Monday, February 11, 2013

How to Succeed in a Flight Attendant Interview

Written by: Harri, LillyDel

Do your homework. 

The airline industry has been through extensive change in the past ten years. Many airlines have been sold, merged or restructured recently. Study the history of the airline you're interviewing with to be sure you understand what kinds of changes it has undergone. This will allow you to effectively answer questions about how you may handle company integration challenges and customer confusion.

Dress the part. 

Flight crew members wear uniforms for a reason; they need to be able to command respect when necessary. Demonstrate your ability to command respect by wearing appropriate airline industry attire for your interview.
Wear a suit in a neutral color. Airline uniforms are usually in neutral colors, so by wearing a neutral suit, you will look the part of a flight attendant.
Keep your hair, jewelry and makeup conservative and professional. Airline dress codes typically prohibit unnatural hair colors, jewelry that is large or noisy, and makeup that is brightly colored.
Remove piercings and cover tattoos wherever possible. Piercings and tattoos violate the dress codes of most airlines.

Understand the job

Flight attendants are on board an aircraft primarily for the safety of passengers. In an interview, you will likely be asked to talk about past situations in which you've faced an emergency and been able to remain calm under pressure.

Prepare to demonstrate your public speaking abilities. 

Being able to clearly communicate and compel strangers to follow your directions are key skills for a flight attendant. During your interview, you may be asked to read safety instructions or relevant documents to a group of people. Your interviewers will be evaluating whether you can speak in a loud, clear voice without faltering.

Demonstrate adaptability. 

Flight attendants have to be able to think quickly. When a problem crops up at 35,000 feet, they must use available resources to solve it. Be prepared to give examples that demonstrate your ability to be resourceful and flexible.

Be friendly.

Flight attendants are the primary customer service providers of any airline. Hiring managers want to see candidates who can smile, demonstrate warmth and likability, and take any unpleasantness in stride. Keeping a calm, friendly demeanor no matter what happens will set you apart from other candidates.

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