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Qatar Airways + Emirates OD/AD/FI Cabin Crew Blog

I recently came across an excellent blog where a lovely girl explains in detail her experience going through both Qatar and Emirates Cabin Crew open day/assessment/final interview. I find her blog very informative and filled with details. She also write about her Singapore recruitment experience as well, but i will only share her QR/EK experience here.

Her blog is:

I totally advice you to check out her awesome blog

Lets start with her Qatar Cabin Crew OD/AD/FI

QR Open Day

As you can see, according to the letter that ive received it states that the open day is anytime between 9am till 5pm. But its advisable to be there before 9am because the later you go the longer you’ll have to wait. I was there around 8:30am but when i was through with the process it was already 12:45pm. There were around 600 people in total during the open day. The recruiters arrived at 9am and we were all seated down and briefed what to do next. They only require 3 documents from us which are passport copy, passport size picture and CV. we were asked to proceed to the conference room one by one. In there, you’ll be asked a few questions and a reach test. There will be a masking tape labeled 212cm on the wall, as long as u reach any part of the tape, its considered as a pass. I will include an illustration  in the next post. *** If you pass the open day, you will be given a invitation letter to come for the assessment day. The interviewer gave me a letter with a number on it and asked me to keep it in the pocket where the other candidates would not see it. This is a golden ticket, an express pass to the assessment day. Those who did not receive this letter will have to wait for an email. Frankly speaking if you did not get this letter on the spot 98% it means you failed. But i’ve also seen a few candidates that were informed through email later in that day around 6pm so dont be sad or dishearten if you didnt get the invite on the spot!!!! Please refer to my next post for more info about the assessment day. I hope it will be of help.

QR Assessment/Final Interview

During my open day i was the few candidates that received a direct invitation to the assessment day, there are those that received it through an email. The assessment day starts at 9am sharp. Each of us were required to line up according to our numbers. Those that received an invitation has to show it to them and wheares those that got it through email would be registered on the spot and will be given a number plus your name tag.
Assessment day starts off with a presentation about the company. After that was a english and mathematics test. Candidates were given 40minutes to complete it, its more than enough in my opinion. After that the 1st elimination takes place. Those that made it through will be going to the 1 to 1 interview round.
2 TO 1 INTERVIEW : each candidates proceed to a room  with 2 interviewers inside. 1st assessment would be the reach test again. There is a tape labeled 212cm on the wall. You will be required to start off with 1 arm, after that with both or the opposite arm. But as long as you can touch any point of the tape, it will be considered a pass. But if you fail to touch it with 1 arm, you will be asked to leave immediately. After you have completed the reach test, you’ll be asked to sit down and have a short chat with the recruiters. There’s also a bowl and you have to pick out 1 and talk on the topic for 1 minute. They will also ask about any tattoos and scars on your body. During the interview there are 2 huge spotlights shinning on you. This is to check your skin to see if there’s any major flaws. They will asked if you are wearing colored contacts and its not permitted in the airline. So do not wear it. They will also ask if your eyebrows are tattooed. So if its embroidered please explain it to them as they are not accustomed to that. Only asians usually do embroidery. After all the candidates are done, they will decide who to keep. That is the 2nd cut.
Those that made it through will proceed to the 3rd round which is the GROUP ACTIVITY. We were divided into 3 groups and given a topic to discuss on. You’ll be seated in a circle and the recruiters will walk around the circle and evaluate you. After that, they’ll make the 4th cut.
Those that made it through will be given forms to fill in and videos will be shown. After the forms are filled, we were directed to the same room for the final interview. And a reminder, do not edit your pictures. They are very much against it. So please follow the rules. The recruiters were mad when they saw a few of the candidates that looked absolutely different in person than their photos. We were told to wait around 4weeks for the golden call.
Goodluck to those that are going for their assessment days or open days. Remember, GOOD THINGS ONLY COME TO THOSE THAT DOES NOT GIVE UP EASILY. If its your dream, then do not give up if you fail the 1st time, keep on trying. I’ve met people that went for an assessment day 7 times and eventually made it through.
ATTENTION: Those that failed at any stages, you can reapply any time. The recruiter did not say a 6 months waiting period is required. So go for it!!!! Absolutely no harm trying!!!! Do pm me if you have any enquires, i will do my best to answer your questions.

And her EMIRATES Cabin Crew recruitment process

An open day usually begins from 9am. In some cases its written in the invite that it begins from 9am onwards till 5pm. But honestly, its better to be there by 9am because the recruiters came around 9:15am and there were alot of people waiting in and outside the hall. The turn outs for that open day was more than 700 people. There were people standing all the way to the hotel lobby.
During the open day there werent any presentations. The process was very fast. Most importantly remember to bring 2 main documents : CV and passport size picture. They did not request any full length pictures. Before they begin collecting the docs, you will be given a form to fill in. Name, age, application number if you have registered online( if not just leave it blank), languages that you are able to speak read and write fluently( if you only can speak but cant read and write it doesnt count), highest education certificate, email add and After that you are required to staple those 3 docs together and one by one you’ll approach the recruiter to submit it to her. Now, please NOTE that they will only take a few secs to look and talk to you. So make sure you impress her. She will ask you to write down your name and beside your name there is a number. They will ask you to come collect the result at a later time and if you are selected, your name will be highlighted and qualified to proceed to the next round which is the assessment day.

starts at 9am sharp so make sure you are there before that time. We are then asked to line up according to our number and take our name tag. After that we were grouped according to our numbers into group A,B,C. each group consisted around 15 people. We were sitted into a circle and then sub divided into a group of 3. We were then given a card with a word on it and we have to discuss among ourselves for 5minutes and then present it to everyone else. After that we were given a picture of an object and we have to link that with the previous one. After that, the recruiter asked us to step outside and wait around an hour while she deduce the result. I was the final 20 that made it through. The rest were sent home.
Next assessment was the reach test and english test. Please NOTE that those of you that are on the short side like me, Im only 161cm and i only managed to touch the 212cm line with 2 fingers. The recruiter was very strict, she asked for at least 3 fingers to pass the line. Its doable actually, i just had to remove my jacket cause it was very tight, but i was very nervous so i totally forgotten about my jacket. So i was eliminated. 3 of us were eliminated at the reach test so the final 17 advanced to the english test and after that around 11 of them made it to the final interview.

The reach test is actually a poster pasted on the wall. So as long as you are able to reach pass that line with 3 fingers ( some only require you to reach it with 1 or 2 fingers). You are asked to remove your shoes and tip toe is allowed. But only with the ball of your feet, ballerina tip toeing arent allowed. Those who are shorter, remove your jacket so that you’ll have more space to stretch. When you reached the mark, you’ll have to remain there for a few seconds so even if you feel like your arm is about to fall out just bare with it!!!!!


Emirates have changed their requirement in regards to their reach test:::

'''Minimum arm reach of 212cms (on tip toes) and minimum height of 160cms, which will enable you to reach emergency equipment on all aircraft types'''

Emirates Final Interview

On the 6th of October 2015, emirates came to Penang. So i decided to give it another try since i failed the height test previously in August. I’ve been marking a line on my wall and practicing daily. Those that failed the height test, do not be discouraged because practice definitely helps a lot. Refer back to my previous post, i’ve included an illustration of how the height test looks like.
So, i am just gonna skip through the open day process and proceed to the stage after the height test. It was the english test, you will be given an hour to complete it. Truthfully it was very easy, as i am malaysian so english isnt a big hindrance to us. It was just some basic comprehension and grammar tests. Overall everyone passed except 3 people. I was the 1st to finish the test, i completed it in under 20minutes . So dont sweat it, relax and proceed caustiously. Haha. You’ll be fine.
Next would be the group activity. We were distributed into 4 groups. Each group had 10 members. We were given a card with a problem  that we had to solve as a team. Question was : our company is the last ship to set sail for the summer and due to an error in the system, we were overbooked. Out of all the passengers, we were required to choose 5. So we have to explain to the recruiters why we came to that conclusion. Please take note that this round is crucial, many were eliminated here. Out of 10 in my group, only me and another 2 made it through. But on the bright side, this was the last test so to those who made it through here, just won a golden ticket to the final interview.

Final interview: my interview i chose to do it on the last day because i live in Penang so it would only be fair to let the others that live overseas to proceed with their interviews 1st as they have flights to catch.
During my final interview, honestly speaking it was nerve racking….. I was so nervous. The recruiter was very gracious and friendly so i felt at ease talking to her. She asked me a few questions, all regarding work. For example: tell me a time where your co-worker wasnt doing her job. So you had to think of an example and explain it to her. If anyone is interested, by all means leave me a message and i will upload a series of questions and answers that i personally prepared prior to the interview.
After the final interview, i waited less than 4 weeks for my golden call. HR will asked you when you would like to join them in Dubai. And she sent a series of documents online for you to fill in. But, i did not sign the contract with emirates. It was because my grandmother was gravely ill and she was the one who raised me so during her time of need i cant leave her. I hope to try again later on and hopefully i wasnt blacklisted in their list. Those of you whose dream has always to become a cabin crew, i wish you all the best, fly high and never ever give up!!!!! I’ve met so many amazing people during my interview, some of them tried 10 times!!!!! And they still didnt give up!!!!!!!!  Cheers.

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥ 

May she succeed and fulfill her dreams :-) 

More informative info related to cabin crew here:::


  1. This was very helpful
    I have some questions @cabincrewdreamer
    I wanted to know if doing a course in travel and tourism help me or not cause I was going to do a job in customer service for 2 years till I turn 21 for experience
    And I have a pear shaped body (that's like I have wider hips and shoulders but I have the proper weight according to my height it's that okay..)

    Please answer as fast as possible...:)

    1. Hi :-)
      Having customer service work experience is always a positive point in our resume when we apply for these cabin crew jobs. But i dont think doing an additional tourism course will guarantee you to get this job or help you get this job. But i think a job in customer service is enough. But if you feel you want to gain more knowledge in the tourism field, yeah why not take a class :-)
      But i know tons of folks in etihad, emirates, qatar who got these jobs without any extra customer service classes. As long as u have a bit of customer service work experience that will be enough.
      Ex a lot of people think taking cabin crew courses will help them score these cc jobs, but thats not true at all. I know few folks who have done cc classes yet not been able to score these cc jobs.
      As for the body type, as long as we have a healthy bmi we are good to go. ex i have a very curvy body shape and i dont consider myself to be that skinny and im not even that tall lol, but i managed to get Etihad and i even managed to pass the emirates final interview.

      Good luck dear, i wish you all the best and if you have any further questions, let me know :-)

    2. Thank you very much @cabincrewdreamer this really helped me I was actually very confused as I didn't know what to do after my 12th.
      I really appreciate your help your doing a great job.
      Thank you again��

  2. Hi Cabin Crew Dreamer!
    That was very helpful and you're so nice that you chose your grandma first before anything else. Family first indeed! :)

    I'm kinda sad when I read the "update" regarding the height requirement. I'm only 158cm :( But I do want to try :)
    If it's okay with you, could please send me some questions and answers to the interview at

    Thank you very much! <3

    1. Hi dear
      Hope you are well
      I have now emailed you some informative ebooks related to cc, all of them filled with tips ect + the thing you wanted too :-)
      And yes i agree this girl is so kind and great that she chose her family first.
      Good luck dear and i hope you succeed in fulfilling your dream :-)
      Take care

    2. Can you plz give me the questions and answers too , and send it to me here thanks in advance darling

    3. Hi dear check your inbox when you find time :-)
      Have a lovely day xoxo

    4. Hi can yoou pls. Guve me the question and answer too. Send me on my email thanks.

    5. hi cabin crew dreamer i am really inspired by your article could you please frorward me the Q$A tips as well.thanks in advice dont give up as well. nzukialice1050@yahoo

    6. Hi
      I emailed you just now. Hope you got the emails.
      If not let me know :-)
      Have a great day

  3. Hi could you please me some reading materials that might help me to become a flight attendant in the future ? :) Thanks

    1. Hi.. i have now emailed you some informative pdf that are filled with tips ect :-) hope you receive my email. Have a lovely day

  4. Replies
    1. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Have a lovely Saturday :-) ♥ ♥

  5. Hi The article is so helpful for me preparing interview of emirates in the end of this month. Thank you for sharing your expereinces. Could you send me some information that how you prepared for the assesement day and Final day? I appreciate it:)

    1. Hi dear Sylvia
      Want to wish you all the best with Emirates :-)
      I have now emailed you :-) check your inbox when you have time
      Wishing you a lovely Sunday

  6. Hello pls Čan u help? I am using very low dosage of antidepressants and wont declare that in medical. Will they check it from blood test?

    1. Dear Vendy
      As for far as i know in regards to if blood tests can detect a person taking antidepressant pills that if a doctor order a special blood test made to detect these kind of things than yes they will see it in the blood. But if the doctors only do normal ordinary blood tests than no they wont see it in those blood tests.
      But i doubt these doctors would do special depression test to check if people take antidepressants.
      But i know tons of crew who take antidepressants, while working. what they would do is to not take those pills during the medical exams and continue with it when the medicals was done.
      I know a girl that recently joined who takes antidepressants, but i believe she took a paus only during the medicals than continued with it later on when the medicals was done.
      GOOD LUCK dear :-)
      enjoy ur day

  7. Thanks a lot dear. I think i cant be the once in the world but you Čan never know if they will check..

  8. May i ask you to send u private message pls? Have u got email pls? I have more question but dont want to write here

    1. Dear Vendy
      You can contact me via the 'contact me' form to your right :-)
      Have a lovely night

    2. Dear Vendy, i hope you see this message but i was going to email you but i keep getting an error message that your email address doesnt work. Could you please email me again with another email adress thanks :-)

  9. Your blog is just awesome!! Thanks so much for all the work you put in, you helped / are helping so many people!! :))
    I've read so many posts in the last days - they're great!!

    A question I wanted to ask: does Crew with Etihad (and Emirates) have to wear contact lenses or are glasses okay? (I understand that they would have to match the uniform ;))

    Have a lovely 'end' of the week. :)

    1. HI dear
      hope u are well
      thank you for your kind words :-)
      you can actually wear glasses if you wish, but the glasses have to be approved by the grooming manager, you have to check this with the trainers once u join or contact your HR coordinator and tell her this before u join
      but i have worked with crew that had glasses :-)
      good luck
      and i wish u a lovely day

    2. Hi *-*
      Yaaay thanks for your answer! :) (great news by the way haha)
      You're so active in the comments, so nice of you!
      Are you actually starting to blog regularly again? (somebody curious here haha) *-*

      Have a terrific weekend :)

    3. You are so sweet ♥ god bless you dear :-)
      Anddddd to make you even more happier and proof that etihad/emirates crew is allowed to wear glasses here is few Insta pics of ek/ey crew wearing glasses (pics taken this month)

      cause seeing picture proof of it, give us a sense of calmness and we feel like we dont need to worry about this :-)
      No dear im not posting any new blog posts anymore, im only active in the comment sections :-)
      Thank you dear and i also wish you a lovely weekend ♥

  10. Hi !
    Am back with couple of questions :p
    I feel a bit sad at the moment because i have only completed my high school and did some diploma in relevant and different fields, do u think i might be considered or not due to less education comparatively ?

    1. hi again
      actually as long as u have completed your high school u are good to go. applicants doesnt have to have a university degree to join these airlines, only a high school diploma is enough to begin with.
      go for it, i wish you all the best
      enjoy ur day

    2. Thank you so much !! U sound so adorable.. :)

    3. ♥ Thank you dear, wishing you a blessed weekend ♥

  11. Hi dear i sent you private message did u received it?

    1. Hi again
      I wrote for you above i dont know if you seen it or not, but i did get your email and i did reply BUT i kept getting error messages that the email address of yours doesnt work. So can you please re-send that email with another email address, thanks :-)

    2. Dear Vendy, im still getting errors when i email you. That email address doesnt work, can you please email me with a different email address :-)
      Have a lovely day

  12. (glasses again :b)
    Thanks for swapping over to the other post haha ;)
    Ohh, that's great, thank you so much!! You are truely an angel. <3
    I'll consider the contact form, but for now I'll post the questions here (maybe some interested people find my questions interesting, idk :D)...
    Maybe I'll come to 40, but let's start with those hehe. Pick the ones you like to answer :b

    (I know you aren't cabin crew anymore, but the questions are asked in present tense... oops :b (well they're meant more general))
    1. Do you know whether the new Etihad uniforms are already in action and worn by all the crew or just a part?
    2. Which was your favorite destination, if you want to share that?
    3. Did you have jetlag and how did you handle it?
    4. Does crew have to take vitamins and (food)supplements (regularly)? haha is flying so bad for the body? i understand the thing with the 'aircon' (drying out the body)... :/ :D
    5. How is the sun up there? do you really have to put on strong sun screen? although cabin crew isn't working near the window all the time? (well i understand that the sun is strong up there but still)
    6. Some people get edema during flights or while they're not moving. I don't know whether it's really called edema, but I mean the swelling of the leg for example... Does cabin crew also get edema? I'm wondering, bc they're walking quite a lot, but I heard that FA's buy their on-board shoes a size bigger because of the swelling.

    I'm excited for the answers haha <3
    I'm having a good day, thanks, hope you too!

    1. Hi Again
      Thank you so much for all your kind words dear, i do appreciate it ♥ ♥ ♥
      You are right its good that you wrote your questions here than it would be informative for those who perhaps is wondering the same thing :-) can see it here as well
      Also i dont know if you have read this interview session i had with a blogger a while back:::
      I shared a lot in this interview, very informative...check it if you havnt already :-)
      ::::So to your questions:::::::::::::
      1. Do you know whether the new Etihad uniforms are already in action and worn by all the crew or just a part?
      The new Etihad uniform started in 2015, so the crew are already wearing it :-) you can check more pics of the new Etihad crew uniform in Instagram : search for etihadcrew :-)

      2. Which was your favourite destination, if you want to share that?
      For me personally its Bangkok, omgggg Thailand have everything someone can wish for. The Bangkok layovers we had was amazing. It was a place of cheap shopping, cultural sightseeing stuff, food experiences and getting cheap massage ect. Also every time we crew would have a layover there we would go to a mall and have our hair, nails and you name it done cause it was so cheap there heheheeh and we would always get a massage as well, truly Bangkok had everything. I loved it

      3. Did you have jetlag and how did you handle it?

    2. -------------
      This is one of the biggest challenges the crew could have, some actually would use sleeping pills to deal with this, which is a big no no and isnt allowed. But the way i would handle it would be drinking loads of herbal tea and that would help little bit for me. But it is truly very difficult, and even if you would find a routine for yourself, this routine wouldnt last long cause your roster and flights would be so mixed. But they say we should work out in the gym, eating healthy ect to be fit and healthy and that would help with the jetlag too. But not everyone are into working out in the gym or even eating healthy heeheh im one of them, just too lazy heheeheheheh not a good thing heheheeheh
      4. Does crew have to take vitamins and (food)supplements (regularly)? haha is flying so bad for the body? i understand the thing with the 'aircon' (drying out the body)... :/ :D
      Its up to each crew to be responsible for their own health. They advice us a lot of healthy stuff to do to be fit and healthy but than its our responsibly at the end. But yes whatever works best for each of us, we should keep doing whats best for our bodies. and yes flying is actually bad for our health.


    3. 5. How is the sun up there? do you really have to put on strong sun screen? although cabin crew isn't working near the window all the time? (well i understand that the sun is strong up there but still)
      The sun wasnt bothering me so much while flying, i didnt feel the sun was that strong. As crew we wasnt exposed to the sun that much cause we would be up and running in the cabin. But yes sun screen is always good to use regardless where we are, to protect our skin. Also even if the sun would be shining a lot of the passengers would close their window shades, so it isnt that bad onboard the plane with the sun.
      6. Some people get edema during flights or while they're not moving. I don't know whether it's really called edema, but I mean the swelling of the leg for example... Does cabin crew also get edema? I'm wondering, bc they're walking quite a lot, but I heard that FA's buy their on-board shoes a size bigger because of the swelling.

    4. Yes this can happen sometimes too, there are some special crew stockings that help with this that we can wear. But with etihad, emirates and qatar they dont buy their own shoes, the company provide this for everyone. Cause everyone has to wear the same thing, its a part of the uniform standard. But we have two different shoes, one which we wear to and from the airport, and one that we wear while working onboard. The shoes we wear while working onboard is more comfy and suppose to be good for work. But ex when i was working, i didnt like those onboard shoes and my back would hurt a lot from those. So i found some other shoes and had my grooming manager/doctor approve it, so i would wear those instead. So we do have that option too.
      I hope my answers gave you an idea of how it might be :-)
      But you are always welcome with more questions whenever you wish dear :-)
      Have a blessed day

    5. Hi "ccd" :)
      Thanks for your elaborate answers!! ♥
      Yes, I actually read the interview and enjoyed it! I'm sorry, you already answered the question about your fav destination there (I've read so many different blogs and posts about being cabin crew, I forgot that that one came from you :/). But Thailand really sounds amazing, also what I heard from others :))
      I searched for etihadcrew on instagram, you're so smart haha! Thank you, I found great pictures, the uniform looks so pretty, haha. (Also found glasses :b) (Before I only googled "etihad uniform" and didn't find that many pics.)
      So I can hear that staying healthy can be very challenging as cabin crew! I find the hard work flight attendant do absolutely admirable...!! (also the mental challenges they have do handle...)
      Bad, that the shoes were so uncomfy, but good that yours got accepted ;)
      Thank you so much again, I def will if I have any more questions!
      Wishing you a fresh start into the new week!! :)<3

    6. Hello dear
      You are welcome, and you are more than welcome to ask more questions whenever you wish :-)
      Thank you dear and i wish you a lovely week too
      Enjoy Your Monday
      God bless you
      ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  13. Hello! I have a few question about appearance, I'm a girl and I have too short hair, is this a problem for pass the stages? And I have a little little scar in the final of my eyebrow I must to declare it? And I have a little overweight... I don't know... the OP day is coming and i feel so nervous and i do me a thousands of questions

    1. Hi dear
      Hope you are well :-)
      To the questions you have::::::::::::::::

      As for your short hair, you didnt mention how short your hair is. But check this etihad crew, she have a bob haircut and this is allowed::::

      This haircut she have is allowed for emirates and etihad....also i have flown with many crew who had this bob haircut and even shorter too.
      Their rule is if the length of your hair touches the collar of your shirt, you have to have your hair up in a bun ect, but if its shorter than the collar of your shirt you dont need to have it up in a bun.
      Ex her hairstyle is allowed and this is how people should keep their hair during recruitment events::

      As for your eyebrow scar...I actually have a scar on my eye brow and i never declare it and i just covered it with makeup/eyeliner ect....but never declare this cause this is in a no no area and i doubt they will accept that.
      But because it is in your eyebrow you can easily cover/hide this with makeup/eyeliner ect.

      As for weight::
      As long as you have a normal BMI you are good to go. But said this, i have flown with many crew who were curvy and not super skinny ect. Sometimes even if the scale might say we are overweight, it isnt so noticeable in the way our bodies are built. Example some might be very tall and be curvy, yet they dont look overweight ect.
      So it all depends.
      Also when we attend these recruitment events, we wear a business attire and that can actually hide/cover our extra pounds hehehehee :-)
      Better to choose a business attire that isnt too tight.
      Also having the right stocking can shape your legs as well, and some stockings do give an illusion that our legs are thinner than they might be. I used to check all of these stuff myself before i went to these recruitment events cause im on the curvy side myself.
      Also i used to wear spanx and all those stuff under the business attire :-)
      To give my body a better shape ect.
      Also i know many candidates including myself who went on a 1-2 week diet before the actual recruitment event to get a better shape.
      We do whatever we can for our dream jobs :-)
      You shouldnt worry dear, there are solutions to all these things you just asked :-)
      Just go for it!!!
      100% you should attend this open day, u didnt mention if ur going for a etihad open day or emirates but i assume its a ek open day.
      GOOD LUCK dear and 100% go for this and see how it goes.
      If you have further questions know im always 1 click away :-)
      Enjor your Monday
      hugsss :-)

  14. This is the best blog I ever meet! You say real answers to real questions. I have to congrats you! What do you think about stages group? When I must talk more and when I musn't? because I readed that in the first state you have to highlight and after you don't have to... And for the final interview, I usually am an passionate person for talk... maybe I have to be more cold and serious in my answers, what do you think?

    1. ♥ thank you dear for your kind words, appreciate it. ♥ :-)
      As for the assessment stages and during group groups or presentations u guys will be doing. It is of course important that the candidate gets involved but not too much. You should engage in conversations but not too much that they might think you want to be in the center, but also not too shy that they wont see how well you communicate or behave in a group work. So u have to find that a neutral way of doing this.
      And always keep your conversations short/sweet. Also remember when speaking in groups or presentations use the words like: ''Me and my groups think that....or we discussed that this is the way it should be done...''.
      Than when others is speaking in groupd discussions make sure to say words like:'' i agree with you, that sounds great, yes we should do this, great idea'' ect.
      Cause that shows team work and thats what the recruiters are looking for.
      To be a cabin crew among the things you need to have is:: good communication skills, team work skills, interpersonal skills, problem solving skills, have confidence and be able to remain calm under pressure.
      And all of these is things the recruiters will testing u guys during the recruitment forms of group exercises, 1-1 interview, presentations and role plays see if u have all of these.
      So we make sure to be able to do all of these during the assessments to show ur skills.
      But also at the end of the day who gets selected or not isnt always the person who does all of these things perfectly. Sometimes its pure luck that a person gets selected and get these jobs.
      I have seen amazing candidates get rejected and bad candidates getting these jobs.
      So doing everything according the ''book'' doesnt guarantee us the job. which is sad....cause they should choose the candidate who are qualified and knows these things.
      But sometimes there is other factors to why the recruiter choose these candidates.
      Im saying these things cause i know a lot of people think they did a mistake during their recruitment event and thats why they got rejected. but thats not the case!
      I thought i would just share these with you dear :-)
      Have a lovely day take care

    2. I don't get tired to say you this: YOU ARE SO HONESTLY AND REAL IN YOUR ANSWER, I really really like to read all that you say, you make me feel sooooo con safe! Thank you very very very much!

    3. ♥ you are welcome dear and im just trying to do something i didnt get when i wanted to become a cc and was trying to ask for help and no one really helped out in this way. I know how frustrating it is to not know much and we have so many questions and not everyone are willing to share tips/advice or whatever which is sad.
      Have a blessed day dear :-)
      ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  15. I want to replay for an open day in Emirates because the last time, I reached the assesment day but I didn't pass to the next round. But now I feel segure but there is a problem... When I did the on-line application, they give me my reference number but they clarified me this:
    "PLEASE BE ADVISED: This is a system generated notification. If you have attended a recruitment event within the last six months, please do not attend the events listed."

    The last time when I attended it was in February, it has been 4 months, I could present anyway? Or they'll send me to home? Is in my city (they don't come at my city all the time) It's a great opportunity because I don't know if they will come again this year

    1. Dear Ornella
      Perhaps you never saw but i did reply to this question you asked in this thread here::::

      Check my reply all the way on the bottom of the page and if that page doesnt open just click on Reloading and the next section of comments will come up :-) Hope u find it :-)
      Enjoy ur day dear:-)

  16. Dear Cabin Crew Dreamer,
    I enjoy reading your article! But I'd really like to know more details about the questions and answers that you personally prepared prior to the interview. I failed on Emirates Final Interview a few months ago, and I haven't been able to figure out the reason. Feel so lost now.:(

    1. Dear Whitney
      If you use the contact me form to send me a message so i can get your email address or you can write your emailaddress here, than i will send you some informative ebooks related to cc filled with tips ect.
      Im so sorry you got rejected with emirates a while back, but dont give up dear :-)
      Have a lovely day dear

    2. Hi, Could you please send me the info ebooks as well? I will be applying for Qatar airways cabin crew in Namibia. Here's my email

      Also, do you know how I can answer this question:Please tell us in less than 100 words what qualities you have that will make you an outstanding 5-Star Cabin Crew member at Qatar Airways and how you have demonstrated them in the past

    3. hi dear
      i have now emailed you check your inbox when you find time.
      As for the question about what qualities you have::: i would add these:::
      Customer Service Skills
      Communication Skills
      Time Management Skills
      Than how you have demonstrated these in the past,,,,i would tell them about a customer service job you had when a customer had a complaint about a product/service and than you would solve this by using all these skills :-)
      GOOD LUCK Kaveto :-)

  17. Hi darling! I was reading that the followers were asking you about the time that you have to wait for re-play. I had the same situation about re-play my OP/AD. I failed 5 months ago and when I aplicated on-line, they sent me the same e-mail than Ornella with a reference number but with an clarification that if I applied in the last six mounths "don't go", are you sure that they aren not going to take actions with me or send me to home?

    1. Hi dear
      I have had friends who attended od within 6 months and it was alright for them. Although they didnt re-apply online when they attended a od...The thing they did was that they attended a open day and once they made it to the final interview they have to register online, so they registered with a different email address. Just make sure to re-apply with a different email address. I know several people who even got the job by attending od/ad within 6 months. Also make sure when attending od/ad to have a different email address than the one u had before.
      We should at least wait 1 month after we was unsuccessful for ek od/ad...but after 1 month we are free to attend a od/ad...
      If we want to apply for a assessment day, than make sure to re-apply with a different email address...and make sure to deactivate ur old ek account.
      I dont know anyone they sent home by doing this.
      Also i know people who have applied online and gotten the unsuccessful status and after a while attended a open day without re-applying online and they were successful that way.
      At lest we should wait 1 month before each open day or assessment day. The 6 months waiting time was something they did few years ago, but not anymore. YET they do write in emails that candidates have to wait 6 months before attending another open day or assessment day but this is only a formality i think.
      I have myself attended open days/ad where the recruiter told us we dont need to wait 6 months to re-attend another open day/assessment day and we can attend another one after 6 weeks. Another recruiter once said we can re-attend another open day and assessment after 3 weeks. So i feel this 6 months thingy is only thing they have to write, but doesnt really apply in real life.
      This goes only for emirates though, not etihad.
      Good luck dear
      Wish you the best

    2. Well... I apllied on line with other e-mail but I think that I did it with the same register-profile from the last time, anyway I have a feeling that THIS IS THE OPPORTUNITY so I'm going to the open-day again and if they say to me, that I have to go home, bad luck. I'll try it again

    3. Good luck dear, may you succeed!
      Have a lovely weekend :-)

  18. Hi dear! What do you think about how we have to act in the group test and final interview? I have to talk naturally and friendly to the recruitment or I have to be more serious and use formal words at the time to talk?

    1. Hi dear
      You should at all times act professional and talk professional, never put your guard down.
      Cause the recruiters are observing you from day one, doesnt matter open day or final interview.
      During these recruitment events, we cant really act like we normally do, even if people say be yourself but we cant. Its all an act.
      Have a lovely weekend :-)

  19. What about the roleplay with the recruiter in Emirates? Is one by one or in group? What am I supposed to do in this stage?

    1. Dear check above in this blogpost and you will see that i have posted the emirates recruitment process. It is a very informative process, which another girl went through and i shared here.

  20. Dear Cabin Crew Dreamer, I'm so happy to find your blog:) It's really interesting :) I would like to ask you some questions, too. I tried my chance in Emirates, 3 times I was in Final Interview... I hope that I can still trying... I'm the veteran now :) I think I know what kind of mistakes I had made and I would like to fix then finally :) Do you think I have still the chance to apply for them? Is it the sense? After rejection email, I have to wait 5 months yet. In declaration form there is the question: have you previously attended the Final Interview by Emirates, have I put only the previous/last one or all of them? Because I thought that I had to mention only the last one... Maybe I was wrong and it was also the reason of my rejection? I hope that you don't think I'm crazy one :) Could you say me if you now somebody with diastemia who works for Emirates? I have such problem, I hope it's not the raison of rejection. I'm sorry for a lot of questions... Have a nice day! And thank you in advance :)

    1. Hiii :-)
      hope ur well
      yes do continue and keep trying with emirates...cause sooner or later that door will be open for u :-)
      it doesnt matter how many times we have tried with ek, we still have chances.
      i know a girl who tried emirates 3 times, did 3 final interviews...and finally on her 3rd final interview she got the job.
      you dont need to wait 6 months after ur final interview to attend another open day/ ad with emirates...after approx 3 months u can re-apply again.
      when they ask u if u have attended a final interview before with ek....what u have to write is the recent final interview u had...only 1..only the recent one...not all of them.
      and no i dont think this was the reason of u getting rejected.
      the thing is, after ur finals...the recruiters take ur file to dubai and give ur file to higher HR managers...and it their choice if they want to hire u or not....
      so it is out of our control after the finals...even if the recruiters would recommend u and like is not up to them either..
      So do try...keep on trying....cause not everyone manage to score a final interview with u doing so is a huge thing...well done for that!!!
      ur sooo close noW!!! dont give up yet!!!
      here is the emirates pre-emoployment exam paper:::

      they mention dental stuff here...and it is actually ok with gaps...
      from what i read check this...
      and no worries dear u can ask whatever questions u like
      anyhow i wish u all the best dear
      im sure ur very close to scoring this job..specially u doing many finals...
      have a lovely weekend

    2. Thank you for your super fast response:) It's really kind :) I feel better now, you have cheered me up :) thank you!! I will try again :) I think also about Etihad but I'm from Poland and they don't recrut in my country, unfortunetly. Maybe one day I will be successful ;)

    3. You are welcome dear and I wish you all the best. I actually had my Etihad recruitment event in Warsaw few years ago when Etihad was recruiting in Poland. Im sure in the future Etihad will recruit in Poland again. Have a blessed night dear

  21. Hi there , male Emirates cc wannabe here. Would like to start off by saying thank you for all the information that you shared with us through your posts and comments! Very helpful. Im Filipino, is it true that they stopped hiring Philippine passport holders for ek cc? If I attend an OD say in Malaysia, Singapore or Thailand would my application be rejected for my nationality? Thanks again ��

    1. Hi RJ
      Hope you are well
      Thank you for your kindness, appreciate it :-)
      Dear RJ is it possible for you to contact me via the contact me form to your i get your email address because i have something i want you to look at in regards to this question you asked :-)
      Either write your email address here in the comment section or just sent me a i can email you
      Have a great day

  22. Here's my email:

    Looking forward to your email! :)

    1. Dear RJ check your inbox..i have sent u two emails....check spam as well, in case you didnt see my emails in your inbox.
      Have a blessed day
      take care :-)

  23. Hi CabinCrew dreamer!
    About a year and a half ago you played a very big in helping me score a position as a customer service agent with Emirates. I am still very thankful to you, i always refer people to your blog. Now i have just applied for Cabin Crew with the same company. Would you please send me any info that can be of help in scoring the cabin crew position with Emirates..ebooks, questions and answers etc. Thanks in advanced.
    Be blessed!

    1. This is my email address:

    2. Hi dear ♥ ♥ ♥
      Hope you are well
      Check your inbox, i have now emailed you, if you dont see it in your inbox, check spam..just in case it is there..
      ♥ I am so happy to hear that you have been successful :-) and may you always succeed in whatever you wish ♥ ♥
      and may all your dreams come true ♥ ♥
      thank you for your kind message and i wish you a blessed day ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  24. Hey you are truly a sweetheart for giving informations and replying people's comment!

    I wanna show you my tattoos (2, one on my left feet and one on my upper leg), I would like to know your opinions regarding to covering it/ declare it.

    Also information regarding to getting the job would be appreciated as well!!

    All the best and big hug to thank you!!

    Selina xx

    1. Dear Selina
      Thank you for being so kind, god bless you :-)
      I have now emailed you....please check your inbox
      enjoy ur day :-)

  25. Hi!
    Thank you for sharing these tips&info for cabin crew members.
    Could you please send me those questions and answers for the interview at
    Thank you in advance and have a wonderful day!

  26. Hi i passed all the screening during the assessment day of qatar, but im worried about my application because i made an application online but i didn't complete it because i learned that it is not necessary during open days, but now since i passed all the screening and im just waiting for the golden call im afraid the incomplete application in qatar would affect my employment. I will be waiting for your reply im really worried. Thank you

    1. Hi dear
      First off congrats for making it to the finals with Qatar, that is awesome :-)
      WELL DONE :-)

      As for your incomplete Qatar application:
      I dont know if Qatar told you guys to create a profile online or not, if they didnt say anything than you guys dont need to. Because a lot of people dont create profles or apply online for open days, they just show up for those events.
      Now i doubt that your incomplete profile would affect the results of your recruitment event that you had with Qatar.
      When you attended your recruitment event with Qatar, than you gave them a email address, and thats the email address that they will contact you with.
      Qatar will email the candidates regardless results via email only.
      All communication will be via that email you gave them, your incomplete profile on their website doesnt affect the results. Also if im correct successful candidates gets access to another system later on, not that main Qatar profile online.
      Be sure your incomplete profile online, wont affect anything. Because you already completed the recruitment event and all, they have all your paper work in their system now after your interview ect.
      I would not be worried if i were you :-)
      Now all you have to do is to wait, and i have heard the waiting timeline from interview to joining date with Qatar is VERY LONG.
      So keep yourself busy so you wont get crazy from all the waiting :-)
      Wish you the best dear