Monday, May 28, 2012

The End/ Good Bye Cabin Crew World

There comes a time in everyone's lives where we either push through in our job or we think what shall i do now and move to something else.
Its been 1 year since i joined Etihad Airways as a cabin crew and it has given me so much, i have grown as a person, i have learned so much, i have met so many people from 1000 nationalities and i think i have become a stronger person!
I have been so blessed to fulfill my dream. Well once upon a time this was my dream. I feel im blessed i had the chance to do this. But now it is no longer my dream anymore as i feel i need to pursue something else in life.
Chase another dream now....
They say once u reach 1 year in aviation either you push through or move to something else.
For me it happened over night that i wanted to pursue something else. But that was meant to be i think....
But i feel so happy i have seen many corners of the world.
This was 100% THE BEST year of my life to work with Etihad as a cabin crew. I wonder if any other job in the future will top this job? hehehehe i hope so :-)
It is time for me to end this chapter as a cabin crew and continue to a different place.
I am confident i will succeed in life and reach greater things in life.
I love changes in life, i feel changes opens doors for people.

For me it was a easy choice we need to fallow our hearts

as i love change in life ...this is such a exciting new start for me..change is good in life...we shouldnt be scared of changes...changes change us and help us grow...
And i believe whatever is meant to be is meant to be. Destiny will lead me to a place i need to be soon...

I will share with you guys this quote:

This image above explains it all i think!

For those who dream of becoming a cabin crew and still trying to get this job, never give up as this is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE!!!!!
Time for me to leave the office ´´ in the sky´´ and go to the ´´ office on ground´´ lol

Never stop wishing and dreaming in life, cause it is our dreams/wishes that makes us alive i think!
Take care everyone!