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Questions & Answers - Etihad & Emirates - Cabin Crew

I have collected few questions you guys have been asking through the years from this blog, and i tried to put them all in one place and answer them, its not all of the questions but many of them, many relevant questions that i thought would be informative/fun to post here....it is questions that have been asked many times..my replies are my personal opinions and the knowledge/experience i have gained through the years related to the cabin crew role of Etihad/Emirates...and my time as a cabin crew with Etihad.....everything from open days to interviews to medical stuff to tattoos to layovers to salary ect ect ect..
If you have any further questions that i havnt mentioned here, feel free to post your questions below or send me any questions you have via the contact me form.......
Hope you find this post informative...........

What happens during the ditching exam during the Etihad training?

A lot of people think we have to swim back and forth 200m or whatever it is, but thats not the case.....first off check these pictures to see what it looks like during a etihad ditching exam, so u get a picture of how it is.....

At all times we had life vests on, and we had comfy clothes on, example yoga pants and shirts, we choose if we want to have long sleeve or short sleeve. We arnt even allowed to have swimwear, which i think is awesome. Cause during these ditching exams who would feel comfy wearing swimwear infront of the trainers who is going to observe you. I feel having these kind of clothes on while doing the ditching exam is more comfy. We did few group exercises example swim in groups round and around and hold your knees up and than we had one exercise where we had to swim to the raft we had, and over there we had to help each other climb over the raft ect...so its stuff like this ect....than we did some stuff in the raft as well, such as put up the roof of the rafts and they taught us where each safety stuff is placed in this raft ect. It is more of doing things in teams...showing them team work....and be prepared in case something happens during a ditching...so we know what to do ect

Should i declare my tattoo?

I get tons of questions regarding this, myself i have tattoos, at that time when i applied to etihad and did the recruitment process, i never declared my tattoos, most of them arnt visible while wearing the uniform....one of my tattoos was perhaps borderline to visible, but still i didnt declare it. If the tattoos are in places where its not visible, not really that big and can be covered with makeup,,,than i think why declare it...when no one will ever see it anyway.... a tips::: DermaBlend is a brand that a lot of crew used to cover scars/tattoos...i have flown with so many etihad crew who had tattoos...i even flew with a crew who had a wrist tattoo done on a layover....she covered it under her watch..and with makeup...
.. here is the link to my post about tattoos with etihad and emirates, you can read more about this here:::

But again its up to each of us to decide what is right for us and if we should declare or not. Example if you have a tiny star on your ribs, than if you feel u want to declare that you can because it isnt even visible while wearing the uniform and these companies are ok with that. If you feel you dont want to declare that tattoo, than dont, because i doubt anyone will see this tattoo on your ribs and you can even hide this with makeup ect ect......
But indeed its a tricky dilemma though when it comes to tattoos :-)

What's the difference between Emirates and Etihad?

I have tons of friends that work with emirates....so i have gathered few info from them...what i found is the biggest differences  is that....emirates has a lot of 24hours layovers...perhaps few longer layovers but mostly their layover hours are only 24hrs.....etihad have a mix of layover hours...everything from 17hrs to 72hours...ex once i had a milan layover that was 42 hours....once i had a london layover which was 18hrs...and once i had a layover in sidney which was 72hrs........emirates have more destinations than etihad though..the salary is pretty much the same + or -  
The other day i was talking to a friend about her emirates roster and my etihad roster and she told me she flies a lot and she can fly 6 days in a row....while in etihad i never flew 6 days in a row ect....
everything else is pretty much similar....these differences are the biggest i can think of at this moment.

Is there a typical look you have to have to get these cabin crew jobs with ey/ek?

Not really....everyone can join etihad/emirates...there is no typical look really....seriously anyone can join...and try this.....i have came across every kind of look in this type of jobs......also these airlines aim to have a multinational crew, they want their crews to look different. While people from the outside might think oh these airlines might only hire girls/boys who look a certain way....this isnt the case at all. There is crew from all walks of life and look so different from each other who work for these airlines.
What colour of lipstick should i use during the recruitment days?
I highly recommend red lipstick....the brand i use is MAC, either russian red, or mac red...as long as its not orange ect....having red lipstick creates the cabin crew vision so the recruiters have it easier seeing u as a cabin crew already during those days....so having red lipstick helps and adds the sparkle.
What was the salary with etihad?
anything from 1400euros to 2200 euros/ month....depending on our roster....and how far your flights are ect.....example if i had tons of European layovers my salary would be higher...example if i had tons of asian trips where the currency might be lower compared to the euro than my salary would be less...than depending on the layover hours...ect ......ex having flights to australia, would give you more $$$ than ex if you would fly to kuwait for ex. flying to australia takes 14 hours and your layover is long. while it only takes 50min to fly to kuwait and it was only a turnaround. ect...so it all depends. here you can read more about emirates salary:::


Any tips to improve my resume to have more chances to score a cc job with ek/ey?

try to write your resume in a customer service way..... than keep it short and simple.... 
+ i recommend u reading these links on how to improve your resume further....

What kind of job experience is best to have when applying for cabin crew?

anything related to customer service, any job where u face customers/passengers/guests....example of perfect jobs would be hotel front desk, restaurant jobs...cafés, grocery stores, travel guide, shops, call centers ect.....any jobs where u deal with people...and people come to u for help....people come to u to complain lol...jobs where u work in teams...jobs where u are in the front line so to speak.......as a cabin crew this is all u do!!!

Is the English test difficult during the Etihad assessment?

not really, it was a basic test, example of the stuff we did on the eng test were these:
1st part we had to read this letter and there was questions about the letter
2nd part was a text with missing words we had to fill in…
3rd part we had to do opposite words …like light-dark ect ect
4th part was we had to fill in missing words again…
5th part was a text we had to read and it was questions about it..
most of these had multiple answers…

When did you receive the successful email/ golden call after your final interview with Etihad?

10 days after my final interview i got the successful email.....4 days after that successful email i got my golden call....so it was pretty quick process....although its different from candidate to candidate....for some of my friends it took them 2 weeks to get the successful email..and for some it even took them 4 days to get the successful email ect ect...after the final interview your application goes through various departments in HR to get approved.....so in each department there is various timings...depending on who deal with your application ect ect......

How long was the whole process for you with etihad until date of join?

after the final interview it took me exactly 1 month....from final interview to date of join....i would say for most it might take 1-2 months from final interview to date of join....its pretty quick the process with etihad compared to emirates that takes 4-5 months....to join......but again it can be different for each applicant.........

Do Etihad/Emirates check references?

50% they do....they dont have time do call every single reference.....so its kind of 50-50....ex etihad they never called my references....in my batch i think they did reference check for half of us....so we should still be prepared of them calling.....but know that they might not be able to call everyone......

Whats the secret to score these ek/ey cc jobs? 

in all my years dealing with these recruitment days, both with emirates, qatar, even british airways.... and of course etihad....i kind of feel its Luck, chances, destiny, timing that plays a big part....some of u guys might not believe in these stuff...but i do......i have seen perfect candidates get rejected...while someone who didnt even have any job experiences got the job....or didnt even speak proper eng got the job ect ect......when i did emirates and etihad i were the same....had the same resume..wore the same clothes...acted the same way....but i got the job with etihad and not emirates....i have done emirates 6 times now...and i think i did qatar open days assessment 3 times...british airways once...than etihad once......sometimes i felt its a lottery....either we win or lose....i feel if the timing is right....you get the job....seriously its still a mystery to me......who they choose....ect......i also think there is this ratio the companies have....and if u fall into this ratio at that exact time ur lucky to get the job......ect ect.....this is my personal opinion on this.................

How should my hair be during the recruitment process?

in a neat bun 100% that look more professional...if u can do a French twist than thats even better....but a bun would be ok....if u cant do a bun or a French twist than a pony tail would be ok...

What should i wear during the recruitment process?

A black/navy blue suit, white/baby blue/gray shirt, black/navy blue/gray knee length skirt, skin colored stocking, black court shoes, no open toe shoes, black bag, pearl or diamond earrings...thats it.. no scarf around the neck..... here is a pic of how u should look like:

I dont have any reference letters/references what shall i do?

There is always ways of finding people/friends who can help you with this.....i wont be able to discuss this further but i think u might know what i mean....there is always a way around this :-)

Whats the max age when applying for Etihad/Emirates?

As far as i know, the max age with Etihad is 36 years old. Unfortunately :-( today Emirates max age is 31. Are you 32+ than i advice you to apply to Etihad and Qatar. The fact that Emirates prefer to hire people below the age of 31 is the saddest thing ever :-( :-(  
With Qatar i think their max age is 36 years old too. 

Do Etihad/Emirates recruits only experienced Cabin Crew?

Not at all, i even think not having any experience at all of this role can benefit u even more.....i never had a flying experience when i joined etihad. A friend of mine joining Emirates last year 2015 and she had no flying experience either.

How many will get selected after final interviews with Emirates/Etihad?

they might say during open day that they can hire everyone in this room....but they have a ratio at the end of the day and cant hire everyone....so it all depends on the ratio they have....during my etihad final interview we were 9 people...during my emirates final interview we were 7 people....it varies a lot........

Do you think i can have a career with Etihad/Emirates?

100% YESSS....lets say u start as a cabin crew in economy..u can get promoted to business class and first class...u can apply to work as cabin senior...and cabin manager...if u want u can work in HR in the office or as an instructor ect ect.....there is so many departments in these companies..that u have a chance to do and develop and be a part of....so there is always new doors in these companies that will open for u once u get ur foot in the door.....i know a friend who worked with emirates as cabin crew for few years, than she went to business class, later she went to HR department and is now working as a recruiter, so she has been in the company for 8 years i think....so there is always ways of climbing up the career stairs with these companies :-)

Any tips for the assessment day/group group exercises?

what i have noticed is among those who were with me on my final interview with emirates and etihad was those who were the most quiet once....got through....those who didnt take much room.....those who listened...i dont think these companies like people who talk too much or ask too much....they dont like people who likes to be in control or being the center of attention...those who wont allow others to talk ect......i think you should only talk if asked a question directly to u....during the open day the recruiters will ask questions, i wouldnt raise my hand and answer....sometimes we might ruin our chances if we talk too much or the recruiters might get the wrong impression of u so early in the process.....during the group exercises its important that u show a sense of team work...and that ur someone who listens....and act in a professional way.....words to say during presentations or group trainings would be ´´ I UNDERSTAND, THATS A GOOD IDEA, WHAT DO YOU THINK, CAN YOU ELABORATE PLEASE....than doing the presentations and if u have the word say words like: WE AS GROUP THOUGHT THAT....MY GROUP AND I CAME TO THE CONCLUSION TO, OUR TEAM THINK....ect ect....so it wont be ´´ i think, i did,,i said...its all about group work and team work.....and pay attention to your posture and how u sit walk and talk...smile always..but make it a genuine smile....they want to see how your communication skills are, how you do well under pressure, how calm you are, how well you listen and work in groups...they want to see all of those skills...it is skills of what a cabin crew should be and know.

Would i pass the reach test if im 160cm/5´3?

yes 100% , i passed both the emirates reach test and etihad, and im 160cm/5´3...i even know 2 friends in etihad who were 157cm and could pass in etihad...with emirates you have to be 160cm to apply....
....its all about stretching and being flexible....do some swimming before the open day if u can....swimming helps to stretch out the whole body.......

How is it to live in Abu Dhabi?

personally i loved it with all my heart, im used to traveling and used to different cultures and i loved it even if abu dhabi is a small city...its a charming city...and dubai is only 1h and 20min away so we used to go to dubai often....than even if u got bored u were flying somewhere in the world anyway....but i did enjoy the life in abu dhabi...u live in a safe city, with modern accommodation, and u have this comfy lifestyle...discounts almost everywhere in the town.....the crew in etihad have free shuttle bus that takes them to and from the city center for free, i think emirates have this too. This free shuttle bus was very convenient, cause you cant keep taking taxi everywhere, it will be expensive.

Was the training with Etihad difficult?

i think to many it might not be....but to me it was difficult cause its difficult for me to concentrate and study and i dont like to study....but all in all its pretty easy i would say for many....most of the exams we had ...had multiple choice...and if u didnt pass once u could do it again....

Can i save money with this salary they give you?

100%, i used to spend half and save half....the salary is great actually....but everyone are different, someone might not be able to save...and some might.....so its all up to u...but u do have the chance to save 100%

How much pocket money did you bring to Abu Dhabi with you?

i brought with me around 1700euros, just in case, add than the meal allowance etihad gave us the first week, than we got paid training too...1700euro i took with me was more than enough....i bet people could do 1100euros too.......

How fast can you get promoted to business class/first class with Etihad/Emirates?

with etihad its anything between 1-2 years...with emirates its after 22 months...it all depends on how well you perform as well...ex not having so many sick days, and having a clean file ect.

Do the recruiters look at whether the applicant has a straight set of teeth and good vision?

...as long as u have a nice smile....the recruiters dont check the vision during the recruitment days...but a nice smile includes u having ok teeth..but they dont have to be 100% straight...as mine were not 100% straight......

Can crew wear eye glasses or eye contacts in etihad/emirates?

Yes, but save every paper your eye doctor give you from your home country, you need to show this to the doctors in Abu dhabi/Dubai.... The eye wear has to be proved by the grooming manager though.....cause the crew cant have whatever style of eye glasses they want ...it has to fit the uniform standard ect....crew use contact lenses too....here is some examples of etihad/emirates crew wearing glasses while at work/training::





What kind of watches can we used on board as crew?

example of watches that are approved and ur allowed to wear are black simple small watches..... here is few examples:

I have braces, should I wait to get them off before applying?

yes, these companies dont hire people with braces, i know people who even did open days with braces and didnt pass....so better to wait and when they are off...than ur set to go

How should i look in full length photos?

like this with red lipstick on and a big warm smile..

here is another ex.:

example 3: but dont have ur hands on ur hips like this....have ur hands down:

How should you look in passport photos for the applications?

like this but with red lipstick and hair up and a big warm smile:

What kind of interview questions will come during the final interview with etihad/emirates?

questions that i got during my ek/ey final interview were these:

Why do you want to become cabin crew?
Tell me about a time when you solved a conflict
Tell me about a time you dealt with a colleague who was not doing his share of work.
Can you give us an example of when you have provided excellent customer service?
How would you deal with being away from your friends and family for long periods of time when working as cabin crew?
Describe a situation at work where you have had to be Flexible
What are the disadvantages of being a flight attendant?

Do they really examine your body during etihad assessments? 

they will observe u from head to toe lol but not examine like that......i think during my etihad assessment they told us to show our hands/nails....thats it......

How do they do the reach test?

with emirates they had a paper up on the wall, we had to reach with our finger above the paper, with etihad they had a tape on the wall which we had to touch....you do this without shoes, on tip toes....

Do the photos we send in our application need to be professional?

not at all...BUT if u have the chance to do professional full length/ passport photos in a studio you should totally do this...but its doesnt have to be....professional.. 

Can you resign before your probation period is over with Etihad?

yes u can resign anytime u want as the contract isnt binding....but resigning before 6 months u have to pay some fees i think...thats what i heard....but after 6 months ur free to go without paying anything......

How long is the probation period with Etihad/Emirates?

6 months in both companies...

Will Etihad/Emirates call my previous employers?

never, they will never call any company u worked with before, if you didnt listed them as ur references...they will only call those u listed as ur references....i doubt they will ever check ur working background either....like to check each company u worked with and see if its true or not.........these companies dont have time with this......they get 1000 applications that they try to focus on the stuff that is relevant to them ect.....

I got fired from my previous job, do i have to declare this?

no u dont,,,,as they will never check this....if u got fired or not...and why the reason was u left.....but they might ask u why u left....u dont need to tell them this....u can say ur contract finished....or u had to finish your studies, or it was a seasonal job ect.........

Doing a cabin crew course in my home country will this give me more chances in landing a job with Etihad/Emirates?

100% no, i know few friends who done cabin crew courses and having this certificate doesnt increase their chances at all......these friends of mine still havnt landed a job with etihad/emirates having those certificated from those cabin crew courses......as etihad/emirates will train its staff from scratch...it doesnt matter what u did before...they like to shape/teach their staff from the beginning....

Does Etihad/Emirates get help from other agencies to hire crew?

i think in various countries they do this yes, but i dont know much about these agencies....ex the agencys will do the entire recruitment event and all than send the files to dubai office and the folks in dubai will decide.

When will they send me my e-ticket and visa once approved after the golden call?

with etihad they sent me my e-ticket and visa 3 days before date of join....i think for some it was 2 days....for others 4....so its usually those last couple of days before ur date of join...

Do Etihad/Emirates give meal allowance during the training? 

yes with etihad they gave us some meal allowance for the entire 7 weeks we were there....right now i cant remember how much that amount was...........but as emirates.....i think they do this too..not sure/dont remember

What was the longest layover/flight you ever had with etihad?

the longest flight/layover i had with etihad was the singapore-brisbane route...this route is 10 days long....you fly to singapore...stay there 2 nights, than u fly to brisbane and stay there 72hours...and than u fly back to singapore and stay there 2 nights...than u fly back to abu dhabi again...all in all....its 10 days...including the flying hours and everything.....u get paid tons of money for this route too....its a fun layover/route to do.....but it can be tiring too....

Can i invite family members/friends to come stay with me in the etihad crew accommodation?

with Etihad u can only invite ur mother/sister to stay with u in ur accommodation....no brothers/fathers.....although friends can come and stay at ur place until 1am....

Do friends also get discount tickets or is it only family members?

in etihad 10 of ur friends get discount tickets...+ family members get unlimited...in emirates friends and families also get discounted tickets....but im not sure how many the friends get...but the families get unlimited.....

How is the standard in these crew accommodations?

the standard in these crew accommodations are veryyyy nice...i have seen emirates crew accommodation as well..and they are similar to the etihad accommodation... they try to have gyms in each building and some have pools as well.....but its very fresh and very nice.... here u can see one ex of one etihad accommodation:

Can i wear whatever i want in Abu Dhabi/Dubai or is it strict?

u can pretty much wear whatever u like...bikini at the beach, skirt and top, ect...but at the malls or offices ect...u need to cover ur shoulders, and wear knee length skirt or shorts..its not strict at all as people think.....u just wear whats appropriate to the place ur going too....

Is there any curfew with etihad?

i heard that the new joiners durng their training do have curfews....but not the flying crews...only during the training...thats what i heard...during the time i was there ...we had no curfews....

Is there free transport to and from the airport?

yes, there is this free crew shuttle bus that will pick u up from ur accommodation to the airport...it make few stops to pick up other crew too....on the way to the airport....and will wait for u after ur flights to take u home...pretty comfy...if u chose to take the taxi you can do this too......

I heard its expensive in Abu Dhabi is it true?

in some places its expensive, in other places its not...it depends on where u go and shop.....there are expensive grocery stores and cheap places...so its all up to u where u go do ur shopping.....its not that super expensive that everyone think it is...u can find cheap places too....to shop and do whatever u want........and remember as crew u have discount in a lot of places.......

Can i request flights?

yes there is this crew bidding system and request system....so u have the option to request each month....not always do u get the things u request but sometimes u might get the dream roster u wished....but u still have this option though.....

I cant join right away can i give them 3-6 months notice period?

they will ask u during the etihad/emirates recruitment days about ur notice period....and they do wait..but i think the most common notice period is 1-3 months....it might be more difficult for them to wait 6 months though....

Do i have to have a driving licence to get these jobs?

no need to have a driving license to get this kind of job.....

Should i do the dental xray at home or wait and do it in Abu Dhabi for etihad?

i did mine at home....so it wouldnt be any hassle doing it in abu dhabi....u can do it in abu dhabi too...but i recommend doing it at home...so u won't need to stress about this and u need time to focus on ur studies and other stuff when u land in abu dhabi....so better to have it done at home............

I am a shy person would i still be able to be successful and get a job with Etihad/Emirates?

100%, this job is for everyone....i think this job will turn every shy person into a very open confident person...as u deal with so much  onboard and u face so many stuff with passengers that with time u will develop and become a more secure person...this job even force u to deal with so much...force u to become more open and do so many things u never imagined doing, so this will help to grow as well...nurture the person we are and become even stronger as person....i think this job is so good because it make us even more independent, and we learn so much about ourselves and on the professional side too....

What challenges would you face as a cabin crew?

dealing with so many people, from different backgrounds, dealing with situations you perhaps normally wouldnt....but u learn as time goes, than the jet lag is not fun, missing friends and family,

Is it better to remain quiet or talkative during assessments?

its best to be something in the middle..but more on the quiet charming side.....too much talking isnt good.....not to be too dominating and not too quiet either.

I have applied for a assessment day but still no reply from them, can i still attend a open day even if i havnt gotten a reply from the other assessment application i sent?

yes u can attend any open day you want,it wont affect the application you made previously for that assessment day...

Is it possible to get rejected during the ditching exam if they find out i cant swim?

i personally havnt heard of anyone getting rejected in the ditching exam day.... i know few batchmates who had difficulties in swimming but they managed...u have a life vest on at all times anyway....but i recommend for those who arnt secure in themselves when it comes to swimming to take swimming classes....before joining....

Do we really have to wait 6 months to reapply/ re-attend a open day with etihad/emirates?

with emirates no, you can attend as many open days as you wish. with etihad its little bit more trickier, i think you can attend another open day but within 3 months.

How do you remain positive after a rejection from these recruitment days?

well i have been rejected sooo many times that i have stopped counting.....probably 10+ times all in all...and of course its heartbreaking to get rejected, after all the efforts and time you put to do everything and attend those days....but this is a part of this game and this life....if we want something from the bottom of our hearts and if this is our dream and this is all we want, we have to jump back up again on the horse and keep trying....if i stopped and tried when i got those rejections i would never had gotten etihad....so i think having HOPE is important....and believing in yourselves.....sooner or later a door will open for u...u can try again...its a game...and we are the players....so never say game over hehehe keep on playing hehehehehe

What did you guys learn during the etihad training?

the stuff we did during the  training were these which you can read here week after week:::

If you failed a exam during the training could you retake it?

yes u have 3 attempts to do the exam over again....and each time you retake the exam you have to reach certain % of points....if u fail those 3 attempts...u have to move back a batch and retake that course u failed over again.....so they do give u chances....

I am 31 years old do i still have a chance to get a job with Etihad/Emirates?

you have more chances to try your chances with etihad than emirates. etihad is more welcoming with 30+ than what emirates is. emirates hire a very little % of 30+, but still they do hire, so we can still try our chances

I am a little bit underweight does this make my chances less in getting a cabin crew job with Etihad/Emirates?

everyone have to have a normal bmi, you have to be in a healthy weight to join,

Do i have to register to attend a open day?

no not always, but read first and see what rules it have...but most often everyone can attend a open day with ek/ey without registration....open day is a open day where everyone can come.....without registrations.....

What goes on during the etihad medical exam days?

we did stuff like blood tests, vision test, hearing test, 2 vaccines, info, weight check, chest x ray, normal check up and urine test...we went to 2 clinics...1 was etihad medical clinic...the 2nd was a local hospital where they took our blood ect....
here u can view a pre-employment medical form,,,which is for emirates..but it is similar to etihad too...as both are under the same government....here u can view what health stuff they will look....

Can i wear pants to the open day/assessment with etihad/emirates as i dont like wearing skirt?

a big no no on pants for recruitment days with ek/ey, the recruiters like to see everyone with skirts, having pants on would be suspicious, like they might think is she hiding tattoos or scars? for female so to speak....for men of course its different they have to wear pants lollll

I only speak English, do we have to know a 2nd language too?

no need to speak a 2nd language, being able to read, write speak english fluently is all the want....of course being able to speak other languages is good too...but no need for that if u dont speak a 2nd language....

Is Abu Dhabi a safe city?

it was the safest city i ever been to in my life, i felt so safe at nights and wherever i went to, they have zero tolerant for many stuff there....hands down abu dhabi/ dubai is the most safest places i ever lived in.......or been to.....

My teeth arnt that white, do you think i should do teeth whitening? How important is it to have super white teeth?

having a warm smile is important, having healthy teeth are important too cause u will smile so much in this job.... if you can afford a laser teeth whitening why not, but if you cant afford this, i advice you to use teeth whitening stripes. i have used these teeth whitening stripes and they are awesome for a quick whitening before a open day ect.

What goes on during a Etihad pre-flight briefing?
The team gathers around this table, first we present ourselves our names, where we come from and what languages we speak, than we have the cabin manager asking each crew 1 safety/aviation health question, we discuss the flight, anything special that will go on, we than get to read what our position will be on board the aircraft ect, than the captain and the first officer comes in after few minutes and they inform us about some info ect....than we all go together...to take the crew bus to the airplane....
I have a scar on my arm, should i declare it?

i had a scar on my eye brow and on my hand, but it was tiny, i didnt declared it...if its not visible...and if its tiny and no one would notice...no need to declare it....if its a big scar from some surgery perhaps, that would be visible perhaps than its wise to declare this.....

Does it happen that the cabin crews hang out with each other no layovers example for dinner or something?

Yes totally, everything we would arrive to the hotels in whatever city, we all would talk if anyone would be up for dinner/lunch or go sightsee ect, so we would decide a time at the lobby of the hotel so whoever was up for whatever activities could join....

Did you have time to sightsee in various cities?

depending on the layover hours, example we have few layover hours in london which is 18 hours..only...and on those flights/layovers, most crew might be tired, and there is a quick flight back so we might stay inside the hotel and wont go out and explore.....but it all depends on each crew, some might have energy to go out ect....for me if i had already been to that city already and i had a 18h layover i wouldnt go out....its important to recharge our energies....but if i went to a new city i never been to and i had 18hours i might would have gone out.....but i dont mean london only have 18hours layovers...we had 18hours, 24hours, 42hours....

What was the best part about being a cabin crew?

well for me it was the change in me, how much i grew, and having the chance to fulfil my dream, travel the world....the comfy lifestyle....sleep in fancy hotels was fun...and getting to know amazing people from all walks in life...learn new things about the country and culture ect....it truly was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me...still up to this date i havnt done anything as amazing as this.......

Do you always work with the same team or different sets of crew?

Etihad/Emirates are large companies with 5000+ crew...so  most of the time i would fly with different crew all the time...it would happen i would be lucky to fly with my friends or my batchmates....or perhaps fly once again with a crew i flew previously with but the chances are very low though.....both positive and negative with this kind of shift....funny though that whenever u flew with different crew you had to introduce urself all over again to new crew and get to know new crew....

Do you really have to memorize every airport code to pass any exams during the training?

Not at all, it would be useful to know them, but i dont even think any airport codes came on any exams...but no there was no exam on airport codes.....and still to this date i have no idea about the airport codes heheh and couldnt even memorize them heheheeh

If you had to choose between Etihad and Emirates which airline would u chose to work for?

I loved working for Etihad, but i would chose Emirates as it once was my dreamy first choice :-)....if someone would ask me, emirates would be my choice of airline, but thats me. We all like different things :-)

Is it worth spending money on cabin crew courses?

Not really cause each airline will train you from zero anyway, and etihad emirates will even pay u during the training......but if you want to take a cabin crew course.... think its fun i think you should do it to gain some knowledge on this area and prepare yourself perhaps ect...but it doesnt make your chances higher to score etihad or emirates though.....

On your days off if you wanted to fly off to some destination did you have to report this to someone or could you just fly off to wherever you wanted on days off in Abu Dhabi?

thankfully etihad and emirates isnt that strict that we had to report and sign a paper to say where we were going or what we did on our days off...so you could fly off wherever you wanted on your days off....ex if i had 5 days off i would fly back home.....so u have more chances to see ur family friends beside those 30 vacation days leave you have.....

Can you change accommodation if you didnt like your roommates or for other reasons?

this can only be done after 6 months probation time, so its doable, and a lot of crew actually do this.......

I heard you guys have free uniform dry cleaning is it true?

Yes its true, the company pay for this, its all free for crew,

Do you have to be single to join etihad/emirates?

I dont know much about this topic but i heard they prefer single candidates over married candidates....BUT even if they prefer single candidates i think its totally ok to be married too....i remember some of my etihad batchmates were married but they had written they were single in their applications.....so i might not know too much about this.....

Will each accommodation have internet?

It depends on when u arrive to ur accommodation if ur the first person to arrive...or if ur roommates already have lived there before....if u already have roommates living there than they have set up the internet and u guys will share the cost....if ur the first person to arrive to the place...u have to be the one to set up urself...u have to go to the mall or the internet stores to fix this...they need a copy of ur passport as well.....

To set up a bank account will etihad/emirates help us with this?

in etihad they helped us set up our uae bank account cause there was this bank in the training academy, in emirates i bet they will help u guys too, but not sure about that 100%

What does the welcome package include upon arrival to Abu Dhabi with etihad?
there is this huge box in ur room waiting for u...filled with goodies hehehehe, there is everything for ur bed, towels, kitchen stuff, sheets, pillows, whatever u can think of....so u dont really have to bring much to abu dhabi.....just ur personal own stuff....also the previous crew who lived there before u left probably stuff she didnt take with her home....like kitches stuff...extra pots and pans ect ect......

Were there something you recommend me to take with me to Abu Dhabi?

Something i forgot to bring with me, was tons of stockings, tons of hair pins, hair buns, and hair ribbons....cause their stuff were hard to find at that time when i joined and the accommodation i had was a bit away from the city center....so it was difficult for me to go to the city and find these stuff....i had to make time to study and other stuff......

Do you have to have a university degree to land a job like this?

Not at all, as long as you can swim, finished high school, have good health, be able to reach certain cms, be fluent in written and spoken English, and be willing to relocate ect....thats it to be honest.....

What do you have to wear during a ditching exam with ek/ey?

This is what everyone wear for both etihad and emirates during a ditching exam:::


simple tshirt and yoga pants ect.

How soon can i attend another open day after i got rejected after final interview with ek/ey?

with etihad you have to wait 6 months to re-apply again, with emirates you have to wait 90 days after your final interview to attend another open day.


If you have any questions or thoughts regarding anything, comment below or send a private message to me via the contact me form :-)

More informative info related to cabin crew here:::



  1. Firstly, I want to thank you SO MUCH for making that post. I am going to keep re-reading that. It's so nice to be able to find extra information out there, especially about what the job is really like.
    I desperately want to be cabin crew for EK, they are my first choice, EY is my second choice. But so far I have not had the opportunity to make it through to an AD. I feel really sad, because I attended with perfect grooming (exactly as you described above), my resume features two of the 'perfect jobs' that you mentioned I smiled, was friendly and interested, articulate. Yet, I didn't get invited back. I am going to try again though, of course.

    Here is what I wonder - the age limit. I heard rumors that perhaps now, with EK, the age limit of hiring is actually 30. I wonder if this is true. You said a friend of yours is with EK Recruitment, is there any chance you could check some information with her? Find out for sure about the age limits? Get any inside information on what they truly want to see on OD - what are so good signs that get you a little closer?

    I'm so invested in getting this job, I've spent a lot of time and also money to try and give it my best shot, yet failed to get called to the AD after the OD. I don't know what I did wrong. Please help, if you can.

    1. Hi dear....
      ur welcome....its my pleasure to do posts like this and it was something i wanted to do for a long time but didnt have the time to collect all of them until recently when i had some time off....
      aww dear dont be too sad when u dont make it..or get rejected.....know those rejections doesnt define u...and keep on fighting ok!!! cause if this is a passion of urs...sooner or later a door will open for u.....keep knocking on the doors...until someone will open the door and say COME IN....
      .i believe there is a lot of luck involved in this as well....and the right timing so wait for urs to arrive....when it do come...u will think THE WAIT WAS WORTH IT....
      of course it helps if we are prepared, have the perfect grooming, have the perfect resume....ect ect....so they wont have any errors to pick on......but then we have the ratio % of the folks they hire and select ect....so if we dont end up in there ratio....its not our fault...its the % which every company has......
      as for the age of 30....the max age of ek is still 35 as far as i know and heard.....i have a friend who was 33 and got ek 6 months ago...i have another friend who was 31 when she got etihad 4 months ago....so to me 30 is still a go go......
      so dont give up ok........u mentioned u have invested a lot in this and made the effort ect......its a investment for ur future.....ur like me..i think i toured all Europe before etihad opened its door for me hehehe a lot of money went into this bucket ..called my dreams hehehehe
      but in life we just cant give up....if it means taking a 8 hour bus ride to that open day or sleeping in hostels...to make this happen so be it...........
      this is all i have for now......and everything i wrote above in this post.....
      wish u all the best dear and believe in urself and keep going ok!!!
      dont give up
      good luck xxx

    2. Hi! I have some questions about the medicals. My job offer with Emirates was withdrawn just after sending in my medical paperwork. The HR supervisor which I spoke with told me the reasons were confidential. I would like to know where I could check the medical requirements for Ethiad now that I am thinking on applying for them. Or is it the same in all the UAE? I saw you have a link to this info but it seems to not be working now. My mail is pgb240191@yahoo.es Thanks so much in advance.

    3. dear i got your email...when u find time check ur inbox :-)

  2. Hello,
    I have a question. Did you show up to an Etihad open day? Or did you apply for an assessment day?

    What style was your CV (chronological, skills based, etc) and how long was it? what did it have on it?

    I ask because I applied for an AD, and I didn't get accepted. But I have relevant job experience, plenty of customer service, relevant life experience, relevant qualifications. So I wonder if I need to change my cv around to make it look better to their eyes.

    1. Hi dear...
      first check this link this is how i tried to create my resume like:


      and this is how my resume looks like as i tried to create it in a customer service way like this example here:


      my resume is 1,5 pages....i suggest no longer than 2 pages...

      for etihad i got invited for a assessment day, i think its better to attend assessment days if we can....we have more chance in getting noticed....

      so check these links and see if u can change ur resume,add something or delete something.....
      wish u the best
      take care

    2. Thanks for your help, it's more clearer now.

      My job listings all started with the dates first, then the job title, which is a NO-NO according to this list. Argh. Ok, I've changed it now, and I've also changed some of the wording.

      Hopefully this time it works and they see who I am. :D

    3. hi dear
      good u changed the words ect...cause these applicant tracking systems do look for those specific ´´action words´´ that has to do with the job ur applying for...have a lovely day and good luck.....xxxx

    4. Thanks for your encouragement.

      I think I must have really messed up those first couple of applications then, with having the dates listed first - it probably didn't even pick up the job title and gave them a bunch of mess. Oh well, now I've made it better hopefully I will get a better result.

      Fingers crossed.

      Are you happier now, doing the job you do now than when you were cabin crew? How long after you started flying did you start to feel that it was time to move on?

    5. Your welcome dear...and never give up keep trying cause this is what will lead us to where we need to be!!!
      and dont forget that even if u have the perfect resume, or have everything they need, the qualification ect ect still its a lottery and still its about being there in the right time...if its meant to be...luck and all those stuff...♥♥ but its people like you who should be hired cause i can tell u have the passion and the determination!!! so good luck again............ fingers crossed!!!
      as for me, as u probably know being a cc was my ultimate dream, and i was blessed enough to score that job after 3 years of trying and after countless of rejections....anyhow as life changes and people changes...so does our dreams and goals...when we fulfill one goal we shouldnt not settle and stop...of course we should continue and find new goals and achieve new dreams to grow and learn........and i believe if i never had resigned etihad i would have never found my new goal in life...my next ultimate dream....i believe the reason i suddenly out of the blue resigned etihad was because of this...even if at that time i didnt understand why....things happens to take us to a place we need to be i bet....
      anyhow i think it was around 8 months after i joined etihad that i felt sad and felt i need to move on and this isnt for me anymore.....so i waited for 1 year to finish than i resigned.....but that year was magical though...so magical....
      at the beginning when i resigned etihad i wasnt happy about my choice and i think i wanted to go back to the cc world....but later on i found my ´´ultimate dream job´´ heheh which gave me another spark in my heart.....so this was my next chapter in life...which has brought my such happiness.....
      i think each stage in life is a chapter in itself...and each stage in our lives is happiness mixed with up/down emotions.....
      lol i wrote tons about this :-)
      have a great day dear and keep doing what u do and i hope soon u can come back with good news for us!!!
      ♥ blessings ur way xxx

  3. Hi :) Just inquiring about the tattoo's...I have a dagger on my inner forearm which is very special to me. I understand Emirates and most airlines are very strict on tattoos but I am so determined to get into this line of work. Emirates has always been one of my main goals to be apart of...I guess I just need a bit of hope that there is a possibility I could still be hired. Thank you so very much if you find the time to reply...Take care :)

    1. hi dear, hope ur well...
      in regards to ur question
      there is tons of cabin crews in etihad and emirates who flies and have tattoos
      im one of them
      if u check this link:


      these are the areas which are no no´s and yes yes...ect.....
      i dont know how big this tattoo of urs is....if u think u can cover it with makeup....than do so....cause with this area u mentioned...i doubt emirates will approve of that.....
      so u have to risk this and do what everyone else would do being in ur shoes
      cover it, and not declare it...
      i covered mine and didnt declare mine, althought my tattoo was borderline in a no no area...
      i have a friend who had a tattoo on her thighs and she did emirates, covered it and didnt declare it..she is now flying with them..
      so it all depends on u.....if ur willing to risk being sent home if they find out....
      i hope this helped.....have a nice day dear and have a nice weekend

  4. Hi,
    your blog is very informative.

    I'm just curious about the travel benefits. would my siblings get unlimited id90/50? when can I start making use of the benefits for myself?

    1. hi dear
      about the travel benefits,
      with etihad/emirates your whole family gets id90&id50, and siblings are of course included too...
      in 2012 when i worked with etihad you could even give 10 of urs friends these id90&id50 tickets...dont know if they changed it now or not...but with emirates its only ur family and not friends ect...
      if im not wrong you can start to use these id90/id50 after ur probation time is finished which is after 6 months.


  5. Hello.. I read everything ..this is very encouraging.. so you got resigned fro EY ? so what was your new passion? .. When I read your story I felt I am not alone..I did applied for many airlines..QR many times and EK too.. QR i got in to final but was not selected may be because it was not the right time for me..and EK i got in to Final and yet waiting with Interview completed status.. I don't think there will be a positive reply since some of them in my group already got their Golden calls ..I am still doubting should I go for EY now..or will be a wast of money and time..because I have to spend alot of money to travel to the AD ..I am graduated and currently working but my dream is this and I think this is the best time of my life to do this job..but I am in a very doubtful situation. what can you say..?

    1. hello, hope ur good
      yes i did resign from etihad, regarding my new goal/passion in life, as this is a public blog, and im anonymous here i cant disclose this because of privacy reasons :-) but this is something im working towards at..who knows what will happen though...they say u plan something...but it never happens as we planned it...perhaps something even better happens :-)
      yeah about getting rejected,,,do u know up to this date i have gotten rejected from ek 7 times!!!!!!!!!!!!! qatar 3 times, british airways 1...so in total of 11 rejections so far hehehe
      but this is life and no one will help us, we have to keep walking and keep doing this until a door will open.....what to do :-)
      but u mentioned ur in the final stage in ek....congrats on coming that far dear...not everyone make it that far....
      and dont think negative...try to remain positive......it doesnt matter how fast or how long the others get their GC in ur group....its different candidate from candidate....some might get GC after 15 weeks, which i heard about....some might get it after 3 weeks ect.....
      so good luck with that!!!! dont give up! its totally worth it all...
      every money spent, or time or energy spent on this is WORTH it...because its a investment for ur future....so if i were u, i would wait for the results from ek...if that didnt work out i would 100% do etihad....
      i understand fully that we have doubts/fear and frustrations around these jobs...and all the rejections and all that.....cause i been there...too
      but stay strong and do this for the sake of ur dream!!!!
      dont give up!!!!!!
      once u scored one of these jobs.....u will look back and laugh about these hardships....
      good luck dear and i wish u all the best
      have a lovely saturday

  6. Hi cabin crew dreamer, I'm also an ex etihad crew and i've been trying to get into emirates for a couple of months now but i never seem to make it past even the open day.Do you mind me asking, have you made it to the assesment day or final interview with them? or do you happen to know anyone from etihad who managed to move to ek?
    I'd really appreciate any info or advice you have on this. thank you soo much :)

    1. hi dear hope ur good
      i totally understand what u mean....100% i fully can relate to this question of urs.... :-)
      after i resigned etihad i tried with emirates and attended 2 open days and failed all of them..and didnt even make it to any ad.....the same as u mentioned too
      its insane beyond words.....but it is what it is .... :-/
      i believe it is extra difficult for us ex etihad crew or ex qatar crew or ex any airline company to join emirates as they have all eye on u..with suspicious eyes i believe...
      it also seems emirates likes to recruit ´´fresh young new´´ people who doesnt have any flying experience.....at the moment
      although i know a guy who worked with etihad 5 years and resigned and flew back home and after 6 months tried with emirates and got the job.....
      but unfortunately i dont know many ex etihad crew who scored emirates
      you probably are aware of this but every time i attended a emirates od, they asked me WHY DID YOU RESIGN ETIHAD, AND WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN EMIRATES AND NOT GO BACK TO ETIHAD....
      lol...i have always given them the perfect answers ect..or changed my answers and gave them another perfect answer ect....i tried it all
      ..but to no result.....
      before i worked with etihad, i once scored a final interview with emirates....
      isnt that funny..
      than having the flying experience we would think its a big plus, but its not..
      than after my etihad days i cant even score a single ad with ek hehheh
      when we attend these open days...even if ur ex etihad crew or qatar or whatever airline....u have the exact % chance like those in the room
      they dont look at u as someone who would have a better chance or greater knowledge ect.....
      its like ur on platform zero.....
      thats what i personally think.....and have observed....
      but there is HOPE of course...because of that guy i know who worked 5 years with etihad and scored emirates....
      beside from him i dont know anyone
      i know tonssssss of folks who were ex emirates crew who went to etihad
      but i dont know many who did the opposite...
      so be aware that they will check u extra, during open days or ads...ect
      but dont give up...if u want to score emirates......go try...and try.......
      who knows.....we never know right....
      its a situation that is well alive regarding how they look at u if ur ex crew from some airline ect...
      but what to do :-/
      good luck dear......
      have a great day

    2. thank you soo much for your reply cabincrewdreamer,
      i've pretty much given up on emirates :( you're perfectly right, everytime i try with them they ask me exactly those questions
      i'm honestly considering rejoining etihad right now but i have no ideea how to go about that. do you know if it's even possible, have you ever considered that too?

      thank you soo much for your help, really appreciate it

    3. hi dear....
      i fully understand what u mean dear.....im actually going to try with ek in few weeks...thought i would give it one more chance.....but most probably after this time i wont try anymore....
      for me etihad is a complete closed chapter...really dont want to go back....not that i have bad memories from it...but feel its a closed chapter for me....
      but u should totally try with etihad again.....if u feel that is what u want :-) apply again and if u get invited for a ad go for it.....
      may all ur dreams come true dear
      good night

  7. Hi cabincrewdreamer. Thanks for the tips. Is there any prob for them to accept married woman with kids? since i'm married, is it possible for my parents n siblings to get the travel benefit?

    1. Hi dear...
      when i used to work with etihad i remember they used to prefer candidates who were single...
      but i think its changed now...and people who are married can join too
      both with etihad and emirates.....
      in etihad ur mother father and siblings get travel benefits + 10 of ur friends...in emirates only ur family gets travel benefits...not ur friends...
      but if ur married i assume ur partner and kids will surely get the travel benefits too...
      but i advice u to ask this question on cabincrew.com forum...there is more people who would put in their thoughts on this too.....so do that when u have time...
      take care and have a great day

  8. Hi
    I used to work in a hotel in abu dhabi and I was fired!
    Should I put the experience on my cv? Will they call the hotel! And if they ask me about the reasons what should I say??
    Thank you very much

    1. hi dear
      hope ur good
      its ok to put this in ur resume...the recruiters will never call any jobs on ur resume....
      they will only call those references u wrote in a separate paper...
      ur reference people doesnt have to be current jobs or the last job ect...it can be anyone and whenever u worked for that person
      ex i wrote jobs in my resume that i quit ect..and didnt work for more than 1 month ect....but i wrote it anyway....
      and i only wrote 2 references that is current and i know they will give a good reference if the recruiters call
      there can be many reasons we leave jobs...
      here u can check out many ´´reasons why i left my job´´


      i use this a lot...ex u can say career changes....or because of seasonal job ect ect....just chose anything that fit in
      good luck
      take care

  9. Hi dear,
    First thank u for the information!! Its really helpful.
    I would like to know if they dont accept smokers! And if they accept is there a place to smoke in the accommodation?

    1. hiiiii dear
      about smokers and non smokers....100% u need to declare if ur a smoker or not..these companies dont mind...and its ok to declare this
      the reason u have to declare this is because when they chose accommodation for u...they will put u with other roommates that also smokes!!
      so smokers will share accommodation with each other ....
      its acceptable to be a smoker in etihad...and 100% declare this :-)
      also usually smokers in these accommodation will go to the balconies and smoke...some might smoke in the apartments too but i think they advice the crew to go to the balconies.... :-)
      take care
      good luck

  10. Hi!
    Very interesting blog :)
    I resigned from Emirates recently. I was cross trained and on A380 flights there is a lot of stress/pressure from the briefing!
    Now I came back home and I can't find a good paid job here.. So I'm planning to come back to the Middle East! I don't know if try to rejoin EK again (after all it wasn't that bad) or try Etihad. The problem is that Etihad doesn't fly to my country (Spain) but I think layovers are generally longer, as you explained.
    My question would be if Etihad is as strict as on A380 at Emirates?
    And what was your salary during probation? (I heard that basic salary during probation is so low...)
    Thank you!

    1. hi dear....
      i actually heard some ex emirates crew rejoining emirates again so thats possible for u if u want to rejoin again....
      when i worked with etihad we had tons of ex emirates crew working with etihad...so that works for u too
      100% try with etihad..if i were u i would go for etihad.....
      and also try emirates again....
      i think its ridiculous why etihad dont fly to spain...insane..and i have no idea why they arnt doing that... everyone was wondering the same thing with etihad/spain....
      yes the Etihad layover hours are longer than emirates....
      etihad havnt started to operate their A380 yet but they are now training its staff to work on A380...
      when i resigned etihad in 2012, the A3780 hadnt came yet...so i dont know how it is to work on those big birds...
      but u know even if these companies both are strict...ect...i actually heard emirates is little bit less strict than etihad.....
      i also felt the press/stress during briefings ect...with etihad....i dont think this will change regardless if ur with etihad or emirates.....
      regarding the probation salary....i dont remember dear how much this was......
      all i remember was that my salary each month was approx between 1400euros to 2200 euros :-)
      But lucky you though that u got to work with emirates...its one of the hardest companies to get into.....and now u already worked there its easier to rejoin again..and u have etihad to apply too....so u have plenty of choices....
      i totally understand what u mean about the economy being bad in europe ect...and the urge to return to UAE is greater ect.....
      go for it dear.....
      do it.....
      wish u the best
      have a lovely summer

    2. Thanks a lot for your fast reply :)
      I think I will try first to rejoin Emirates and if not possible I'll try with Etihad, there is an open day this month in Barcelona. Some companies prefer crew without experience, do you think I should mention that I worked with Emirates?
      And about the Etihdad accomodation, did you have your own bathroom like EK?
      Is there a system to swap as well and you can easily get 5 days off in a row?
      Thank you and have a nice summer you too :)

    3. hi dear...ur welcome darling...
      yeah i agree with u that these airlines prefer candidates with no flying experience....but u who already worked in uae have no other choice than write this in your resume cause if u rejoin later on they will see this in ur passport...when they do background check ect...so than they might find u didnt declare this....
      so better for u to write this in ur resume that u already worked with emirates....
      recently i read that this girl called ''Plobston'' got her golden call from ek..and she will rejoin ek..u can read it here:


      and read the whole thread as well..might give u more info...about ek rejoiners....

      yes the etihad accommodation has the same standard like emirates...i been to some of the ek accommodation as i have friends in ek and it was pretty much the same as emirates...

      and the whole crew request swap thingy is the same as emirates too...

      again i have to mention lucky u that u got the ek job from the start!!! lucky u.. :-)

      take care dear....hugssssss

  11. Thank you :)
    Just one more question, I heart that there is an agreement between Emirates and Qatar that states that if you are EK crew you cannot join QR until after 12 months... Is there the same agreement between EK and Etihad? Or it doesn't matter?

    1. hi dear....
      no there is no agreement between etihad and emirates....i know ex etihad crew working for emirates and we had tons of ex emirates crew working for etihad..
      there is no waiting time or agreement...between these two
      have a lovely summer

  12. I am glad To Find This Blog.
    First of all Thank you so much For you valuable posts.
    I have a Question.
    I have a pox scar on my face , it is little visible. So They will accept it . or will not ?
    I need your Helpful Answer!! Thank you...

    1. hi dear hope ur well
      i dont think this pox scar would cause u problem with either etihad/emirates....as long as u can cover this with makeup ect...
      i have a scar on my eye brow and i didnt cover it so well during my etihad ad..still i got the job...and i have made it to the finals with emirates too with this scar lol
      what i mean is, i doubt this pox scar of urs will be such a big issue
      go for it and i wish u the best dear

    2. Thank you sooooo much .
      Your answer increased my confidence.. Thank you so much .
      Finally i got the blog from where i can get the quick response. Thank you again!!

  13. Hello,
    With regard to liposuction, can emirates reject you on the medical part when joining? Do they have a problem with it?

    1. hi dear

      i have uploaded for u the pre-employment medical papers for emirates...check it and see if they write something about liposuction....


      but if ur doctor in ur home country says ur fit to fly and healthy and wont have any issues to fly ect...than i dont find a reason for u to declare this....
      cause no one will find out anyway right?
      cause emirates is such a sensitive/strict company that the smallest thing they get worked up about it and might disapprove/fire ect......

      so read the papers and see if they have written anything about it there..if they havnt written about it....if i were u...i wouldnt declare this...
      but u do what u feel is right for u

      have a lovely summer

  14. Hi dear! I have some questions I wish they r not too much for u hh. So I actually wear eye contacts for seeing should I declare that? And what do u think the most thing they consentrate about in the interview! One more thing can I have some cv examples pleaaaase!
    Thank u very much

    1. Hi dear i just came by to let u know that i will reply back to u this coming weekend as im out of town... Take care xx

    2. Hi dear
      here u have a sample of a resume u can use:


      a very simple resume...and u can fill in the responsibilites u had in each job too...to fill it in...
      but if u google ´´customer service resume sample´´
      u can find tons of good resumes....

      as for contact lenses...thats totally ok to use....and u can declare this....a lot of crew use contact lenses...even eye glasses too
      so no worries about contact lenses....

      what i think the recruiters look after during the assessment and interview would be ex:

      group work/ team work...how u work in group activities...
      communication...between u and others
      grooming of course
      being calm in situations that will play during the group activities...
      and how u present urself ect
      and how u react under pressure/stress that will play during the group activities....
      and more ect....
      than during the interview they will be asking u customer service interview questions....related to ur own previous working background ect...
      how u reacted and did and handled various situation ect.....

      have a lovely day dear
      good luck

  15. Hi there my dream job is to work for Emirates but I have a few questions and I hope you are able to answer them.
    I am just finished my degree in travel and tourism management and i am wondering would this help me in getting the job.
    I am also not the skinniest person but its not that i am unfit, would they be likely to not select me because of this? I also broke my hand a few years and i did smoke but i quit, would this be a problem if they were to see my medical history? the last ting i have a few fillings in my back teeth would this be a problem of any sort?
    thank you and I hope you can help me :) xxx

    1. hi dear i have replied to ur email...check it when u have time :-)

  16. Hi dear!! Thank you so much for this blog!!! I had an interview with Qatar last sunday. I didn't passed final interview and during my AD they asked me if I could leave my own hair grow and remove my hair extension, even during the final interview they focused on it and asked me to show my own hair and how it is long and how long to grow. This is never happened during Emirates AD, they never asked this. Do you know if Qatar there is restriction regard hair extensions? And Emirates?

    1. hi dear.....
      thank u for ur kind words
      and im sorry ur qatar interview/ad didnt go well....
      regarding hair extensions, yeah these companies dont allow hair extensions...although some crew do use hair extensions, but its not visible....and perhaps they hide it well....so i dont know how ur hair was at that time u did ur qatar ad/fi...and why qatar noticed it and emirates didnt...
      but we arnt allowed to have hair extensions as far as i know....neither in etihad or emirates or qatar.....
      wish u the best dear and keep trying until u score this!!!
      good luck

  17. Hi dear,
    I have a question about HOSTING people in your accomodation with ETIHAD. You said only mother and sister can oversleep, does it literally mean only them, or female friends are allowed to stay over night as well?
    I worked for Emirates and we could host both female and male as long as they were family (including "cousins",there is to say boyfriend). There was a limit of days (60 per year) how much you can host.
    And what about married people? Do they have a special program like Ek (possibility to bring your family with you after a while and have a private accomodation with ek allowance for it)? Couldnt married people host their partner in the accomodation?

    Thank you in advance for your special time and for your blog!

    1. Hi dear
      About visitors in etihad, yes only female friends are also allowed to sleep over at your place. Unfortunately no males allowed to sleep over, regardless if its father or brother. If im not wrong sisters/mothers and female friends can sleep over max 30days. Although these were the rules when i worked with etihad year 2011-2012, perhaps they have made it 60days who knows.
      Regarding married couple, Etihad crew do have housing allowance and thats what couples use, i remember having a friend in my batch and he worked with etihad for about 1 year than he could take his family over, but they rented a house in Abu Dhabi and he used the accommodation allowance he got from etihad...its not much but it helped.
      But no married crew can bring over his/her family to the typical etihad crew accommodations.
      Wish you a lovely day dear
      take care

    2. Wow, you are so fast in reply! Amazing!
      Thank you very much, your informations are preciuos!
      Take care yourself dear,

    3. your welcome lovely...by the way lucky u that u had the chance to work for emirates...the % of scoring the ek cc job is so slim...way slimmer than etihad....so well done for that!!! take care dear xoxox

  18. Hi Cabincrewdreamer.
    Your blog very helpful, and you are too :). Thank you so much. I'm really lucky to find out it right now.
    Can I ask you a question. I love being a EK's CC very much. and my heart sings every moment i think about it. But here is my problem: I'm just 21 and I have NO EXPERIENCES IN ANY JOB before, i have some part time jobs, but i dont want to mention it at all ( bad time of my life). I have two choices now
    1. I'll apply it 7 month afterward, when i'm ready with my appearance, English skills..etc
    2. Like above, but plus a few months for me to find a full time job and gain experiences from it. I think i will choose receptionist job.
    Can you give me a piece of advice?
    Thank you first for your reply. You are such a lovely sweetheart, very helpful and dedicated to answer all questions of us.:x
    Have a nice day, dear.
    And sorry for my English too, I'm on the progress improving it :)

    1. hi dear
      hope ur well.....
      thank u for ur sweet words....i try to do my best to help out if i can...
      regarding the fact u dont have a lot of working experience....the thing is in their website of ek The Emirates Cabin Crew requirements are:

      • At least 21 years of age at the time of joining
      • Arm reach of 212 cm while standing on tiptoes
      • High school graduate (Grade 12)
      • Fluency in English (Written and Spoken)
      • No visible tattoos while in Emirates Cabin Crew uniform (cosmetic and bandage coverings not permitted)
      • Physically fit to meet the Emirates Cabin Crew requirements
      they dont write ANYWHERE that u have to have previous working experience or this and that years of working experience or whatevr....
      people from all walks of life can join emirates....when they write the min age is 21, then they dont expect people in their 20´s to have tons of working experience ect.....
      my advice for u is to STILL mention those part time jobs u had....just to fill our ur resume...
      then if u make it to the final interview they would want references ect....but u dont have to give them the references from those part time jobs...ex teachers at school....or professors at university or whatever can also be your references....
      or if u know someone in restaurants, café, stores, hotels, or whatever customer service jobs where u could perhaps do a internship in for lets say 2 weeks or whatever....and u can write this in ur resume too...anything is worth mentioning in ur resume ect.....better than have it blank......
      any customer service job is worth doing....cause the cc job is all about customer service ect.....
      the receptionist job u mentioned that u want to do, is good,,,,its a job where u get customers and clients and u interact ect.....thats good...
      and dont worry about ur english with time u will improve it....

      to become a ek cc doesn't require much....pretty much anyone can do this job with whatever background....if get chosen so to speak....i know tons of friends from all walks of life that got this job....
      so dear go for it and i wish u the best
      have a lovely day

    2. Thank you very much :). I think i know what to do now :X
      One more last thing. I saw from your previous answer that you are going to try with EK one last time. I know it sound a little bit crazy, but I believe what you said " Be in the right time, luck, destiny..." are based on the Law Of Attraction. Have you ever heard about it?. I Just discovered it lately and I see a lot miracles happen with me. Also in the past I unintentionally used it many times. I can say for sure, Its real, and everything we have in our life right now all because we attracted it intentionally or unintentionally. Its all about visualization, letting go, grattitude, love...
      If you havent read it, check out those book: The Secret, The power and the Hero of Rhonda Byrne. You can see many many miracle story on The secret tv website. I can assure those stories are real, at least most of them :). Because I know some people who post stories there. And if you are doubful, I can share my story privately with you, and pics too:)
      Check it, And see if it could help you get the job with EK or not. According to many stories I read, many people get their dream job by using Law of atrraction, just a shift in thinking, can shift your whole result. Its worth trying :). It may be life changing, seriously.
      Thanks again, dear...:)

    3. ur welcome dear.....truly i wish u the best....keep the fire in u to succeed!!!
      yes dear i have heard about the law of attraction and read the secret too...ect...and i agree with u on all the points u wrote...so very true....during my etihad training our trainer recommended us to read this book the secret thats how i started with this....and since then i tried to live by this.....positive and all that....just being positive is so powerful...although we are humans and sometimes we feel down ect...and cant always be positive every single day :-)
      thank you dear for sharing these motivational words....wish u a lovely day....take care

  19. Hi my name is Monica. Im 24 yrs old girl from India. I wish to apply as CC for emirates and eitihad in the near future. I have a few queries to clarify before I apply
    First of all I know i may be the 1000th person asking for an honest opinion about tattoos.
    But as mentioned the tattoo is not to visible in whilst in uniform.
    I have a small 2 inch tattoo near my last toes on my right foot. It is not visible while i wear stockings, a little concelear and the court shoes.
    -My main concern is if they will ask me to remove my stockings and bend down to my feet to check for scars/tattoos.

    Second. I have more than 2yrs of experience in the hotel industry but i dont have any experience certicates.
    -will they ask for verification if I mention it in my resumé.

    1. hello dear monica
      regarding your tattoos and if ek or ey will do a body search for tattoos...NO ek and ey will not ask u to bend down or do anything or whatever to search for tattoos..none of this will happen....and as u said ur tattoos arnt visible while wearing the uniform and u can hide it with stockings and makeup ect.....so if i were u i would not declare your tattoos on the time u apply....
      there are 10000 folks with tattoos working for etihad and emirates......i was one of them...i have tattoos of my own...i never declared mine
      the fact u have customer service experience like working in hotels ect is 100% amazing....
      no they wont need certifications to prove ur working experience...all they need though is 2 references....doesnt matter from which job.....
      so go for it dear and i wish u the best
      take care

    2. hi cabin crew dreamer i have a few questions to ask, first about teeth you see i have a vampire tooth on the uper left side of my teeth it's not really bad when i smile it's kind of like the photo of the emirates stewardess you put above in the article and there is nothing i could do about it as the only solution is to where braces and it's not allowed so i don't know if this will works against me on the AD though it's not visible only when you look at me from the left side, and for the group activities could you please alaborate more about the tips to go through this as i'm so scared because it's my first time to attand an AD, and by the way i've being reading that it's quite impossible to get the job from your first shot, have you ever meet some people who got it from the first time, concerning my work experience i'm only 22 so i don't really have much experience i worked once for about 2 months after my graduation from the University (bachelor degree) in a call center and did a one month training in a bank and that's it, it's not that i didn't try to find a job but i wasn't succeful and i'm still jobless, i don't have any references sould i give them the phone numbers of this two places which i don't know by the way, just confused a little bit here, and one last question-sorry for bothering you- i weare eye glasses i have a one lazy eye, i don't know if you did hear about this ealness, but i will try to get some eye contacts and even if i don't by the time of the ad i would go without them or any glasses as i manage to see without it but i'm concerned about the fact that if i made it to the english test, as english is not my first language not even the second, would i be allowed to wear my glasses to do the test and than remove it if i didn't manage to get eye contact by then and would i be able to wear glasses or eye contacts on the training time as it's quite impossible for me to read and study without as i will get tired and dizzy, and one more question if i made it through to the end would this eye vision be a probleme on the medical requiries, does EK/EY do vision test and if so how much is the toleration, sorry because this went to long, but i would be so grateful to hear from you soon

    3. hi dear hope ur well

      regarding the ´´vampire tooth´´ you mentioned u have, as long as no one sees it, i think u will be fine....as long as when u smile and no one sees it u will be fine....

      as for the group activities for etihad, you can read more about it here:


      i dont think people can say its impossible to score this job at 1st try, cause it can happen at any given time. i scored etihad at my first try. i know other even during this year that got this job at 1st try. i know others too that tried 2-3 times with etihad and got it after 3 times ect....it depends....honestly i think its all about LUCK to be honest......its a mystery to me when it comes to these recruitment events...to whom they want and who they chose and why they chose these people.....

      actually the fact ur 22 years old is a HUGE benefit to u...these airlines these days want to hire young folks like u...22 is the perfect age lately....and no worries with not much working experience....but do write in ur resume all the works u done, even the 2 months one....write it all...

      if u can provide the references from ur previous jobs even those u worked few months on do so.....u can even try to obtain a reference person from ur university perhaps..a professor or something.....someone who can write good stuff about u.....u can later on explain during ur interview about ur situation that u havnt had much working experience because u studied.....

      crew can have eye glasses, thats no problem, but during ur assessment try to wear contact lenses.....crew on board do wear eye glasses....once u get the job....bring papers from ur eye doctor about ur eyes...
      ..also during ur training u guys will be told how ur eye glasses should look like..and they will approve of it ect.....so thats ok having eye glasses while working....

      as for lazy eye, i dont know much about this.....but i think u should go and do ur assessment and see how far u come....

      again wear eye contacts during ur assessment.....than u dont need to worry about seeing during the eng test ect ect.....

      oh dear i forgot to mention this to u..check this etihad pre-employment paper in this link i will give u...here u can check about vision...whats approve and whats not....this is for etihad...


      here is the medical papers from emirates check this too:


      all the stuff i mentioned above is the same with ek and ey..........
      no worries dear whatever questions u have let me know....wishing u the best
      have a lovely day

  20. Thank you so much. Your blog is very motivating and extremely informative.
    Take care :-)

  21. Hi Cabincrewdreamer!

    I have another question, can people suffering from depression apply for a job with Etihad? Or would that disqualify you?


    1. Hi dear Helen
      Regarding depression, this is a very serious problem these airlines look at... everyone who declare that they have had depression in the past or current will either be fired or not hired...
      i had a batchmate who in some way during her medical exam in abu dhabi told the doctors that she had depression when she was like 15 years old and they fired her asap...
      1month later this girl applied to emirates and didnt declare this fact...and she got the job and is now working for emirates....
      its not like they will call ur previous doctors about ur previous medical records....as its confidential stuff ect
      so i advice u to not declare this one applying or joining ect...
      100% this is a serious issue they take
      take care dear

    2. My Dear,

      Thank you! You are amazing :)

  22. Hi Cabincrewdreamer!

    Thanks for a great blog! I had my appendix removed when I was in high school. Would that be a problem during the medical check up?

    1. hi dear
      i dont know dear about appendix and if this would cause u a problem or not..... but check this pre-employment medical form for etihad...and see if u can find anything regarding this...


      also if i were u, i would ask my doctor back home if he would declare u ´´fit to fly´´ and work as a cc having this procedure done.....and if he says this wont cause health issue while working onboard....than i would not declare this....if its not a big issue.....with the appendix removal....
      if u declare this 100% they would probably want papers from ur doctor ect...for them to declare this ok or not....i dont know if this is ok or not.....as i dont know much about appendix
      but do read this pre-employment medical paper...and see if u can find anything about this.....
      than i advice u to perhaps post this question to cabincrew.com forum and i bet there would be more folks there that could have answers for u...hopefully.....
      good luck dear

    2. Thanks so much!

  23. Hi there! I am very thankful for all these details.

    I have a question. I am a Filipino who is currently residing in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (with a dependent visa). EK will be conducting an Open Day in Bahrain on October 18. I am planning to attend, however, there is this rumor that EK freezes hiring of Filipinos. Do you think it will be worth the risk? I will be spending my whole 1-month salary for this journey. I hope you can help m. Thank you!

    1. hi sweety
      hope ur good....
      i havnt heard about this rumor about the Filipino recruitment freeze...there will always be rumors about everything when it comes to these recruitment events...and no one will know 100% unless they work in recruitment....
      but all i know is EVERYTHING we do in life is a risk...and we never know what will happen
      and if we dont take risks in life we wont gain anything...no doors will open if we wont try
      people will spend money, effort, time and energy on these recruitment events...in hopes to WIN....
      that is all we can do......either we win or loose
      i understand that u will make a huge effort if u attend....
      but if we dont do it...we will never win right....
      if i were in ur shoes i would do this..but thats me....
      or u could wait and apply for a assessment.....if u feel it would be too expensive for u to do this....why not wait and apply for a assessment........
      or just..follow ur heart and do whats right for u...
      i have traveled myself and paid tonssss of money around Europe before i scored etihad....
      i did 4 open days and assessment days around Europe for emirates...and i did 3 qatar airways open days around Europe...and 1 British airways in London...ect ect...all i failed....lol
      but than i did etihad assessment and won...
      so we never know...
      its like a lottery.....
      sorry dear if i cant help u much about this....only u would know this answer IF U SHOULD JUMP OUT AND TRY OR NOT :-)
      whatever u chose to do...i guess will be meant to be :-)
      good luck dear and i wish u the best
      have a lovely night
      good night

    2. I need those motivating words. I need someone to push me. Thank you very much for your advices. It means a lot to me.

      Another question, I do not know how to put on my make up. Do you have any tips? Are the recrutiers very particular with the make up details? Thank you!

    3. Ur welcome dear....
      and regarding makeup...yeah its best to have makeup on and try to look like a cabin crew...so the recruiters can envision u guys....envision u guys be a cabin crew...
      here is a good youtube link of how to get the look...


      there are tons of youtube clip about how to apply the makeup...see if u can find any.....

      have a lovely day dear.....god bless u xxx

    4. Thank you! I wonder who is behind this very generous blog. I want to meet you. Seeing a picture of you would give us happiness. You have such a good heart.

      Are you still working for Etihad? I read on one comment that you are to leave the airline.

    5. THANK YOU lovely girl...for all ur kindness....ur soo sweet
      hope ur having a lovely day today....
      because of privacy reasons and the fact im anonymous in this blog....i never post details or pics about myself.. :-) and i no longer work for etihad, i resigned 2 years ago... :-)
      take good care of urself dear...
      god bless u

  24. Hello.

    Firstly, thanks so much for the detailed info on several topics. I went to through a lot of blog but yours seems like the most recent one with a comment only a few days ago.

    I have a few questions though. Firstly, I am a male and I stay in Dubai currently working in the communications sector. I have just applied through Emirates' online portal, on average do you have any idea how long does it take for them to respond letting us know if we are selected or not? Secondly, does nationality play a role in the initial selection process? Thirdly, I submitted 2 pictures with my application but they are not very professional, I took them myself at my house with a white background - the editing is not that great - does this matter? I meet all the mentioned requirements, will they anyway call me for the assesment day or will they asses my online application first? Are they very strict in assesing the online application?

    Thank you so much for taking your time to respond to my questions.

    1. hi dear
      hope ur doing well
      so let me check your questions:::::

      on average do you have any idea how long does it take for them to respond letting us know if we are selected or not?

      when it comes to emirates, its a very long process, and its so different from candidate to candidate....for some it might take days, week or months....there is no fix timeline....all candidates have to do is wait :-)

      Secondly, does nationality play a role in the initial selection process?

      99% it doesnt...everyone pretty much can apply.....and pretty much every nationality work for emirates...and it doesnt affect the recruitment process regardless where you come from.....

      Thirdly, I submitted 2 pictures with my application but they are not very professional, I took them myself at my house with a white background - the editing is not that great - does this matter?

      if you feel doubt over your pictures i advice you to retake them....what i know of emirates is that they are really strict on ´´how people look´´....sadly it is what it is...and if your picture does look good and professional it can help you and increase your chances.....pictures is very important for emirates....if u have the chance to re-attach pictures again.....take new one and attach them again....i think in the application section in ur portal there is a edit button....u can do that if possible......but again later on if u get selected to do a assessment/ interview you have to bring with you pictures again...THAN you can do new sets of pictures again if you like.....so its up to you dear......if u cant re-attach new pics to your application......nothing to do now....and wait and see how the selection part goes.....

      I meet all the mentioned requirements, will they anyway call me for the assesment day or will they asses my online application first?

      they will invite you for a open day or assessment, via email...no calls.....if they think u are who they are looking for.....

      Are they very strict in assessing the online application?

      its so weird dear....i have friends who have had very messy and bad online application with weird pics and still they got invited...for a assessment....then i know folks who have had perfect online application and didnt get invited....so this question i cant answer....as its a mystery to me.....but i assume they should be strict in choosing who they would like to invite and who they would not like to invite......

      no worries dear...if u have any further questions let me know...have a lovely day...take care and good luck xxxx

  25. Hello,
    thank you for such an informative blog! It's really helpful :) I live in Rome, soon I will try to apply for Etihad and I have a question for you. How many days per month can you usually stay at home?

    Thank you in advance!:)

    Saluti from Rome,

    1. Hello dear Ruta
      hope your well
      with etihad you have minimum 8 days off each month.....some months it can be up to 10 days as well depending on your roster but the minimum standard is 8 days a month :-)
      have a lovely day and good luck

    2. Hello again Cabincrewdreamer, thank you for responding me. :) I have one more question. Yesterday I applied online for Etihad Airways but these weeks they are organizing some open days in Italy. Can I go to an Open Day even if I have already applied Online? If they will respond me that I should come to an Open Day, do I need to do the registration procedure at the Open Day point?

      Thanks again.


    3. dear ruta....ur welcome....
      yeah u can attend a open day in italy, even if u already applied...
      and if u get invited to a open day before u attend the open day, than u only need to print out the invitation u got, and bring that with u to the open day....i assume anyone can attend a open day without any registration....or invite for etihad....
      so if i were u i would just go..... :-)
      good luck dear
      take care Ruta

  26. Hi Cabincrewdreamer :)! I love your blog, it cover all the questions one asks when applzing for a cabin crew, continue the good work! I've tried my luck with Etihad and Emirates a few times and I finallz made it! I got the job at Emirates and I'm leving to Dubaz very soon. I saw that you already answered some questions regarding scars, but I would like more information, if you can provie it. I have a little scar or better to say a "hole" because I had a Monroe piercing. The recruiter didn't mention it at all and therefore I didn't declare it. Now I'm freaking out, because I'm scared that thez will pick on it at Dubai and that thez will send me home because I ddn't declare it. What do you think, is it a problem?Thanks for the answer and good luck :)!

    1. HI dear
      hope you are doing well
      thank u for ur kind words...
      congratulations dear for scoring the ek job...well done...so cool u got this chance....
      regarding your Monroe piercing, the fact that the recruiters didnt notice this during your recruitment day and u made it to the finals and had the final interview and it all went well and u got the golden call...100% i dont find a problem here...obviously you covered the ´´hole´´ very well that the recruiters didnt mention this or said anything....they do observe very closely....and piercings like that can easily be covered by makeup....so i dont find this a issue at all....
      if it was a issue u would never had made it to the finals with ek and gotten the golden call...the recruiters do observe the candidate and everything during the day....
      so if i were u i wouldnt stress about this or get worried....i do understand though that we are human and we cant help being worried....
      but i totally dont see a issue here....
      good luck dear in dubai and i wish u the best
      take care

  27. Thank you very much for your answer :)! I feel much calmer now ! I will just stop worrying, it's the best thing I can do right now. Thank you for your answer and congrats on this excellent blog! Good luck to you!

    1. your welcome dear and enjoy your last weeks with your family and friends before you sail away to your new chapter in life...take care and thank u hugssss

  28. Hi!
    I just got hired by Emirates and will soon move Dubai. I just have a question regardning the Medicals in Dubai. I have done a nosejob but didnt declare it because I dont have any papers on it for some reasons. Can they find out during the Medical check ups in Dubai?

    1. hi dear
      congratulations for scoring emirates...wishing u all the best
      as for the nose job u had 100% NEVER EVER declare this...cause thats a big no no as i heard. they dont approve of plastic surgery or anything like this ect....but there is no way they will find out unless the candidates declare this. there is no way they will find out during the medicals either....
      so well done for not declaring this...
      i have friends in ek and some of them indeed have done several plastic surgery and never declared this even before joining and after joining...so no one declares this....
      its illegal for any company to contact your doctor without ur permission to check ur previous medical papers....or there is no way for ek during the medicals to find out about this....
      but good u didnt declared this on the pre-employment papers....
      have a lovely monday
      take care

  29. hi cabin crew dreamer i have a few questions to ask, first about teeth you see i have a vampire tooth on the uper left side of my teeth it's not really bad when i smile it's kind of like the photo of the emirates stewardess you put above in the article and there is nothing i could do about it as the only solution is to where braces and it's not allowed so i don't know if this will works against me on the AD though it's not visible only when you look at me from the left side, and for the group activities could you please alaborate more about the tips to go through this as i'm so scared because it's my first time to attand an AD, and by the way i've being reading that it's quite impossible to get the job from your first shot, have you ever meet some people who got it from the first time, concerning my work experience i'm only 22 so i don't really have much experience i worked once for about 2 months after my graduation from the University (bachelor degree) in a call center and did a one month training in a bank and that's it, it's not that i didn't try to find a job but i wasn't succeful and i'm still jobless, i don't have any references sould i give them the phone numbers of this two places which i don't know by the way, just confused a little bit here, and one last question-sorry for bothering you- i weare eye glasses i have a one lazy eye, i don't know if you did hear about this ealness, but i will try to get some eye contacts and even if i don't by the time of the ad i would go without them or any glasses as i manage to see without it but i'm concerned about the fact that if i made it to the english test, as english is not my first language not even the second, would i be allowed to wear my glasses to do the test and than remove it if i didn't manage to get eye contact by then and would i be able to wear glasses or eye contacts on the training time as it's quite impossible for me to read and study without as i will get tired and dizzy, and one more question if i made it through to the end would this eye vision be a probleme on the medical requiries, does EK/EY do vision test and if so how much is the toleration, sorry because this went to long, but i would be so grateful to hear from you soon

    1. hi dear hope ur well

      regarding the ´´vampire tooth´´ you mentioned u have, as long as no one sees it, i think u will be fine....as long as when u smile and no one sees it u will be fine....

      as for the group activities for etihad, you can read more about it here:


      i dont think people can say its impossible to score this job at 1st try, cause it can happen at any given time. i scored etihad at my first try. i know other even during this year that got this job at 1st try. i know others too that tried 2-3 times with etihad and got it after 3 times ect....it depends....honestly i think its all about LUCK to be honest......its a mystery to me when it comes to these recruitment events...to whom they want and who they chose and why they chose these people.....

      actually the fact ur 22 years old is a HUGE benefit to u...these airlines these days want to hire young folks like u...22 is the perfect age lately....and no worries with not much working experience....but do write in ur resume all the works u done, even the 2 months one....write it all...

      if u can provide the references from ur previous jobs even those u worked few months on do so.....u can even try to obtain a reference person from ur university perhaps..a professor or something.....someone who can write good stuff about u.....u can later on explain during ur interview about ur situation that u havnt had much working experience because u studied.....

      crew can have eye glasses, thats no problem, but during ur assessment try to wear contact lenses.....crew on board do wear eye glasses....once u get the job....bring papers from ur eye doctor about ur eyes...
      ..also during ur training u guys will be told how ur eye glasses should look like..and they will approve of it ect.....so thats ok having eye glasses while working....

      as for lazy eye, i dont know much about this.....but i think u should go and do ur assessment and see how far u come....

      again wear eye contacts during ur assessment.....than u dont need to worry about seeing during the eng test ect ect.....

      oh dear i forgot to mention this to u..check this etihad pre-employment paper in this link i will give u...here u can check about vision...whats approve and whats not....this is for etihad...


      here is the medical papers from emirates check this too:


      all the stuff i mentioned above is the same with ek and ey..........
      no worries dear whatever questions u have let me know....wishing u the best
      have a lovely day

  30. OHH thank you so much for this detailed repply sorry if i did a lot of spelling or grammar mistakes i'm still working on my english, ok so the fact that people made it from the first shot is concerning only EY or EK as well? because i heard that EK is way harder than EY, and do you have an email i want to send you a photo of my teeth if you don't mind so you could give me your opinion ? and thanks again for answering me this quickly :)

    1. oh i forgot, would please give the details for EK's AD because you only gived me the one for EY, so grateful.

    2. hi dear no worries whatever questions u have let me know....
      and ur eng is fine....people dont need to be experts in eng to score this ey/ek job...i have seen tons of people that didnt knew well eng still got the job......and they improve while working ect....

      yeah i know tons of people who got the emirates/etihad job on first try....yes emirates is 100% 100% WAYYY harder than etihad.....but some are pretty lucky to score it on 1st try.....i know few even this year that got the emirates and etihad job on first try...
      than we have others that try and try and try and perhaps after many tries they get it...
      lol its like a lottery with these jobs....either u win or lose...if u lose u keep trying ur luck again heheheh
      send me your email address using the ´´contact me form´´ to ur right.....and i will reply back to u.... :-)

      as for the emirates open day/ad/fi...
      check these links to great stories from other girls who made it to the finals with ek...they explain it very well:




      also when you send me ur email address i can send u tons of informative -e-books and documents which will be useful for u :-)

      take care

  31. thank youuu sooo much for your time and your huge help i couldn't be more grateful, i just send my email, i hope to hear from you soon, deary XOXO ;)

    1. Your welcome dear...im happy to help in whatever possible......
      Thank you dear for your email, i have replied back, check your inbox when you get time :-)

  32. Hello there :). Reading your blog is very insightful and much appreciated for your time and effort ! :D I have just received my GC from emirates (!) and will be moving to Dubai in the next few months. (I'm actually still in shock they chose me!!!) Im going through the process of formally accepting my contract and sorting out my medicals. As soon as I accept, is the contract binding or does it start as soon as I arrive in Dubai? I ask this because of another potential opportunity and I wouldn't want to pay them any expenses. Also, is it possible for you to provide an example month flying rota?? I'm getting mixed messages about how much flying time is actually involved? And is it quite straight forward to request and get holiday leave?? :D This career is something I've always dreamt about but never thought it could be a reality....:):):) thanks Becca

    1. hello dear becca
      hope ur well dear
      congratulations wohoooo so cool u got ur GC from ek...well done....lucky u....the % of folks getting the GC from ek is so small....so well done...and be proud of urself....and of course they would chose u dear obviously u shined brighter than the stars in itself :-) so be proud of this achievement!!!
      the contract is your date of join....so whatever date you get is the starting of your contract...that was how it worked in etihad for me and i assume its the same with ek too...as they are under the same government....and same rules regulations....
      here u can check for a typical emirates roster:


      and yeah you guys will have swapping opportunities and requesting opportunities...and its easy....some months u guys will have a busy roster and some months less....
      and yayyy that ur dream is fulfilled and a new chapter in ur life is soon to begin...
      wishing u all the best dear
      good luck

  33. Hello may i ask smt ??? i am not sure that you know abt qatar... anyway if i passed all the process and only thing left is joining, what if i get the double eyelid surgery before joining and dont tell them... they will find out???

    1. hi dear..
      i dont know much about Qatar sorry..... BUT i do know this..that i doubt these middle eastern airlines would find out about this kind of surgery...because there is no proof...it cant be seen in xrays and there wont be a scar i assume so i doubt they would ever find out....these companies would never know if candidates dont declare it...i have friends in emirates that have had loads of surgery and tattoos and all that and in Etihad too...they never declared it....i assume its similar with Qatar too....to some limit of course and certain situations....but still....also this kind of procedure with this double eyelid surgery, i doubt it would cause u any issue while flying or if that would be a dangerous thing for u while flying....if i were in ur shoes i would not declare this....
      this is my personal opinion...
      have a lovely day dear
      good luck

  34. Hey ccd,
    I got selected for a CSA position at Emirates and now before the end of tomorrow I have to submit the medical forms. I used to get sick all the time when I was growing up, stuff like dizziness, headaches etc. I've been in the UAE for a couple of years and when I started working here I just started
    having a very bad ulcer I was in and out of hospitals,even hospitalised once.
    But by the grace of God I got treated for the ulcer I haven't touched a painkiller for over a year and I haven't experienced the dizziness and stuff in over 10yrs.

    so my question for u is.. should I mention my not-so-impressive medical history on the form or should I just say no since im sure they won't be any findings anyway? Do u know if they investigate the medical history especially since I've to hospitals here in Dubai?
    And also my mom died from cancer, is it wise to mention that?

    I hope u get this message as in yesterday! I'm in a dilemma.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. hi dear hope ur well
      CSA,,, i assume u mean Cabin Services Assistant....cool u got selected for this role...well done.....good luck with everything....
      regarding ur medical history background..and if u should declare it or not....if i were in ur shoes i would not....there is no way the employer would find out about something candidates didnt declare...and its illegal for any folks/company to without a candidates knowing to check medical history...or call medical clinic to check candidates medical history stuff.....because of ur medical history they might take it more serious than it was...and make it a big thing when it wasnt.......and as for if u should declare that ur mother died from cancer or not...i dont see why it would be important for them to know...and what use they would have for this....if i were u i would not declare this either....sorry about ur dear mother that passed away dear...
      its just these middle eastern companies can create something big from something so small and ridiculous....that its not even worth it...its just uae has a strict health thingy.....for them to issue working visas or whatever it now was.....
      but u do what u feel is right for u dear...i have written for u my opinions...wishing u all the best
      good luckkkkkkk hugsss

  35. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE QUICK REPLY! I requested to submit the forms on sunday because I wanted to wait for your reply because I knew that you won't just answer for the sake of it, u always answer all questions so accurately. You truly are a blessing to many!
    THe position is Customer Service Agent but when
    preparing for the assessment I
    prepared for Cabin Crew and it
    turned out to be very helpful and
    your blog was a great help.
    I took all the tips on how to dress, how to behave around other candidates during the assessment and what not to do during the FI and it showed...:)

    Thank you so very much God bless yo

    1. ♥ ur welcome dear, i always try to answer questions as soon as possible/ the same day, because i know the urgency of getting peace of mind....just to get a picture of how things could be...or just some words along the road...truly i understand the importance of this...so i tried to answer your question as soon as possibly i could :-) and congratulations again dear for this role of urs...working for emirates is a huge PLUS...having this on ur resume working for one of the best companies in the world is a great thing....so well done for scoring this role...♥ have a lovely night and may luck, joy, happiness, success always follow u
      hugss and god bless u too
      ♥ ♥

  36. Thank you for ur reply^^

    actually i have double eyelid ... i want to have a bit bigger size .. but as i sent all my pictures to them, i was wondering that they r gonna think i did it... cuz i wanna make it bigger.. than it is in my picture...so not sure... afraid to be rejected from them ... so if i do i should not say anything.. or do it later once i get in there and when i have holidays like two weeks... ?

    Thanks anyway ^^ have a good day

    1. hi dear....
      oh i see what u mean here now....u already sent ur pics and the process is finished...and only joining is left...and now u want to do another eye lid surgery.....again u should 100% not declare this....regardless if u did or didnt.....i dont think this eye lid surgery would cause a big issue anyway.....its not a life threating this so to speak and it wont cause u issues i suppose while ur flying....
      also its not like we look identical to the pics we send them....because of lightening and shade and the position of our face and all that....i looked way different on my pictures when i joined etihad than i do in real life....my face ex looks rounder in pictures ...and when i joined my face looked super thin ect....so i doubt it would be a issue....
      also i have pics sent to various airlines where my eyes look puffy and some pics my eyes dont look puffy ect.....
      i still dont think it would cause a issue...and if i were u i would go ahead with the eye lid surgery once more...and not worry about it.....
      our faces change from time to time.....
      i doubt u would be rejected from this if they would ever find out...which i doubt they would.....
      have a lovely weekend dear
      take care

  37. Thank you so much hahahahaha
    I was really considering it but i think i would not have enough time to do....

    So i am re-thinking that.... will it be okay if i get eyelid surgery after i work there.. i mean when i get my holiday... i wont make it too different from now... just a bit bigger hahahaha... if i put makeup it is not noticeable... what u think?

    If i do it during my 15daya holiday... hahahahah should i use double eyelid sticker for few days before? to make ppl familar with my eyes? hahahaha

    thank you for ur kind reply ^^ have a great day

    1. hi dear
      yeah cabin crews do all kind of surgery while on vacation...i have had co workers gone on 10 days of vacation and came back and they had done several stuff...so its not impossible..as long as the cabin crew look natural and the procedure they did wasnt major or obvious ect....
      and as u mentioned putting make up...that would hide it..and it wouldnt even be noticeable...
      about eyelid sticker...i didnt know what this was so i had to google it lol...but now that i know what that is thanks to google.... :-) yeah use that and put makeup over as well....would work perfect i bet!!!
      but u go ahead and do what u feel u need to do dear....and know that a lot of crew do plastic surgery and all kinds of surgery ect...
      wishing u the best
      have a lovely day

  38. Hi i have acnes in my face.. can i still join ek/ey? How about scoliosis? I'm affraid abt it. Thank yoi

    1. hi dear
      here u can read the ek pre-medical employment papers:


      here is the ey one:


      to check if there is any info about scoliosis ect....because i dont know much about this...

      as for acne....it depends on how much it is..if u can cover it with makeup its fine...its ok if its little...but again it depends how it is....and thats up to the recruiters to approve or not...once they see u....

      i flew once with a co worker in ey that had some kind of acne...even if she had the makeup....and it was ok

      but i had a batchmate that started to develop bad acne after few months and they put her on some medication and she could not fly because of that....but it didnt get any better so she got fired :-( for this...ridiculous if u ask me..... :-( that they did this to her...
      but it seems her skin was ok when she joined...it was just when the flying affected her skin....
      so it all depends....on how it goes...

      but if i were in ur shoes... 100% i would try my luck and see if i could join
      cause the recruiters on ur ad/fi sees u and observe u....if u make it to the finals...it means ur ok than....
      so u should 100% try
      good luck dear
      have a lovely weekend

  39. Dear CabinCrewDreamer,

    This is a very nice piece!
    And you are TRULY amazing!!

    Great job and good luck with Emirates I know someday you will win the lottery XX :-)

    1. Thank you so much dear Mohamed for your kind words...
      May all your dreams come true... :-)
      wish u a lovely day

    2. Thanks dear (k) - Just wish me good luck with the upcoming EK event as I really don`t have a good smile neither perfect teeth and I know they really care about this part a lot ;(

    3. sending u good wishes, success, luck, happiness ur way dear mohamed....and dont worry about anything ok...think positive...go there as if u already got the job!!! think like u already won!!!
      GOOD LUCK the best mohamed on ur ek event soon xxxxx

    4. Thanks dear for your wishes :)

  40. Hi there,
    First of all, I find your blog very informative, so thank you.
    My question is: is there only that one "exercise" with swimming during the training? I am not a swimmer, and I do plan to take lessons before/if I go there.. But I would like to know what to expect :) I am still waiting for email from Etihad, I got through the final interview, but now while waiting I'm getting nervous about this swimming issue..
    Thanks in advance,

    1. hi dear....
      thank you for ur kind words dear...

      the ditching exam you guys will have is the only ´´swimming´´ exam u guys will have during ur training...although its not a typical swimming test ect....
      here u can see pics from my ditching so u get a pic of how it will look like:



      you guys wont be wearing swim wear either.......t-shirt and yoga pants is typical clothes u can wear....its like u guys jump into the pool....than gather around in ur group...do some circles...or whatever they tell u to do...than swim to the raft and climb over the raft and u guys do other stuff inside the raft....
      they dont tell u to swim 200m or do typical swimming stuff ect.....they just want to see if ur comfy in the water and some other important tests in case u guys end up in a ditching situation ect...on board....

      but yeah if ur not a swimmer practice/ take swimming lessons before u join etihad that would be good...

      congratulations dear for making it to the finals...well done...and fingers crossed u get the successful email soon
      wish u the best
      good luck

  41. Dear CabinCrewDreamer,
    I am considering applying for the position of either cabin crew or customer service agent with Emirates. My problem is, the teeth on the right hand side of my mouth are not straight. There is one at the top that has shifted backwards. Would this put me at a disadvantage if I am eventually invited to the assessment day? Also, do they usually ask for dental x-rays to check such things?

    1. hi dear
      good luck on your future ek cc application and the customer service agent application....
      what i advice u to do is just apply and attend any open day/ assessment with emirates and see how it is....
      it depends on how your teeth are and if its noticeable when smiling ect...
      yes emirates do ask for dental xray...
      try with etihad as well if u have the chance
      i cant really say how it will be with your teeth....as i dont know their requirements with teeth...
      what i would do is try my luck with ek...regardless position and see how it goes...
      although lets say if u wouldnt e successful 1st round with ek, that would not mean its the fault of ur teeth...as we dont know what they look for or how they want our smile to be
      sorry i cant help u with this question so well...but 100% i would try my luck....
      good luck again with ur applications....hope u will succeed!!
      take care

  42. Hi CabinCrewDreamer,

    I just wanna ask I'm planning to go to Dubai next year and planning to apply in emirates,etihad or qatar airways if there's open days in dubai. Will they consider me even though i'm not living in Dubai and just there as a tourist? I'm from the Philippines and during open days here there's lots of people trying their luck too. Like 2000-3000 maybe. So the chance is really small that's i wanna try my luck in dubai.

    Also does etihad airways have open days in dubai? Or only in abu dahbi?

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Thank you! :)

    1. hi dear...
      yes it doesnt matter where u come from, either ur a tourist or living in that country...everyone is allowed to attend open days regardless where...i had my emirates open day in another country than my home country...and i also did my etihad ad/fi in another country....i also tried qatar in another country
      BUT i do advice people to try in their own home countries though...because i think these recruiters go to these specific places to recruit these candidates with that spoken language...and coming from that country ect.....so i personally believe we have higher % of scoring the job doing it in our own home countries...but of course people can get this job doing it in another country too...all i mean here is the % is higher doing it in our own home country....but still worth trying in other countries too :-)
      but try ur luck in dubai...who knows....good luck
      i dont know if etihad have open days in dubai or not...u have to check their website for more info..and more info about dates/cities for open days ect....
      good luckkkkkk

  43. Also i really want to try etihad since the reach test is only 210cm. I tried applying in Saudia Arabian Airlines weeks ago but i just reached 212cm. Although the girl kept my cv chances are still low since there's lots of applicants that day.

    I flew etihad airways going to brazil last june. And it's really a nice airline. Wish i can land the job in time. :)

    1. wishing u all the best
      try ur chances with flydubai too...i have a co worker from etihad who resigned etihad and went to flydubai....
      good luck
      have a lovely sunday

  44. Hello. Thank you for you reply. So i can try applying in dubai? And they will still consider me even though i'm just a tourist? Because i'm thinking maybe they will prioritize residents/locals from dubai. So im a bit worried too. Have you known someone from other country who applied to dubai or uae and got the job?

    1. your welcome dear....
      yes 100% they will consider u as well...i have had many friends from europe going to dubai doing ek ods or etihad...
      i know a girl who did her ek od in dubai and got the job as well..she wasnt a resident from dubai...
      so there is chances....
      good luck

  45. Hi my name is Lilly from Kuala Lumpur.
    I will go to emirates open day in 2 weeks,however I do not have any working experience except part time because I am only 22 and just graduate. When I was 18-21 I used to work at retail company as Salesgirl and also 1 year working with a company as Kids Entertainer ( I basically have to entertain kids and somtimes also their parents as well ) So eventhough it is not direct costumer service jobs, it is still something that I react and talking to people alot.Ive met all kind of people, diffferent races, religion, skin colour and etc.
    While in my college I also did few Charity event and handle few professional talk.Oh and I am major in Human Resources.
    Do u think this will help? As i am major in something u work in an office and not costumer service.

    I am quite short, 157.2cm. Ive did the reach test at home. I manage to reach the 212cm requirement but only on the tip of my finger, not even half. Do u think they will reject me earlier? :( Do u have any advice on how do i make it better? swimming? And do we need to reach it at both arms or one arms?

    Sorry for the very long question dear, but i se u helped alot of people here. So it makes me feel very comfortable about asking u.
    Thank you very much cabincrewddreamer!


    1. hello dear lilly
      hope ur well
      wanted to wish u the best on ur ek od in 2 weeks....
      these companies understand people that are in your situation with not much working experience...as they hire a lot of young candidates like urself...in the age of 21-22 ect.....
      all the jobs u mentioned in ur post that u did,,,regardless if it was part time or whatever...u should 100% mention in ur resume....mention the charity events u did as well...100% it will help...u actually have tons of experience....
      people dont have to have many years of working experience to get the ek cc job...they understand that young people apply and people in your age doesnt have much working experience because of studies ect ect...or whatever reason that may be....
      and even if ur 157,2cm u should have hope u can make it...u wont know until u try...so go and try ur luck....yeah swimming and stuff like this will help us being more flexible....
      i will give u a example of flexible people...i once did a emirates open day many years ago....im 160cm...i met 2 other girls there...both of them were 160cm too....me and another girl we didnt pass the reach test...1 of the other girl who was 160cm passed....so it all about being flexible....
      you only need to reach with 1 arm....even if the tip of ur finger reaches i think thats a pass....so go and try ur luck dear
      think positive and good luck....wishing u all the best dear lilly

    2. Hi, its me again Lilly. First of all im sorry if you received multiple replies from me cause the is something wrong with the connection.
      Thank you fpr ur quick reply dear!
      Awww, u make me feel confident again. feels like talking to a friend, u still have that friendly cabin crew attitude with u! Hehe
      Ive one more question i forgot to ask u.

      Is it cumpolsary to wear high heels? or can i replace it with high wedges, which is the only different is the base is slightly wider than tyical high heels. This is because Ive problem with wearing high heels, I will feel some kind of pain sensation within minutes on my feet and my waist. Probably because of the very small base.
      So my question is, can i replace it with wedges that is similar or do i just buy high heels that have bigger base? ( but that will not look so classy )
      What do u think? Ive already prepare my coat, blouse, stockings, only the shoe now :(
      Thank you again dear. I dont know ur name but ure so kind!!!!

    3. Hi lovely Lilly....
      thank u for ur kind words dear....ur sweet :-)
      hope ur well today :-)
      and no i didnt get multiple posts....and no worries u can ask how many questions u like...thats why i created this blog.... :-) so ask away when u like :-)

      regarding ur questions about high heels...u dont have to wear high heels ....if u feel ur not comfortable in them
      court shoes is a great choice...because thats the shoes we wear during training and onboard working....and tons of candidates wear these too during the recruitment day too...i wore these as well....
      i will give u examples of shoes to wear during the /od/assessment/fi ect...
      check these pics:::




      hope this helps....
      take care lovely lilly
      good night

  46. Hi Cabin Crew Dreamer! Hope everything is well. I heard that there's a lot of ex qr cabin crew joins ey now. Maybe you've heard their stories about someone who applied for ey while their still working in qr. I mean they haven't resign yet and they applied for ey. I'm just wondering if they've declared that they are currently in qr or does ey doesn't hire people who still working in qr. I hope you can help me on this. Thanks in advance ��

    1. hi dear
      yeah we had tons of ex qatar crew in etihad...in my batch i had 3 ex qatar crew when i joined...so its no problem for ex qatar crew to join etihad....
      i even know few ex qatar crew that got fired from qatar and joined etihad...
      WHAT they told etihad when they did their etihad assessment/final interview i dont know dear....
      but i think they had resigned qatar when they attended the etihad assessment....
      The thing is, Etihad will never contact any company without a candidate knowing..
      but 100% etihad does hire ex qatar crew and you should 100% go for it...
      good luck dear and have a lovely weekend

    2. Thanks dear... I will really go for it! I'll post an update. ��
      Have a lovely weekend to you too.

  47. Hi dear sweet girl, please I just want to ask you about one detail, after the successful email may the golden call be negative ? Thanks a lot for this blog hon' xo xo

    1. hi dear....
      hope ur well
      u didnt write which company ur asking about...but i assume ur talking about etihad :-)
      few years back when people would receive the successful email from etihad...it would almost 100% mean its a positive sign and they would get the golden call and doj...
      but now etihad is growing and hiring 100000 new crew and new aircrafts are coming in so they are growing and becoming so big that their hiring process is kind of ´´weird´´ so to speak
      before they would keep track of their candidates or application or people would not be worried if they would get the successful email...
      BUT today....the hiring process has become so weird...and they cant keep track on everyone...
      so getting the successful email wont guarantee u the golden call....the golden call wont guarantee u the doj....than the doj wont guarantee u getting the ticket and fly yo abu dhabi...
      i know few candidates who has been writing to me here in this blog where they told me...they got all the way to doj....but as they mention if they wont find them a training spot..within 6 months ..these people have to re-apply..
      so these people even got their doj but 6 months passed and they had to re-apply and begin from zero :-(
      some candidates even got their golden call and waited for doj and 6 months passed and they again had to re.apply....
      so there is no guarantee anymore....
      there is no logic in their hiring process...
      like they will recruit more candidates while tons of candidates are waiting for doj or ticket or final approval ect...
      so to ur question the main issue here is to get a positive reply within 6 months after ur successful email....or get all the stuff sorted before 6 months finishes
      its a crazy hiring process and frustrating indeed
      so this is the info i have for u dear....hope this helps shed some light upon the thoughts u have :--)
      have a lovely friday dear

  48. Hello dear Cabin crew dreamer,
    I would like to thank you for this wonderful blog, I passed the final interview with etihad when they came to my city for an AD and they send me the successful email the next day, and they asked for more paperwork about referees check, can you tell me what's the next step
    Thank you so much once again xxx

    1. hi dear
      thank u for ur kind words dear
      hope ur well
      and a big congratulations for u...yayyyy so cool u did the final interview + got the successful email...so exciting...wish u the best
      so the next step would be you getting the golden call....they will inform u in this call WHEN ur date of join is...and after that...few days before ur doj..they will email u the visa + e-ticket....so only 2 steps left.....
      if they need anything from u...like extra info or documents they will contact u....but if they have everything u only have the golden call and the visa left....
      and the timeline to get all of these depends from candidate to candidate...for me it took exactly 1 month from final interview to doj....
      for some it might take 2-4 months months....for some 3 weeks...
      so wait and see what happens .......hope the process will be quick for u dear.....
      wishing u the best and good luck with everything.....
      have a lovely day

    2. Thank you very much dear
      Hope to see you soon in UAE and we will be colleagues

  49. Sorry I didn't mention that I send all the necessary paperwork and I got an email saying that they received everything ...
    Thank you xx

  50. Hello Dear,

    Thank you so much to share your experience, you did answer a lot of doubts I had but I still have one.
    Is that okay having a child and applying of the job as cabin crew ? I mean I'm a single mother and it's okay that my daughter would stay in France during the training classes but after I want to live with her in Dubai. Do you think it's possible, did you hear someone in the same situation ? How did he deal with ?

    Thank you so much fo answering


    1. hi dear
      hope ur well
      merry christmas to u and ur family dear
      as for the question of having a child while working as a crew...
      officially etihad/emirates say its ok to apply even if having a child...
      but i heard that the company intentionally doesnt hire many candidates with children...
      most of the crew i worked with onboard that had a child,,,told me that they never declared they had a child...
      yeah its possible to have a child....and work for etihad/emirates.....
      most of the crew i knew that had a child/children...they would go home on their leaves...
      i know a girl who works for emirates and brought her husband/child to dubai....how she did it i dont know....but its doable..
      the rules/regulations will be explained for those that join ect.....
      also ex crew have 30 days of leave each year...so they would divide these into 10 each...so 3 times a year they would go home...also crew have access to bidding/swapping system...they would request flights to those cities if the company had the destination they lived in....or swap flights with co workers to fly to that destination where their families lived....
      its the same with those that are married...they rarely declare that...
      if i were u, i would not declare that i have a child.....the reason is perhaps the company thinks having a child would interfere with your work...because they mostly hire single females ect....while this rule/regulation isnt true for us...i mean of course there are cabin crews in the world working while having children...but this is a rule these middle eastern companies have...they prefer hiring single females...
      anyhow again i would not declare this if i were u...cause thats nothing that would cause a issue while working...and its a private thing....
      also if u did declare it, it would be a risk of u not getting the job and they might hire single people instead....
      anyhow this is the piece of info i have dear....
      but know there are tons of crew having children..even while working.......in etihad/emirates...
      merry christmas dear have a lovely holiday

  51. Thank you cabin crew dreamer... for wonderful piece of information .
    I m 25 yrs male..working as a cabin crew in a reputed airlines in india. Itsmy dream to join ek/ey/qr.however i got rejected in qr open day nd cant apply for ey as my current employer nd ey are equity parteners. M appearing for ek assessment day in january. I m 6 feet tall with a weight of 67 kgs on leaner side with an average built nd smile. I heard ppl saying ek hites guys with well built nd very good smile.
    m feeling a lil under confident. Please guide me.

    1. hi dear vaibhav...
      hope ur well
      keep continue with qatar and try ur chances while ur young and can....
      such a shame u cant apply for etihad...
      anyhow try ur chances with emirates too....again while ur young and can...
      while its difficult for males to get these jobs with these airlines because the quota for hiring female is higher than male...
      still they hire male and try ur chances....
      i have friends that look normal and they work for ek...
      ek do hire average build guys...
      its all about luck in my opinion....and dont let anything discourage u from applying...
      just try ur chances
      because ur 25 and thats a great age to try for these airlines...cause when u reach to 30...than it will be even harder to get these jobs...
      specially with ek as the max age for ek is 30....
      so try ur chances....
      good luck...wish u the best

    2. Thank you so much... nd please keep guiding me.

  52. Dear cabincrewdreamer,

    I have a burn and a small cut in my hand from an accident but it will go in days! I have interview this saturday should I cover it with fondation? Or declare it?

    1. hi dear
      regarding ur scar in ur hand..
      it depends how big it is...if its a simple and not a noticeable scar than i would not declare it and put foundation over it...
      if the scar is deep/big and its very visible and u couldnt hide it with foundation, i would declare it....
      with scars it depends on how big they are.....
      i have scars too, but they were not visible ...nor big ect...so i never declared them and it was fine....
      good luck dear on ur open day
      have a lovely day

    2. Thank you very much I just took the first interview day it was really bad :'( thr interviewer was really angry she thought I skipped the line of waiting but I didn't she didn't even take my pictures only cv I wish I took place with another interviewer :(

    3. hi dear...
      awww im sorry u didnt have a positive experience during ur open day....but dont let any of these stop u from getting what u want..
      try and try again...with time and ur passion/interest for this job....u will get successful...
      may u have a successful 2015 dear
      good luck

  53. Hi I really want to become a flight attendant. I would pass all the other requirments eg im 22 have a law degree can speak two languages but the only problem is I am short I am only 153cm can I pass the reach test ? do I have any chance
    and do I need to reach with one arm or two

    1. hi dear kayla
      hope ur well
      i truly think u should at least try ur chances :-) because even if ur 153cm, u dont know how flexible ur arms/legs can be when u would do the reach test right....i advice u to try with etihad/qatar....
      because u can stand on tip toes and u only have to reach with 1 arm...
      so go and try ur chances :-) u wont loose anything by trying right :-)
      may 2015 be a wonderful year for u dear
      good luck

  54. Hi dear..
    I have a silly question hh I would like to know if you have any idea about the salary of Etihad and Emirates if possible. Thank u regards.

    1. hi dear
      when i worked as a cabin crew with etihad my salary was approx 1400euros to 2200 euros...depending on the roster we got ect...each month was a bit different...and i heard the salary in emirates is similar as well :-)
      have a nice day dear
      take care

  55. Hi ! I plan to apply for Etihad Food&Beverage Manager, do you think that a breast augmentation on my medical report would get me off the game ?

    1. hi dear
      no it wont cause any issue for u if the info about a breast surgery would be in ur medical report...but if i were u, i would not declare this. Thats just my personal opinion...not that it would be a issue if u declared it. i just feel its a private thing and etihad doesnt need to know this...this wont affect ur work either...
      good luck dear
      have a lovely day

  56. Hi Cabin Crew Dreamer. Thank you for this blog, it is so helpful.

    I plan to attend one of Etihads Assessment days this year and i am pretty confident i have what it takes to make it through.God willing. Though if i am selected, The Dental medical worries me as i cant say that my teeth are in the best of shape. Ive got 2 cavites which do not bother me... and one gap at the back of my mouth (tooth extraction) NOT VISIBLE with a smile. Generally, from the outside the state of my teeth look superb, one would never guess.. My smile is perfect, Colour white.. I dont smoke ciggarettes so they look pearly white.
    my question is, Dental wise.. Would they reject me because of that? or if i am successful, they see me as someone with bad dental hygiene and refuse to offer me employment? Im currently not on a medical aid/ hospital insurance so it would be quite expensive to get sorted out ASAP..could i pass with temporary fillings? i really need this job :(

    Can you please give me advise... about Etihad Dental Medicals .. what xrays or inspections would they perform?

    Any advise would be much appreciated... Thank u so much

    1. hi dear
      hope ur having a good day
      check this link its the etihad pre-employment medical paper:


      here u can probably see what is approved and not...health wise and o think they mention teeth too
      once u get the etihad job they only need a dental xray thats it...u can get this dental xray in ur home country...and then u bring this dental xray with u to abu dhabi....
      i think all etihad wants is people that have straight teeth and have teeth at all..thats why they want to see this dental xray...than whatever cavities it is is fine....
      as long as u have a pretty smile when ur smiling...and ur teeth looks healthy and nice as u smile ur good to go....
      the recruiters will check that on ur recruitment day...like observe while u talk that u have nice teeth...
      but when it comes to teeth...the only thing etihad want is that dental xray which u do in ur home country....in abu dhabi once ur there they dont do anything else related to teeth.....
      so i dont think u should worry dear
      wishing u the best
      good luck
      have a lovely day

  57. Hi Cabin crew dreamer. Thank you so so much for your quick response. I shall take your advice, visit the link ...do additional research . And also get a dental xray in my home country and get a doctor's note to explain any irregularities that can be fixed or may possibly raise questions. Much love. Bless you ��

  58. hi cabin crew dreamer, i had asked you advise earlier on my weight issue and received reply from you but still want to clarify my height is 6ft. and weight is 95kg so should i still try for cc or loose more weight bec as per my height the ideal weight should be aroound 88. you replied that the bmi should be between 25 to 27 and my bmi is 29.5 so what should i do should i still try for the feb assessment. please reply.

    1. hi dear
      100% i think u should try and see how it goes....while u do that, you can try to lose that weight so it goes to the normal bmi...
      i totally think u should go to that assessment and see how it goes...
      because sometimes some people that are tall like yourself, they look slim anyway....
      ex me im 160cm, if i only gain 1kg i would look so wide/heavy,,,,
      while for example u that are so tall, if u would gain 1kg´s people wouldnt even notice...because ur so tall...
      so if i were u dear, i would attend this feb ad...
      but its up to u and how u feel....
      and all while u do this...u do the healthy route and try to lose those amount of kgs....
      good luck dear.....
      have a lovely day

  59. Hello dear cabincrewdreamer , thank you for your lovely blog, so I got accepted in Etihad but after the clearances, I was not accepted and neither did all the other candidates from my country except the ones with european passport (I am from an Arab country) and neither did some of my friends with other Arab countries passport
    So I guess the U.A.E Gov doesn't allowed arab youth to work there and I guess it's the same for Emirates so I won't even try, anyways I just wanted to let you know and maybe it may inform other arabs who want to be cabin crew that this political cituation destroyed my dream.
    Thank you for your blog it really did made me dream
    Have a lovely day

    1. hello dear
      hope ur well
      thank u for this piece of info...this is frustrating/sad that because of political issues this has happened....but i hope its not forever this ´´ban´´ against people with arab passport....i hope its a temporary thing...and after a while u guys can re-apply again....
      because i remember in my batch i had 2 arab candidates.....but i hope its a temporary thing....
      hopefully u can try again in the future and hopefully your passport wont be a obstacle
      but im sorry dear that all of u guys went through all he recruitment process and had hopes/dreams and it all went down... :-( so sorry....
      but have faith in the future things will work our for u.....just have hope dear
      Thank you dear for the info and i wish u the best
      take care

    2. Thank you for your support dear cabin crew dreamer, I've been thinking about trying with kuwait or qatar but I don't know about their gov policy there
      if you have any advice for me please
      thank you very much

    3. sweety, regardless of what JUST TRY AND TRY with other airlines....qatar isnt in UAE....so qatar has different rules...if i were u, i would 100% try with qatar or kuwait....why not right....i dont know about the situation with arabic passports....in various countries...but still if i were u, i would give it a chance....
      also i kind of feel regardless uniform/company its a blessing in itself to be able to fly/Travel and experience the cabin crew world....doesnt matter what airline we are in...its a blessing anyway right :-)
      so good luck dear
      take care

  60. hello! u have a amazing blog!!! i just had one question. i was a ex etihad employee. i joined may 2014 and resigned at the end of november because i got engaged. but now i would love to go back again after 2 months. its a very short period but do i have to go to training again? and cant i keep my staffnumber? u have any idea? who can i contact for this case?


    1. hi dear Kim
      hope ur well
      from what i heard is Yes those that re-join etihad has to do the training all over again. and the re-joiners get a new staff no again.....
      if u still have ur PMs email address i advice u to email him/her...other than that the recruitment team if u have their address...
      but this is the little piece of info i have about this dear Kim....
      congrats on ur engagement kim :-) and i wish u all the best on re-joining etihad again
      good luck
      take care

  61. hi dear,
    I just have one question, I got an email about 2 weeks ago saying that after the clearences I was not accepted , can I ask them to redo the clearences again ? do you know any similar cituations ?


    1. hi dear Ryma
      im deeply sorry for this, :-( must be frustrating to get a email like this....but unfortunately there is no way around this....or for the HR to re-check this clearance ect...as its a government thing....etihad cant change it, its the uae government.... :-(
      yeah i have heard of others not getting the clearance as well...but i dont know if either of these people did contact the HR to have it re-done again or what happened to these people that contacted me...so i dont know dear
      but dont give up dear, u have emirates, u have flydubai, u have qatar....i would try with any airline i could..if ur dream was to become a cc.....i just think it doesnt matter at the end of the day what uniform/company we have....its a blessing in itself to be able to travel/fly and experience the cc world :-)
      wishing u the best dear
      and good luck with everything
      may all ur dreams come true

  62. Hello Dear, Thank you so much for such a great blog. Do you know anything about Oman air as well. i cleared two rounds and now my next round on monday. Later its swimming and im not very comfortable in swimming as they don't provide life jackets too. Can you let me know if you have more info on this?

    1. hi dear roopinder
      hope ur well
      good luck dear on monday on the next round in ur oman air assessment...
      but im sorry i have no info about oman air, if i had i would 100% share it with u
      but i wish u the best
      take care

  63. Hi Cabin crew dreamer,

    I was wondering do they call or email your references? i had heard they email at first and afterwards if they get no reply they call.


    1. hi dear laura
      hope ur well
      regarding references...
      its different...from case to case....although regardless ek or ey, its 50% 50% that they will call/email...
      sometimes they email first and later call..sometimes they call those u wrote in that paper...
      example for me and 70% of those in my batch, none of the HR folks called our references...
      but to some they do....i think its 50%...
      either they will call or email...but mostly i heard they will make a phone call...
      take care and have a nice day dear laura

  64. hello po, what if you have complete teeth but two of it are just fake/"jacketed"? they still accept po ba? or it should be perfect/natural complete teeth? pls tel me po all you know about this. thanks po. :)

    1. Hi Dear
      Hope you are well
      :-) whats ´´Po Ba´´ ? i have never heard of this word before... :-)
      regarding your teeth, it depends on where these ´´fake´´ teeth are...
      if its in the back and its not noticeable, thats fine...as long as u have teeth...
      also a nice smile is important....so if you have a nice smile, than if the teeth are fake or not thats ok.... :-)
      have a lovely day

  65. Hey dear! Loved your blog! Thank you so much for the insight.
    I'e got a question..am actually a ex qr crew..will be trying for ek open day in a few weeks. Im so stressed on how to answer them as they will ask me why i left qr..i was there for less than a year. I left due to family reason. I know i cant say this though.

    Sorry, and also i just got a small cut on my finger! About 1cm. Wound has healed but theres a horrible dark scar? If i were to conceal with make up and they found out about it, will i be eliminated?

    Appreciate your advice dear!! :)

    1. hi dear hope ur well
      well done for all ur hard work at qatar!!! truly u should be proud !!!
      about the scar on ur finger, no i doubt it would cause a issue,,,as its only a cut even if its dark....if possible just cover the scar with makeup...and if anyone ask which i doubt they will..just say u had a cut .....
      the scars these companies are worried about and wouldnt allow if these scars would be visible are surgery scars...scars that are big and visible and wouldnt look good....
      but a scar from a cut of urs, it wont cause a issue :-)
      also regarding that u left qatar and what to answer them when they will ask u WHY DID U LEAVE QATAR? they will probably ask u WHY WONT U RE-JOIN WITH QATAR AGAIN AND WHY DO U WISH TO JOIN EMIRATES...
      i used to get this questions a lot when i attended emirates open day after i resigned with etihad....
      i would often say:


      and i would answer when they asked me why i left etihad i would say:

      I had to continue my studies back home

      there are more answers to this question as well
      but i dont know what else to say...and yes ur right we cant say we left the airline because of a family issue, because then they think if we left once for a family matter we would leave twice again...
      but its extremely tricky to what to say to this question when they ask u why u left ur previous airline...
      in office jobs or other jobs on ground u have tons of answers to say...example of reasons to tell a company you left:

      Career change
      Career growth
      Change in career path
      Company cut backs
      Company downsized
      Company restructured
      Company went out of business
      Family circumstances
      Family reasons
      Flexible schedule
      Getting married
      Hours reduced
      Job was outsourced
      Good career opportunity
      Good reputation and opportunity at the new company
      Laid off
      Landed a higher paying job
      Limited growth at company
      Long commute
      Looking for a new challenge
      Needed a full-time position
      New challenge
      Not compatible with company goals
      Not enough hours
      Not enough work or challenge
      Offered a permanent position
      Personal reasons
      Position eliminated
      Position ended
      Reorganization or merger
      Seasonal position
      Seeking a challenge
      Seeking more responsibility
      Staying home to raise a family
      Summer job
      Temporary job
      Went back to school

      but i assume we cant say these about why we left our previous airlines..
      anyhow dear good luck
      and i wish u the best with ek :-)

  66. Wahhh!! Thank you so muchhh for the info!! Really appreaciate your blog!! Okay..i can relax now about the scar. Read online that those who went mentioned that its as if they are gg for top model interview. Hahah.

    Yes..still cracking to find the perfect reason for leaving. I hope the interviewers are nice and pray that i'll get lucky and pull through the interview.

    Feeling so positive and confident now. Im sure your blog gave so many other hopeful confidence too! :)

    I wish you all the luck and happiness in whatever you do dear cabincrewdreamer!!! :))

    Have a great day! <3

    1. ❤ thank u so much dear, and hope soon u hear positive good news ❤ god bless u ❤

  67. Dear, i am so happy that i came across your blog. recently i applied only for emirates and few days ago they emailed me the invitation to go to their open day that will be held at the end of this month in my city. my questions are 1) im a final year student (expected graduation on this october) so should i go to this upcoming open day or would be better for me to finish my study first? 2) I dont know how to swim. I meant i can definitely swim with the life vest on but without the life vest would be a question mark for me as well. Hehe. Should this be disadvantage for me?

    Thank you in advance ya sweetheart! :))

    1. Hello dear Mary Julie
      hope u are well
      thats awesome u got a invite from emirates...
      good luck at the end of february :-)
      so about your questions::::::::

      1) im a final year student (expected graduation on this october) so should i go
      to this upcoming open day or would be better for me to finish my study first?

      during your final interview they will be asking you when you can join...and emirates do wait for people....example if candidates say they can join in 1 months from now or 3 months from now...ek will wait....and make your date of join in 3-4 months....but im not sure if emirates is willing to wait 8 months until october...but if i were in ur shoes dear i would 100% attend this recruitment event...to see how it goes and try ur chances regardless when ur planning to join....also these recruitment events are good to learn and gain experience....

      2) I dont know how to swim. I meant i can definitely swim with the life vest on but without the life vest would be a question mark for me as well. Hehe. Should this be disadvantage for me?

      if its possible join a swimming class and try to learn how to swim...so when u join emirates after october...u would know how to swim...during the ditching exam u guys will do various tests in the pool, and i think most of the time u guys will be wearing the life vest...but u dont want to show the trainer that u wont be able to swim..even having the life vest on...i bet if u started taking swimming classes a little bit....u would be more confident in the water..until that day u do ur ditching exam...than when ur ditching exam comes...even if u might not be so well in swimming u would still be confident and know swimming much better....and that would be ok....

      hope this piece of info helps for u dear
      again if i were u, i would 100% attend this recruitment event at the end of this month....go try ur chances....and in the process u gain experience and see how it is....
      good luck dear
      take good care of urself
      wishing u the best

  68. hello cabincrewdreamer!
    thanks for this amazing blog and helping us out.

    i am asian male with 165cm of height.
    EY and EK are my dreams.

    i tried EK, i passed the reach test but failed to make it to the 2nd interview.
    do you think i have a chance considering my not so tall height?
    it's hard to be a male candidate, smaller chances and
    i think they are looking for tall guys.

    idk why i failed since i know i did well, confident and genuine smile.
    if its my height then i wont have any chance even if i try 999 times, dont u think? :(

    also i have pimple marks on my face so i try to get them removed within my
    6months of waiting time. i need to invest on my appearance.

    plus i have a small coin size scar on my arm near elbow, and its visible.
    while im typing this im losing my hope a little bit haha.
    is it a no-no for CC??

    im considering getting certificates in first aid for adults and children,
    thats 2 certificates. will it be a plus for my application?

    and if you have any info about male CC please do tell us.
    im dying to know more about male CC in EK and EY!
    thanks in advance :)

    1. im 22 btw. i want your honest opinions! :)

    2. hi dear hope ur well
      first i have to say 100% u have good chances on scoring the jobs with ek and ey!!!
      ur 22 years old thats the golden age in these airlines...they seek young candidates now so ur in an amazing time to apply for these airlines....
      as long as u manage to pass the reach test for ek and ey its fine, not all male cc are tall..in my batch when i joined etihad we had a guy that was 163cm i think....and i know this guy in ek that isnt that tall either....anyhow as long as u pass the reach test than ur fine with this....
      male cc´s wear long sleeve shirt so its ok with ur coin size scar...it wont be visible...
      i would not declare this if i were u.....when these airline say no scars allowed or whatever...what they mean is surgery scars..like big scars that is visible and doesnt look good....they dont mean tiny scars we all have....i have tons of scars here and there and its ok...i never declared those scars.....
      also if u like to gain some experience in the first aid course do so for urself....but know this wont guarantee u the job...it wont give u a plus when u apply for these airlines....if u want to get those certificates...and have the opportunity to do so...yeah why not...to fill ur resume and make a good resume...but know its not a plus or minus.....
      if i were u dear i would also try with qatar....while we all heard qatar is strict ect, i know people that work as cc in qatar and they love the travelling part and they earn good money to save and they do this while they wait for another better airline ect.....
      of course u have chances dear....its just normally its very difficult for male cc to get successful in etihad/emirates or qatar because they seek mostly female...but it doesnt mean the male should stop applying....example in flights u perhaps would see 1-2 males in each flight or zero male on some flights...thats why its difficult for male to get this job.....
      but tryyy and tryyy and dont let anything or anyone stop u from getting this dear......
      i read everything u wrote and nothing u wrote made me think THIS GUY CANT BECOME A CC...of course u can...and u have equal chances like anyone else......
      ur young and this is just the beginning of the adventure for u dear
      may u succeed!!
      good luck

    3. aww thank you so much for the response and kind words!
      i wish i could try qatar but in my country, their required height for male candidate is 167cm
      i lack 2cm lol. do they actually check everyone's height though?
      i would fake my application form and say im 167cm and wear heely leather shoes or something.
      and last they they had assessment day, it was only for female...

      this guy from partner agency of EK (wc handles the AD here) said to me after
      the interview that i should try other airlines too.. idk if it meant that "you have no chance here, dont waste your time"

      i might consider cathay pacific, but middle east is still my dream place to live.
      funny because my other language skills will not help me get the job at EK.
      not also my receptionist job experience im having now.
      this is all for my dream for cc.

      do you have any "do's and dont's during the AD?" wear this, have this?
      I read you wrote we should wear a watch but i didnt. also, my shoes werent looking awesome.
      thanks! :)

    4. :-) hiii again..
      about qatar and all these airlines...yes they do check height..they do these reach test ....sorry u cant try with qatar dear....i didnt know they had this requirement for males in height...
      100% try with cathay pacific....knock on all doors...
      if i were u, i would try with flydubai too....
      because it doesnt matter really what airline/uniform we have....as long as we get to flyyy and travel the world and experience the cc job.. right :-)
      i have some documents and ebooks worth reading related to cc...i could send them to u if u want...
      send your email address....in the comment section...or contact me using the ´´contact me form´´ and i can send them for u :-)
      have a great day dear...

  69. Hi Cabincrew dreamer. Thank you for this amazing blog.it is so helpful.
    I wanted to know if im selected, would Emirates allow me to live with my husband in different accommodation (not in the one which the company offers),and if it is allowed would they help with payment?

    1. hi dear hope ur doing well today
      emirates do offer housing allowance which u crew can use after probation period i think...i dont know how much the housing allowance is....
      but married couples do have this chance....
      have a great day dear....good luck

    2. Thanks alot dear...

  70. Hello,

    My name is Murilo and I am from Brazil. I will attend the open day for Emirates in Sao Paulo on Feb. 21st and I am very excited. I have a question... there is a question on the form I filled out and it says: are you required to wear glasses or contact lenses? I checked the option no because I do not really need them to see or read something or drive. But yes, I wear glasses when I am using a computer, doing too much reading or go to a lecture because I have to focus my sight on the presenter. But on a plane for example I don't think I would need to wear them.

    Shall I check yes or no? I ask that because if I check no, I will have to take my glasses for the open day and wear them to take the tests cause there will be too much reading. What do I do? Thanks

    1. Hi dear Murilo hope ur doing well
      good luck at ek on 21st feb dear...fingers crossed for u.....
      about the vision
      here is a emirates pre-employment medical form....check this and see if they write something about vision...


      u can check whats approved and not....
      its ok to have glasses and contact lenses as a crew...a lot of crew have either contact lenses or glasses...as long as ur vision is within the limits of what ek approves of...which u can read more about in this link i gave u above....
      also if u do declare u need to wear glasses ect, u need papers from a eye doctor also if u have to wear glasses on board ur glasses has to be approved by the grooming manager.....
      during ur medical exam in dubai u guys will be doing a eye test as well...
      so again check this paper and see....
      so then its up to u if u tick yes and no...as u know ur vision measurements better....
      but again its ok if people need glasses/contact lenses on board..
      wishing u the best dear
      good luck
      have a lovely day

  71. Dear cabincrewdreamer,
    Thank u for this amazing blog, am glad that i found it!
    so i have interview with fly emirates next week i feel so stressed because everyone say that its very hard and it reallyhard ford me to handle stress! do u have any advise

    and for lipstick can i wear light pink or red is better?

    1. hi lovely girl
      good luck next week , thats sooo exciting..wishing u the best
      u know there is no way for us to switch off the stress/press during these interviews...because its a very important thing we are doing that will affect our entire life...so of course we will feel all those emotions....we cant just help it...but we can hide these feelings though...regardless what goes on inside us during these moments...we just need to pretend everything is ok....
      for me going swimming before these assessments/interviews does help with the nerves a bit...
      u just need to find where ur peace and balance is...which can help u before u attend this interview....
      but know everyone will feel the way u do during that day so u wont be alone..... :-)
      and feeling all these emotions are totally normal...
      try to think positive and it will all be fine :-)
      but such a exciting thing that is ahead of u..lucky u...so much fun...
      as for lipstick i think red lipstick...is much better....
      good luck dear
      fingers crossed u go home with good news

  72. Thank you so much for this amazing post i saved it on my pc and read it over and over

    1. ❤ you are welcome dear, im just happy i can share something with someone :-) have a lovely day ❤:-)

  73. Yayyyyy. . Hi Cabincrew dreamer again.. I just wanted to share this awesome news with you:))) At last I received an On hold email from Emirates, saying my interview was successful:))Just the courses are fully booked till June.. Now another waiting game started. :)At least I know that my interview was successful. ..Can't wait to start my career with Emirates..I'm so excited, wanted to share this news with you knowing you would be happy for this great news like your own:)) I have few questions about medicals dear, could you please contact me through this email niaz_md99@hotmail.com

    1. congratulationsssss sweety im sooo happy for u
      yayyyyyyyyyy...what wonderful positive good news!! :-)
      i sent u a email...check it when u have time...

  74. Replies
    1. heyyy~ just wanna ask..do they accept underweight candidates? I am going through the pre employment medical. how ever i am underweight v bmi 16.9...it is within the requirement though (16-18)...but they had ask an additional report frm dietician to comfirm my bmi. my hips to waist ratio is normal and also its approproate to my body frame. i had no eating disorder too...will they kick me off because of the word "underweight?" :(
      anyway...u have my respect! I salute u for ur kindess and patience in helping all of us here! *salute* :) may god bless u!

    2. hi dear i hope ur doing well and thank u so much for ur kind words dear
      regarding ur question about underweight, if you pass the initial medial test which is the thing ur doing now the pre-employment medical paper....if u pass this then it means etihad is ok with ur bmi....i have actually never heard of anyone being fired for low bmi....
      i have flown with very petite/thin crew, and as long as the person has the energy and are healthy ect its ok.....i think its those that look unhealthy and perhaps cant be able to do their job because of the under weight that isnt allowed to fly.....
      as long as ur fit to fly..as they say....ur ok.....
      hopefully there is nothing to worry about dear as we all have different body shape and built differently...and as long as ur healthy and fit to work and do that job....i dont see a issue for etihad to fire u :-)
      wishing u the best dear
      good luck with everything

  75. thank you for ur reply! Aww...in my report they didnt state anything like i am fit for fly or wat..they just state i am underweight only::(( so worry its not convincing enough ::(( anyway..thank you! ^^

  76. I have applied online for asssessment day about two month ago? Can i still apply for open day? (In the e mail that i got after applying online they say that if i did not get an invitation to interviewfor them it means that i am unsuccessful or that they have no opportunities to consider me for. I am so doubtful about this matter because i have made a plan to go for an open day. Thanks

    1. hi dear david
      hope ur well
      yeah if i were u i would 100% attend a open day, regardless if u applied or not.....
      also i advice u to perhaps re-apply again with a new email address, and create a new account...
      this actually works...
      a friend of mine applied online....few days after she got the rejection email....so no invite for her.....1 week later she re-applied again with a new email address, she changed her pics a bit, and changed her resume a bit...and 1 day after that she got invited.....
      and she attended the assessment ect.....
      so thats what i advice u to do... re-apply again or attend a open day....
      good luck dear david...
      have a lovely evening...

  77. By the way, My submission status of emirates airline is application recieved. So, i think i will go for an open day in another country, and i will not reapply again. Do you think is it ok? Thanks a lot. I am so worried about this

    1. Dear David
      Yeah its ok to show up for open days even if people already applied ect....a lot of people i know do this and have done this. And yes u can still attend a open day even if that email states something else.
      Good luck dear
      take care

  78. I have another question: do i have to withdraw my submission after i attend the open day? Or i should not do anything about that submission application? Thanks

    1. Dear David
      no u dont need to withdraw your submission after you attended your open day.....u can do it if u like...but not necessary... yes dear regardless if ur status says unsuccessful, people still attend open days....i wrote a example of that from a friend of mine...above in my previous reply to u :-)
      yes u can still attend a open day regardless of what ur status says...even if it goes to unsuccessful... :-)
      so go for it
      and i wish u the best on ur open day

  79. Hi, Cabincrewdreamer:)

    I am impressed with your dedication and serivce minded attitude towards helping others:) Awesome!

    I have a Q, since I am planning to attend one of the EK's open days in a week or so: I have 5 years of experience in sales and management. But at the moment (a year almost) I have been working a "ground zero" job so to speak.. I am not very happy about it nor I am willing to put this job on my resume.

    What do you think, would it be better if I leave that year blank or put that job on there? If I leave blank, would it rise any susipicious thoughts for the recruiters? In any case how would that affect the decision, especially during the OD?

    P.S. the "down the ladder" change was with the reason. But it is very personal and I do not want to share that with the recruiters.

    Thank you so much:)