Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Flydubai Cabin Crew application process 2018

The qualifications/requirements flydubai have for their Cabin Crew position are this::::::::

  • Min high school diploma
  • International aviation experience is an advantage
  • 1 year experience in customer service or sales
  • Able to deal with passengers professionally in a customer facing and sales role
  • Fluent in written and spoken English
  • Basic numeracy skills
  • A valid passport allowing you to travel freely
  • Motivated, reliable, hardworking
  • Passionate, friendly & fun! 
  • Min 21 years old
  • Excellent team player with the ability to communicate with many nationalities
  • Proud to wear the uniform & wear it well
  • No visible tattoos or body piercing which cannot be covered discreetly
  • Minimum height 158cms without shoes

Once in a while flydubai open their Cabin Crew recruitment and whoever that have these qualifications can apply via their career page:


This year 2018 they opened their Cabin Crew recruitment in July. Candidates have to be quick to apply because they opened it quickly and closed it quickly. In July when they opened their vacancy they closed it approx less than 2 weeks.

The steps to apply are these::::::

First applicants apply and the initial application process is pretty simple. Candidates fill out the application, answer few questions and attach various documents/pictures.

Once the initial application stage is completed then the applicants will receive an online assessment sent to their emails.
The online assessment contains several tests. The tests are example aptitude test, English test, reading and writing test, logical test, situational test etc.

Below are some images that shows how the online tests were as an example, so you guys get an idea:::::

After you complete the online assessment part, IF you pass this step then you will be
shortlisted for their video interview.

The video interview is created by the company Hirevue, Emirates used to use this software Hirevue for their video interview, but then they stopped because of issues.

You can read more about Hirevue here:



You get either 3 or 4 questions asked during the Hirevue video interview.  Questions that are asked during the flydubai video interview are example:

  • Why do you want to join flydubai?
  • What is excellent customer service for you?
  • Tell us about yourself and your working experiences
  • Would you like to add something about yourself that is not on your resume?

After you complete the video interview then you wait for the results. Some candidates get a response back either the ''congratulations for the next step'' email or the ''rejection'' email. Some candidates sadly gets forgotten and don't even get any response back. The timeline varies a lot candidate to candidates and while it varies it is a VERY long process.

For example a candidate shared this timeline in regards to their flydubai process:

14 July 2017 Application sent
14 July 2017 Online assessment
15 July 2017 Video interview
27 August 2017 Invitation for assessment day
11 September 2017 Assessment and Final interview completed
21 July 2018 Rejection email

Regardless if it is waiting for the video interview or the invite to Dubai candidates should expect a VERY LONG and frustrating PROCESS. flydubai is famous for having LONG recruitment process.


  1. I applied but i never got the video interview does this mean i am rejected?

    1. Hello
      There is a score everyone get when they complete the online assessment. Either your score was not on the passing mark and then you were not shortlisted for the video interview OR that the video interview will be sent to you later. Lets hope it is the latter!
      Good luck!

  2. Thanks for sharing this.

    I had no idea how meticulous the entry requirements for cabin crews actually were.

  3. Do you have the emailaddress for HR for flydubai?

    1. Hello
      I don't not have the email. Have a great day

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