Thursday, March 8, 2012

Week 1 of training Finished - Etihad Airways

So week 1 of the training finished today :-) Lovely....

6 more weeks left, i cant wait for our graduation day!!!

The days is going so fast here, crazy.

This week we did these:

  • We filled in a lot of forms
  • We got our id cards, insurance cards.
  • We Did medicals: blood tests, vision test, hearing test, 2 vaccines, info, weight check, chest x ray, normal check up and urine test.
  • We had Uniform fitting: we will get the uniform in 3 weeks, cant wait to wear it :-)
  • Grooming
  • Info about cabin safety
  • We got our HUGE and HEAVY SEP manual and more papers.
  • Bank account papers
So on Sunday our 2nd week will start and our SEP week will start. The 2nd hardest week i have heard. I think we will do training in the simulator the whole week.

I hope i can be able to pass the exams and study hard and be focused!!!!

More informative info related to cabin crew here:::


  1. Hi Darling how are u?! Lovely blog congratz!

    Im going to join to etihad team in Nov/2012 n i cant wait!! Actually im sooo nervous already..

    Please could u tell me what does happen in the medicals? How is it done?

    Thanks in advance!! A big hug !

  2. CONGRATULATIONS dear....yayyy
    u must be so happy...
    november is going to be a lovely start for u....

    as for the medicals, i hope i can explain it well for u...
    they do take you and your batch to this etihad medical center and do all the tests on you,
    its actually a long long day to do all of these,,,
    blood tests,
    vision test: you sit with a dr and you will look into this binoculars and letters and numbers will be shown there
    hearing test: they put u in this little sound proof room and you have the headset on and you have to press this thing whenever you hear anything...
    2 vaccines,
    chest x ray,
    normal check up and urine test.
    breathing test: you have to blow really fast into something
    ..i might have forgotten something now...but thats all i can remember now
    nothing different from how they do it in europe...
    if you need further info about the medicals, please let me know....
    sorry, i hope the info above is ok :-)

    wish you all the best!!!

  3. Hi sweet heart how u doing?! Long time no talk sorry :-\ ive been wrecking my head with all my endings and exits to leave the current place where i am to go to Abu Dhabi in a month time, im resigning my jobs, closing bank accounts, starting to pack and so on..and its all scaring!! Ive cried loads with the idea of been so far of my bf who i love to bits, thanks god he has been so supportive.
    This gonna be my last week in work, then ill have time to sort out things like my tattoos which has faded loads with laser treatments. Im looking for rings to help to cover my finger tat and im taking pictures of them to show it to u, because u know about the jewelry code, u said to me before that etihad would allow us to wear rings once its very discrete and plain. As the rings im seeing are pretty pricey i really would like to show them to u before im buying it, of course if its ok with u.
    Im trying to send u the pictures but its not going through, could i send them to u by email r is there any another way please?
    U have no idea how much u make a huge difference in mine and other people lives with ur help and guidance, i had a quick look on ur other posts and its just fantastic the way u help everbody. God bless ur soul, thanks a million! Big kiss n hug =]

    1. Sweety i have now emailed you check it out when you have time...again CONGRATULATIONSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS...hugsss

  4. Hello! Ive been reading your blog and i would like to ask how is the water test? I heard the water is really cold! Are you allowed to wear tshirt,leggins and socks? Thanks!

    1. Heyy!
      About the pool test they do in etihad
      ...we are actually not allowed to wear swimwear..
      we have to wear either a t-shirt/shirt long or short sleeve, and long leggings, no socks or yoga pants...
      Yeah the water is cold, but once u jump in, and keep moving it wasnt that cold i thought it would be. Its ok, its cold but not that cold we believe it to be.
      Take care :-)

  5. Hello, could you tell me what do you mean with normal check up? what do they actually do? do you have to get undress? do they touch your body? Sorry for the questions but I'm joining next month and I am really curious! Also, during the blood tests can you choose which arm do they take the blood and do they ask you to take of your watch?

    1. HI
      well during the first week, of ur initial training, they send us to 2 clinics, 1 is etihad clinic and the other is local clinic
      at the local clinic we wear our skirts, stockings, and shirt, we sit in this chair and they do take blood test from left arm, i dont remember they asking which arm,,,they just did it on the left...and no they wont ask u to take off ur watch....
      this is about the local clinic...
      the etihad medical center...
      we change to only skirt, and a t-shirt they give u, without bra, cause they will do xrays and stuff and we cant have any bra under the t-shirt...
      in the etihad clinic they did ask me which arm they would do the blood test and i could chose....
      yes they do touch our body in the etihad clinic, like listen to your breathing and the dr did touch my back and she did check my breast for lumps ect....other than this no one touched anything....
      during the x-ray and stuff like this yes we did take off our watches....and jewelery....
      but during all this time we only have skirt, white -t-shirt, and shoes, no stockings
      this is pretty much we did, + the stuff i replied above to ´´ cabincrewtobeetihad´´

      hope this helps to give u a picture of how it would be like.....
      good luck wish u the best next month!

    2. thank you so much for your answer, it did help a lot! best of luck with everything :)

  6. hey with the blood tests what exactly are they testing for?

    1. heyyy
      i think among other things they test for Hepatitis,hiv, drugs, alcohol, if you take any medicine it will show in the blood test ect..... :-)

  7. Dear, me back again! another questions I would like to ask you! :D Is there anything that you recommend to take prior to departure? I have not packed anything yet I am starting today, I wonder about the towels? they say they provide sheets and pillows, but havent read anything about towels yet and I am gonna try to take only necessary stuffs so I am not overweight at the time of check in my luggage! and do you remember about the meal allowances they provide, was it enough for you to get around or should we bring extra money? Million thanks sweetheart! :D :) :D

    1. Hi dear
      Just saw your profile pic on blogger, you look drop dead gorgeous!!
      no worries with questions dear, whatever you are curious over ask me as im a open book
      and i would love to share whatever i have....
      ur DOJ is coming pretty fast dear....
      the towels, they will give u 3 or 4 while towels. but i recommend to bring 1 extra towel cause those towels they give u isnt comfy.
      when i left to Abu Dhabi i took with me 1730EUROS...which was enough for me + they will give u the allowances during ur training and meals ect...i took that Money with me to be safe..cause during the 1st and 2nd month you need extra cash to be safe. while around 1153EUROS would be enough too...
      the stuff i recommend people to bring cause these stuff was very hard to find during the first weeks and also we dont want to run around malls to find these cause during the first weeks of training, you are so tired of doing all of these...and ou might not have time to look for these...
      was ex: hair donut, headband, hairscrunchies, hair pins, hair net, black hair ribbons, tons of passport copies cause wherever u go they need a copy of ur passport, ex for bank, phone or getting internet, and blazers cause its so Cold at the Academy with the AC on 24-7....
      i Think this is pretty much it cause the rest u can get in the city...
      Have a Lovely day dear,,,,take good care of yourself...

  8. Hi hun, I hope you don't mind me asking, but I have a few questions regarding the medicals. Seeing as Etihad do all their medicals in Abu -Dhabi I am really nervous.... unlike Emirates where you get them done prior to joining.
    I have never needed any medical treatment before so as far as I know I am fit and healthy. I'm just worried they might pick something up during my
    medical in Abu-Dhabi that would cause me to have to leave...? You hear of people getting xrays and being told they have scoliosis leading to them failing the medical. Can you remember if they checked your back for scoliosis at all during your medical. ..? Have you heard of anything being diagnosed on someone that didn't even know they had it at the medicals... ?
    Sorry for the long message. ... any info will be much appreciated xx

    1. hi dear flyinghi...
      i totally understand u being worried...cause i was too...even if i knew i was medically fit ect...but i think its a human factor here..that we get too worried about every little detail....
      i actually never heard of anyone getting sent home because of scoliosis........
      im not sure if i remember if they checked my back or touched my back...but i remember they did put a stereoscope on my back to listen to my breathing...or whatever it was they were doing,,,
      but two of my batchmates did get sent home though...1 was because of something they found in her blood, dont know what...and the other they discovered she had a wrist tattoo....
      there is this medical form people have to fill in before they come to abu dhabi and upload it to the system or whatever...and if scoliosis is written there perhaps people need to declare this...if this isnt written than there isnt a issue...
      whatever stuff written in the medical form people have to fill in before they join is what goes i think...
      other than this there is no need to i found out being worried only causes us unnecessary stress
      i hope this answers little bit of ur question...if there is anything else let me know..
      i dont mind answering anything....
      take care :-)

  9. Hello;) How are u sweety? I wrote you couple of weeks ago and your answer really helped me:).. Im starting my training on 6th of october and I have another question(s):)..I would like to know about vaccinations..I have all the required vaccinations,the only one missing is Typhoid...however I dont have the yellow fever and meningitis..those r just recommended not mandatory..I wanted to know if they will give me also these two if I ask them to or if they will give me only the ones they consider mandatory..Coz I actualy do want to get the yellow fever and possibly meningitis too..Oooook and I have another question:)Should I cancel the health insurance in my country since the company provides this for me as a worldwide health insurance?..and sooorry but I need to ask one more;) How long after the end of the training did u get a chance to fly home to see ur family?..and also lets say my mother want to come visit me after like 3 months,she can stay at my accomodation for few days right?Thank you very much for ur precious advice and help;)...and time!thank you for ur time dear;)Viera

    1. lovely Viera..
      hope ur well....being happy...smiling....
      im good dear.... :-) thank u for asking :-)
      im so happy to hear that whatever i wrote could help u a little bit...or clear up anything u had in mind...
      not much left now before u head off for a new chapter in ur life....will be sooo much fun....soo exciting.... :-)
      as for vaccinations...they will give u the shots u guys need on ur medical exam whatever u did at home is fine...
      the yellow fever they will 100% give this is obligatory in the flying business....the rest i dont know but u will get all the info on ur medical day and they will give u all the shots that u guys need....the rest that they wont give u...wont perhaps be needed.....
      as for health insurance...yes etihad will give u all a world wide health insurance...if ur health insurance at home only covers the insurance when ur only in ur home country than i think it would be wise to cancel this as u wont be in ur home country much anymore....but remember that example if u do go traveling abroad to another country not during duty...and something not sure if etihad will cover this as u were not on duty...and this was a private trip...perhaps than ur health insurance at home would cover this? i dont check this up......but of course u dont want to pay extra for something u wont be using see how u can do this....
      as for traveling home to see family friends...3 months after the training was finished i flew home to see my family...i flew home on these id 90% and id 50% tickets u guys will get...i had like 10 days off.....than after 6 months when ur probation is finished u can use ur 1 free annual ticket....but its very cheap to fly anywhere on these id90% and id 50%....the only downside of this is its only standby ur the last priority...if the plane is full u wont be able to go...if there is seats left u can
      and yes ur mother can come and stay at ur place...whenever she wants actually...and stay in ur room...u only need to fill in a form that u and ur roommate will ur roommate can approve too....mothers and sisters can only come and stay in ur apartment...while other visitors...can only stay until 1am....fathers and brothers are not allowed to stay over..they include in the visitors.......
      remember after 6 months...the id 90%and id 50% will start for ur family and friends as well....before 6 months this wont start....
      only for u....
      anyhow dear...enjoy ur last days at home..and embrace the positive new change that is on its way for u
      yayy to this :-))
      take care
      god bless u viera...

  10. Hello,
    Your blog is absolutely incredible, and so insightful. I have spent many an evening reading through. I have just sent off my signed contract and my DOJ is beginning of February. I have a question regarding the medical examination.
    I have a few scars on my arm, from an accident when I was younger. I am ever so worried that I will be sent home for this. I was not asked to declare on the AD or final interveiw? But noticed as reading Throigh all my paperwork scars are unacceptable. They are not huge, but little ones. They are noticeable though. I thought of maybe using some cover up for the medical examinations and whilst on duty but do not know how thorough they are?
    Any advice would be ever so appreciated,xxxxxxxx

    1. hi dear....
      thank u for ur kind words....
      congratulations dear for scoring this job...well done...its not as easy as folks think to score this job...
      lucky u for having something positive to look forward to in 2014!!!
      as for the scars on ur depends on how small/big they are....i had a tiny scar on my arm, it isnt visible if they look at my arm from distance but if someone took a look at my arm like came close to my arm they would see it...but at the medical center no one said anything....
      it depends on what kind of scar it is....
      is it visible? is it big...
      we all have scars since we were kids...
      i think what they mean here with its not acceptable to have scars is people with major big big scars that can be seen miles away perhaps...example people who have done surgery and they have deep scars ect...that is what they mean i think that isnt acceptable....
      cause it can be seen....ect ect
      so if ur scars are not a big deal or small dont worry about this and dont think about this
      as everyone have them...
      at the etihad medical center they wont examine ur body inch by inch to find scars or something..
      also remember that scars ect can be covered by foundation ect....
      i once flew with a girl who had a scar on her face which she covered under make up...myself have a scar on my eyebrow that i actually didnt even cover during my assessment but still got the job ect....
      so i think u can relax and not worry....they arnt that thorough...
      they are more strict regarding tattoos ect.....
      we had a girl in my batch who had a wrist tattoo that she covered with makeup but was visible anyway and they saw it...and the tattoo was huge i guess and she got fired....
      stuff like this is not acceptable....
      but if it would make u feel better, cover ur scars with some powder or foundation.....
      i doubt this would be a issue...
      good luck dear..and congrats again
      wish u all the best xxx

  11. Hi hun!!

    I'm a new joiner in Etihad (will be joining in June 2014). I would like to know if u have to sort out the bank account, if u can choose the bank or the company does it gor you.
    Thanks in advance.


    1. hi dear...
      congrats on scoring this job dear...and in june u will begin ur cool.....
      as for the bank...
      there is this bank which etihad corporate with,, called ´´ the national bank of abu dhabi´´ during the 1st week everyone together goes to this little bank in the training academy...and set up a account....
      if people chose to use a different bank they can do so themselves...but etihad help u set up the bank...and this bank...´´national bank of abu dhabi´´ there is one of these in the training academy.....
      what i remember was ex if u got ur salary,,,lets say 25th each month...if u had a different bank than this one, u would get ur salary 2-3 days after payday....while if u had this bank etihad corporates with, u would get ur salary on 25th each month...i think its in the benefit of the crew to have this bank etihad corporates with......
      have a lovely night dear
      and good luck in june

  12. Hi there,
    your answers regarding the medical examination has really helped me thank you! I am attending an assessment day in one week but have been reading up on the medical and became really nervous as one time last year after a friends death I made a doctors appointment explaining I was feeling unhappy and low and was given one course of anti-depressants to see if this would make me feel better, (which I did not take).
    I haven't been back since and feel fine now but I have read tht depression is unacceptable. do they check ur medical records? and if so would simply being given 4 weeks of this course count as being diagnosed with depression?

    thanks for your help! xx

    1. Hi dear....
      dont know if you read this ´´etihad pre-employment medical declaration form´´ or not....if not read it here:

      about anti-depression medications, this is a big no no....i had a batch mate who had declared that she was on anti- depressions pills when she was 15 years old, but she didnt take it now yet etihad fired her.....ANYHOW she than re-applied to emirates and never declared this and emirates hired what i suggest u to do is never declare far as i know NO they dont go back to ur old medical records.....
      they give u guys this medical form which u guys will fill in, and declare whatever u guys had in ur past life....this is where u should not declare that........but they wont check ur medical background in that sense.....
      the doctors in abu dhabi have no idea what u been on past/present ect until u declare it
      the only things the doctors will do is take blood samples ect....and if people have blood issues or were taking any medication or drugs ect... or whatever issues they can find via blood ect...than they will find out....
      but depression as far as i know everyone who had it, they never declared it.....
      good luck dear on ur assessment and i wish u all the best
      have a lovely night

  13. thank you so much you have put my mind at ease its so nice to actually get a reply from someone who knows what they are talking about!

    your blog is fab and so much help.

    thanks again xxxx

  14. Can I also add a thank you to that last comment about medical history. I've been trawling the internet worried out of my mind sick and now I've found your comments it has helped immensely! Thank you!! xxx

    1. ur welcome dear im beyond happy that i can share whatever info i have/ gained through everything i seen and been told about......and hopefully that piece of info can be to use for someone else......i fully understand the importance of ´´peace of mind´´
      can be so stressful not knowing...certain piece of info and its such a relief knowing little bit ect...
      so im glad something i wrote helped u.....
      have a great friday

  15. Hey there, what a fantastic blog! Thank you so much for doing this for everyone.
    I have a question, you've stated it would be in our best interest not to mention past medical histories, eg anxiety, but I am really worried they will go to my doctor and ask for my history. For Emirates on the medical form you sign it states we are willing for them to contact our dr's and see our medical histories, but is that only if they are suspicious as we've ticked something, or is it an automatic process and they do check the histories? Same for Etihad, although for Etihad I can't see any small print about contacting our doctors... Really feel my chances have gone down the drain to join such amazing companies :( xxxx

    1. ♥ hi dear hope ur doing well
      regarding medical they will never go back to doctors and ask friend who was in my batch she had medical health issues such as depression and other stuff she never mentioned this in her medical declaration form and it went one will go ask anything....
      the anxiety thing u mention, i would suggest u not declare this would be super silly if u did and they would reject u or fire u for this.....which they might do....
      i know tons of crew and batchmates who have had precious medical health issues and none of them declared this cause it will never be found
      and its not like the company will go call all the doctors around the world for medical history for all its future crew.....
      i have never even had a job that the employer will contact our doctor to find our medical history....
      also one more thing, i have had tons of friends working for either etihad or emirates and they did declare something on the medical form...BUT the employer did email them and asked for a paper...ex they mentioned that they saw they had declared something but if its possible if they could ask for the doctor to sign a paper and the candidate will upload it and send it to the employer....
      this does happen
      ex if u have vision problems...etihad/emirates want ur doctor to sign a paper ect.....
      or if u have had any surgery done in the past they want ur doctor to sign a paper...BUT THEY ALWAYS ASK u
      to contact ur doctor URSELF....
      emirates and etihad will never contact ur doctor themselves....
      they write this in the medical form THAT IF ITS OK FOR THEM TO CONTACT OUR DOCTORS ect
      but this is a formality thing...which they have to write....regulation stuff
      also i will give u another example...a very close friend of mine recently join emirates and she have had bad depression recently...its not like she had this when she was younger.....she is having it now....yet she didnt declare this....and things went well and she got the job and no one told her anything or asked anything.....
      i know tons of crew taking tons of medication one knows about this....
      sometimes these companies can make a big deal out of nothing...if they knew
      so if i were u dear i would be relaxed and not worried about this
      if u feel u would be more calm about this...why not post a question about this on that forum....the cc forum.....

      wish u all the best dear
      and good luck
      may all ur dreams come true

  16. thank you, thank you, thank you! You truly are an amazing person for sharing this and those real life case stories! I asked you because I find people a little rude on the cabincrew forum when it comes to this kind of issue or even the issue of tattoos. The lady on there just shoots you down and says that we may aswell find another career as we haven't got a hope. But you've given me hope, so thank you again, and hopefully I can get somewhere next time I attend an assessment day/open day :) xxxx

    1. ur welcome dear...
      oh i understand what u mean about the cc forum and how some folks there can be super negative..
      i only advised u to ask questions there in case if that would make u feel even more relaxed....extra relaxed :-)
      but i do agree with u that there are people there in that cc forum that are very negative...some even dont know much about the whole cc thingy...yet they write something which isnt true at all..or just write something they heard which isnt even true.....ect
      anyhow about the health question u posted....i really doubt it would be any long as u dont tell anyone.....
      there is no way anyone will find.... :-)
      wish u all the best on ur open day/ ad....hope soon u get to start a new chapter in ur life
      take good care of urself dear

  17. Hi cabincrewdreamer!! Amazing info on your page! Thank you so much!
    I would have one question regading the issues about gay people, I see online that in UAE it is a crime to be gay. How is it in practise? Are there ways they check your personal life such as messages, calls etc? Any policies in the company (Etihad)? Thank you very much for your answer!! Keep up your good blog! Hugs

    1. hi dear...
      hope ur well
      thank u for ur kindness.... :-)

      about being gay in UAE....there are no policy against this in etihad or emirates for that matter...i dont think i ever read this anywhere white on black ect....
      ..i have flown with tons of gay crew in etihad and know tons of gay crew in emirates too....
      i even flown with cabin managers who been gay in its alright and no one even thinks about this :-)
      while in uae its against the laws...ect.........but no one knows and no one will ask people are free in abu dhabi/dubai.....
      its not like anyone will control what u do, who u hang out with or check anything.....none of that.....
      while its free, the only thing that people cant do is public displays of affection...that includes any couple ..whoever u may one can show affection in public....doesnt matter if ur gay or not....
      have a lovely summer dear
      take care

  18. Hello... I would love to know if someone with scoliosis of 20° cobbs angle.can make it through medicals for qatar airways

    1. dear i only know about etihad/emirates ...i dont know much about qatar airways

      but i do have these pdf´s about qatar pre-employment medical check there and see if u can find anything about this scoliosis :-)
      here are the links:


      good luck and have a lovely day

  19. Hello dear! So happy to find this blog :). I'm writting you to ask if there could be a problem for me if I have Myopia know cabin crew with such a big diopter? I will join Etihad in november. Thank you!

    1. hi dear...
      congrats on scoring etihad...wish you the best in this new chapter of urs..
      regarding ´´Myopia - 6 and diopter´´ ect...i dont know anything about this dear
      or have any knowledge or info about this...
      but what u can do dear is check this etihad pre-employment form...

      you probably have this pre-employment form...but thought i would share it anyway.....check if u can find anything about this in there...
      but u can always ask this questions in that forum....
      sorry dear i couldnt help regarding this...
      but wish u the best in november ....good luck
      take care

    2. Thank you for taking time to answer me XX. I have this pre-employment form and I read it...I shouldn't have to have any problem on the medicals...but I was just worried :))). I encourage myself that everything will be just fine! I also have a paper from my doctor regarding this myopia and I am ok. Have a nice day and thank you again. :*

    3. your welcome dear...and i fully understand that u are worried...ur human and in this stage we all worry because this is such a huge step in ur life
      but if ur doctor says ur fine and u would be fit to fly and it wouldnt be a issue
      than thats ok....and if they ask for this paper tell them or give this info to etihad
      if etihad doesnt ask about this dear dont share this or tell anything to etihad....
      wish u the best dear
      have a great weekend

  20. Hello. I got accepted as a FA at saudia airlines but I'm worried about my medical for I have scoliosis. Do you have any idea what's their degree limits for scoliosis? Looking forward for your reply. Thank you so much ☺️

    1. hi dear congratulations for scoring the job with saudia.....wishing u the best :-)
      as for scoliosis...i have no idea what is acceptable or not with this airline....but i have this emirates pre-employment medical paper where they have written whats approved and whats not in regards to scoliosis...and i will attach it for u below::::

      even if this is for emirates, the rules might be similar to saudia too....i dont know...but still worth taking a look at this medical paper...and see whats approved and whats regards to scoliosis....
      good luck dear
      wishing u the best
      have a lovely night

  21. Thank you for your fast response. It really helped me. I hope emirates and saudia airlines have the same qualifications when it comes to scoliosis. Include me in your prayers pls... I really want this job... Thank you again and God bless everyone

    1. Hi flyhighpink! May I know if u made it to Saudia? Im having the same situation right now and im so worried.

  22. Hi Cabin Crew dreamer :)
    I have recently been accepted for Emirates Cabin crew and I am VERY worried about the medical tests that need to be done before hand and in Dubai. I've got a history of mild depression and I am currently on a LOW dose of anti-depressant tablets. I don't know if I should tell them the truth or not? I would hate for them to reject me because of mild depression which is not a serious thing as the tablets I take help me a lot! . Please reply, I would appreciate it! :) Kind regards! X

    1. hello dear
      congratulations for being successful in scoring this ek job...well done
      about ur depression and if u should declare this or not...100% DO NOT DECLARE THIS...i repeat do never ever declare this...because this is 1 of the things emirates does not accept...i know many people who have declared this and been fired or their file got rejected.....this is a big no no in aviation world in these middle eastern companies....
      BUT just join and do not declare anything....
      a know a friend who works for emirates who also have depression and she takes pills from time to time....but she never declared it and said nothing about this...and she is fine and everything is fine....
      u can even read a article about a girl who got the job with ek but later declared her depression and got her filed it here:::

      anyhow there is no way anyone will find out either about ur medical past....ex when ur doing ur medical stuff in ur own home country go to a doctor who hasnt treated u or know...and just ask him to do the stuff that is needed and sign the papers ect....
      in dubai there is no way they will find out about ur medical past as thats not even legal for them to do...ex if they would go and find out about ur medical past....they will not even do this go search about ur medical past....
      whatever u write in those papers or say are the stuff emirates will put in ur file...there is no way they will find out about u taking these pills via their tests either...
      anyhow i wish u the best and good luck with everything
      take care oxoxo

  23. Hi, I passed the final interview for Saudia but my medical result is unfit due to my 13 degrees scoliosis :( Do you have any idea if Etihad accepts inexperienced applicants if I apply online? Thank you so much.

    1. Hi dear
      Im sorry that u were not successful with for etihad, 100% they accept inexperienced applicants...myself when i applied i had no flying experience before...even today i have few friends who got the job and they didnt have any experience....
      Wishing you all the best
      good luck
      have a lovely day

  24. Hello dear
    I have got a question regarding the medicals done at Etihad medical center.
    A friend of mine is joining Etihad, she got her approval already but there was something she didn't declare that she's got a color vision deficiency, she's panicking about it.
    So the question is, Does Etihad make related tests for the colorblindness / deficiency? or just the acuity? and if they do, which method they use and what's the passing percentage? thanks so much in advance.

    1. Hello dear
      regarding your question about colorblindness ect, i actually dont remember much from this, all i remember is they put some kind of big glasses on us and changed glasses to test our for the colorblindness, i dont remember really...i have done so many medical test from various companies that i can remember what i did where heheehe
      BUT here is the etihad medical pre-employment they write what is acceptable and whats not...see if you can find about colorblindness here::::

      also i advice u to ask the same question in forum....
      sorry i could not help u with this question..
      i wish ur friend all the best
      have a lovely day

  25. Thank you dear ;)
    I have checked the form and it has nothing against color blindness whatsoever. I'm trying to ask in different forums as well :)
    I have got another question, She is curious about the first 6 months of probation. There will be 7 weeks training at first, right? What happens during the 4 other months? When does she graduate? and when will she get her flying licence? Ty again for all ;)

    1. regarding the probation period of 6 months....yes 7 weeks of training. as soon as ur finished with the 7 weeks of training, everyone will start working/flying. she will graduate after the 7 weeks of training, the last day of training. they will start the process of the flying license with all the paper work and everything as soon as everyone start the training and by the end everyone will have all the cards and all.
      no worries dear and whatever questions u have just send them over, if i can help 100% i will.
      take care

    2. Sweety thank you again xoxoxox <3

  26. hello cabincrewdreaer,
    You are really amazing person, thank you for replying to all our questions. I wanted to ask about teeth, i got my doj and now i m afraid of medical, i m missing one tooth, its molar(first one back). It is not visible even if i have widest smile. Is that a problem
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi dear
      thank u dear for ur kindness...
      congrats on scoring this job ....well done :-)
      about the missing tooth of urs..
      thats good that its not visible when u smile...cause a healthy nice smile is very important to them....
      i dont think it would be a problem to have 1 missing tooth in the back of your mouth.....
      when i joined we took our dental xray pic and gave it to them..
      i dont remember if a doctor checked out mouth or not...but i do remember there was no dental at a dentist or something...
      i would doubt 1 missing tooth all the way in the back where it cant be seen would cause any issues...
      if someone ask u if u have any dental issues...during ur medical exam...say no...cause u dont have any dental issues....
      i mean its not a medical emergency when we have 1 missing tooth..
      but they will see it in the dental xray which u did and will give to them....
      those who didnt do a dental xray at home...will do it in abu dhabi...
      also i doubt they would fire someone just because of 1 tooth...they paid so much to bring the candidate and pay for all the stuff...they will not fire for no reason ect....
      this is what i think about this dear.....
      hope this helps....
      wishing u the best dear
      good luck

  27. Hi I'm Zeena , today I was invited to attend an assesment day with Ethihad and I have a question regarding medical exams. I have a little hearing loss from my right ear. Is this a reason for rejecting me? I also was married and I have 3 kids. Can they visit me in Abou Dabi ?thank you

    1. Hi dear zeena
      Congrats for the invite from etihad..wishing u all the best
      as for the questions u have...
      u can read the etihad pre employment medical form here:::

      see if they mention hearing and whats approved and whats not. once u pass to final interview after that and if u get a job u get a pre employment form...medical form...which u declare the medical stuff about u....i dont know really if that little hearing loss on your right ear will be a pass or not.....perhaps if u declare this, they might want papers from ur doctor see how much or how little it is than u go from there.......
      as for being married with 3 children....they do prefer hiring single candidates, but i have seen married candidates also getting this go for it and good luck..... :-)
      yes 100% ur family can visit u in abu dhabi :-)
      good luck and take care dear zeena

  28. Hello everybody,
    I hope you are doing good,
    I need some help I am nervous and stressed about something,
    I GOT MY DOJ with QR as a Cabin crew, after sending my medicals,
    On the Xrays doctor told me that I had 11degree cobb angle in my thoracic spine but he wrote it 3 on the document, and I sent it as 3.
    I am affraid that I fall in troubles when they will do another Xray to me again,
    Some people told me that they accept up to 15 in the thoracic spine, and 10 in the lumbar spine,
    But I am still worried if they will send me back home :(
    If somebody got more informations it will be so great to help me.
    Thank you !

    1. Hi dear
      first off congrats on getting the job with qatar, that is aswesome...well done!!!
      about the question u wrote:::
      here is some info about this::::

      u can post this question in this forum as well, i bet they know more...
      enjoy ur weekend

  29. Hi there, this blog is really great!!! it's really help me as cabin crew wanna be. I have a question, can i be a cabin crew of Qatar/Saudia/Emirates/Etihad if my eyes prescription -6.5 and -4.5? thanks! xxx

    1. Hi
      Here are Etihad and Emirates medical form papers. You can check here what is approved and what is not:



      I think its similar to what Qatar have as well. As for Saudi i dont know much about Saudi sorry :-)

      Good luck and have a nice day