Thursday, February 16, 2017

Qatar Airways Cabin Crew FB Page

Once in a while i come across various informative and cool cabin crew blogs/sites that gives us a very useful insight into their world. 😊
I came across this FB page:

She write about her journey of being a Qatar Airways cabin crew, all the way from the start when she applied. Although i dont understand the language she write in, but the pictures she post are worth 1000 words. Specially for those who wish to become a QR cabin crew, the pics she post are informative, give us a view of how ex how her photo looked like when she applied, during her training her roster, her accommodation ect..
I thought i would share some of the informative posts/pics she has been posting, but i advice you guys to check out her page. Specially if you know the language she is writing in, than it would be awesome for those of you guys who understand that language, to read her posts.😊


Below is a sample of a QR roster, i thought i would share this so you guys would see how a QR roster would look like::::

Also this is Qatar Airways full length photo specification

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