Thursday, February 16, 2017

Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Recruitment Process

A candidate who attended a Qatar Airways Cabin Crew OD/AD/FI in February 2017 shares her experience. Very informative 😊

4 recruiters from Qatar arrived at 9 am. Everybody was told to stay in line for their turn. When it was my turn i gave the recruiter my CV and then talked for 1 minute answering her questions.
She asked me two questions:

How old are you?

Is it your first time applying to Qatar Airways?

Got an invitation for assessment day right away.

(These days they hand out invites for the assessment during the open day, if you didnt get one usually it means you were not selected)


Around 100 people attended this assessment day the next day.

Next we had essay & English test - Basic multiple choice test and math.

After essay was elimination.

Recruiters will ask you to do the reach test, then will ask you about scars or moles.

They asked me what I was doing now, and how old I was etc. They check your make up & your arms & legs.

After that was another round of elimination.

Then we had our group discussion  & dynamics. We were separated  into 4 groups and told to discuss the pros of working abroad.

Important Tips:

1.) Do not cut other people off or be over eager to shine - one of the candidates did that and was eliminated

2.) Wait for your turn to speak and speak with confidence. Make eye contact with other candidates. If you have additional contributions, raise your hand

3.) Maintain poise even when not talking. Nod your head and look at the person speaking.

Always act like you're being watched! From the moment you attend the event, act like you're being assessed. Always smile.

After group dynamics we had another round of elimination.

That was the end of assessment day. We were down to only 19 people from 100. We were then given the medical forms to fill up & application forms and watched videos about the company.

The recruiter told us to apply online so we have an applicant ID.
There is no need to apply online before attending the recruitment event, you are given the choice to apply later on.


The next day (3rd day) i had my interview and it was a very quick interview, only 10 min. 

The questions i got during my interview were these:

What do you do right now?

Why do you want to work for Qatar Airways?

Do you live here or did you flew in for the event?

Would it be difficult for you to adapt to living in Doha

That was it, than they told us we would get results within 10 day.


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