Thursday, March 8, 2012

Week 6 of training Finished

wow what a week...what a week... The days of our lives :-)

I have to mention that week 6 has been the easiest weeks of THEM ALL for me!

The reason? I believe is that i was lucky enough to have amazing instructors during this week :-)
In my opinion almost everything depends on our instructors, depending how our instructors are...
if they are amazing...EVERYTHING will be amazing. if not than not. :-)

Yayyy im beyond happy i finished week 6 and now i only have next week left...

Next week i graduate YAYYY after all the struggle finally i will soon ´´taste the fruit´´ of all the hard work!

This week was all about service and we did these things on this week:

  • Etihad internal communication
  • Meal procedures
  • Cart set ups
  • Transit procedures
  • Etihad Guest programme
  • In flight entertainment
  • About Wines/ Spirits/ Cocktails
  • Bar paperwork on board
  • Products and equipment for service on board
  • Galley electrical equipments
  • Than we had only 1 exam on all of this
Funny today is the 1st day since i started this...that  i finally can visualize myself being a cabin crew because now im so close to the ´´goal line´´.
Before we had so much to do and nothing was finished but now its not much left anymore and i totally can ´´FEEL´´ its coming...the finishing line is coming.... :-)

Next week will probably go very fast....

But i cant wait for next week to come so i can close this chapter and begin a new chapter shortly...which is  to start flyinggggggggggggggg

Seriously all the hard work is worth i understand when people tell me WORK HARD TO REACH YOUR DREAMS :-)
The hard work is NOT god it is not easy...but without struggle there is no success!!!

More informative info related to cabin crew here:::

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