Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Golden Call - Etihad

A dream came true today!

Etihad Airways called me and offered me the job as a cabin crew in Abu Dhabi!
I am beyond happy, i will start the training in around 3 weeks and after 7 weeks im off to the sky/ world.
The wait for this call was painful but i made it.
After so many years of chasing this dream i finally fulfilled this.
After so many rejections from various airlines Etihad was the ONLY one who saw something in me.
Thank god i got the golden call and don't need to worry about this more.
This story of chasing this dream to become a cabin crew finally got a happy ending!
I feel so blessed and thankful for this opportunity!

Never ever give up on your dreams regardless of how many years you have to wait.
Never loose HOPE on the things you want the most in life!


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  1. How long did you wait for the golden call?

    1. hiii
      after my final interiew i waited 10 days than that golden call came.....

      take care

  2. i have never met you, and i never will. still, i just wanted to let you know - i wish you the very best with all my heart. you are wonderful person, and you deserve the very best.

    god gives answers in three ways: He says yes and gives what you want. He says no and gives something better. He says wait and gives you the best.

    1. ❤ awww ur so sweet, u sure i dont know u????? :-) or we havnt met cause this quote u wrote, few friends have told me this to me:-)
      but thank u soooooo much for taking ur time to even write those warm words, made me smile ❤
      i wish u also the very best and i appreciate ur warm wishes from the bottom of my heart ❤

    2. just came by your blog again, as I am looking for all information I can get regarding recruitment process. went through some of your older posts and only thing I can say is that you are by far one of most wonderful people I have ever seen.

      I read your entire story and that was really inspiring. I am not often telling people online (not to mention in real life) such things, but for you I just have to make an exception - world is a better place with you. I cant describe how much I hope that you will get all the very best things in life, things you just deserve.

      Got my OD with Emirates at 13th of june, hopefully I will fullfil my dream just as you did.

      Once again - as I said before, we will never meet or get to know eachother, but still I hope you will be the happiest person out there and I wish you everything you ever dreamt of. If you wont get the best life out there, it will mean something is not right with this world we living.

      previous quote I posted was something I found when I was looking for something ;) and here I am leaving a new one:

      I don't know who you are. Or whether you're a man or a woman. I may never see you or cry with you or get drunk with you. But I love you. I hope that you escape this place. I hope that the world turns and that things get better, and that one day people have roses again. I wish I could kiss you.

      thank you. from Poland with love.


    3. Dear M from Poland....
      ❤ im having tears in my eyes now, happy tears, from ur message...above....its like u know me....or met me before...seriously....
      seriously i dont know what to say...
      ur words melted my heart
      did u know that i had my etihad assessment and final interview in Warszawa!!!, although im not from this country...but Poland will always be in my heart cause this was the country that helped me fulfill my former dream...the cc...i mean.....
      so seeing u being from Poland, makes me smile :-)
      thank u dear for ur well wishes and thoughts....just like u i also have a dream.....and been in ur shoes was about to attend a open day....with dreams, hopes and wishes......
      i trulyyyyyyyy wish u would fulfill this dream of urs...cause this is truly a once in a lifetime experience... i wish everyone who is into aviation could experience this....
      this is something i feel we need to do before we die lol...for those who are interested in cc i mean......
      so i trulyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy genuinely hope u get this dear...
      ❤ dear person from Poland, may love, light, happiness, luck, good health, laughter, hugs, kisses ALWAYS follow ur steps in life..and i truly deeply mean this...doesnt matter if i dont know u, or seen u, or talked to u.....just something u deserve.....

      GOOD LUCK ON 13TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      ur worth this..
      deserve this...

      THANK YOU, GOD BLESS U,,,,BE SAFE//// Cabincrewdreamer❤

    4. well, the big day has nearly come. keep your fingers crossed for me, hopefully tomorrow by that time I will be nervous not about the OD, but AD :) can't thank you enough. it is less than 10 hours left and instead of getting my beauty sleep I decided to visit your blog once again :) will keep you posted.

      oh and btw - something an old friend taught me literally years ago - jag alskar dig :)

      M. from P.

    5. Whoever you are M from P :-) u sure we dont know each other? lol your words are sooooooo familiar,,,
      Good luck dear :-)
      wish you all the best :-)
      keep me posted!
      Most important have fun during ut ad, and be urself......
      take care

    6. Been unlucky this time I am afraid. No sad smiles though! I feel relieved, not upset. I came, I saw, and I will conquer, sooner or later :) Thinking about trying Etihad's AD in London next month, perhaps I am just like you and I will find my place there? Too bad they dont hold any recruitments in Warszawa anymore!

      All is good my dear, seems Dubai is stuffed up with people like me, crazy boys with many dreams :)

      This it not over yet.


    7. Dear M!
      i love your attitude, ´´ you came, you saw, soon you will conquer!!!

      this job thingy, is such a GAMEEEEEEEEEEEE
      we know we will either loose or win entering this ´´competition´´ or ´´lottery´´
      but its all good as it empowers us and leave us with more knowledge!

      well done for trying, its all we can do in this life....
      cant wait for your next adventure/try!!!

      good luck with are a great person, dreams do come true! soon you will get it!

      i agree:

      its not over yet.... :-)

  3. Dear after you've received the Golden call, what were you required to join before your departure?

    1. miss alejandra :-)
      when i got my golden call they gave me my date of join....
      they told me 3-4 days before my departure they would send the details for my accommodation and e-ticket to abu dhabi...that was it....
      was this ur question?
      what i required to do before?
      if i misunderstood your question ask again dear....
      hope i understood ur question :-)
      take care

  4. beautiful! thank you so much for replying! you are an angel! we are, with the group that got to the final stage, very happy and very scared at the same time as we have received the email that says that we have been successful in the assessment day and that they will call our references and contact us when they have an available training date, now, once we get the golden call, then we should just wait for the ticket and visa confirmation? or do the medical test in our countries and the security clearance? or they are in charge of that? I have research a bit in their page but is still not clear to me how to do that. Again thank you VERY much and sorry for not being clear with my previous message! have a lovely day beauty!

      big time dear Alejandra....this is such a positive amazing news u soooo happy for u
      and dont be scared...just ENJOY IT sooooooooo happy for u....well done
      sometimes etihad do call u to ask u to provide more papers or whatever...cause sometimes they loose info or whatever....that call isnt a golden call...that happens actually that etihad call candidates to collect more stuff they didnt provide before or need more of ect....
      BUT if u get a call when they tell u,,ur date of join IT MEANS everything is finished...
      but of course we cant rest...cause everything can happen between the golden call and when they send u ur e-ticket and accommodation details....
      its a longggg stressful process....
      but in my case after my final interview i was lucky that etihad only called me once...which was the golden call....than they sent me the email with the e-ticket and accommodation details and more training details ect....
      the medical stuff will all be done in abu dhabi.....
      the dental stuff...during that time we could chose to do it in our home country or in abu dhabi.....i did it myself in my own country so i would be done with it...doing it in abu dhabi is a hassle..specially u have the training and its a big i recommend people doing the teeth xray in their home countries....
      but u dont have to do it in ur home country...its a choice....
      the security clearance is already done if u get the golden call...
      i think i only did the dental xray thats it....i dont remember if i did it after the successful email or after the golden call...
      but all medical stuff will be done for free in abu dhabi....for u need to do anything here...if they dont write it of course....
      no worries my dear whatever question u have ask away....
      yayyyyyyyyyy to u though....for soon being able to wear the etihad uniform and fly he world...have ur dream fulfilled!!!!!!!!!!
      congrats again!!!!!! one step closer
      take careeee

  5. Thank You so much dear! I have met wonderful people during the assesment day and I am honored to go with the first group of them on August 15th if God allows us! Everything haS been fantastic and I am very calm now but at the same time extremelly happy at a tiny bit excited as i still gotta finish many stuffs here like my apartment and moving furniturest from the city to my parents house in the countryside 2 hours away! hehehe that is gonna be an unforgettable memory, and i am beyond happy to have my parents to help me with this, to have God in my life above all, my terrific friends, wonderful people that I{ve met and of course the main source of inpiration... YOU!!!! God bless you fully in everything you wanna acomplish, and your family and enviroment! Eternally ThaNkfull that people like you exist in this world! best of the best for you sweetie!!!! xoxo

    1. so happy to read about ur journey,,and u totally deserve this...and 15th of august is just around the corner not long so happy u got this ticket to something amazing...truly THANK YOU for all your kind words...i wish there were more people like you so positive!!!
      enjoy your last days, cause in 2 weeks ur off to see the world!!!!!!!
      hugs and god bless u oxoxo

  6. Hi there...I love reading your blog!!! Thank you!
    Im a little new here...please could you advise how long it took from applying online to going to the assessments day to final interview to getting the job.

    1. hi dear.....
      thank YOU for reading this cool u like it
      its a bubble for all of us

      as for my timeline....i dont remember much about when i applied online for a ad with etihad and when they sent me the invite....
      but i do remember vividly it took me exact 1 month from final interiew to my DOJ...
      and it took etihad 10 days to send me the successful email after my final interview....

      i was lucky enough to have the process going pretty fast although it didnt feel fast at that time heheheeh i felt 1 day felt like 1 year heheheheeh

      but i believe the timing for the process varies a lot from applicant to applicant...
      ex the girls in my final interview, some got there golden call 2 weeks after me and some got the golden call 3 days after me or before it varies a lot....

      i also can remember from the ad invite i got from etihad and when i booked a the actual assessment day it was 2 weeks....cause i remember i booked the spot pretty asap...two weeks from invite to assessment time....

      hope this helps a little..wish u the best oxoxo

  7. Hi there! Congrats for your dream job, hope ure receiving the greatest rosters from month to month :)
    My question woulod be...I applied for Etihad...and if I make it and will be successful...what is the last point where I can step back from their offer? I'm waiting for something in my life to happen and if it does, then I have to turn their offer down...can you help me in this? When do they start organizing visas and all? Thank you for your answer! xoxo

    1. hi bigbiga....
      hope ur well...
      i read ur post in ur blog ..about ur ek od/ad/fi, very cool...dont know if u already got the golden call or not...but i wish u all the best with ek...
      thank u so much for ur kind words...but 1 year ago i resigned i no longer work for etihad... :-)
      as for etihad, i think once u get the offer they will tell u how much time u have to sign it or not....i dont remember how long that was....
      i dont know what offer u think about...but if ur thinking of emirates...if u do get emirates...and etihad...i would chose emirates!! :-)
      but i understand the process of ek might take a long time...while etihads process is very quick...
      so i understand u having a dilemma here....cause who knows what will happen with ek right...
      the etihad process is very different from person to person...application to application..but 100% etihad process is way faster than emirates.....
      from final interview to date of took me 1 month..quick right....
      i know a friend it took her 3 weeks lol..from fi to doj...
      i know someone else it took her 2 months...but not more than two months....
      so i hope by the time etihad comes with a offer for u that ek have answered u...
      i assume ur talking about ek lol...cause i read ur very informative and great post on ur blog..
      i wish u all the best dear
      may whatever ur heart desires happen for u
      i guess whatever happens happens for a reason...

    2. Thanks a lot ;) Yes, it is EK, I'm waiting for their response :) (no GC yet, and it's hard, they had Eid not so long ago, now it is Hijra...all those celebrations make us wait longer :D
      I hope - despite the fact that ure not with EY anymore - you are in a place that makes your life happy :)
      Take care and thank you for your answers and wonderful blog!!! xoxo

    3. THANK YOU bigbiga for all ur kindness,
      i understand this wait is frustrating for u...and annoying...but the wait for u will 100% b worth it....may ur golden call come soon...and u can start ur new journey up in the least be happy u made it to the finals..not everyone get the chance to score FI with ek....congrats on that on
      be safe and god bless u xxxx

  8. Dear CC dreamer,
    I'm from Vietnam and I received successful email form Etihad 2 days ago. I have couple questions hopefully may get some advice from you.

    How long does it take from receiving successful email until they give me the golden call?
    Do I have to take any heath examination by myself in my country? If I have to do that, what kind of heath examination I have to do?
    Will they check my references as the address I gave them?

    Looking forward to your reponse soon

    1. hello dear Tuyet'
      hope ur good
      well regarding ur question...
      it is very different from person to person and application to application....i dont remember my timeline from when i got the successful email to the golden call...but i do remember from final interview to my date of join was 1 month....
      so it was a quick process for me...i believe its a super quick process with etihad compared to the emirates process
      no i didnt do any health checks or anything only dental xray thats it
      all the medical exams will be held in abu dhabi and bring ur dental xray with u
      the reference check etihad does have a very low '% that they will call my batch example almost no one called there references while in another batch i remember a girl told me only 4 people of all the people in her batch got called
      i believe they do a random reference they dont check everyone.....
      also the reference address no i dont think emirates nor etihad check backgrounds with references or check there addresses either....
      but i heard if they do call ur references they might call u or email u to let u know within 1 week they will check it...
      or they might not even inform u..
      but again the % is very low....for them to check references....
      anyhow good luck with everything...i wish u all the best
      take care hugsss

  9. hello!! now im done reading this.. im so inspired and cant wait to apply~

    im from philippines, but i doubt if etihad coming back here for recruitment next year.. i really wanted this job. can i still apply online tho even if they dont have schedule yet for recruitment here?

    I am looking forward to receiving your reply :)

    1. hello kc reformina...
      hope ur good...
      yayy isnt it exciting when we get that rush to begin something new...i love that feeling too...
      not knowing what will happen but we go for it anyway hoping to win!
      u never know dear ,,,etihad might come to Philippines too
      so keep ur eye open...
      yes 100% u can apply...and if ur application gets successful u get access to a booking system...than its ur choice to book a slot...or not
      i think u can wait 6 months...i mean i think this invitation is valid for 6 months...
      within 6 months u have to book something....
      last time i checked this was valid for 6 months....
      so go ahead and apply.....
      wish u all the best and may 2014 be a golden amazing year for u
      take care

  10. did you reply so fast??? amazing! hehehe!

    yeah I am almost finished with the application.. im kinda tense :( How long have you been working at etihad? I've just imagined myself the way you are right now. So exciting! :)

    1. heheheh ur cute....its funny people get surprised i reply so fast....i truly do take time to read all the comments and take time to reply whenever i i know how important it get some peace of mind....getting a
      well i worked with etihad for about 1 year....than i resigned....but it was truly THE BEST YEAR of my i truly recommend etihad or emirates to everyone....
      its also good that u can imagine and visualize urself getting this job..doing this job...ect...having positive energy around this...
      take care dear.....

  11. hi... is there any way to actually contact you?? I would really love to hear your advice? :)

    1. sweety u can contact me via this ´´contact form´´ to ur right...
      it will be sent to my i reply u there...
      blessings ur way

  12. there is still some doubts if they still hire filipinos since I have heard that emirates has stopped hiring filipino cabin crews huhuhuhu..

    i'll get back to you soon regarding my application. heheheh

    wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year 2014! Cheers!

    1. happy new year to u and ur family dear...
      and regardless of rumors about what nationality they hire or not...ignore those rumors... go after ur dreams and try..thats all we can do...
      by the way try with emirates too :-)
      may little by little all ur dreams would come true in 2014...
      happy new year honey....good luck

    2. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH.. Hope your new year is off to a good start :)

  13. Hi cabincrewdreamer!

    It's been a 6 months since I last visited your blog. I really love your blog and it's very inspiring for someone like me who has a same dream as you. 6 months ago, I've attended the AD with etihad but unfortunately I failed it. after waiting 6 months to reapply, I went to the AD again and made it through the Finals ! I am beyond happy! Now I am in the process of waiting the successful/unsuccesful email. how long did it took for you to receive the good news? It has been a 5 days for me that I haven't got any news and it's killing me. :-(

    Again, Thank you and Good luck for your career :-)

    1. hi dear and welcome back to this blog
      yayyy i love hearing good news...congratulationsss big time
      for scoring the final interview with etihad well done
      im happy for u beyond words cause this is a big big step towards something amazing....
      as for how long the process will get news back ect its very different ..applicant from applicant....
      for me it took me exactly 1 month from final interview to date of join..
      i think i got the successful email 10days after my interview....and i think 4 days after that i got the golden call...
      i remember for some of my friends it took them 2 weeks for them to get the successful email....ect ect
      so its very different....
      but hopefully soon u will get ur positive email and than you can start ur adventure....imagine how ur 2014 will be....filled with adventure....
      wish u the best dear
      and congratulations again for the final interview....
      have a lovely monday

  14. I couldn't believe how fast you can reply to all the questions from your followers ! Thank you very much! .... Yet another day has passed that I haven't got anything. I am actually Japanese-Filipino and I think that the only reason I made it through the finals is because they needed Japanese staff. During the final interview, I was asked if I can speak Japanese fluently and I said Yes, but not in writing and reading. (which is the truth since I grew up in Philippines) I heard that EY stopped hiring Filipinos so I though by that moment that they will reject me for that. :-( I think they are bit disappointed that I wasn't fluent in Japanese.... But I am still crossing my fingers and that the rumors about Filipinos is just a "rumor" .

    1. hi dear.....your welcome...i always try to make time for this blog and give back,,,,to those who need info/tips ect....its rewarding for me too, to give back in whatever i can :-)
      fingers crossed dear that soon you will get a reply back... regarding the Filipino topic, if they were not interested in you in the first place they would never chose you to the finals......but now ur there on the finishing line...and they chose u from among others....which means u had something that perhaps they couldnt find in think positive and i hope soon you get the chance to come back with good news for me :-)
      sending u best wishes your way
      god bless you dear

    2. I got my unsuccessful email today. Same feelings as before, Cried a river and moved on. It was my 2nd time rejection from Etihad and I wonder if they will even hire me someday... It really hurts and I don't know if I should pursue this dream....

    3. hi dear
      awww im so sorry... :-(
      but know that success doesnt come easy....and the emotions ur feeling is natural and ur only a human dear...
      if this is a fire burning bright in ur heart, a passion of urs ...than u owe it to urself to NOT GIVE UP....
      i dont know if u read my story..but before i got etihad, i went through 7 rejections from airlines before etihad opened its door for 7 times i went through this..i even made it to the finals with emirates once and after 10 weeks waiting i got the rejection email....
      if i had stopped! and given up during those times...i would never had the chance to work with etihad...
      so this means if u want this i wanted should never allow urself to give up.....never ever!!!!!!
      a rejection email doesnt define u dear...doesnt tell u...u will never get this....
      it just perhaps mean that its not ur time yet...and the timing isnt there yet perhaps....
      so dont give up ok....brush urself off and stand up again and say LETS DO THIS AGAIN
      it reminds me of a game too..we enter this game knowing we either win or loose.....
      of course its heart aching ...but the victory will be so much worth it...
      when i got etihad after 7 times of rejections i those tears and heartache was worth it....
      and now was the time...for that door to open....
      so dear dont give up ok if this is ur dream....

      click on this link....

      stay strong dear......success is around the corner...u just have to wait a bit more....its a bit of a delay for u right now....but its there.....

      wish u all the best dear and im deeply sory again.....but know that its there for u..its not a dream or a fantasy...u can achieve this!!

      god bless u
      stay safe

  15. Hello sweetie, it's Nana again !! Not sure if you still remember me. I wanted to tell you that i got a DOJ and i signed the contract and sent it back, but somehow i didn't get my golden call it was via email, they also mentioned in their offer of employement email that if they don't get 2 satisafoctory references they will cancel the contract so it's never 100%.
    I have 3 weeks till then so i was wondering if they ever call or send an email to say that i can resign or get ready for my big move or i should wait ?
    I also decided to do my teeth, to get rid of whatever either caries or whatever, do u think it's enough time to fix it.
    Do they send information about accomodation, my batch mates, and housemates ?
    Is the person i will be living with from the same nationality or culture ? or we get to live with different people from different background ?
    can u explain to me in details what are the medical checks ? and when we get sent home ? if u are slightly low in something ?
    And one more thing, i know being a cabin crew can be stressful, how do u remain healthy ? and how often they do medical checks per year ?
    Thanks a lot in advance darling !!

    1. Also, i wanted to ask if we are supposed to bring the business suit with us for the training or they provide it to us when we first join them ?

    2. hi lovely nana
      first off congratulations for getting the doj and the contract and everything....well done...and lucky u....positive news indeed...
      strange that u didnt get the golden call though....and strange that they mention that if they dont get the 2 references they will cancel the contract....i guess these are the new hiring process....or perhaps they were too busy to call...i dont know.....
      but yes ur right...until u sit on the airplane on ur way to abu dhabi than u can be 100% u got this job....and can be sure.....nothing is guarantee lately..specially with how the Etihad HR works lately....
      u can read a bit about how crazy/ unpredictable etihad has become...via few of our messages in this link:
      but still lucky u nana u got ur doj and signed the contract....positive news....thank god u got those...and not rejected....or had to wait longer...and no seems some candidates got their successful emails but got put in holding pool and 6 months finished and they have to re-apply sad......things seem to have changed and we can no longer predict how things can be with etihad....kind of sad and upsetting....
      but fingers crossed dear nana...u will soon get ur e-ticket and visa and off u go...and dont need to worry about any of these stuff.....
      so let me answer the questions u have::::::
      I have 3 weeks till then so i was wondering if they ever call or send an email to say that i can resign or get ready for my big move or i should wait ?
      i dont remember exactly if i got any email saying i can resign now from my job or not...because at that time i was unemployed....but i assume they would email u more info.....perhaps u can email them nana and ask them....?
      I also decided to do my teeth, to get rid of whatever either caries or whatever, do u think it's enough time to fix it`?
      good choice to fix ur teeth....always nice to have fresh new teeth and have them fixed and all that.....if u manage to fix it before ur doj...than its good....hopefully u get time to fix ur teeth...

    3. -----------
      Do they send information about accommodation, my batch mates, and housemates ?
      yes i did get a email about all of that .....dont know when they will send that info to u though.....there is no typical timeline for this....hopefully soon they will arrange all of this for u....and email it for u...
      Is the person i will be living with from the same nationality or culture ? or we get to live with different people from different background ?
      some get to live with roommates from the same nationality...but some roommates were from different countries...all 3 of us came from different countries....i think they will try to put same nationalities in one room....but if they cant....they wont be able to do so.....
      can u explain to me in details what are the medical checks ? and when we get sent home ? if u are slightly low in something ?
      during the medical exams they do these::: blood tests, vision test, hearing test, 2 vaccines, info, weight check, chest x ray, normal check up and urine test...the medical exams will be done week 1 of ur training....and it depends on what they will it depends.....i cant tell exactly when or what as i dont know myself.....but i will give u some examples....there was 1 batchmate of mine they found something weird in his blood which was not they sent him home the 1st week....sad.....during the 1st week there was this girl with a wrist tattoo which they found they sent her home too during the 1st if there is something serious....i assume the 1st week is when they send people home....but we dont know really...perhaps some tests takes longer time to get results and it might take longer time......this is all i can tell u dear from my experience...
      And one more thing, i know being a cabin crew can be stressful, how do u remain healthy ? and how often they do medical checks per year ?
      well they advice u to drink lots of water, go to the gym often, eat healthy food, sleep a lot, basic stuff everyone should do in every job....but simply taking care of ourselves for medical checks....i dont know dear.....or i forgot what they told i only remained in the company for 1 all we did during that year was during training....that first medical exam.....but i think they might have check ups later on too.....but not sure about this......cause i dont remember....
      Also, i wanted to ask if we are supposed to bring the business suit with us for the training or they provide it to us when we first join them ?
      during the first 4 weeks..u guys bring own clothes with urself for the pants, white shirts, black skirts, stockings, court shoes...they dont give u guys this...than after 4 weeks...ur uniform will be u guys will be wearing the etihad uniform the rest of the training....
      hope these helped give u a picture of how things might be dear......wishing u all the best and hope soon u get ur e-ticket and visa....good luck...have a lovely dayyyy

  16. Hi Cabincrewdreamer, it was so helpful to read our blog. I am 32 and i wish to apply to Emirates as a CC. I live in Pakistan and there are no open days here. The only way is to apply online ans wait on their email. What would the next step be? Its a dream i want to follow and i am very excited to become a CC soon.*hopeful*

    1. hi dear
      hope ur well
      i fully understand that its not possible for u to attend a open day/assessment with ek if ek dont come to ur what u need to do is if u have the opportunity, to attend a open day in another country near u....thats what most people do if they can, to attend a recruitment day near them in another city or country.....
      also yes do apply online and see what happens.....
      also if i were u dear i would also try with qatar and etihad as well...
      keep ur options open....
      wishing u the best
      good luck

  17. HI cabin crew dreamer
    thank u for this amazing blog
    Actually I'm waitting fot my golden call too, and I'm a little stressed, I'll tell u why?
    I have a tatoo and I'm removing it with laser , and it will take more than 50 days , and I want to know if they call me and tell me that I will join them before these 50 days, can I tell them that I can't and I want to postpone the date of joining? or they will consider it as a resignation ?

    1. :'( I'm the only one who doesn't receive an answer from you sweetie

    2. Hiii dear Imad,
      Hope you are well dear
      Thank you for re-posting again, because i didnt even see this post of yours until now... sorry i missed this post of yours, i get tons of questions and i answer each and one of them...but sometimes i forget or dont see questions....sorry...
      anyhow first congratulations dear Imad for making it to the final interview with etihad and i assume u got the successful letter too...well done....
      not everyone come to this page like u well done :-)
      fingers crossed u get the golden call soon :-)
      when the recruitment coordinator calls you, which is the golden call...he or she will most probably give u 2 choices of joining dates...which u can chose from...sometimes people can postpone joining date ex perhaps few weeks or something...but im not really sure if they can postpone your joining date for more than 50+days....and its a bit risky.....
      i have known few people that postponed their joining date by few weeks or days...but not 50+days....
      im a bit worried that by requesting such thing might lead to unsuccessful results.... :-(
      its a bit risky with these airlines, they have different rules/regulations ...and if i were u, i would not request such thing dear....what i would do if i were u, would be continue doing your tattoo laser removal and the rest cover it with makeup
      i dont know if your tattoo is big or small, visible or not...but example once u start to fly u get tons of options to fly back home....u could always continue the laser treatment later on...
      u already have started the laser treatment and i bet the tattoo is it would be easy to cover it with makeup..a lot of crew use ´´dermacolor´´ for covering up tattoos....
      anyhow dear Imad i hope my post was a bit helpful :-)
      wishing u the best...
      have a lovely day dear Imad and im sorry i forgot your post :-)

  18. Dear cabincrewdreamer.. Congratulations for your blog!! I am impressed and thankful that you take the time to answer all the questions :) .. I went to the fi last monday and received the succesful email this sunday.. 2 days later got an email with the references contact form so i can forward it to my previous employers.. My previous emplyers sent it back to Etihad de very next day as i called them and told them this is so important!! So i guess i just have to wait for the golden call with a doj :) i hope it will be pretty fast!!! What do you think? Blessings and thank you!!!

    1. hi dear
      thank u soo much for ur kind words....ur sweet :-)
      congratulationsssss for the successful email....i love hearing success stories....
      u have done everything they needed, so i assume ur set to go....there isnt much they would want from u....if they would they would email them....
      now only the CALL left.....cant wait for u to get that call...will be so much fun....
      the timeline for each candidate is different...for some it might take weeks and for others months....
      ex for me it took me exactly 1 month from final interview to date of join.....
      for others i know it took them 3 weeks, for others 2 it all depends on the department and the approval of all the papers ect ect
      but i hope u wont have to wait a long time :-)
      fingers crossed soon u get the golden call yayyyy will be so much fun
      good luck
      sending u tons of happiness joy and luck and success ur way

    2. Thank youuu I will keep updating how it goes , So I can help other as well. Blessings to all :)

  19. Hiiiii got my golde call today and the contract... All clearence has been done.. Joining date will be mid April.. So thank God for this new adventure... Hugs to all :)

    1. wohoooo thats awesome...congratulations!!!! yayyyy..what wonderful news u brought today :-) wishing u all the best on the new chapter in ur life in mid april....enjoy it all....well done and congrats!! :-)

  20. Hello Cabincrewdreamer , I hope thet you're fine I really missed your Blog :D, I have good news for u , as I told U I will tell u news as soon as they contact me , so "Valentina" a member of Etihad recruitment team called me Monday for my DOJ (She was soooo nice) and I didn't believe that finnaly I received my Golden call ... anyway ! I will join them next mounth I'm so excited ... I tried to write to you But I was so busy... I'm sorry , now I signed my contract and send it and I'm waitting for their confirmation of receipt , can u please tell me what will be the next step ?
    --- Hugs---

      congratulationssss.....awwww i just came home from a long work day and receiving such wonderful positive news from u just makes me soooo happy...seriously what amazing happy that the fruit of ur hard work just arrived...
      and i wish u all the best next month on ur doj....
      will be on amazing new chapter in ur life...filled with adventures...
      the next step would be waiting for the e-ticket/visa which will arrive just few days before ur departure.... :-)
      god bless u nada and go out there in the world and enjoy it all
      good luck

  21. Hi Cabincrewdreamer, first of all, congratulations for what you're doing here!!!
    Just wanted to ask you, I have my DOJ in April, signed the contract got the confirmation, so... I heard something about a workbook, I checked all my emails and couldn't find anything, so what's the deal with this workbook??? I am starting to worry .

    Waiting forward for a reply... And once again, good job!! You are very nice for doing this :*

    1. Hi dear
      i hope ur well...
      thank u for all ur kind words...appreciate it :-)
      congratulationssssssss for getting this job....u must be so happy....well done....wishing u the best on this new chapter in ur life...u will have so much fun....
      and ur doj is so soon too....april is just around the corner... :-)
      as for this workbook...
      yeah there was this pdf etihad workbook they sent us before we joined....i didnt save this, if i did i would have sent it over for u to look at....
      its similar to what emirates send to their new joiners...u can check it here::::

      they told us to read this and do some of the tests in that workbook, but it wasnt mandatory to do....i did look over it...but didnt do all of it....during the training...we went through some of those stuff in that workbook but not much....some of my batchmates didnt even do these or look through them...
      but what i advice u is to ask the same question to that forum..hopefully someone has this workbook and they can email it to u
      good luck
      wishing u the best in april

  22. Hello, may I know if Etihad has an age limit for applying as a cabin crew? Just turned 28 and have 1.6 yrs of exp as a ground crew. I didnt get the chance to be a cabin crew because here in our country, age really matters. I will be in abu dhabi for a new job as a receptionist. I took the job, hoping to get a chance to apply to Etihad because they don' t visit here in the country. I wonder if will it be worth it. Thank you!

    1. hi dear
      hope ur well
      the age limit with etihad is 36 years old...
      u being 28 wont stop u with etihad....
      when i joined i had 2 girls in my batch that was 33 years old and one 34 years old....
      yeah while u work in abu dhabi with that receptionist job...u can 100% apply for the cc job too.....
      so good luck dear
      wishing u the best

    2. Dear cabincrewdreamer,
      Thank you so much for the encouragement. Before I felt like I was being left behind whenever I try to apply as a cabin crew because I know I was one of the oldest among the candidates! But now you just give me confidence in pursuing my dream. Actualy I am a nurse, but when I graduated and passed the nurse examination, there were no more job vacancy in our country, except if you are recommended by some govt officials or a person with high position who works at that hospital will recommend you. So I decided to change my dream and tried the airline industry. The work in Abu Dhabi is receptionist, but it is in a hospital bldg. I wonder if I would apply for cabin crew, they would find my latest job inappropriate for a cabin crew. I hope not. Haha! Anyway, thank you for your time. Reading your blog really helped me to boost my hope! Godspeed!
      C of Manila

    3. Dear thank u for ur kind words...just wanted to say this new job u got in abu dhabi as a receptionist at this hospital is truly a blessing. And the previous job u did which u wrote regarding the ground crew is actually a huge PLUS in ur resume when applying for cc. May this new job in abu dhabi be a positive beginning for u and may u soon get the cc job later on as well....good luck....god bless u xxxxxx

    4. Dear cabincrewdreamer,
      Thank you! I would still undergo my medical though contract is already done, Im praying that I would chase my dreams in the land of Abu Dhabi. Godbless to you! I will keep you posted! -C of Manila

  23. Hello CabinCrew liner!
    I have a doubt as I fear my application has been compromised. I had my DOJ very quickly and I had to change twice due to my notice period. Then, just after signing my contract I cut my forearm by accident and have it sutured with stitches. I felt like declaring it to Etihad as it led to a scar and I was afraid it might create problems during my med tests (I hadn't declared any surgery as I hadn't had any before!). So they put me in the holding pool and - after final certificates from the surgeon and some pics - said they would come back to me at due time. How do you feel it? Will I be ever be fished from the pool?? I probably shouldn't have declared anything but I wanted to be sure the scar did not affect the physical requirements (it is nice but still visible) as they seem very strict and I am living a secure job here.
    Thank you!!

  24. AHAHA autocorrection!Apologies I have no idea where the *liner came from in my message above!I am a dreamer as much as you are!!

    1. hello dear
      LOL about the cabincrewLINER heheheeh funny :-))
      hope ur well dear :-)
      Dear ohhh im so so sorry about this situation u are in...and im so sorry u had that cut in ur forearm.... :-(
      i understand out of fear and doubt and worry u declared that afterwards and wanted to be honest about it...
      yeah ur right dear, u should not have declared that.... i would have not declared it if i were u...cause then it would put u in the risk of getting ur contract canceled :-(
      u know we are humans and we fall and get scars/bruises all the time...i have tons of im a clumsy person heheheeh
      i actually had a scar on my arm when i joined which i never declared and no one said anything...
      certain scars there is no need to declare as its tiny one ...things everyone get....
      anyhow, fingers crossed etihad will be kind to u and fish u out of that pool :-))
      there is no time frame for that dear...u can be in that holding pool until they get the green light ect....
      i hope etihad will be understanding and give u another doj....
      fingers crossed for u dear.....
      also if possible can u plz update me later on how this situation for u developed? and how it went? as im super curious now what etihad will do..and how things will go for u :-) thankss
      wishing u the best
      take care

  25. Sure I will you updated! unfortunately I don't have ggod vibes right now, let's just think positive and keep fingers - and forearms! - crossed!!!! :)
    And thank you for the answer and this amazing blog, you are helping so many people!!

    1. ur welcome dear and thank u for ur kindness....yes lets keep all toes and fingers and all bones crossed :-)) i truly hope u come back with positive news later on....may success and good news always be around u dear :-)
      have a lovely day


  26. ... CONTINUED
    As promised, here is my update on the cut in the forearm and my selection process. And I am glad to say it is a good one! :)
    I have just received another DOJ, after Etihad evaluated all my files!I am so happy and excited to start this new adventure. In the end, they were understanding as we hoped and they fished me out of the pool.
    Moving to Abu Dhabi soon,YAY!!!!!
    I really thank you for your kind words that helped me in this wait and for this encouraging blog, you are doing a great job and you really are a life example for so many with your positivity.
    I wish you all the best

    1. yayyyyy, OMG im soooo sooo happy u brought this good news for me so happy etihad understood...congratulationsss once again for this....amazing....
      thank god this is over with and u can focus on ur departure soon...
      so happy to hear good news...
      and thank god things went well....
      thank u dear for ur kind words...and may this journey be one amazing journey for u
      enjoy this victory dear and celebrate!!!
      god bless u

  27. Dear ccdreamer!
    thank you for your blog and your incredibile interest to answer all the posts. I Would like to ask you an opinion: During my AD in Nov I gave my availability to join EY in March but surprisingly I received my Doj in Jan,I had to refuse and they put me in holding pool. In your opinion how is the probability to be refished from that holding pool???

    1. Hi dear
      Thank u for ur kind words...
      Regarding the holding pool...i have heard that if u dont hear from them within 6 months of being in the holding pool...u will be rejected...and have to re-apply all over again.
      But overall the process of getting hired lately with etihad is very long...can be anything between 1-6 months. I wont be able to tell u a timeline for those in the holding pool, but what i do know is if the candidate havnt heard anything after 6 months...than it means the candidate have to re-do the process again.
      But i advice u to email ur coordinator or the hr person u are in touch or whoever and ask for an update from time to time, so they wont forget about ur this has happened.
      I hope ur process wont be too long dear....fingers crossed for u!!!
      wishing u the best..
      GoOD LUCK

  28. Hello cabin crew dreamer,
    What a great blog of yours, I enjoyed reading every bit of it, and honestly it helped me through my assessment process with EY. Thank you for the wonderful info provided on the blog, and most importantly thank you for your patience and opositive vibes!
    I received my successful email from etihad this morning, I was happy but didn't allow myself to be so excited because just 1O days ago I was unsuccessful with emirates. Anyways, I declared to. Etihad that I had history with minor anemia, and also declared that I am now under medication for an allergic reaction and that I had my tonsils removed 11 years ago. Do you think this might be a problem? In the successful mail the just told me to send them pending documents if I have any, I didn't give them my service letters so I should. But then they didn'tsay anything about the medicals. But the recruiter told me on the aassessment day that I might be required to send medical certificate if successful. I am lost now, I need some positive insight so I can allow myself to be happy.
    Thank you

    1. hi dear soukaina
      hope ur well dear
      thank u for ur kind words...god bless u :-)
      but major congratssssssss on the successful email u got earlier today... :-)
      well done and congrats!!!
      although u should be happy for this successful step in the right direction. and dont allow what happened with emirates/medical worries ruin this joy for u :-)
      dont allow anything or anyone stop u from feeling happy dear :-) cause if we feel happy, we radiate positive energy :-) so stay positive :-)

      Regarding the medical stuff:

      above u can read the etihad pre medical employment paper. i dont remember if they gave this to u yet or not. but if u have this paper, than u know whats allowed and whats not, in terms of medical stuff. i dont know if those things u mentioned is written in there or not..
      as for the medical stuff u mentioned::
      what im thinking is that why would etihad send u this successful email if they would not approve of those things u declared. they obviously read that paper of what u had declared ect, and still they sent u that successful email. so what i think is that all of those things u declared are OK to etihad and wont cause any issues. but perhaps later in the recruitment process etihad would want papers from ur doctors regarding these things u did declare. these airlines most often want papers to keep in their file if we declare something in regards to our health. for future reference, ex in case something happens to ur health in abu dhabi, than they have these papers and it would help the doctors ect ect......u know what i mean
      i doubt those things u declare is a issue for etihad, cause why would they even send u that successful email in the first place.
      but dont tell them anything further until they ask in regards to these things u declared.
      but 100% this is a positive sign that u got this successful email!!
      indeed be happy for this, but i do understand that u might not be able to be fully happy because u still havnt signed the contract yet and the worries u might have regarding these medical stuff.
      but try not to think about this or worry to much, although i know we are humans and perhaps might not be able to NOT think about it.
      but try to think positive and enjoy this :-)
      i know for sure that etihad do not send successful emails to every single candidate after their final interview, there is a little % who makes it that far AS U HAVE DONE NOW..
      so be super proud of this step :-) well done dear
      yayyyy for that :-)

      but once again congrats for this successful email!
      major positive step in the right direction!!
      good luck with everything dear
      if there is anything else u want to ask about, let me know
      hope my reply has been informative :-) for u, little bit i hope :-)
      take care dear

  29. Hi Cabin Crew Dreamer!

    Am I gonna sent home if I got a mild scoliosis? :(
    And also my lower teeth is not that straight and nice to see but I really want to try to pursue my dreams :(

    1. hi dear
      in regards to scoliosis, u can check this etihad pre medical paper:

      the info here is about whats approved and whats not, see if u can find scoliosis there.
      in regards to ur teeth, as long as u have healthy nice teeth ur ok. i dont know how ur teeth looks like, but as long as its not too bad its ok.
      but 100% u should try ur chances, and see how it goes. dont let anything stop u from achieving ur dream. no one is perfect and these airlines doesnt hire perfect people cause there is no perfect folks lol
      so go for it dear
      and good luck
      enjoy ur day

  30. Hi miss! Thanks for having this blog. I also have dental issues, fillings in metal. should I have them changed for porcelain? and how long was the hiring process with Etihad? a week maybe? Thank you so much.

    1. Hi dear
      here u have the etihad pre medical form::::

      see if they mention anything about dental and whats approved and whats not. i dont have much knowledge if its better to have fillings in metal or porcelain and whats approved and whats not so best to check this medical paper...
      but personally i dont think the thig with fillings would be a issue regardless what it long as we have straight teeth and our smile looks nice we are good to go...
      the hiring process for me was 1 month ...from the final interview to my joining day it was 1 month...but i would say anything from 1 month to 2 months...would be the natural process...sometimes for some candidates it might take longer....
      good luck dear
      and i wish u a lovely day