Thursday, March 8, 2012

Boeing 777 Training Done

Greetings from China!

As im typing this im lucky enough to be in this amazing side of the world.

Having few moments left before we head back to Abu Dhabi, thought i would post the 1st post of 2012 :-)

Thankfully i have good news, that i passed the Boeing 777 training i had.
It was very stressful as these trainings are. But i made it, didnt thought i would cause some parts of the exam was veryyyy difficult. The training was only 2 days thankfully.

1st day we learned about these :

  • B777 - 300 Aircraft/ evacuation devices/ normal operation / emergency operation / Communication/ emergency system
2nd day we did the exam and had little bit of service information given to us.

Now the exam with the questions was pretty easy as flying with airbus helped us with the 777. Also with the questions came multiple answers which helped of course. But we had this diagram we had to fill in. This is the hardest thing ever, as we have to fill in safety equipment in this diagram, and we had to memorize the diagram where the safety equipments were on the plane and how many they were ect. This was the hardest for me during the exam. But overall i passed THANK GOD.
Im so proud of myself that i did this as this is also one of the things in life i wanted to finish and not just start and not finish.

Now we have this familiarization flight for B777 coming up.
Mine is in few weeks and we call this first familiarization flight for a suppy flight which i think i have written about during the airbus i did.
And the first suppy flight i have is to JEDDAH.
But im excited as it seems to be very nice to work on B777 and things is set up to make our work much easier and more effective.
So im excited to go and see it and do my suppy on it. Now having this B777 done, it means i have access to every Etihad destinations now and i can fly wherever i want. The only thing i now have to wait for is the USA VISA. Getting that i can fly to USA too.

It feels so nice to have accomplished one thing more....and getting more experience in my job.
I also think as time goes this job is growing on me.
It was fantastic to get to work this in the beginning than in the middle of the time i had doubts if this is what i wanted? than now i feel things is slowly coming to place.

Many people ask me where is the best destination ever i have been to? There is 1 place i have been to but not with Etihad/work, which has been the best and most amazing places ever ever ever.
That is HAWAII
Seriously that place is like a postcard, like a paradise! I havnt been to a place like this before.....

The best destination i have been with Etihad/work has been SINGAPORE, its fantastic to be there but oh my god its the most THE MOST EXPENSIVE place i ever been to!
But its such a nice place to explore though!

The places i still havnt been to and dream of going is to ex: PARIS, MOSCOW, TOKYO, SEOUL, SAO PAULO, LOS ANGELES, SAN FRANSISCO, MIAMI, KENYA AND EGYPT.
Well there is no rush, one day i hope to see those places too, as i think these places would be a magical view to see.

Now i have to go and get ready to fly back to Abu Dhabi!

We will see what life has in store for all of us tomorrow, as each day is a new day right?!

Wish you all a wonderful morning, afternoon, evening or night depending on what time zones you are in!
Hugs πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
AND always think positiveπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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  1. hi there i stumble upon your blog and have just finished reading everything, it felt very very refreshing as i am a cabin crew as well for a canadian airline for almost two years now, you were exactly right when you said after a while everything becomes normal and the it kind of looses its spark but whenever i feel this way i think of the day i went to the interview and out of all the thousands of applicants im one of the choosen one and it literally puts a smile on my face :) i can relate so much to what have you been through, the dream... the passion for flying and for travel :)i guess all of us that work in the same industry share the same outlook and dreams which is to explore the world and grow proffesionaly and personally take care and happy flying!

    1. hi dear...
      you are so right and u wrote for me about
      ´´being chosen from thousands of applicants´´ did put a smile on my lips. we should be thankful...
      sometimes i tend to take this for granted...but we do have a great job...
      but sometimes we forget i guess and loose track of what we have or doing...even of time, date and day as well lol..
      its nice to hear from u who also fly and to know im not alone in this ´´boat´´
      have safe flights as well :-) take care