Wednesday, June 12, 2013

10 Questions with Anna the Etihad Cabin Crew

I asked my dear friend Anna who currently works for Etihad as a cabin crew some questions about her job as a cc with Etihad in purpose to share this with all of you guys too . She gladly answered few questions and i think its so fun to read what she had to say::: check it out:::::::::
ps: Anna is not in this picture above :-) 

Was it your dream to become a Etihad Cabin Crew?

Yes!!! when i was 15 years old my mom asked me what i wanted to work with when i grew older, i told her i wanted to become a flight attendant, although i never seriously went after this job until i was 28 years old or so.

Now scoring this job, was it how you expected it to be?

It was even better than i had expected it to be specially with Etihad compared to other example low cost airlines. It was even beyond and above of what i had wished for.

Where is your favorite destination of all the places you been to so far?

Of all the destinations i have flown to so far i have to say Bangkok was the best. Why? because of the amazing cheap shoppings, i always fly with empty suitcase and fly back with a full suitcase lol. I always have mani and pedi and massage there cause its so cheap. Everything is so cheap there, also i love how the culture is there, love going to temples and explore the city.

Was it difficult during the initial training?

Oh my god it was, for me anyway, i even failed few times and had to do exams again but i pushed through, i did my best. But i think if we focus and stay focused it will be ok. I dont like to study because i had studied enough in my days, thats why it was difficult for me lol to open a book again...a study book

How do you feel now scoring this amazing job many wish to have?

I was extremely proud of myself and still am, i feel this is the highest and the best job i could score in my entire life, but i know it can only go up from here  

Whats the negative part of this job according to you?

The stress and expectations the company/managers have on us, although its manageable but sometimes it can get too much

Whats the positive part of this job according to you?

The chance to grow in this company, travel, meet so many people, get to know new cultures, be independent and earn good money and have fun.

Can you tell us one of your crazy stories you had to experience being a cabin crew with Etihad?

I remember during one of my flights to Sidney, we had 2 medical emergencies onboard, a girl who fainted and another woman who had a panic attack and was running around wanted to open the doors on board. Than during this situation we had a drunk man who was bothering people onboard, oh my god, imagine all of this in 14hrs heheheheeh. It was too much to witness and deal with but we had the best team and together we handled it. This is a part of our job and we do what we can.  

How do you think of living in Abu Dhabi?

I absolutely love it, i love how modern the place is and the lifestyle we are living in. We can do everything here, its not that strict as people think it is from the outside....There is always something to do, and if i get bored we just go to Dubai, every place has its ups and downs and i feel Abu Dhabi have more ups. Its great, i wouldnt want to move back home, cause its more fun here.

Is there any tips you can give to people who wish to become a cc with Etihad?

Believe in yourselves, i know how difficult it can be to score this job, try to create your resume that fits for this job...and be smart with your resume ;-) Try to be professional and read as much info you can before you attend any assessment day. If you fail once or twice thats ok, do it again, me and my friends we all scored this job on our 3rd or 4th try, insane i know...but we tried and tried....

More informative info related to the cabin crew job here::: 


  1. Hello, It sounds so amazing. I m attending next month. I m so excited about it :D could you give me some tips how to get ready,please? thank you x

    1. hello
      good luck next month, im sure you will rock it!!

      dont know if you read this part:::

      if you have than u can find tons of tips and stuff,,,if u havnt check this link yet than do so.....cause i think i collected everything there is...not everything but most of it.....
      if there is anything else, no worries ask away :-)

      have a lovely summer...

  2. Thank you very much for your reply. I ll check the link. I wish I would rock it :D but I have no previous experiences, but I ll do my best anyway :D
    How is the esey in English test, can I ask you what topic did you have?

    1. No worried dear, if you check the link i gave you in there i have written my experience of the assessment day and i wrote little about the english test too...
      the english test was very easy, it was basic dont worry about that u will do well!
      as for the essay, we never did a essay...i remember emirates was the only company who made us write essays during there english recruitment assessment..while at etihad we didnt do any essays..although this was in 2010...things might have changed with etihad...
      take care :-)
      have a nice day

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  4. hi
    How old were you upon joining?
    I was 22 when I joined Qatar but had to resign because of some health issues back than :(
    QR is very strict with medicals and requires tons of them.
    I am about to turn 26 and fear I'm might be "too old". Most girls join at the age of 21-13 and get out at my age. Some exceptions do it until they are 30 and than usually get an office job, often time with the airline. Also, could you post a list of medicals required by Etihad? Thanks in advance. K

    1. Hello dear....hope ur well....
      i have to say well done for being so young when u joined qatar...i heard its difficult to score a job with qatar..and imagine u being 22 years old...well done i say....

      as for the age, NO your not too old my dear, i joined Etihad when i was 28 years old....and 3 of my batchmates who joined with me were between 31-33 years old....i had tons of friends who joined around the same time i joined who were 28years old and up..also i have 2 friends who joined etihad 4 months ago, one was 31 years old and the other was 27 years no worries about the age and go for it.....

      i joined etihad in 2011 and i hardly remember the medical list they gave us, i dont have this list either today... but here is a post i made about our visits to the medical center ect and what we did ect...perhaps this can help you little bit check this link:


  5. Hello darling, may I ask you what is Service letter or how I can get it? I also found Etihad requires pre employment medical form. Thank you so much for your answer x

    1. hello dear...
      a service letter is when an employee works at a company that company has to give experience letter or service certificate to that employee that shows how long you worked there and can also be a reference letter too...ex your boss or your reference write you a letter from your previous job, and he or she will write you worked here and what position u had...and this date and what u did and u worked great and they will for sure recommend u ect ect.......if u wont be able to find ur previous boss or managers ect
      take care :-)

  6. Thank you very much for your answer. Shall I bring the letter for an assessment day? you are so kind you answered so quick before. Thank you so much x x

    1. Hi dear...
      Well u should bring all ur papers to ur assessment day..cause if u pass the ad..the finals..its on the same day...and ur process will b much faster if u bring everything with u...ex they asked for 2 reference letters aka service letters + ur high school certificate translated into eng if its not in eng + passport photos + full lengh photo + 2 daily full lengh photo of urself without business attire....also copy of any certificates or diplomas relevant to this job....all of that i brought with me in case i would pass....which i did...perhaps thats why my process went quick only date of join from fi....the recruiters told me well done that i was prepared.....i think thats a great thing to collect all these a folder and bring it with u to the will give u plus points during final shows ur organized...and have eye for details...some stuff they seek in a cc......sorry the long reply...just giving u some tips...
      Take care and good luck dear

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    1. Yes dear they will most probably email this to u....i dont know before ad or after....but dont worry about the pre employment medical form....i dont know which one u found but its pretty easy...if u havnt had previous medical history than this should be easy for u...
      also i have to add, some stuff people dont declare on these forms...depending on what issue it is of course...
      ex a batch mate of mine she told the dr´s at etihad clinic during our medical exams that she have had previous depression disorder something..when she was 15 years etihad fired her...anyhow she went home after 1 month she got the job with emirates and she never declared this to emirates and no one fired her...
      so u see what i mean...there are some medical stuff i feel we dont need to declare if its not too serious of course...
      so dear dont worry about that....although i know its difficult not to...
      things will work out im sure of this!!!!!!!!
      take care oxox

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    1. ur welcome dear lenka, have a lovely night oxox

  10. Thank you again for all your answers x

    1. your welcome dear EL SP, have a lovely sunday be safe!!!!

  11. Hi !
    Thx for this blog i really love it nd its so useful ..
    Well i ve attended an assessment recently wd ETIHAD , thx God they sent me a positive email, nd i ll start my training courses next month , i would love to know if ETihad give any gift allowance to new joiner ?
    Thx nd hope to get a reply ;)

    1. Hi dear hope ur well....ur welcome dear
      hope ur well...
      and congratulationsssssssssssss for scoring the final interview and scoring the job...well done....
      u must be so happy.... :-)
      regarding the allowance,,,Yes they will be giving u guys a starter package which includes some allowances...
      wish u the best next month....good luck
      have a great day

  12. Thank you so much , your reply is much appreciated .
    You are such a fabulous person !
    Have a great day too .

    1. ♡ sending u all the joy today..have a great day as well and thank u for all ur safe ♡

  13. Dear its me again , im hesitated to ask you again , but im curious if you could tell me aproximately how much in dollar this allowance !
    Thank you

    1. hi dear.....
      no worries....u can ask me 1000 question...seriously im happy to help or share whatever :-) so no worries...
      :-) ask away... :-)
      regarding the allowance they will be giving u be honest i dont remember this amount as this was 2,5 years ago....
      have a great evening...take care :-)

  14. Thank you , its very kind of you ..

  15. I have my Assessment day On 2nd Oct any Suggestions that will be helpful to me?
    is there any swimming test conducted during assessment day?

    1. hi dear Jaya!!!
      hope ur well...
      what i would advice u is to read these links..which is filled with loads of informative stuff i have written...i bet u will find some stuff that u might like...or find valuable in there...

      as for the they will never do a swimming test on the assessment.....they will only do the swimming test in abu dhabi during ur training....for those who got the job.....never on assessment day :-)

      good luck on 2nd...wish u all the best.....
      take care Jaya!!!

  16. Hello Thank you for this blog=) It is very useful=) May I just ask if its true that the newly hired CC are only trained for A319/A320's?

    1. hi dear....hope ur good...
      as for the new joiners only being trained for A319/A320´s....i have a friend who joined etihad 6 months ago and she told me they were trained on all aircrafts.....
      what is happening today in etihad, i dont know....but personally i doubt this would be wouldnt make sense,,,,money wise,,,aircrafts order wise..the need for staff in all aircrafts ect ect...
      but who knows...who knows :-)
      have a great day dear xxx

  17. Hai dear ...i just view ur blogger :) very good and more info.i just received email qatar after 1 yrs waited..medical not i wanted to try etihad cc,is it ok?

    1. Hi dear Siti!
      I totally think you should try with etihad even if your in the process with worries
      try with emirates too...have as many options open for urself as possible..
      go for everything you can, as your path with qatar isnt cleared yet.....
      good luck...
      wish u the best....
      good night xxx

  18. Hi dear,

    Soon I have my assessment day with Etihad, can you please tell me if there is also swimming activities?

    goodnight my dear xox

    1. hello dear
      during your etihad assessment there will be no swimming test...the swimming test which is called a ditching test...will be done in abu dhabi for those successful candidates that get the once u get the job and move to abu guys will do a ditching test in abu dhabi....but not a test during the assessment....
      good luck dear
      wishing u the best