customer complaint?
The other questions from my final interview:
 Why do you want to work for our airline? Why do you want to become cabin crew?
 What makes a good cabin crew? Why are you leaving your present job? 
What can be challenging in moving to Abu Dhabi? What challenges would you face in Abu Dhabi?
What challenges would you face as a cabin crew? How would you deal with being away from your family when working as a cabin crew? 
Are you ready to embrace the multiculturalism? 
Why have you decided to change professions at this stage of your career?

Her timeline:

25.06.2013 - Assessment Day/Final interview
30.06.2013 - Successful e-mail
07.07.2013 - Offered date of joining
08.07.2013 - Signed contract

11.08.2013 - DOJ

If you guys like to read more from her blog, check it out:

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