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Hostie for a day: Inside Emirates' flight attendant school



´´From emergency slide practice to make-up class to turbulence simulations, flight attendant school teaches new recruits how to be jacks-of-all-trades. Ninemsn Travel's Adam Bub spent a day at the Emirates Aviation College in Dubai to see what it takes to make the grade´´

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Friday, August 2, 2013

FAQs for Emirates Cabin Crew Applicants & Joiners

I  found this online written by someone who currently works for EK as cc...and this is written by her/him....
Unfortunately dont know who wrote this so i cant credit Thank You to this person who wrote this!!!! Its very informative....

Frequently asked questions for Emirates Applicants & Joiners.

How long will it take for them to contact me?

Honestly it varies massively from person to person, some may wait 2 weeks and some may wait the full 8 before hearing anything from them. Don't compare your timeline to someone else's, you don't know what languages they speak or what skills and attributes they have that might have made Emirates want to snap them up!

My status is 'Application under review'

Simply means your file is being looked at.

My status is 'Approval in progress' does this mean i have the job?

Although this is a good sign and its headed in the right direction your file may also be rejected at this stage, it goes through numerous different departments for approval.

They have asked me for more photos is this a good sign?

Yes, your file is in Dubai and they are having a good look at it. Again don't take this to mean you have definitely got the job, but they like what they see, just want to see a little more.

I got an 'on hold email'

For most girls it will include the word successful - congratulations you have the job, the courses are just full and they are waiting for approval to set dates for new ones.

For guys, it does tend to be a different story, what you have to understand is that for a class there approximately 18 people and usually only 2 or 3 of those are guys. I have heard of guys getting 2 of these emails as well as reconfirmation of interest.

I can't log in, it says 'You will be contacted by your recruitment coordinator at the earliest'

Congratulations, do not leave your phone unattended until you get that Golden Call!

I still can't log into the portal?

Give it a couple of days and you will soon have access to the portal again.

When do Emirates work?


What does the medical entail?

It is a checklist listing a million different medical issues ranging from if you have hay-fever to if you have ever had surgery.

Do i need to get my Doctor to cosign my medical?

No but if you want to, it won't hurt anyone.

What vaccinations do i need to have done?

The only vaccination you need to have done before you arrive in Dubai is Yellow fever the ones listed are Hep A, Hep B, Yellow Fever, BCG, ACWY, MMR, Polio, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Typhoid, you may have had some of these done before so you really just need to know the dates you had them and when you need  a booster. You can have them all done in Dubai (except the yellow fever) the cost will be taken from your pay cheque.

Do i need a chest X-ray?

No, this will be done again in Dubai regardless or whether you have had it done at home. It's a government regulation for the visa - they are checking for scaring from TB.

Do i need to have my bloods done?

Like the X-ray you do not need to have these done, the government will check for HIV and Syphilis once you arrive here. Emirates will also take bloods to check for various things, one being your hemoglobin count as it must be above 11. If you are worried about any have them done in your own country to be on the safe side.

Will i be drugs tested?

Yes you pee in a cup in the first week of induction. If you fail you might be held back a week for it to clear your system, or you might be sent home! 

When will i find out my accommodation?

Usually the Sunday before you leave!

What is the accommodation like?

Varies from building to building, some are massive some are a little smaller. All will have a shared kitchen and lounge, you may or may not share a bathroom, your bedroom will have a king size bed, desk and chairs, drawers and a wardrobe. There is a pool and gym in all buildings. You will be given a starter box, details of which i believe are given to you before your final interview. Bedsheets etc are included but they are plain white, if you find room in your suitcase you can bring your own if not theres plenty of stores you can go buy some from, if you want to add color to make it feel more homely.

What do i wear to travel in? 

Contrary to popular belief it is not business attire, the portal just states you need to look smart and well groomed

How much baggage can i bring?

You have an allowance of 50kg, not that i think anyone ever could, but you will need to split it into 2 bags minimum - the maximum a suitcase can weigh is 32kg, you are also allowed a cabin bag allowance of 7kg.

When do i start?

The Sunday after you get here, so you may only have a day to settle in.

My training start date is 10(ish) days after my join date?

You have 10 days of induction, this will include numerous lectures about the company and your medicals as well as your uniform fitting.

What time does training start?

There are 3 different training times which varies on the number of batches there are 

7.30-15.30, 12.30-20.30, 15.30-23.30.

What do i wear on my first day?

Business attire! Ladies you do not have to wear a skirt, and i would advise against wearing heels as you walk about quite a bit, you will be given 2 red polo shirts that day which you will wear from there on, definitely advisable to bring more than 1 pair of black trousers and a cardigan (they love air conditioning a little too much)

Is there anything should I definitely bring?

Stockings! and lots of them you are required to wear them under your black trousers.

Hair grips, your hair needs to be immaculate.

Black shoes, they have to be plain black no visible detailing.

Do i need a specific lipstick?

A lot of girls wear Russian Red or Ruby Woo by MAC but as long as its "Emirates Red" any brand will do.

Do i have to have my nails done?

Your nails can be an Emirates red, french manicure or natural with just a clear nail polish.

How do the guys have to look?

You need to shave every single morning, if you have stubble they will pull you up on it, hair neat with not too much hair product.

How much money should i bring?

Entirely up to you, you are given a cash advance which is half your salary - 2000 AED plus an appliance allowance of 500 AED. I would advise bringing money if for nothing else but a safety net.  Emirates payday is around the 26th of the month,

How do i get a phone number?

You will be given a copy of your passport and visa back whilst you're in induction, there are 2 providers in Dubai - Etisilat and Du, both of which i believe have stalls in headquarters and will be happy to assist you.

How do i set up a bank account?

A few of the banks come to the college in payday week and will help you set up a bank account without your Passport but will need to see it when you get it back. You will probably get a phone call from someone asking you if you have set one up, never give out your details only accept phone calls when you have made initial contact with the bank.

Do i need a laptop?

No, there are computers available for you to use so you can do your E-learning at headquarters and at the training college, it might be nice to have one for you to watch movies etc in bed, and for you to gain access to the portal from for your mail etc…..beware the portal doesn't particularly like MacBooks and Safari though.

Will I have internet in my apartment? If not how long will it take to get?

Maybe, maybe not. It depends on how long your flatmate has been in the country and if they have decided to get it. If not you have to wait until you get your passport and visa back which is a little over a month after your join date. There are internet cafés etc


Here in the UAE the plugs are the same as they are in the UK with the 3 pin/a Type G plug

Can family visit during the probation period?

This is such a grey area. During probation you cannot take leave, so you don't know if you would be around to see them is the only real downfall of it, the rosters are given to you around the 25th of each month for the following month, so if they booked it quite last minute if would be fine, if they booked in quite far ahead and then you found out you had say a DXB>SIN>SYD>CHC>SYD>SIN>DXB which is an 8 day trip you wouldn't see them at all. I know of people who have had family come after 4 months of being here. I am unsure on the official policy.

Am i allowed people to stay at my apartment? 

You are allowed 60 days worth of non emirates staff to stay at your apartment, but you need to have your roommate and your manager sign a form to give you permission.

Can my boyfriend/girlfriend come stay at my apartment?

Officially no they are not allowed to stay with you, I know a lot of staff say its their 'cousin' though. 

If you date a resident of Dubai they have to leave your building by 1am, if they stay longer you will be issued with a warning.

What is the policy with alcohol?

Dubai is a Muslim country and it abides to muslim rules,  you need an alcohol license which you can apply for once you get your residents visa. You need to carry it with you when you go out - if you are stopped by the police are intoxicated you will need to show them and if you do not have it on you, you could be arrested or fined. Alcohol is also expensive to buy in bars etc once you start flying you will probably be stocking your suitcase up with it.

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