Thursday, March 8, 2012

Boeing 777 Training Done

Greetings from China!

As im typing this im lucky enough to be in this amazing side of the world.

Having few moments left before we head back to Abu Dhabi, thought i would post the 1st post of 2012 :-)

Thankfully i have good news, that i passed the Boeing 777 training i had.
It was very stressful as these trainings are. But i made it, didnt thought i would cause some parts of the exam was veryyyy difficult. The training was only 2 days thankfully.

1st day we learned about these :

  • B777 - 300 Aircraft/ evacuation devices/ normal operation / emergency operation / Communication/ emergency system
2nd day we did the exam and had little bit of service information given to us.

Now the exam with the questions was pretty easy as flying with airbus helped us with the 777. Also with the questions came multiple answers which helped of course. But we had this diagram we had to fill in. This is the hardest thing ever, as we have to fill in safety equipment in this diagram, and we had to memorize the diagram where the safety equipments were on the plane and how many they were ect. This was the hardest for me during the exam. But overall i passed THANK GOD.
Im so proud of myself that i did this as this is also one of the things in life i wanted to finish and not just start and not finish.

Now we have this familiarization flight for B777 coming up.
Mine is in few weeks and we call this first familiarization flight for a suppy flight which i think i have written about during the airbus i did.
And the first suppy flight i have is to JEDDAH.
But im excited as it seems to be very nice to work on B777 and things is set up to make our work much easier and more effective.
So im excited to go and see it and do my suppy on it. Now having this B777 done, it means i have access to every Etihad destinations now and i can fly wherever i want. The only thing i now have to wait for is the USA VISA. Getting that i can fly to USA too.

It feels so nice to have accomplished one thing more....and getting more experience in my job.
I also think as time goes this job is growing on me.
It was fantastic to get to work this in the beginning than in the middle of the time i had doubts if this is what i wanted? than now i feel things is slowly coming to place.

Many people ask me where is the best destination ever i have been to? There is 1 place i have been to but not with Etihad/work, which has been the best and most amazing places ever ever ever.
That is HAWAII
Seriously that place is like a postcard, like a paradise! I havnt been to a place like this before.....

The best destination i have been with Etihad/work has been SINGAPORE, its fantastic to be there but oh my god its the most THE MOST EXPENSIVE place i ever been to!
But its such a nice place to explore though!

The places i still havnt been to and dream of going is to ex: PARIS, MOSCOW, TOKYO, SEOUL, SAO PAULO, LOS ANGELES, SAN FRANSISCO, MIAMI, KENYA AND EGYPT.
Well there is no rush, one day i hope to see those places too, as i think these places would be a magical view to see.

Now i have to go and get ready to fly back to Abu Dhabi!

We will see what life has in store for all of us tomorrow, as each day is a new day right?!

Wish you all a wonderful morning, afternoon, evening or night depending on what time zones you are in!
Hugs πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
AND always think positiveπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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Probation Finished - Etihad Airways

Few weeks ago i finished my probation time with Etihad Airways and it feels good to have passed it.
As if its a new chapter now or something.
These days as i finished my probation time, during my flights we have more and more new joiners on board. When i work with these new joiners i think of myself during that time i started flying with Etihad. It is so weird to me how time has gone by so fast.

I have learned so much and still are learning new things with this flying job. After 6 months flying before you could apply to work in first class/business class. Now they changed that rule and we cant apply anymore, they choose us. Those who have good reviews ect ect. Cause i was thinking i want to develop now and move up and work for first class/business class. So we will see how that goes now.

Well what to do in this life than SMILE, THINK POSITIVE AND SMILE :-)

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3 Months Flying - Etihad Airways

3 Months has passed now and right now im back home on my annual leave recharging my batteries.
I thought i would give my opinion/ thoughts on how the job has been so far.  Or how things is around me.

I have to be honest, at first everything was magical and i thought wow this is amazing.
As time went things became ´´normal´´ and it became a job and day in and night out as i worked that ´´magic´´ wasnt there anymore.
Of course im still blessed and thankful for this opportunity.
But every job have good days and bad days.
There is horrible moments with this job, there is fantastic moments in this job too and when things doesnt go my way and i think im tired of this job i ALWAYS think of those amazing moments at work which makes me smile.

One trainer at the training told us one day when we feel down we should think WHY DID WE COME HERE AT THE FIRST PLACE?
For OUR DREAM of course.

After a while the things we once thought was amazing now is ´´´normal´´.
We see it everyday and do it everyday, so sometimes we forget those special things about this job.

ANYHOW flying back home for my leave for the first time since i started this...and... sitting in the plane as a passenger i truly REALIZED WHAT A AMAZING JOB I HAVE.
I felt the excitement again and truly working as a cabin crew for ETIHAD is once in a lifetime experience/ opportunity.

I saw my job with different eyes sitting as a passenger. Walking at the airport seeing cabin crews, i was thinking wow i have a job like this too thats amazing. :-)
I think i took my job for granted there for a while.

But once in a while we need to take a break from our jobs regardless of what we have and RECHARGE OUR BATTERIES..
Good for our minds, soul and bodies!

Living in Abu Dhabi is great actually, there is a lot to do, i have met a lot of new friends and they become our families cause there is no other we have there.
Im used to the customs there and now i feel its my 2nd home for some reason. The sun is shining there all the time so no reason to be sad right? lol

Working as a cabin crew is a veryyyy hard work, veryyyy, we have around 200+ passengers we have to take care of, although we cant make everyone of all those 200+ passengers happy, but try! That is all we can do!
But being a cabin crew is a very hard job which many dont know about.
Im still smiling though on board, someone told me when u stop smiling than this job isnt for u anymore :-)

But everything in life happens for a reason and this was meant to be for me, and IM THANKFUL for it.
Of course sometimes we dont like it and other days we love it. THIS IS LIFE.... same with the rest in our lives...

GOOD LUCK GUYS and please NEVER give up, CHASE this dream if you really want it!
POSITIVE ATTITUDE also helps us to see things with different eyes.



My 1st Flight

So my 1st flight ever in my life was completed....MISSION COMPLETED lol...

The crew and cabin manager were so nice to me and helped me a lot and i learned so much from this flight.

I had the once in a life time chance to sit in the cock pit for take off and landing WOW.
Another dream got fulfilled, when the plane was on the runway and ready to take off i looked around and looked at myself and at that moment i felt SOOOO PROUD of myself.
I felt I DID IT....
Sitting in the cockpit was amazing, i cant describe it with words!!!!

But i heard usually crew can sit in the cockpit for take off and landing during their 1st and 2nd supis in Etihad.
But only if the pilots allow it. Thankfully the pilot we had during this flight he was very nice.

Doing the service and communicating with the guests was soooo much fun, i felt automatically i went into this role.

I think if the cabin manager and the crew are nice the flight will be lovely regardless of the crazy passengers :-)

One moment i was standing in the middle of the aisle in the plane and looked at the people and myself and again felt SOOO PROUD of myself, it was a emotional moment there for a while.


From one day to look outside the window and dream to be on board when i saw a plane in the sky to TODAY being on board that plane i once dreamed to be on board in.

Its wonderful, and i know every work has its ups and down but im very happy to be a cabin crew and do this job.
I know its not a easy job but i love it.

One thing im little bit scared of before each flight is during briefing when they ask us 1 question, hmmmm little bit stressful there, but i try to review everyday little bit in our manuals, thats all i can do....but its a challenge though :-)

Today i have another flight and im excited because its a layover i have, and i hope it will go well and i hope i will have a nice crew!!!!!


Graduation day Etihad

Oh my god i finally finished the training and graduated and it was such a wonderful ceremony Etihad staff did for us.

But the most important thing for me was to get the certificate and our wings Because it is a reminder for me that i accomplished something i dreamed for soooo long, something i have been chasing for ages...for...

My dream came true, now i have to maintain this dream by doing well on flights.

Now slowly this joy of graduation is about to finish and a new chapter is about to START which is flying.

Im veryyy excited to really board the plane and do the things i ONE DAY only could dream of doing.


ps now im no longer a cabin crew dreamer lol

3 Days Left

3 days left until i will GRADUATE and words cant describe how happy i am.

This feeling is indescribable. I wish everyone who has a dream to become a cabin crew would have the chance to get hired and fulfill their dreams :-)

BUT tomorrow i have my last exam, which i have to pass in order to be 100% FREE and fly the world LOL

But knowing i only only only have 3 days left is extraordinary.

It was like yesterday i joined etihad, now where am i? soon to graduate and get my wings and jump up in the sky and HERE WE GO LOL

TO BE CONTINUED.......................


Week 6 of training Finished

wow what a week...what a week... The days of our lives :-)

I have to mention that week 6 has been the easiest weeks of THEM ALL for me!

The reason? I believe is that i was lucky enough to have amazing instructors during this week :-)
In my opinion almost everything depends on our instructors, depending how our instructors are...
if they are amazing...EVERYTHING will be amazing. if not than not. :-)

Yayyy im beyond happy i finished week 6 and now i only have next week left...

Next week i graduate YAYYY after all the struggle finally i will soon ´´taste the fruit´´ of all the hard work!

This week was all about service and we did these things on this week:

  • Etihad internal communication
  • Meal procedures
  • Cart set ups
  • Transit procedures
  • Etihad Guest programme
  • In flight entertainment
  • About Wines/ Spirits/ Cocktails
  • Bar paperwork on board
  • Products and equipment for service on board
  • Galley electrical equipments
  • Than we had only 1 exam on all of this
Funny today is the 1st day since i started this...that  i finally can visualize myself being a cabin crew because now im so close to the ´´goal line´´.
Before we had so much to do and nothing was finished but now its not much left anymore and i totally can ´´FEEL´´ its coming...the finishing line is coming.... :-)

Next week will probably go very fast....

But i cant wait for next week to come so i can close this chapter and begin a new chapter shortly...which is  to start flyinggggggggggggggg

Seriously all the hard work is worth i understand when people tell me WORK HARD TO REACH YOUR DREAMS :-)
The hard work is NOT god it is not easy...but without struggle there is no success!!!

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My 1st Roster with Etihad

Im beyond excited.

I have - to be exact 9 days left to finish the training.

13 days left until my 1st supi flight.

This is my 1st roster for July :

  1. Pakistan
  2. London
  3. Bangladesh
  4. London
  5. London
  6. Kuwait
  7. Sidney
Not bad at all..but i see i got a lot of London :-) love it :-)

I also think im on standby during one time as well, so they might send me somewhere between those dates.

But all im focusing on right now is to pass/finish the training!

....................................................................................................9 DAYS LEFT.....

Week 5 of training Finished - Etihad Airways

Well well week 5 is done and wow what a ´´turbulent´´ weeks i had :-)

First of all thank god im still here and still going strong! I really thought week 5 was going to be ´´easy´´ but boy i was WRONG!

Week 5 was 2nd hardest weeks of them all, for me anyway.

The things we did this week was aviation health.
The big exam i had was about these as well.

  • Medical equipments
  • Diseases - general information
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Medications
  • Aircraft medical documents
  • Ultra long range operation survival guide
Oh my god now it feels so much better, and i feel im so close to the ´´GOAL LINE´´.

Now i just started my service course, and we have service for 2 weeks now.

Today we also went to this catering place to see how the on board food and how everything is prepared, It was interesting to see. We are lucky in Etihad because they prepare almost everything for us, so when we are on board doing the service it will go faster and smoother.

I have now ONLY 2 more exams left, one in each week.

If im not wrong we will get our ROSTER TOMOROWWWWWWWWWWW
Im soooooooooooooooooo excited, because this is another STEP towards my dream/goal.
We will see what my 2 first supi flights will be.

Now thinking back on all the weeks EVERY hard step or OBSTACLE or STRUGGLE was worth it!

It hasnt been easy at all, but one wise person in training told us this:


:-) it was a nice thing to say because we came here, well I came here to fulfill my dream, to develop, grow professionally and personally and see the world and have almost a new life.

Anyhow 5 weeks gone, 2 weeks left........

But im truly blessed and thankful once again i say this, because im not a person who doesnt care of this opportunity i got or im not a ignorant person, im a person who really treasure everything :-)
This is such an amazing opportunity, so many doors opens here and you grow so much having this job or doing this training also be here in another part of the world...soon going to every corner in the world :-)

I will finish this weeks post with this quote:::::::

´´ The world will provide you with stones everyday:: what you build out of it is your outlook :: A bridge or a wall

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Week 4 of training Finished - Etihad Airways

Wow week 4 of training finished today, so fast, i keep writing this every week, seriously where does the time go?

Today i got my uniform as well and im so happy and excited, it feels like a new chapter, a new step!

I no longer feel a new joiner, now i feel im closer to my GOAL!

This week was very light/ easy compared to the other weeks.

This week we did these things:

  • Exam on Airbus 319-320 Aircraft/ evacuation devices/ normal operation / emergency operation / Communication/ emergency system
  • We started and finished Aviation security/ had a exam on it.
  • We started Aviation health, learned about first aid and how to do this and that in case of a medical emergency on board.
  • We had a tiny exam on first aid as well.

Not a ´´heavy´´ week of training as it was previously. Now 3 weeks left!!!

I feel so thankful and blessed for this opportunity to soon work as a cabin crew for Etihad!

Also i feel very proud of myself that i did it so far and managed to mentally do it! and STAY STRONG!
The training is very hard but we have to look at the MAIN GOAL..----GRADUATION/FLYING!!!!
+ Fulfilling a dream! which i have had ´´all my life´´ it feels like :-)

It is worth it at the end, all the hard work we did!

Now rest and enjoy my weekend until next week, we will see what life has in store for me and all of us :-)

The comment section is closed for now, if you have any questions or want to discuss anything please contact me via the ''contact me form'' :-)

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Week 3 of training Finished - Etihad Airways

Week 3 finished thank god

Im still standing up with positive attitude and positive thinking to manage to survive this hard and intense training.
Week 3 is the hardest and longest week of them all....and thank god i did it.....

This week we did these:

  • A lot of practice in the simulator regarding fire, turbulence, decompression, emergency evacuation and ditching. What we shall do in different situations and how we shall react and what our actions would be ect.
  • They taught us various evacuation techniques ect.
  • I had one exam on emergency drills and safety equipment
  • We had a assessment on how to use different fire extinguishers, life jackets, portable oxygen and protective breathing equipment ect.
  • We had a ditching assessment in a veryyyyyyyyy cold cold pool at the training.
  • We had a dangerous goods exam.
  • I learned about Airbus 319-320 as well which we will have a exam on next week.
  • We went and visited A330 - 200 at the airport that was a lot of fun.

A long and intense week packed with information that we had to memorize and know.

Thank god i passed everything and i can move on to the next round...
4 Weeks left :-)
One step closer to my goal!
only 4 weeks left and i think next week we will get our uniforms, no need to wear our white and black attire anymore wohoooooooo

Now weekend started and i can rest my busy head :-)

Next week new challenges and new battles to overcome :-)

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Week 2 of training Finished - Etihad Airways

It is truly crazy how time flies so fast here in Abu Dhabi!

Week 2 of training finished today and i can breath for now :-)

This week we learned about:

  • A330 - 200 Aircraft/ evacuation devices/ normal operation / emergency operation / Communication/ emergency system
  • A340 - 500 Aircraft/ evacuation devices/ normal operation / emergency operation / Communication/ emergency system
  • A340 - 600 Aircraft/ evacuation devices/ normal operation / emergency operation / Communication/ emergency system

One fun thing that i loved about this week was that we had the chance to be in the simulator and pretending to be working as a crew on board and the simulator moved around which was sooooo cool.

We had 1 exam this week, on how to operate the doors, right away we got our results, i passsed thank god.

Cant wait to start flying....

2 weeks finished 5 more weeks to go!!!

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Week 1 of training Finished - Etihad Airways

So week 1 of the training finished today :-) Lovely....

6 more weeks left, i cant wait for our graduation day!!!

The days is going so fast here, crazy.

This week we did these:

  • We filled in a lot of forms
  • We got our id cards, insurance cards.
  • We Did medicals: blood tests, vision test, hearing test, 2 vaccines, info, weight check, chest x ray, normal check up and urine test.
  • We had Uniform fitting: we will get the uniform in 3 weeks, cant wait to wear it :-)
  • Grooming
  • Info about cabin safety
  • We got our HUGE and HEAVY SEP manual and more papers.
  • Bank account papers
So on Sunday our 2nd week will start and our SEP week will start. The 2nd hardest week i have heard. I think we will do training in the simulator the whole week.

I hope i can be able to pass the exams and study hard and be focused!!!!

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Ticket and Visa received - Tomorrow is my departure!

Yesterday i got my visa and ticket to Abu Dhabi!
My departure is tomorrow!
I feel so relived that this is done now and no more hassle or stress!
It took 1 month exact from final interview to departure.
My journey to a better and a more wonderful life begins TOMORROW :-)

★ ✩ ✮ ✯ ✰ ☆ And The Journey Of A Lifetime Will Begin Tomorrow ★ ✩ ✮ ✯ ✰ ☆

The Golden Call - Etihad

A dream came true today!

Etihad Airways called me and offered me the job as a cabin crew in Abu Dhabi!
I am beyond happy, i will start the training in around 3 weeks and after 7 weeks im off to the sky/ world.
The wait for this call was painful but i made it.
After so many years of chasing this dream i finally fulfilled this.
After so many rejections from various airlines Etihad was the ONLY one who saw something in me.
Thank god i got the golden call and don't need to worry about this more.
This story of chasing this dream to become a cabin crew finally got a happy ending!
I feel so blessed and thankful for this opportunity!

Never ever give up on your dreams regardless of how many years you have to wait.
Never loose HOPE on the things you want the most in life!


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Successful email from Etihad

A email landed in my inbox this morning from Etihad Airways:::::::::::::::::::

Dear xxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you for your participation in our recent Cabin Crew assessment.

Following your final interview, we are pleased to inform you that your application has been successful.

You will now be kept in our holding pool and we shall notify you when we have a Cabin Crew training course date available for you.  However, should we not be able to place you on a training course within the next 6 months you may be required to reapply for the position online.

This letter does not constitute an offer of employment and you should not make any decision to terminate your current employment based on it.  Your employment with us is still subject to the successful completion of the necessary clearances.

Kind regards
Cabin Crew Recruitment Team


SO i shall WAIT...and WAIT and ...WAIT...and WAIT...
Fingers crossed they will call me as soon as possible
and let me know a training date...


TO BE CONTINUED...........

More informative info related to the cabin crew job here::: 

Etihad Airways Cabin Crew Recruitment Process

  • ASSESSMENT 8:00am

we started outside the conference room…
it was 4 recruiters there during that day
the recruiters gave us these papers to fill in…
the paper had questions like:
have u worked as a cabin crew for Etihad before?
Do you have any tattoos?
Also about eye vision…

When we were done with that we went and handed in the paper
Plus a passport photo To a recruiter which gave us a name tag and a number…

We stood in line…one by one we were called to go into the conference room to do the reach test which was 210cm…thankfully I manage to do it and im 5´3 (160cm)

After this we went outside and a recruiter asked us to go inside and sit in another conference room….

We sat in tables with 6 people in each I think…and as I counted we were around 30 candidates during this assessment…not many at all…I had expected more than 30 people…but again its far better with less candidates than loads…gives us the opportunity to stand out more…and get noticed….

The ladies started with talking about Abu Dhabi and some info about the company …and after that they had a quiz…about what the ladies had talked about….kind of listening test here…
we had to answer the questions the recruiters had talk about in our group..and we had to write this down…
After that the recruiters asked each table few questions..

The recruiters were lovely and so easy going and so funny…which made the mood in the room pleasant and relaxed….

Now the group activity started…

once again with the group in our table…we were given many words…and we had to pair every word, 3 in each…like yellow, blue, Grey, which is in the category of colors and we put that in one group…they had ex diamond, gold silver…and they also had hands, fingers, legs…ect ect
When that was done they surprised us with telling us now we had to create a story of all the words and everyone one of us had to say something….
While doing so a recruiter was sitting in each table and taking notes….about us..
And here I noticed its not about getting the story done or doing it as fast as possible it was more for them to see how we work together ect…

That done…
Role play started…
Again the same group around the table we sat in…we was given these small papers about situations…and we had to play the role of a angry customer and a service provider who was going to deal with the situation…and ex of the papers I got was like im sitting in a restaurant and im not happy with the food and I shall complain…while the next person was going to handle this complaint I had…2nd one was I was a waitress and I had to deal with a angry customer ect ect…we did this 2 and 2 with the candidates who sat in our tables....

Now English test started….

It wasn't as hard at all very simple actually.....very short parts……
1st part we had to read this letter and there was questions about the letter
2nd part was a text with missing words we had to fill in…
3rd part we had to do opposite words …like light-dark ect ect
4th part was we had to fill in missing words again…
5th part was a text we had to read and it was questions about it..
most of these had multiple answers…

We took a long break here…..but we got tons of short breaks during the activities too..

Than now the time was around 1pm I think….

The ladies came in and it was time for eliminations…

While we sat in the conference room one of the ladies called 9 names who had made it to the next round..

Thankfully i was one of them!!!

Now from 30 we became 9….

5 girls and 4 boys

Those who were called could sit and the rest left…and were cut sadly….

To my surprise here……we found out we made it to the FINAL INTERVIEW…
to my surprise we ONLY had one elimination…i thought there was two..
we all 9 made it to the final interview which is amazing….and so surprising…

They congratulated us…and told us we will all be doing our final interview…


Now the recruiters told us about the training, and salary and what to do and don’t do in Abu Dhabi ect….

Finished with that we had to fill in 1 paper about references…and another paper about what languages we knew
During this point those who were fluent in Arabic or Russian or German had to leave the room and do a language test to verify that they really were fluent in those languages…
none of us knew Arabic but there was few who did the Russian test and German….

Now we continued to fill in security papers…

We all had to go outside and continue the papers while one candidate sat inside with the recruiter to do their FINAL INTERVIEW….

We had to give all the paper we were told to bring…plus passport photos and full length photos….

Now it was my time to do the interview…and to my surprise I ended up with a very kind and easy going and funny recruiter who made everything easy and fun I think…I really think if we have luck and end up with a easy going recruiter than we are fine
…the questions she asked me was actually typical cabin crew interview questions…such as::::::::::::.

Why do you want to work for Etihad Airways?

Why do you want to work as a cabin crew?

How do you feel about working with people from different Cultures and backgrounds?

What challenges would you face as a cabin crew?

Have you helped your co-worker without him/her asking?

Tell us a time you did something very good for a customer? And how did she/he react to it?

How would you deal with being away from your family when working as a cabin crew?

What challenges would you face in Abu Dhabi?

Tell us a time when you have successfully worked with a team?

Than she told me that NEXT WEEK they will email us if we are successful or not….

Than when we were finished with the interview,
we went to finish the papers, during this point one of the recruiters were sitting with us and helping us with the papers
When everything was done, one by one the candidates went home...

Now the only thing i can do is to WAIT
until next week to see if i get the successful email or not....
exciting and scary :-)

More informative info related to the cabin crew job here:::


Few of you asked me that some of the replies in this thread has disappeared or been deleted, this is not the case, i advice you to click on LOAD MORE below to read further and check other replies ect, as not all the replies might show up at once... :-)

Typical Cabin Crew Interview Questions!

Why do you want to work for our airline?

Describe a situation at work where you had to be flexible.

Have you handled a customer complaint? If yes how?

How do you feel about working with people from different cultures and backgrounds?

Do you prefer working as a member of a team or would you rather work alone?

How do you handle stress and pressure?

Give us an example of/when/how you....

Made a bad decision:

Made a good decision:

Taken a risk:

Dealt with argument:

Bent the rules to meet an objective.

Showed compassion and empathy:

You’ve made a professional mistake and what you’ve done to overcome it.

Dealt with an awkward situation.

Why do you want to be a cabin crew?

Why are you leaving or have left your job?

What do you think the role of cabin crew involves?

What qualities do you think a good cabin crew member should have?

What qualities do you have that you feel would make you a good cabin crew member?

Tell me about a time you had to deal with a difficult customer?

Have you worked with a difficult co-worker? If yes how did you deal with that?

What are your greatest strength?

What is your greatest weakness?

What do you think are the challenges of a cabin crew?

How would you define good customer service?

What is the key to providing good customer service?

Tell me about yourself

What are your goals for the future?

More informative info related to the cabin crew job here:::