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The mirage of working as a stewardess in Dubai

A interesting, very personal and well written article about a ex Emirates Cabin Crew

 By: Alexandra Radulescu

I left my home country thinking “Whoever leaves last shall slam the door behind him”. I couldn’t care less if I was headed to New York, Tokyo or Alaska. Both a runaway and a breakthrough the job I was now to pursue was relocating me in Dubai. The name of the emirate only echoes glamour and high-class lifestyle. I never imagined and I never hoped to work as a flight attendant. But life had other plans for the following three years.
Living in Dubai turned out to be a challenge because of the high temperatures the desert had to offer. The winter, or whatever they call that cold season from November to February never lowered under 20 degrees C and it was the only time of the year when you could have spent your whole day outdoors. The rest of the year everybody was an AC addict. Another test was Ramadan, the month of fasting. For the non Muslims living in Dubai the rules were very clear: no drinking eating singing or dancing in public.Wearing short skirts or pants or indecent cleavages as well as any public display of affection can draw serious legal repercussions all year round but especially within the month of Ramadan. Regardless of the religion you follow you had to respect the fact that you are now resident of a Muslim territory. Only natural nonetheless.
I found myself wearing my impecable uniform, discovering places I never imagined I would, turning heads in airports across the world, being photographed admired and above all envied. My salary was now 7 times bigger than the one I had back home, I was accommodated in 5 stars hotels, to cut it short — I was paid to travel, as simple as that. And paid big.
I learned to work with different colleagues every flight, to live side by side with more than 100 nationalities, (I do admit 2 or 3 nationalities really tested my nerves) to manage serious medical cases, to save lives in catastrophic situations, to smile no matter what, to sleep without being tired, to eat without being hungry, to pack a suitcase at the speed of light. Today I can still put my red lipstick on perfectly even when on a bumpy taxi ride. Thousands of pictures from every continent stand as testimony of a wonderful job and lifestyle. You sip your coffee in Trafalgar Square, have lunch on a boat trip to an island in Seychelles and enjoy late night drinks on the streets of Melbourne.
Milk and honey some may say. Yet I woke up one day asking myself “whereto?” Three years of packing and unpacking. It’s ironic how so much traveling can become monotony.
As much as I tried to book my vacations at the right moments, I was the absentee at Christmas, birthdays, weddings or pregnancy announcements. I was missing the four seasons I grew so fond of. I was missing mom’s cooking and having endless senseless conversation with her. I was missing home. Life was following its’ provident path while I was pushing my trolley above the clouds. My mother’s call woke me up one night. My father had suffered a stroke and I wasn’t there for him. I blamed myself for my absence. Sometimes I still do. Yet I succeeded in obtaining an emergency leave not before being reminded “When you decided to move to Dubai, you must have been aware of the fact that you can’t go home anytime you want”. Stroke is universally considered one of the top medical emergencies so the statement of my manager stood behind me like a bad joke. I caught the first plane wondering if I would find my father alive or if he would be able to recognize me.
I had my share of humiliation, racism and sexism on-board from all types of passengers. I was yelled at, I was insulted and looked down upon. The only thing I could have done was to walk away if not with smile at least with a straight face holding no trace of anger, disappointment or rebellion. Yet what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.
I suffered two industrial injuries, both of them in the spinal cord area, two severe barotraumas, and hormonal imbalance. Radiations, jet lag, lack of sleep and oxygen, half healed medical conditions — all of them left marks upon my immunity. Nevertheless, the list of medications air crew are allowed to take was quite limited for objective reasons. Same applies for the sick days on ground. So getting back to work fully recovered is sheer utopia.
I learned that company business always comes first. And I learned it the hard way.
Allow me to rewind back up to the presentation of my new career upon joining. We were presented a colorful video with happy crew faces and happy passengers all of them heading to the most magical places of this planet. It almost felt like a gospel ceremony. Some of the new joiners embraced that projection more than others.We were also told that our organs wouldn’t be viable for transplant after 2 years of flying. We were afraid to ask why but we had our guesses right. Above all that any testimony in court would not be taken into account after 3 years of working as a flight attendant. We didn’t ask the reason and even if we did I am pretty sure the response would have been a rhetorical question. We all accepted these side effects and focused on the colorful video presentation secretly thinking “ I’m not going to stay here 3 years…..”
I was among the first stewards to override the seniors on-board and rapidly proceed to do CPR. I broke one tooth pressing the chest of that passenger found breathless. I felt the exact moment when death stole her from underneath my palms but I continued to push. Another flight brought the experience of managing a miscarriage of a young woman who wasn’t even aware of the fact she was pregnant. Nose bleeding and fainting were ordinary events even on short flights.
I recall myself joking with my fellow stewards “ I am waiting for a birth on-board. Only then can I resign with the belief that I have seen them all “.
You would love Dubai if you love huge classy Business Towers. I cried my eyes out looking at a complete double rainbow in Malta.
You would love the luxury cars and the biggest mall in the whole wide world. I was happy to hear the rain against my window.
You would love the 5 stars international cuisine at the top of Burj Khalifa. I was missing my mom’s chicken broth.
You would be fascinated about Dubai cosmopolitan life with more than 150 nationalities living and working together. I was missing the old me.
You would love to hear that Dubai is probably the safest place in the world. There is no prostitution and no drug trafficking. I wouldn’t bet on it if I were you!
Soon my body started to send me desperate messages. I knew my time to close this chapter of my life had come. So I did it violently with no regrets. The same way you remove a band aid. My health condition ordained the final countdown of my career.
As I count my blessings and my curses the first ones tend to win. I am proud of having worked as a stewardess as much as I am proud of quitting.
And you, the one reading now, if you ever have this chance-grab it. However, take all the best from it and run. When it starts to consume you from the inside out then it’s time to go home or further.
Today I am happy to remember weekdays and dates again. I feel Sundays once more. I bought myself a really small purse. Today I truly love my red lipstick, because I wear it when and if I please.
I came back to mom’s chicken broth with the certainty that things don’t change by slamming doors.

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Questions & Answers - Etihad & Emirates - Cabin Crew

I have collected few questions you guys have been asking through the years from this blog, and i tried to put them all in one place and answer them, its not all of the questions but many of them, many relevant questions that i thought would be informative/fun to post is questions that have been asked many replies are my personal opinions and the knowledge/experience i have gained through the years related to the cabin crew role of Etihad/Emirates...and my time as a cabin crew with Etihad.....everything from open days to interviews to medical stuff to tattoos to layovers to salary ect ect ect..
If you have any further questions that i havnt mentioned here, feel free to post your questions below or send me any questions you have via the contact me form.......
Hope you find this post informative...........

What happens during the ditching exam during the Etihad training?

A lot of people think we have to swim back and forth 200m or whatever it is, but thats not the case.....first off check these pictures to see what it looks like during a etihad ditching exam, so u get a picture of how it is.....

At all times we had life vests on, and we had comfy clothes on, example yoga pants and shirts, we choose if we want to have long sleeve or short sleeve. We arnt even allowed to have swimwear, which i think is awesome. Cause during these ditching exams who would feel comfy wearing swimwear infront of the trainers who is going to observe you. I feel having these kind of clothes on while doing the ditching exam is more comfy. We did few group exercises example swim in groups round and around and hold your knees up and than we had one exercise where we had to swim to the raft we had, and over there we had to help each other climb over the raft its stuff like this ect....than we did some stuff in the raft as well, such as put up the roof of the rafts and they taught us where each safety stuff is placed in this raft ect. It is more of doing things in teams...showing them team work....and be prepared in case something happens during a we know what to do ect

Should i declare my tattoo?

I get tons of questions regarding this, myself i have tattoos, at that time when i applied to etihad and did the recruitment process, i never declared my tattoos, most of them arnt visible while wearing the of my tattoos was perhaps borderline to visible, but still i didnt declare it. If the tattoos are in places where its not visible, not really that big and can be covered with makeup,,,than i think why declare it...when no one will ever see it anyway.... a tips::: DermaBlend is a brand that a lot of crew used to cover scars/tattoos...i have flown with so many etihad crew who had tattoos...i even flew with a crew who had a wrist tattoo done on a layover....she covered it under her watch..and with makeup...
.. here is the link to my post about tattoos with etihad and emirates, you can read more about this here:::

But again its up to each of us to decide what is right for us and if we should declare or not. Example if you have a tiny star on your ribs, than if you feel u want to declare that you can because it isnt even visible while wearing the uniform and these companies are ok with that. If you feel you dont want to declare that tattoo, than dont, because i doubt anyone will see this tattoo on your ribs and you can even hide this with makeup ect ect......
But indeed its a tricky dilemma though when it comes to tattoos :-)

What's the difference between Emirates and Etihad?

I have tons of friends that work with i have gathered few info from them...what i found is the biggest differences  is that....emirates has a lot of 24hours layovers...perhaps few longer layovers but mostly their layover hours are only 24hrs.....etihad have a mix of layover hours...everything from 17hrs to 72hours...ex once i had a milan layover that was 42 hours....once i had a london layover which was 18hrs...and once i had a layover in sidney which was 72hrs........emirates have more destinations than etihad though..the salary is pretty much the same + or -  
The other day i was talking to a friend about her emirates roster and my etihad roster and she told me she flies a lot and she can fly 6 days in a row....while in etihad i never flew 6 days in a row ect....
everything else is pretty much similar....these differences are the biggest i can think of at this moment.

Is there a typical look you have to have to get these cabin crew jobs with ey/ek?

Not really....everyone can join etihad/emirates...there is no typical look really....seriously anyone can join...and try this.....i have came across every kind of look in this type of jobs......also these airlines aim to have a multinational crew, they want their crews to look different. While people from the outside might think oh these airlines might only hire girls/boys who look a certain way....this isnt the case at all. There is crew from all walks of life and look so different from each other who work for these airlines.
What colour of lipstick should i use during the recruitment days?
I highly recommend red lipstick....the brand i use is MAC, either russian red, or mac long as its not orange ect....having red lipstick creates the cabin crew vision so the recruiters have it easier seeing u as a cabin crew already during those having red lipstick helps and adds the sparkle.
What was the salary with etihad?
anything from 1400euros to 2200 euros/ month....depending on our roster....and how far your flights are ect.....example if i had tons of European layovers my salary would be higher...example if i had tons of asian trips where the currency might be lower compared to the euro than my salary would be less...than depending on the layover hours...ect ......ex having flights to australia, would give you more $$$ than ex if you would fly to kuwait for ex. flying to australia takes 14 hours and your layover is long. while it only takes 50min to fly to kuwait and it was only a turnaround. it all depends. here you can read more about emirates salary:::

Any tips to improve my resume to have more chances to score a cc job with ek/ey?

try to write your resume in a customer service way..... than keep it short and simple.... 
+ i recommend u reading these links on how to improve your resume further....

What kind of job experience is best to have when applying for cabin crew?

anything related to customer service, any job where u face customers/passengers/guests....example of perfect jobs would be hotel front desk, restaurant jobs...cafés, grocery stores, travel guide, shops, call centers ect.....any jobs where u deal with people...and people come to u for help....people come to u to complain where u work in where u are in the front line so to a cabin crew this is all u do!!!

Is the English test difficult during the Etihad assessment?

not really, it was a basic test, example of the stuff we did on the eng test were these:
1st part we had to read this letter and there was questions about the letter
2nd part was a text with missing words we had to fill in…
3rd part we had to do opposite words …like light-dark ect ect
4th part was we had to fill in missing words again…
5th part was a text we had to read and it was questions about it..
most of these had multiple answers…

When did you receive the successful email/ golden call after your final interview with Etihad?

10 days after my final interview i got the successful email.....4 days after that successful email i got my golden it was pretty quick process....although its different from candidate to candidate....for some of my friends it took them 2 weeks to get the successful email..and for some it even took them 4 days to get the successful email ect ect...after the final interview your application goes through various departments in HR to get in each department there is various timings...depending on who deal with your application ect ect......

How long was the whole process for you with etihad until date of join?

after the final interview it took me exactly 1 month....from final interview to date of join....i would say for most it might take 1-2 months from final interview to date of join....its pretty quick the process with etihad compared to emirates that takes 4-5 join......but again it can be different for each applicant.........

Do Etihad/Emirates check references?

50% they do....they dont have time do call every single its kind of 50-50....ex etihad they never called my my batch i think they did reference check for half of we should still be prepared of them calling.....but know that they might not be able to call everyone......

Whats the secret to score these ek/ey cc jobs? 

in all my years dealing with these recruitment days, both with emirates, qatar, even british airways.... and of course etihad....i kind of feel its Luck, chances, destiny, timing that plays a big part....some of u guys might not believe in these stuff...but i do......i have seen perfect candidates get rejected...while someone who didnt even have any job experiences got the job....or didnt even speak proper eng got the job ect ect......when i did emirates and etihad i were the same....had the same resume..wore the same clothes...acted the same way....but i got the job with etihad and not emirates....i have done emirates 6 times now...and i think i did qatar open days assessment 3 times...british airways once...than etihad once......sometimes i felt its a lottery....either we win or lose....i feel if the timing is get the job....seriously its still a mystery to me......who they choose....ect......i also think there is this ratio the companies have....and if u fall into this ratio at that exact time ur lucky to get the job......ect ect.....this is my personal opinion on this.................

How should my hair be during the recruitment process?

in a neat bun 100% that look more professional...if u can do a French twist than thats even better....but a bun would be ok....if u cant do a bun or a French twist than a pony tail would be ok...

What should i wear during the recruitment process?

A black/navy blue suit, white/baby blue/gray shirt, black/navy blue/gray knee length skirt, skin colored stocking, black court shoes, no open toe shoes, black bag, pearl or diamond earrings...thats it.. no scarf around the neck..... here is a pic of how u should look like:

I dont have any reference letters/references what shall i do?

There is always ways of finding people/friends who can help you with this.....i wont be able to discuss this further but i think u might know what i mean....there is always a way around this :-)

Whats the max age when applying for Etihad/Emirates?

As far as i know, the max age with Etihad is 36 years old. Unfortunately :-( today Emirates max age is 31. Are you 32+ than i advice you to apply to Etihad and Qatar. The fact that Emirates prefer to hire people below the age of 31 is the saddest thing ever :-( :-(  
With Qatar i think their max age is 36 years old too. 

Do Etihad/Emirates recruits only experienced Cabin Crew?

Not at all, i even think not having any experience at all of this role can benefit u even more.....i never had a flying experience when i joined etihad. A friend of mine joining Emirates last year 2015 and she had no flying experience either.

How many will get selected after final interviews with Emirates/Etihad?

they might say during open day that they can hire everyone in this room....but they have a ratio at the end of the day and cant hire it all depends on the ratio they have....during my etihad final interview we were 9 people...during my emirates final interview we were 7 varies a lot........

Do you think i can have a career with Etihad/Emirates?

100% YESSS....lets say u start as a cabin crew in economy..u can get promoted to business class and first class...u can apply to work as cabin senior...and cabin manager...if u want u can work in HR in the office or as an instructor ect ect.....there is so many departments in these companies..that u have a chance to do and develop and be a part there is always new doors in these companies that will open for u once u get ur foot in the door.....i know a friend who worked with emirates as cabin crew for few years, than she went to business class, later she went to HR department and is now working as a recruiter, so she has been in the company for 8 years i there is always ways of climbing up the career stairs with these companies :-)

Any tips for the assessment day/group group exercises?

what i have noticed is among those who were with me on my final interview with emirates and etihad was those who were the most quiet through....those who didnt take much room.....those who listened...i dont think these companies like people who talk too much or ask too much....they dont like people who likes to be in control or being the center of attention...those who wont allow others to talk ect......i think you should only talk if asked a question directly to u....during the open day the recruiters will ask questions, i wouldnt raise my hand and answer....sometimes we might ruin our chances if we talk too much or the recruiters might get the wrong impression of u so early in the process.....during the group exercises its important that u show a sense of team work...and that ur someone who listens....and act in a professional way.....words to say during presentations or group trainings would be ´´ I UNDERSTAND, THATS A GOOD IDEA, WHAT DO YOU THINK, CAN YOU ELABORATE PLEASE....than doing the presentations and if u have the word say words like: WE AS GROUP THOUGHT THAT....MY GROUP AND I CAME TO THE CONCLUSION TO, OUR TEAM THINK....ect it wont be ´´ i think, i did,,i said...its all about group work and team work.....and pay attention to your posture and how u sit walk and always..but make it a genuine smile....they want to see how your communication skills are, how you do well under pressure, how calm you are, how well you listen and work in groups...they want to see all of those is skills of what a cabin crew should be and know.

Would i pass the reach test if im 160cm/5´3?

yes 100% , i passed both the emirates reach test and etihad, and im 160cm/5´3...i even know 2 friends in etihad who were 157cm and could pass in etihad...with emirates you have to be 160cm to apply....
....its all about stretching and being some swimming before the open day if u can....swimming helps to stretch out the whole body.......

How is it to live in Abu Dhabi?

personally i loved it with all my heart, im used to traveling and used to different cultures and i loved it even if abu dhabi is a small city...its a charming city...and dubai is only 1h and 20min away so we used to go to dubai often....than even if u got bored u were flying somewhere in the world anyway....but i did enjoy the life in abu dhabi...u live in a safe city, with modern accommodation, and u have this comfy lifestyle...discounts almost everywhere in the town.....the crew in etihad have free shuttle bus that takes them to and from the city center for free, i think emirates have this too. This free shuttle bus was very convenient, cause you cant keep taking taxi everywhere, it will be expensive.

Was the training with Etihad difficult?

i think to many it might not be....but to me it was difficult cause its difficult for me to concentrate and study and i dont like to study....but all in all its pretty easy i would say for many....most of the exams we had ...had multiple choice...and if u didnt pass once u could do it again....

Can i save money with this salary they give you?

100%, i used to spend half and save half....the salary is great actually....but everyone are different, someone might not be able to save...and some its all up to u...but u do have the chance to save 100%

How much pocket money did you bring to Abu Dhabi with you?

i brought with me around 1700euros, just in case, add than the meal allowance etihad gave us the first week, than we got paid training too...1700euro i took with me was more than enough....i bet people could do 1100euros too.......

How fast can you get promoted to business class/first class with Etihad/Emirates?

with etihad its anything between 1-2 years...with emirates its after 22 all depends on how well you perform as well...ex not having so many sick days, and having a clean file ect.

Do the recruiters look at whether the applicant has a straight set of teeth and good vision? long as u have a nice smile....the recruiters dont check the vision during the recruitment days...but a nice smile includes u having ok teeth..but they dont have to be 100% mine were not 100% straight......

Can crew wear eye glasses or eye contacts in etihad/emirates?

Yes, but save every paper your eye doctor give you from your home country, you need to show this to the doctors in Abu dhabi/Dubai.... The eye wear has to be proved by the grooming manager though.....cause the crew cant have whatever style of eye glasses they want has to fit the uniform standard ect....crew use contact lenses is some examples of etihad/emirates crew wearing glasses while at work/training::

What kind of watches can we used on board as crew?

example of watches that are approved and ur allowed to wear are black simple small watches..... here is few examples:

I have braces, should I wait to get them off before applying?

yes, these companies dont hire people with braces, i know people who even did open days with braces and didnt better to wait and when they are off...than ur set to go

How should i look in full length photos?

like this with red lipstick on and a big warm smile..

here is another ex.:

example 3: but dont have ur hands on ur hips like this....have ur hands down:

How should you look in passport photos for the applications?

like this but with red lipstick and hair up and a big warm smile:

What kind of interview questions will come during the final interview with etihad/emirates?

questions that i got during my ek/ey final interview were these:

Why do you want to become cabin crew?
Tell me about a time when you solved a conflict
Tell me about a time you dealt with a colleague who was not doing his share of work.
Can you give us an example of when you have provided excellent customer service?
How would you deal with being away from your friends and family for long periods of time when working as cabin crew?
Describe a situation at work where you have had to be Flexible
What are the disadvantages of being a flight attendant?

Do they really examine your body during etihad assessments? 

they will observe u from head to toe lol but not examine like that......i think during my etihad assessment they told us to show our hands/nails....thats it......

How do they do the reach test?

with emirates they had a paper up on the wall, we had to reach with our finger above the paper, with etihad they had a tape on the wall which we had to do this without shoes, on tip toes....

Do the photos we send in our application need to be professional?

not at all...BUT if u have the chance to do professional full length/ passport photos in a studio you should totally do this...but its doesnt have to be....professional.. 

Can you resign before your probation period is over with Etihad?

yes u can resign anytime u want as the contract isnt binding....but resigning before 6 months u have to pay some fees i think...thats what i heard....but after 6 months ur free to go without paying anything......

How long is the probation period with Etihad/Emirates?

6 months in both companies...

Will Etihad/Emirates call my previous employers?

never, they will never call any company u worked with before, if you didnt listed them as ur references...they will only call those u listed as ur references....i doubt they will ever check ur working background to check each company u worked with and see if its true or not.........these companies dont have time with this......they get 1000 applications that they try to focus on the stuff that is relevant to them ect.....

I got fired from my previous job, do i have to declare this?

no u dont,,,,as they will never check this....if u got fired or not...and why the reason was u left.....but they might ask u why u left....u dont need to tell them this....u can say ur contract finished....or u had to finish your studies, or it was a seasonal job ect.........

Doing a cabin crew course in my home country will this give me more chances in landing a job with Etihad/Emirates?

100% no, i know few friends who done cabin crew courses and having this certificate doesnt increase their chances at all......these friends of mine still havnt landed a job with etihad/emirates having those certificated from those cabin crew etihad/emirates will train its staff from doesnt matter what u did before...they like to shape/teach their staff from the beginning....

Does Etihad/Emirates get help from other agencies to hire crew?

i think in various countries they do this yes, but i dont know much about these agencies....ex the agencys will do the entire recruitment event and all than send the files to dubai office and the folks in dubai will decide.

When will they send me my e-ticket and visa once approved after the golden call?

with etihad they sent me my e-ticket and visa 3 days before date of join....i think for some it was 2 days....for others its usually those last couple of days before ur date of join...

Do Etihad/Emirates give meal allowance during the training? 

yes with etihad they gave us some meal allowance for the entire 7 weeks we were there....right now i cant remember how much that amount was...........but as emirates.....i think they do this too..not sure/dont remember

What was the longest layover/flight you ever had with etihad?

the longest flight/layover i had with etihad was the singapore-brisbane route...this route is 10 days fly to singapore...stay there 2 nights, than u fly to brisbane and stay there 72hours...and than u fly back to singapore and stay there 2 nights...than u fly back to abu dhabi again...all in all....its 10 days...including the flying hours and everything.....u get paid tons of money for this route too....its a fun layover/route to do.....but it can be tiring too....

Can i invite family members/friends to come stay with me in the etihad crew accommodation?

with Etihad u can only invite ur mother/sister to stay with u in ur brothers/fathers.....although friends can come and stay at ur place until 1am....

Do friends also get discount tickets or is it only family members?

in etihad 10 of ur friends get discount tickets...+ family members get emirates friends and families also get discounted tickets....but im not sure how many the friends get...but the families get unlimited.....

How is the standard in these crew accommodations?

the standard in these crew accommodations are veryyyy nice...i have seen emirates crew accommodation as well..and they are similar to the etihad accommodation... they try to have gyms in each building and some have pools as well.....but its very fresh and very nice.... here u can see one ex of one etihad accommodation:

Can i wear whatever i want in Abu Dhabi/Dubai or is it strict?

u can pretty much wear whatever u like...bikini at the beach, skirt and top, ect...but at the malls or offices ect...u need to cover ur shoulders, and wear knee length skirt or shorts..its not strict at all as people think.....u just wear whats appropriate to the place ur going too....

Is there any curfew with etihad?

i heard that the new joiners durng their training do have curfews....but not the flying crews...only during the training...thats what i heard...during the time i was there ...we had no curfews....

Is there free transport to and from the airport?

yes, there is this free crew shuttle bus that will pick u up from ur accommodation to the make few stops to pick up other crew too....on the way to the airport....and will wait for u after ur flights to take u home...pretty comfy...if u chose to take the taxi you can do this too......

I heard its expensive in Abu Dhabi is it true?

in some places its expensive, in other places its depends on where u go and shop.....there are expensive grocery stores and cheap its all up to u where u go do ur shopping.....its not that super expensive that everyone think it is...u can find cheap places shop and do whatever u want........and remember as crew u have discount in a lot of places.......

Can i request flights?

yes there is this crew bidding system and request u have the option to request each month....not always do u get the things u request but sometimes u might get the dream roster u wished....but u still have this option though.....

I cant join right away can i give them 3-6 months notice period?

they will ask u during the etihad/emirates recruitment days about ur notice period....and they do wait..but i think the most common notice period is 1-3 might be more difficult for them to wait 6 months though....

Do i have to have a driving licence to get these jobs?

no need to have a driving license to get this kind of job.....

Should i do the dental xray at home or wait and do it in Abu Dhabi for etihad?

i did mine at it wouldnt be any hassle doing it in abu dhabi....u can do it in abu dhabi too...but i recommend doing it at u won't need to stress about this and u need time to focus on ur studies and other stuff when u land in abu better to have it done at home............

I am a shy person would i still be able to be successful and get a job with Etihad/Emirates?

100%, this job is for everyone....i think this job will turn every shy person into a very open confident u deal with so much  onboard and u face so many stuff with passengers that with time u will develop and become a more secure person...this job even force u to deal with so much...force u to become more open and do so many things u never imagined doing, so this will help to grow as well...nurture the person we are and become even stronger as person....i think this job is so good because it make us even more independent, and we learn so much about ourselves and on the professional side too....

What challenges would you face as a cabin crew?

dealing with so many people, from different backgrounds, dealing with situations you perhaps normally wouldnt....but u learn as time goes, than the jet lag is not fun, missing friends and family,

Is it better to remain quiet or talkative during assessments?

its best to be something in the middle..but more on the quiet charming side.....too much talking isnt good.....not to be too dominating and not too quiet either.

I have applied for a assessment day but still no reply from them, can i still attend a open day even if i havnt gotten a reply from the other assessment application i sent?

yes u can attend any open day you want,it wont affect the application you made previously for that assessment day...

Is it possible to get rejected during the ditching exam if they find out i cant swim?

i personally havnt heard of anyone getting rejected in the ditching exam day.... i know few batchmates who had difficulties in swimming but they managed...u have a life vest on at all times anyway....but i recommend for those who arnt secure in themselves when it comes to swimming to take swimming classes....before joining....

Do we really have to wait 6 months to reapply/ re-attend a open day with etihad/emirates?

with emirates no, you can attend as many open days as you wish. with etihad its little bit more trickier, i think you can attend another open day but within 3 months.

How do you remain positive after a rejection from these recruitment days?

well i have been rejected sooo many times that i have stopped counting.....probably 10+ times all in all...and of course its heartbreaking to get rejected, after all the efforts and time you put to do everything and attend those days....but this is a part of this game and this life....if we want something from the bottom of our hearts and if this is our dream and this is all we want, we have to jump back up again on the horse and keep trying....if i stopped and tried when i got those rejections i would never had gotten i think having HOPE is important....and believing in yourselves.....sooner or later a door will open for u...u can try again...its a game...and we are the never say game over hehehe keep on playing hehehehehe

What did you guys learn during the etihad training?

the stuff we did during the  training were these which you can read here week after week:::

If you failed a exam during the training could you retake it?

yes u have 3 attempts to do the exam over again....and each time you retake the exam you have to reach certain % of points....if u fail those 3 attempts...u have to move back a batch and retake that course u failed over they do give u chances....

I am 31 years old do i still have a chance to get a job with Etihad/Emirates?

you have more chances to try your chances with etihad than emirates. etihad is more welcoming with 30+ than what emirates is. emirates hire a very little % of 30+, but still they do hire, so we can still try our chances

I am a little bit underweight does this make my chances less in getting a cabin crew job with Etihad/Emirates?

everyone have to have a normal bmi, you have to be in a healthy weight to join,

Do i have to register to attend a open day?

no not always, but read first and see what rules it have...but most often everyone can attend a open day with ek/ey without day is a open day where everyone can come.....without registrations.....

What goes on during the etihad medical exam days?

we did stuff like blood tests, vision test, hearing test, 2 vaccines, info, weight check, chest x ray, normal check up and urine test...we went to 2 clinics...1 was etihad medical clinic...the 2nd was a local hospital where they took our blood ect....
here u can view a pre-employment medical form,,,which is for emirates..but it is similar to etihad both are under the same u can view what health stuff they will look....

Can i wear pants to the open day/assessment with etihad/emirates as i dont like wearing skirt?

a big no no on pants for recruitment days with ek/ey, the recruiters like to see everyone with skirts, having pants on would be suspicious, like they might think is she hiding tattoos or scars? for female so to speak....for men of course its different they have to wear pants lollll

I only speak English, do we have to know a 2nd language too?

no need to speak a 2nd language, being able to read, write speak english fluently is all the want....of course being able to speak other languages is good too...but no need for that if u dont speak a 2nd language....

Is Abu Dhabi a safe city?

it was the safest city i ever been to in my life, i felt so safe at nights and wherever i went to, they have zero tolerant for many stuff there....hands down abu dhabi/ dubai is the most safest places i ever lived in.......or been to.....

My teeth arnt that white, do you think i should do teeth whitening? How important is it to have super white teeth?

having a warm smile is important, having healthy teeth are important too cause u will smile so much in this job.... if you can afford a laser teeth whitening why not, but if you cant afford this, i advice you to use teeth whitening stripes. i have used these teeth whitening stripes and they are awesome for a quick whitening before a open day ect.

What goes on during a Etihad pre-flight briefing?
The team gathers around this table, first we present ourselves our names, where we come from and what languages we speak, than we have the cabin manager asking each crew 1 safety/aviation health question, we discuss the flight, anything special that will go on, we than get to read what our position will be on board the aircraft ect, than the captain and the first officer comes in after few minutes and they inform us about some info ect....than we all go take the crew bus to the airplane....
I have a scar on my arm, should i declare it?

i had a scar on my eye brow and on my hand, but it was tiny, i didnt declared it...if its not visible...and if its tiny and no one would need to declare it....if its a big scar from some surgery perhaps, that would be visible perhaps than its wise to declare this.....

Does it happen that the cabin crews hang out with each other no layovers example for dinner or something?

Yes totally, everything we would arrive to the hotels in whatever city, we all would talk if anyone would be up for dinner/lunch or go sightsee ect, so we would decide a time at the lobby of the hotel so whoever was up for whatever activities could join....

Did you have time to sightsee in various cities?

depending on the layover hours, example we have few layover hours in london which is 18 hours..only...and on those flights/layovers, most crew might be tired, and there is a quick flight back so we might stay inside the hotel and wont go out and explore.....but it all depends on each crew, some might have energy to go out ect....for me if i had already been to that city already and i had a 18h layover i wouldnt go out....its important to recharge our energies....but if i went to a new city i never been to and i had 18hours i might would have gone out.....but i dont mean london only have 18hours layovers...we had 18hours, 24hours, 42hours....

What was the best part about being a cabin crew?

well for me it was the change in me, how much i grew, and having the chance to fulfil my dream, travel the world....the comfy lifestyle....sleep in fancy hotels was fun...and getting to know amazing people from all walks in life...learn new things about the country and culture truly was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me...still up to this date i havnt done anything as amazing as this.......

Do you always work with the same team or different sets of crew?

Etihad/Emirates are large companies with 5000+  most of the time i would fly with different crew all the would happen i would be lucky to fly with my friends or my batchmates....or perhaps fly once again with a crew i flew previously with but the chances are very low though.....both positive and negative with this kind of shift....funny though that whenever u flew with different crew you had to introduce urself all over again to new crew and get to know new crew....

Do you really have to memorize every airport code to pass any exams during the training?

Not at all, it would be useful to know them, but i dont even think any airport codes came on any exams...but no there was no exam on airport codes.....and still to this date i have no idea about the airport codes heheh and couldnt even memorize them heheheeh

If you had to choose between Etihad and Emirates which airline would u chose to work for?

I loved working for Etihad, but i would chose Emirates as it once was my dreamy first choice :-)....if someone would ask me, emirates would be my choice of airline, but thats me. We all like different things :-)

Is it worth spending money on cabin crew courses?

Not really cause each airline will train you from zero anyway, and etihad emirates will even pay u during the training......but if you want to take a cabin crew course.... think its fun i think you should do it to gain some knowledge on this area and prepare yourself perhaps ect...but it doesnt make your chances higher to score etihad or emirates though.....

On your days off if you wanted to fly off to some destination did you have to report this to someone or could you just fly off to wherever you wanted on days off in Abu Dhabi?

thankfully etihad and emirates isnt that strict that we had to report and sign a paper to say where we were going or what we did on our days you could fly off wherever you wanted on your days off....ex if i had 5 days off i would fly back u have more chances to see ur family friends beside those 30 vacation days leave you have.....

Can you change accommodation if you didnt like your roommates or for other reasons?

this can only be done after 6 months probation time, so its doable, and a lot of crew actually do this.......

I heard you guys have free uniform dry cleaning is it true?

Yes its true, the company pay for this, its all free for crew,

Do you have to be single to join etihad/emirates?

I dont know much about this topic but i heard they prefer single candidates over married candidates....BUT even if they prefer single candidates i think its totally ok to be married too....i remember some of my etihad batchmates were married but they had written they were single in their i might not know too much about this.....

Will each accommodation have internet?

It depends on when u arrive to ur accommodation if ur the first person to arrive...or if ur roommates already have lived there before....if u already have roommates living there than they have set up the internet and u guys will share the cost....if ur the first person to arrive to the place...u have to be the one to set up urself...u have to go to the mall or the internet stores to fix this...they need a copy of ur passport as well.....

To set up a bank account will etihad/emirates help us with this?

in etihad they helped us set up our uae bank account cause there was this bank in the training academy, in emirates i bet they will help u guys too, but not sure about that 100%

What does the welcome package include upon arrival to Abu Dhabi with etihad?
there is this huge box in ur room waiting for u...filled with goodies hehehehe, there is everything for ur bed, towels, kitchen stuff, sheets, pillows, whatever u can think u dont really have to bring much to abu dhabi.....just ur personal own stuff....also the previous crew who lived there before u left probably stuff she didnt take with her kitches stuff...extra pots and pans ect ect......

Were there something you recommend me to take with me to Abu Dhabi?

Something i forgot to bring with me, was tons of stockings, tons of hair pins, hair buns, and hair ribbons....cause their stuff were hard to find at that time when i joined and the accommodation i had was a bit away from the city it was difficult for me to go to the city and find these stuff....i had to make time to study and other stuff......

Do you have to have a university degree to land a job like this?

Not at all, as long as you can swim, finished high school, have good health, be able to reach certain cms, be fluent in written and spoken English, and be willing to relocate ect....thats it to be honest.....

What do you have to wear during a ditching exam with ek/ey?

This is what everyone wear for both etihad and emirates during a ditching exam:::

simple tshirt and yoga pants ect.

How soon can i attend another open day after i got rejected after final interview with ek/ey?

with etihad you have to wait 6 months to re-apply again, with emirates you have to wait 90 days after your final interview to attend another open day.


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