Friday, June 8, 2012

Exit Etihad Done

As difficult it was to get this job as a cabin crew with Etihad Airways it has been difficult to exit the company.
With exit i mean doing all the stuff to prepare myself for departure to my home country.
In normal jobs you might hand in your resignation letter and when your last working day comes you leave and say good bye to everyone.
Well being in this company nothing is like what it is in our own home countries.
The procedure and rules to fallow to exit this company is far out the MOST DIFFICULT things i ever done in my life when it comes to resigning a job.
Well let me share with you what i had to do in order to finish the LIST....
Yeah we do have to fallow this list, once it is done you get your free ticket to fly back home.
Let me show you so you guys will get an idea of how it is to exit this company.

You need to hand in your etihad uniform and luggage to one place

Than you have to leave your manuals and all books and stuff to ANOTHER place

You need to cancel your staff travel

You need to make an appointment for someone to com to your accommodation to inspect it

You need to go to somewhere else to hand in all your id´s

Than you go to somewhere else to cancel your visa

If the internet in your accommodation was under your name you need to go to that place and cancel it

When that is done, you have the inspection come and do a inspection in your accommodation

Than you go to collect a bank clearance letter

Than after that, you go to fill in a form about your money in the bank.

Than you finally go to staff travel for them to book YOUR FINAL TICKET HOME....

All of these stuff you have to do in order, you go to each ´´ station´´ to get a signature too to make sure you have it done.

It took me 2 weeks to complete all of these steps, but it can be done within 1 week if you push it.

It is such a headache really, also all the rules and regulations coming with this. If one thing wont work or a delay comes in your way, all of the rest from your list has to be postponed!
You cant continue if one thing isnt done....and we need to fallow this LIST 100%
ehehehehe :-))

I have never done such ´´ clearance exit ´´ thingy with any company i worked with in my life. But i do understand why we have to do this though.
 In UAE its all about regulation and rules.

Some crew actually leave the country without doing this, i mean just leave and never come back because of this exit procedure. But if you do it, it means UAE will black list you from ever be able to return to this country again.
But it does happen though that etihad crew leave without anyone knowing....
Such a shame cause than they would never be able to come back here, i mean not even for vacation.

Well i am happy to finally finish all of these and awaiting my tickets to go back to Europe. But who knows i might come back to UAE...
We will see what happens.
But thank god i am done with this ´´list´´, seriously such a hassle.

So in few days i will be heading back home, yayyy
I am so happy to begin a new chapter in my life.

Remember changes in life opens doors, and give us a chance to even HAVE A BETTER LIFE.
I am confident i will do better things in life.
Being a cabin crew might be good to do in life but not for lifetime. It might be a career for some but not for me.
Yes this job has very good and comfy things coming with it, but i feel i need to move on from this.

This picture below totally explain me, and my path and what i did.... heheeheh

I chose to take another path....because i know success for me wasnt the path i was on....


I will end this post with this beautiful poem i found, GOD BLESS YOU ALL


Life is mountains, hills and sky

Life is oceans and rivers flow by

Life is plains and plateaus green mass

Life  is valley, thin narrow dark

Life is sunrise, a new dawn sun,

Life is birds flying, chirping in fun.

Life  is migration, from emotion to heart,

Life is reality, money, wine and  putt.

Life is naughty, dirty, stupid too,

Life is caring, loving, admiring new.

Life is love, lust, kissing moon,

Life is heart, hearth and holy deed,

Life is grace, grub, and growing greed.

Life is accept, reject, renewals,

Life is science, sense, and duals.

Life is suffer, suffice and prefixes,

Life is count, comfort and reflexes.

Life is work, woos, worries,

Life is nurture, neighbor and torrid.

Life is vast, vulnerable and vague,

Life is no more, nothing and nay.

Life is colorful, no color, white,

Life is dusk, sunset and night.

Life is hope, horrible and hell,

Life is dreams, a story to tell.

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  1. Thks for sharing....i was offered a job as an aircraft engineer but was contemplating whether to jump ship.was wondering how is the culture of etihad.thks again.u can find me in fb if u care to share.regard...syed al-hafizh shah

    1. Hi!
      Congrats on getting that job offer at etihad, i bet its a great opportunity...
      i think we all have different views on the culture of etihad...i think regardless what everyone says u have to go urself and experience it...
      some would enjoy it and some perhaps wouldnt....
      but i wish u the best on ur journey...!

  2. Hi,
    I would like to ask is there a bond for number of years to stay in the company? what if we left before the bond ends?

    1. dear jacklyn...
      the contract u get in etihad is 3 years...but people can resign before 3 years so thats ok...the contract can be renewed too...
      but u have this 6 months of probation as well...after 6 months ur safe....if u leave before 6 months u have to pay a fee for training or other stuff as the company have paid so much to bring u to the country and all the stuff they given u.....
      :-) take care