Saturday, February 14, 2015

Interview With an ex Etihad Cabin Crew :-)

The lovely Rosaine Dalila Scruff had a interview with me a while back, i thought i would share it with you guys :-)
The interview is about a lot of things related to my past with Etihad and my thoughts/emotions about the Cabin Crew job and more :-)

You can read it in Eng here:::

The Portuguese version is here:::

Rosaine Dalila Scruff is a ex cabin crew as well as the author of a book called
 ´´ Crew - The Pain of Glamour´´ which can only at the moment be read in Portuguese. The title of the book in Portuguese is: TRIPULANTES - A Dor do Glamour. I totally recommend reading her book :-)
If you guys want to read her book, the links are at the end of the page via this link:::

TRIPULANTES - A Dor do Glamour Facebook Page: 


  1. Dear Cabin Crew Dreamer, it was an honour to me!!! 41 Questions... and you've answered all of them.. wow... amazing!! Thank you for sharing with us here in Brazil your precious experience!!!
    I love it! so much light and love on your paths! Hugsss, tons of hugs from Brazil!!! You have a good heart... <3

    1. ❤ ❤ :-) Thank YOU lovelyyyy Rosaine, for a wonderful interview time with you, was truly insightful and made me reflect over certain things i normally dont....sending 10000 hugs and kisses and all the happiness ur wayyy ❤ ❤
      God bless you ❤

  2. Thank you so much for this . You're so kind ! :))

    1. ❤ Nussary thank u for ur kind words.....hope ur good.... i hope this interview gave some insight to how certain things might be in the cc world :-)
      wishing u a lovely night ❤

  3. Hi CabinCrewDreamer! I'm Ika from KUL. I have few questions or maybe a tips from you regarding Emirates. I've tried twice and managed to pass through the 1st round where the group activities. Both I failed at the same stage. 1st trial I might be do not have eye contact and too nervous. 2nd trial, I've done my best. I focused on audiences, had my eye contacts and smile all the way. But again I failed. I was wondering what do they want actually? It hurts because we can't have feedback of where is the mistake. I know I should not giving up on this. But I scared to face the failure if I fail at the same stage. Awaiting for your reply. Xx

    1. Hello dear Ika
      Hope you are well
      truly its a mystery to what emirates are seeking in potential successful candidates. I once made it to the final interview with emirates, but got the unsuccessful email after, and i tried again...i attended a open day and THAT time i didnt even make it to the assessment....
      there is truly a mystery to who they want...or what they are looking for...
      all i know is these recruiters when they go to these cities, they obviously have some quota, they have a list to go after....a ´´secret list´´ to tick off, during the recruitment event....example if they go to italy, they want italian speaking candidates, certain age category, or even hair color, ect ect....they have a list to go after....,,,,most often it doesnt matter if we have the perfect resume, perfect look, perfect educational background or working background...if u dont fall into this pattern....or have whatever they have in that list... they seek in that certain open day, we are out....
      its like a game....truly...
      either we win or loose...
      i have seen perfect candidates get rejected, and i have seen bad candidates getting the job we wonder!!? what are they seeking!!
      but that should not stop u Ika from trying again right....
      i know this girl that tried 4 times and on her 4th time she got the job....
      and she told me she didnt really change much in her resume, or the way
      she looked on that day or her pictures or the way she acted...nothing really changed much... and she wonders why THAT day she got successful.....we all wonder that....
      of course we have to have a good resume, good pictures, have good
      communication skills, good body language, ect ect ect
      then sometimes these stuff isnt enough either....sometimes perhaps
      that moment wasnt meant to be....or if it was pure luck....
      anyhow there is really nothing we can do after rejections, other than to
      play the game all over again.....
      also it wont help you much when we analyze our errors, ´´errors´ we think we did wrong...when perhaps it wasnt wrong at all...and u were fine!!!
      we will go crazy if we think ´´what did i do wrong´´ dear Ika dont analyze and over think any of this, try to put this behind u....and think forward....
      a new open day soon will come!!!
      and u will be back at the game again!!
      just dont loose hope dear...keep doing it...keep trying...until that door will open :-)
      good luck...
      have a great tuesday

  4. OMG thank you so much for your advice. You really make me feels better. I guess it is all about luck. I do not have the luck yet or maybe this is not the path for me. It's true what you have said. Its killing me when I'm thinking where is the error. Where did things went wrong etc etc. Guess I just should keep on trying and pray to God so that I will have my luck. Anyway thanks again. I will keep you updated as I will go to another Open Day sooner. I hope there will not the same recruiter. As both I went before. It is the same recruiter who rejected me. Haha. Keep you in touch! Xx

    1. Your welcome dear Ika...but one thing i have to add, you wrote ´´´maybe this is not the path for me´´´i thought the same too during the 3 years i applied for various airlines and with tons of rejections...but i didnt stop.....regardless of the 1000 rejections.....but at the end i got if i had stopped, i would not been successful dear IKA dont think its not your path or something....perhaps the timing isnt now...but it will be have a lot of choices to fulfill your dream to become a cc...
      you have example emirates, etihad, qatar, flydubai ect ect...try them all if u can...also perhaps it doesnt matter what uniform we wear or for what company we work at, as long as we get the chance to flyyyy/travel the world and experience the job as a cc and thats a blessing in itself right.....
      believe sooner or later that door will open :-) positive thoughts dear :-)
      sending u all the happiness and joy your way
      GOOD LUCK hugssss

  5. I would love to try Etihad. But seems like Etihad doesn't have any Open Day yet. Only Emirates on last January 2015, February 2015 and now next on April. I quite shocked too because Emirates have a lot of Open Day held in Malaysia which is quite rare for me. Again thanks to you. Talking to you really makes me feel better because I do have few contacts that currently working with Emirates but seems like no one would like to help those "Emirates Wannabe". Yeah it is at first I feel so angry because wondering what do they actually want.They claimed to choose best out of the best but actually it is not maybe haha. Its true like you said, I saw bad candidates who wore mini skirt and managed to pass through. But nevermind. I will keep trying. I hope the 3rd time I try, luck will be with me. Xx

    1. ´´´´ I do have few contacts that currently working with Emirates but seems like no one would like to help those "Emirates Wannabe"´´
      -- yeah Ika i understand fully about this, before i joined etihad no one would help me either, i had tons of contacts in ek/ey before i got the job with etihad and i asked tons of folks about whatever, but some people just doesnt seem to be willing to reach out or help anyone... :-( a bit sad actually....but what to do.... :-/
      anyhow have your eye on the price dear IKA and stay determined dear....
      and ignore all the worries or fear or whatever....
      hopefully soon you can share some good news with me :-)
      have a wonderful day today dear

    2. Hi, I have a few personal questions regarding the etihad medical form, before you join. Is there any way I could e-mail you? It's just very personal! I would be most grateful! A lot of my friends work for emirates, but I don't know anyone who works in Etihad. I love your blog by the way, it's so informative! Love reading it, it's amazing!

    3. Hi dear
      thank you for your kind words... :-)
      no worries dear, to your right side, there is this ´´contact form´´
      you can write to me there and it goes to my email...
      catch u via email then...
      take care :-)

    4. Hi CabinCrewDreamer! Still remember me? I do contact you before last month. I just wanted to share with you today 4th April 2015 I went to Emirates Open Day for the THIRD TIME and guess what? I've FAILED the CV drop. This is so funny. I did laugh at home. The first and second Emirates Open Day, I succeed the CV drop and managed to go to next round. But this time, using the same resume, same makeup, same ME. Haha I failed. It is so funny and weird. I really laugh hard and wondering what are the recruiter is thinking. LOL

    5. Dear Ika
      Yes i remember you dear and reading about this ek od experience of urs is crazyyy, its frustrating and i agree hilarious..what the hell do they want we think? But its like a game...we either lose or win, when we lose we have to keep playing this damn game until we win heheeheh
      but good u laughed dear and didnt shed tears...laughing is better then shedding tears :-) continue laugh about it as its crazyyyy
      i dont know if you celebrate easter, but if u do happy easter to u dear ika...
      continue your journey towards success and one day i know u will come back and say GUESS WHAT :-) i made it :-)
      have a lovely night dear...
      1000 hugsss ur way

  6. Hello)First of all i want to thank you for sharing all this very useful information with us))I`ve read all your blog but i still have a question that already a lot of ppl asked you))about a tattoo...I will start training in Etihad soon but i have a tattoo on my hand exactly near the end of the blouse from uniform...i am not worrying about duty time cause i will cover it with dermbalend and as i understood no one will really pay attention after we will finish our training...I have doubts about medicals..they will not touch our hands or look on them to find scars or tattoos??And another question,during training i can wear long sleeve blouse?they never asked you to wear smth with short-sleeves? Thank you))

    1. hi dear i hope ur well
      thank u dear for ur kind words
      yes thats true about tattoos, that they wont pay much attention really once u start flying..regarding long as it isnt visible while wearing the uniform of course....and most crew do hide it with makeup ect....
      i saw a cabin manager with a big foot tattoo :-)) that she had hiden hehhe
      i hide my tattoos too.... :-)
      during the medical, its not like they examine our body for tattoos....but if tattoos are big and obvious and its visible they might react to it....
      during the medical exams in abu dhabi in the local etihad clinic, you all will wear these big white t-shirts though...and i bet this will cover ur tattoo too....and the dr wont tell you to remove your shirt though....
      the only time they saw my tattoo was during the vaccination, it was only a nurse there....she saw it,,,but didnt say anything....again as long as tattoos isnt obvious and not visible while wearing the uniform its ok......
      yes during the training u can wear long sleeve they dont ask u to wear short sleeve shirt....
      even during the ditching exam, we have the choice to wear long sleeve shirt....
      hope this piece of info helps a bit dear....
      wishing u the best with etihad when u join and congrats :-) for the job
      have a lovely sunday

  7. Hello cabincrewdreamer! I just finished reading your interview with Scruff and it hit something in me about the cabin crew life. You are so honest about what you felt and the reason for resigning is a real thing. I've been trying for a cabin crew position for 3yrs now but no luck at all, or maybe it is not really my "dream job". I just see myself saving the money to put up a business and live back with my family. I want to ask you if you were thinking the same way as I am right now? Were you able to save money for a year of flying?

    1. dear ray
      hope ur well
      i want to say just because we try with a job and at the time being we wont get successful DOES NOT MEAN ´´its not meant to be´´ or this job ´´is not for us´´ i tried with various airlines for approx 3 years and my dream was to become a cabin crew....after 3 years of rejections....i finally got it.....yeah we are humans and we have emotions and thoughts and we do think during difficult times ´´ perhaps this isnt for me´´ ect ect...but thats not true........if i had stopped applying and going to those open days i would not at the end gotten this cc job....we sometimes do feel fear/doubt...and thats ok....
      u say u have been trying with this cc job and it hasnt gone the way u wish it to go.....but keep on trying dear...if this cc job is a burning fire in ur heart u wont stop...thats what i did...i didnt stop....try with etihad, emirates, qatar, flydubai ect ect....if those companies are the companies u wish to work with.....
      if u feel this isnt something ur passionate about...then perhaps something else is :-)
      the salary with etihad or qatar or emirates, are AMAZING in my opinion...and tax free....when i worked in etihad i had the chance to save 50% of my salary and spend 50%....a very good friend of mine was a bit better of saving the money then i was so she saved 70% of her salary and spent 30%.....
      we all are different when it comes to saving money and spending...some are better at saving money...and some would rather enjoy their earnings then save at the moment....
      i have friends in etihad that have bought apartments, cars, and started small businesses, from the salary we got from etihad....
      so it all depends on the person...
      and i remember the salary we got in etihad depending on the roster and where we flew to was approx:: 1400euros to 2200 euros......
      everything is free, the only thing u pay there is internet, phone, entertainment, food....thats rent and its taxfree the salary i mean....
      also its different with these airlines than a European airline for example...most people in these ME airlines resigned perhaps after 1-3 years....but its a amazing experience though :-)
      Dear Ray i hope this piece of info helps give u a picture of how it is :-)
      have a lovely day dear

    2. Thank you cabincrewdreamer for your advise and info.I can say that saving 50% of salary is fantastic already! I hope when I get to Abu Dhabi, I can join one of the airlines you mentioned. May I know if you are still with Emirates? I back read some of your blog posts but I can't find the post when you joined Emirates. Is it true that Emirates has most flexible employee rules &regulations among the middle east airlines?And are you aware of the thing about not hiring Filipina anymore?If you are not allowed to answer my question its fine, I understand you signed a disclosure agreement. But if you could give a small info I would appreciate it. Thank you! :-) -Ray

    3. You are welcome dear Ray, im happy to share whatever piece of info i have :-)
      Dear i only worked with Etihad, not emirates...and i no longer work at Etihad. While etihad and emirates is pretty much equal in the employee rules/regulations, yes emirates is a bit more flexible.
      Regarding that these airlines dont hire Filipinos, few people have emailed me about this, and asked, but i havnt read anywhere or know 100% fact about this. I kind of feel that this might be a rumor i dont know....As far as im aware of, these airlines hire pretty much every nationality there is. And if the airlines dont go to those countries, most people if they can, will travel to those open days&ad´s ect....
      I remember though sometimes some political issues might stop various nationalities to gain visa to UAE, ex i remember a while ago there was some issues with arabic passport holders, to get the visa for UAE....and etihad....but this was a while i dont know if this issue has cleared or not......
      As im no longer working with Etihad im pretty much free to have a opinion/voice and share the info i have dear, so there is nothing that stops me from sharing whatever info i have :-)
      so know you can ask whatever there is :-) and if i can answer it 100% i will :-)
      have a lovely night dear Ray

    4. Thank you cabincrewdreamer, you have been a great help to my questions. I guess the news you saw mwas related to the war bet Saudi and the Gulf . Anyways, seems like Etihad and Emirates are a better company. It will be lucky if Etihad or Emirates will come here in the Philippines, only Qatar air and Saudi Air are conducting their open days here. So far I read your post with a link abt qatar air employees stories on how are the rules out there.I can say it is like having a nightmare already right before you get a good sleep.with Saudia, dont have much idea what the policies are.Anyway, whichever will hire me when I apply,I would grab it, whatever the company rules are. I was losing hope these days that have passed because of so many things. But Im so glad you have this blog to give me hope again. Thank you for inspiration! Godbless! -Ray

    5. Dear Ray
      Thank you for your kind words dear.
      Oh i didnt knew that was a political issue over saudi and the gulf, but good to know now :-) thanks for the info.
      As for Saudi airlines, i actually know a girl working for Saudi and she says the only thing she enjoys is the traveling part and the money, she got promoted recently to business class so thats better money for her. But personally i would not work for Saudi regardless of what, as there isnt much freedom for woman and there is a lot of limitations there and thats not a way of life at all.
      I also know few girls working for Qatar, one of them told me that while the company is strict and have many rules/regulations, she still enjoys working there. She loves the traveling part, the cabin crew job, the money, and while saving the money and traveling she is applying for etihad in the mean time :-)
      My personal opinion regarding Qatar is that it does seem to be strict but if we have no other choice personally i would chose qatar. Compared to Saudi, Qatar is way better. I did try Qatar myself 3 times before i got etihad. Sometimes our economical situation or lifestyle or whatever issue we have, isnt so good where we might be and for some people Qatar/ Doha is the quick answer to a better financial situation at that moment and a escape for something better.
      i understand those that still choses to work with Qatar regardless of the working environment.
      Just thought to share my personal opinion about Qatar :-)
      Have a lovely night dear Ray
      Take Care

  8. Hi, Good Day. I'm an aspiring male cc here in the Philippines. Do you have any idea on what airline company who hires male cc? thanks

    1. hi dear
      qatar, etihad and emirates do hire male try with them...
      good luck and have a lovely day

  9. Hey please could someone tell me how long etihad send successful email to candidates staying until final interview and all candidates success ?

    1. Hi dear
      regarding the successful email, it depends and every candidate have their own unique timeline.
      It can take anything from days to weeks....for the successful email....Ex for me i think 4 days after final interview i got the successful email...and in total it took 1 month from final interview to date of joining...
      hope this helps...
      good luck

  10. Thank you i still waiting ...