Monday, May 28, 2012

The End/ Good Bye Cabin Crew World

There comes a time in everyone's lives where we either push through in our job or we think what shall i do now and move to something else.
Its been 1 year since i joined Etihad Airways as a cabin crew and it has given me so much, i have grown as a person, i have learned so much, i have met so many people from 1000 nationalities and i think i have become a stronger person!
I have been so blessed to fulfill my dream. Well once upon a time this was my dream. I feel im blessed i had the chance to do this. But now it is no longer my dream anymore as i feel i need to pursue something else in life.
Chase another dream now....
They say once u reach 1 year in aviation either you push through or move to something else.
For me it happened over night that i wanted to pursue something else. But that was meant to be i think....
But i feel so happy i have seen many corners of the world.
This was 100% THE BEST year of my life to work with Etihad as a cabin crew. I wonder if any other job in the future will top this job? hehehehe i hope so :-)
It is time for me to end this chapter as a cabin crew and continue to a different place.
I am confident i will succeed in life and reach greater things in life.
I love changes in life, i feel changes opens doors for people.

For me it was a easy choice we need to fallow our hearts

as i love change in life ...this is such a exciting new start for me..change is good in life...we shouldnt be scared of changes...changes change us and help us grow...
And i believe whatever is meant to be is meant to be. Destiny will lead me to a place i need to be soon...

I will share with you guys this quote:

This image above explains it all i think!

For those who dream of becoming a cabin crew and still trying to get this job, never give up as this is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE!!!!!
Time for me to leave the office ´´ in the sky´´ and go to the ´´ office on ground´´ lol

Never stop wishing and dreaming in life, cause it is our dreams/wishes that makes us alive i think!
Take care everyone!


  1. i just cannot beleive that you wanted the job soooo badly and now after 1 year you want to quit...why???

  2. Dear Maggie!
    I cant believe i had a change of heart either.
    This was my dream for 3 years, i chased this dream for 3 years, after 1000 rejections i finally got it ect ect.
    But in life we have goals right. Being a cabin crew was my goal in my past life but now when i got it fulfilled, i have a new goal in life.
    Now im going to pursue something else...which i want as badly as i wanted the cc job...
    we are only humans and go through changes in life.......thats the only answer my heart can give u :-)
    anyhow dear maggie have a wonderful day....take care oxxxo

    1. Dear Cabincrewdreamer, your blog is marvelous! I just can't stop reading it! Regarding your quitting, I want to share with you an aphorism of a Romanian writer which I think it suits perfectly: "Sometimes you may desire something so bad and painfully that, when it finally comes true, you don’t feel happy anymore: it has cost you too much soul." I hope the translation is good and that it renders the idea.
      I hope this message finds you well!

    2. OH MY GOD miaow.......i loveeeee the words!!!!

      ´´ "Sometimes you may desire something so bad and painfully that, when it finally comes true, you don’t feel happy anymore: it has cost you too much soul."

      i loveeee the words sooooooooo much......totally true...and it might have been that exact thing that made me leave...who knows.....
      thanks for sharing that quote/aphorism which was so magical and so true... ....loved ittttttttttttttt

      enjoy ur summer dear

    3. You’re welcome dear, you help so many people with your blog and taking the time to answer each and every question, that I thought to give something in return. :)

      I’m so happy you like it!! I have a notebook full of aphorisms, I just love them, and when I’ve read your story it instantly came to my mind.

      I have a question too, regarding the eye vision examination, how does it take place? I mean, you have to read the letters on the wall with one eye at a time and the other one covered, or using both eyes? Because I have a 'lazy eye' which means that I don't get to see perfectly even with correction, but the other one is good, so when using both eyes with correction I see perfectly. It’s my dream to become a cabin crew but I have this eye issue and I’m so worried that it won’t be possible for me… :(

    4. Thank you once again for sharing a quote which truly hit my soul.....
      Thank youuuu lovely Miaow!!
      i love words like a huge fan of quotes ect :-)

      regarding the question about vision exam....if im not wrong they gave us these glasses that one eye was covered..and the other was we would stand there and read the letters on the wall..then the doctor would change the part of that eye that was covered and open the other one....
      ....i dont remember if we had to read the letters with both eyes or not... :-/
      im sorry thought that this situation has caused u worry and fear in regards to ur dream to become a cc......

      what i advice u is to read these documents: its both for ek and etihad.....the pre-employment medical form.......

      for ek

      for etihad

      you might find more info in these documents :-)

      but if i were u, i would NOT make this STOP ME.....go for it..and see how it goes....
      i believe etihad are a bit less strict than emirates when it comes to stuff like this
      100% u should try this....
      wishing u the best
      have a lovely monday dear

    5. Thank you so much for your encouraging words dear cabincrewdreamer! In fact I don’t intend to quit so easily! In the last 3 weeks I’ve participated at two OD of EK and didn’t even get short-listed for the AD, but this surely won’t stop me from trying again. Unfortunately I’m 32 years old and I’ve read in the forums that lately EK is looking to hire only people under 30, and I guess that explains the fact that they rejected me immediately in the OD. Because otherwise I have great physical appearance (I used to be a gymnast), I look like a 25-year-old (don’t mean to lack in modesty but just to give you the picture :-) ) and I speak 3 languages fluently so I thought those qualities were enough to get me at least to the screening day, but it seems I was wrong.

      The funny thing is that only one month ago I didn’t even consider this career, it simply never crossed my mind before, can you believe it?? I was just wandering in the dark asking myself what should I do with my life. So now that I finally know, I will do everything in my power to get this job.

      Anyway, now I want to try my luck with etihad but before investing so much time and energy I wanted to know more about the eye vision examination. So thank you very much for the two pre-employment medical forms, that helped me to have a more clear idea about it!

      Thank you again for everything you do dear, time is so precious and you are very rare!

      Wish you all the best in life and I hope we’ll keep in touch!
      Big hug to you!

    6. Dear Miaow!
      love hearing your attitude that nothing or no one will stop u from reaching ur dream dear...u deserve this and so so much more!!!
      regarding the age 30+ with emirates...yeah i heard about that too...and experienced that myself few months ago when i attended a ek od, im 30+ too... it gets a bit more difficult to join emirates when we become 30+.....cause it seems ek prefer to hire youngsters....while the % might be low for them to hire folks 30+ THAT should not stop u or anyone in that age......because they still do hire 30+ but its rare ect....but ur still in the game though!!!!
      but etihad are more open and less strict when it comes to the % of getting hired being 30+ with etihad is way way higher.....
      but MORE RESPECT AND POWER to u beloved Miaow for not giving up and going for this with determination!!!!! its people like u who will reach the stars!!!
      thank u for ur kind words darling and please update me when u score this job with whatever i can celebrate u and ur victory!!!!
      have a lovely day
      god bless u

    7. Hello dear, sorry for replying to you a bit late but these last days were so crazy! Thank you so much for all your wonderful words sweetheart! It cheers me up to know that etihad are a little less strict when it comes to age, I really can’t wait to see how my application will be taken!
      I will definitely keep you posted when I’ll have the big news! You are really precious dear, keep that in mind! I wish you all the wonderful things life has to offer!
      Big hug to you!

    8. Hello Miaow! Are you still there?

    9. Hi Yan, yes, I'm still here, why do you ask?

    10. sorry, I don't know why the photo didn't come out..

    11. Hiiii! I love this blog! And I want to know if you aplied for EK, I m 32 too, and I really want this job, was it too late for you? Tell me, please!
      I m from Argentina!

    12. Hey Yan! I did apply once for EK and once for Etihad in these past months, but with no success. In the case of EK I didn't pass the Open Day, instead with Etihad I did receive the invitation for the Assessment Day (you first have to apply online and receive the approval to go to the next step) but got rejected after the first preliminary tests. Anyway, I don’t think it was because of my age but rather other things, like having very little experience in customer care and lack of confidence (I was very nervous when I had to say a few words in front of everyone and I know for sure that this penalized me a lot). But I heard of people who got hired in their 30’s so you should definitely give it a try, you can never know! Being a little more mature (let’s call it that way) has its advantages, you have more life experience and more confidence and you are more aware of yourself and of your abilities. So don’t let your age put you down, we are still young!! Now I’m 33 actually, but I feel so very young. Age is a very subjective thing really, it matters a big deal if you work-out, have a healthy diet and are in good shape.
      So good luck to you and let me know if you want how everything goes!

  3. I can see you are very optimistic and i love that about you! I believe that when you think positive you will achieve your goal..thats what i do..and so do you..
    I am very happy for you,that you finally manage to get the job(although i think you should have stayed get more and more experiences)
    So i wish you the very best of luck in whaterver you do!!

  4. I work as a cabin crew 12 years now..but i really want to work for Etihad..i wish i can manage that.. :)

  5. Dear Maggie!
    well done for doing this job for 12 years wow, amazing, you should be so proud of urself for all the hard work!
    i am and try very hard to be optimistic, because if we arnt than it will all go downhill :-))
    that book i recommended a while ago THE SECRET taught me this well....really i do think positive thinking do bring us happiness and positive things in our lives....
    there is no choice really,,,than only to think positive.....
    thank you so much for ur good luck wishes....
    i hope one day u can join etihad too if this is ur wish....hopefully!!!!
    i wish u all the best too, im happy u also think positive!!!

    1. hello,very nice words from you. i work as a cabin crew for 3 years and i would like to work for etihad. do you think it is possible to bring my cat to the crew accomodation?
      have a lovely day

    2. Hello dear,
      well done for sticking to this job and doing this for 3 years amazing! well done...

      as for house pets in the etihad accommodation, unfortunate its not allowed to have pets..
      BUT of course there is crew having pets in their accommodation as long its ok with your flatmate's...
      so its up to you :-)
      but in the same time u have to be careful so no one would see or know ,,cause they would report u....

      wish u the best....hope u get to work as a etihad crew as this is what u want!!!

      have a great weekend :-)

  6. Is it all true regarding ETIHAD in this link.

    1. heyyy

      about this link...i came across this blog before too. it seems to be someone who used to work with etihad and is super angry at them and has written all these info hehehe

      BUT every company has its ups and downs...doesnt matter if its etihad or coca cola or samsung...heheeh

      at the end of the day...i still think etihad is a great company and gives people the chance to fulfill there not saying this cause someone told me to say this...but im saying this cause i had a dream and etihad fulfilled it...simple as this :-) and i do recommend people to join etihad too...cause what company allows u to travel for free and get paid for it and everything is paid for u too.... heheheh

      but i think its best for me not to comment on this blog :-) and the stuff in its so negative and im not a person who would fallow these negative stuff...
      accurate or not....


  7. I love your approching and how positive u r :-)
    About resigning, do they made u pay for the 3 year bonding contract (training, uniforms, etc etc)
    If so how much was it?

    1. thank you so much, ur so kind and sweet...u know if i didnt have this approach in life, i would end up in a mental ward heheeh seriously....heheeheheh
      we need to be positive to attract positive stuff into our lives....mind spirit and heart....
      as for i didnt pay i resigned after 1 year....
      this rule u mentioned only applies to those who resign before 6 months in the company...those who didnt complete the probation time.....
      how much that cost i dont i didnt know anyone around me who resigned before 6 months...everyone did it after 6 months of those who i knew who resigned after 6 months....
      take care

  8. Hey I hope everything is great and you have a great time in the new path you chose :)
    I am a cabin crew at etihad and I wish to resign.. I sent my resignation letter to my performance manager but still there is no answer from her. Do I have to sent it to someone else also or call somebody because I am not sure what steps I have to do now. Thank you very much in advance

    1. Hi dear hope ur well
      And thank u for ur kind words
      You did the correct thing by sending ur resignation letter to ur PM.. I did the same thing, than the next day my PM called me, to talk about this ect. Than my PM sent me info about how to Exit etihad.. There is tons of stuff to do
      But what i advice u to do is to call ur PM
      And ask her to send you the exit "to do list"
      Or perhaps ur pm can tell u via phone or whatever
      But do call her
      Cause ur PM is the person that contact the other departments to let them know u will resign
      I wish u the best dear
      And good luck with everything
      Enjoy ur summer