Sunday, May 25, 2014

You Know You’re Cabin Crew When

You Know You’re Cabin Crew When

By: confessionsofatrolleydolly

Hilarious points that are soooo TRUE and so damn funny, if you would like to read more of these check them out here:

 You know you’re Cabin crew when

  • You constantly say please and thank you after ever sentence, with a fake smile plastered right across your face.

  • You put your cabin shoes on to do the hoovering, cooking, ironing, washing-up, cleaning etc.

  • When you eat all your meals behind a curtain, stood up, or sat on top of a box in the corner of the room.

  • You answer your phone saying, “Hi, it’s me at doors……..”.

  • The doorbell goes at home and you automatically look to the ceiling to see where that bloody call bell has just gone off.

  • You get on a bus or train and you have to stop yourself from telling people to put their bags under the seat in front. STOP IT! You’re not in work now

  • When you can apply lipstick and make-up perfectly, without a mirror and without going over the edges, boys too.

  • You are officially a geek and see airport codes in car registration plates.

  • When traveling as a passenger you un-cross your legs, adopt your landing position and carry out a 30 second review when the plane comes in to land, just in case.

  • NOTHING shocks or surprises you anymore, no matter what people do.

  • All of your pens have different hotel names on them, but you still hate lending them to a passenger.

  • When you try to put the break on your shopping trolley, then curse it because you think you’ve got ANOTHER dodgy trolley, then you realize that actually, you’re in the supermarket and not onboard an aircraft.

  • You are an expert at walking down the aisle at break-neck speed, without making eye contact with a single passenger.

  • You stand at doorways like an idiot saying “Buh-bye. Thank you. Have a nice day”.

  • The polyester is off for a week and your sat on a plane, going on a well earned holiday; yet you can’t stop yourself from looking up, every time a damn call bell goes off.

  • You lock your front door and get someone to cross-check it.

  • A workmen comes to your house and you tell them where the toilets are and serve them tea or coffee on a tray.

  • You refer to cities using their airport codes, which becomes very confusing for family and friends who are not in the industry. “Where the hell is SXF???”.

  • You can’t sleep and insomnia becomes a fact of life.

  • You make yourself aware of the nearest exits and how they work, wherever you are.

  • When you ask your mate in a pub if they want a drink then follow it up with, “Ice and lemon with that?”.

  • You discover bruises where you never knew bruises could appear and wonder how the hell they got there?

  • You can pack a suitcase in two minutes flat.

  • You are excellent at multi tasking.

  • When friends come round for dinner and all you offer them is ‘chicken or beef?’.

  • You look for the latches on your kitchen cupboards.

  • You give people directions like you’re pointing out the exits.

  • You constantly live out of your suitcase..

  • When you’re onboard a flight and you dare not touch the call bell for fear of that icy stare from another crew member like the one you give to passengers, on your flights, when they dare to press it.


  1. BushflightattendantJanuary 19, 2016 at 7:29 AM

    Hahaha... I'm guilty..

    I loove your blog.. i thank God for you.. i have an assessment on 27th in Abudhabi.. i have read all your tips and I'm hopeful things will work out..

    1. ♥ wihsing u all the best on 27th, fingers crossed ♥ Also if you want more tips and tricks i have some informative ebooks, related to cc, just write your email address and i can send them for you, or write your email via the contact me form
      take care dear ♥ and thank you for your kind words ♥ :-) ♥ ♥ ♥