Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Answers From A EK Cabin Crew

I found this site, where people can ask questions to this emirates cabin crew…and she responds back…the questions are mostly about flying and being a cabin crew,,, its pretty interesting to read the questions people ask also the responds they get...

Here is some questions/answers I found really interesting/ relevant /fun ...but there is about 2000´+ more questions/ answers which i didnt have time to check....

Source: http://www.formspring.me/melissaecholima 

More informative info related to the cabin crew job here:::



  1. How many crew on average are on a flight ?

    1. well it depends on what aircraft you will be flying with,,,

      ex A320, there is usually 4 crew...or ex A340,, there is usually 12 crew....

      there is always 1 crew sitting by each door, so whenever you see a aircraft count the doors and add perhaps +1...there might be additional crew sometimes... :-)