Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ticket and Visa received - Tomorrow is my departure!

Yesterday i got my visa and ticket to Abu Dhabi!
My departure is tomorrow!
I feel so relived that this is done now and no more hassle or stress!
It took 1 month exact from final interview to departure.
My journey to a better and a more wonderful life begins TOMORROW :-)

★ ✩ ✮ ✯ ✰ ☆ And The Journey Of A Lifetime Will Begin Tomorrow ★ ✩ ✮ ✯ ✰ ☆


  1. Sweetie, would please let me know how many days before your course starts did you take the flight to Abu Dhabi?

    1. hello dear Lucas!
      Hope ur well...
      i remember i flew to Abu Dhabi on a Thursday and on Sunday that week my course started.....
      Take Care :-)

  2. Oh, okay! Thank you very much. I made it in this last selection and I'm freaking out about the date, haha. But as my course starts on a Sunday, I assume I'll probably be going on a Thursday as well! 26 days left! *-*

    1. Dear lucas enjoy the thrill and the rush of knowing a complete new chapter begins for u soon...congrats of scoring this golden ticket wish u all the best xoxo

    2. Thank you very, very much! :D

    3. GOOD LUCK dear LUCAS..i just saw you and Alejandra will be in the same training so cool....take care and let the count down begin :-)

  3. haha Lucas will be in my training!!! lol!!!! poor him!!!! :P :D :P :D Thank you again for your help and for your time beauty!!!! XOXO

    1. so cool u and lucas will be in the same training... hope you guys will have wonderful batches...good luck dear alejandra and THANK YOU...for all ur kindness oxox

  4. Hi,

    I must say that your blog is really cool and incredibly helpfull :) Thank you so much for all your help :)

    I got selected few weeks ago and I'm leaving around 10th of November, and I have so many questions... Do u know, is there anything except photos and X ray that we should bring with us? Would it be a problem if I 1 have missing teeth all the way back in maj jar (last one) that could not be replaced (there is not enought space ;) When u start flying normally, do u have enought time to see other cities?

    Sincere thanks for all the help :)

    1. hello dear...thank u for visiting this blog....its a bubble for all of us :-)
      congratulations dear for scoring etihad....10th of nov is just around corner so u will have so much fun.....well done...for scoring the job....
      enjoy ur last days in ur home country
      2,5 years ago when i left to work with etihad...all we had to bring with us was the photos and the dental x ray thats it.....i assume this hasnt changed if they didnt write anything else....
      they wont check ur teeth i doubt it would be a issue with ur long as when u smile that missing tooth isnt showing ur safe :-)
      yes 100% we have time to explore/sightsee cities we have layovers in...etihad have between 18hrs-72hours layovers...which is very good..compared to emirates who only have 24hrs on most of there destinations...
      example in toronto u have 72hrs once the plane lands in toronto...which is cool right...
      so every destination has its layover hour..
      so enjoyyy once u will be flying.....
      again congrats on scoring etihad......and good luck on this new page in ur life....
      take care xoxox

  5. Thank u dear for your answers, u have been so helpful and inspiring :)

  6. Hello good afternoon,

    I received few days ago the e-mail from Etihad saying that I had been successful in my assessment day and on my final interview as well.

    I supose am now waiting to join a training group (according with the e-mail)

    But I really have a looooooooooooot of doubts... questions... fears...

    Hope you can help me because if they give me a contract it will be a big change in my life and I hope I am prepared...

    Can you please answer me some questions?

    (you can put the answers in front of the questions if you feel like)

    -I never worked as a CC so I make no idea of what CC learn in training, do you suggest me any book or internet site to start studding things? I heard that CC receive a huuuuuuugeeeeeeee book full of information and that it is a lot to know and learn in few time... I' m scared...

    - after how many time can we visit our family?

    - at Etihad do we have our own bedroom?

    - Except the uniform do they clean our clothes?

    - is it safe to leave in Abu Dhabi?

    - is it safe to get a taxi in Abu Dhabi?

    - I heard that Taiwan and some countries where women have almost no rights and are explored it is not safe to walk around in a layover what can you tell me about?

    - does the electrical outlets are the same as in Europe? I can connect my dryer without problems?

    -do I have to bring my own make up?

    Ah! Very important: if they see something with our wealth that they considerer we can not take this job do we have to pay to comeback home again? I have some impacted teeth, when I smile nobody can sees it but am not sure if it is a problem….

    So I really beg a pardon for so many questions… hope you can help me!!!

    1. hi dear...
      congratulations for getting that email....expect to get a call soon....and the emotions ur totally normal...ur human dear...those emotions come when new situations appear in our just go with the flow...and allow urself to feel doubt and fear and all that...its ok....if u would get rejected or if they would hold u in a holding pool or whatever they wouldnt send u this its obvious soon ur golden call is coming.....
      so let me see if i can help u with some of the questions u have...i will answer below ur questions::::
      -I never worked as a CC so I make no idea of what CC learn in training, do you suggest me any book or internet site to start studding things?
      ----check this link i have collected a lot of valuable informative stuff here....there is some pdf´s u can download too...
      check this link too:
      i also have to say in ur batch in abu dhabi it will be tons of others who havnt had flying experience who will start as the same time as u u wont be not having flying experience...etihad dont expect people to have flying experience....u will get trained by them there.....i have this emirates work book pdf...which has similar stuff that etihad has....or would give out to initial batches ect....if u want this...please contact me on the contact form to ur left..and i will email it to u...once i get ur email address....

      I heard that CC receive a huuuuuuugeeeeeeee book full of information and that it is a lot to know and learn in few time... I' m scared...
      -----dont be might look huge....but u wont get questions on every single page on that manual...the trainers will even ´´hint´´ u what pages and what stuff will come on ur u dont need to memorize every single page of that one.....the exam comes with multiply it helps..a little

    2. - after how many time can we visit our family?
      ----ur allowed to have 30 days of leave...what i did was i split those 30 days into 10 i flew home every 3 months or so....after 3 months being in abu dhabi i flew back home....i took those 10 days after 3 months being i assume ur allowed after 3 months....but u only have 1 free ticket per year ..... + u can request days off u have options..tons of options...ect

      - at Etihad do we have our own bedroom?
      ----u have either 2 other roomates or 1....and every one of u guys have a private bedroom and bathroom ect....but common livingroom and common kitchen.....

      - Except the uniform do they clean our clothes?

      -----as a etihad crew u have free drycleaning for ur uniform....but in each flat there is a washing machine so u wash ur own clothes.....

      - is it safe to live in Abu Dhabi?
      ----100% i have lived in many countries...i even now live on one of the safest countries in the world...they say....BUT i have to admit living in abu dhabi was THE SAFEST place i ever lived in my entire life....sometimes we left the flat without lock the door....of course we shouldnt do this....i had a friend who lost her wallet on a bench outside somewhere in the city...the next day we went and looked for it..and there it was....i never felt scared going out at night....hands down abu dhabi/dubai is the safest place ever.....the reason for this i heard is the penalty for the crimes people do...there is like a very low crime number in uae....anyhow if they do commit a crime..the penalty is veryyyyyy hard...and deportation immediately...

      - is it safe to get a taxi in Abu Dhabi?
      --------the safest ever....same as taxi.....a know tons of friends of mine who forgot there wallet in the taxi and they called and got the wallet back the next day with everything inside....again no worries to live in abu dhabi/dubai....the safest ever..........

      - I heard that Taiwan and some countries where women have almost no rights and are explored it is not safe to walk around in a layover what can you tell me about?
      -----of course it depends on where u go...example we had a flight to tripoli...we were warned not to go outside the hotel...cause they had some issues in that place....there is few other places too....u just have to use common sense and read about each destination u go to....most of the time u and others in ur crew would go out on layovers together so u wouldnt be alone.....but i can say i have gone outside and done sightseeing many places....but i used common sense and made sure i didnt go far...ect....but most of the places its safe......its the same with ur country or mine....we use common some areas we might not go out at night ect ect.....

      - does the electrical outlets are the same as in Europe? I can connect my dryer without problems?
      ----- read more about this here:::::::::::::::::

      -do I have to bring my own make up?
      ------100% YES, cause etihad wont give u bring whatever u have.....than u have grocery stores u can stock on later on....

    3. Ah! Very important: if they see something with our wealth that they considerer we can not take this job do we have to pay to comeback home again?
      ------no, they dont check ur bank account or anything like this.....they wont do a background check on ur bank account at home....
      I have some impacted teeth, when I smile nobody can sees it but am not sure if it is a problem….
      -----i doubt this would be a long they cant see it when u worries

      thats it...i think i covered pretty much all ur questions...i hope this helped a little...and dont worry dear..everything will be worried and gave fears to a limit..cause we are only humans..we have all mixed emotions...but dont let those emotions turn into something negative.....think positive......and be happy u got that successful email...congrats again.....wish u all the best

  7. goood morning!!!!

    I have to tell you that you are the kindesssssssssssssssttttttttt person I ever met in my life!!! You make no Idea how helpful you were to me with all you positive energy as well!!! :) thank you from my heart!!

    I will send you an e-mail as you said in order to receive the emirates work book pdf :)
    then I have to confess that you probably thought that i might be crazy about the "wealth" question eheheheh, I was trying to talk about Health and not wealth eheheheh sorry!!! when I was reading your answer I saw my mistake eheheheh

    so the question was:
    if they see something with our health that they consider we can not take this job do we have to pay to comeback home again?

    so once again thanks a lot for your kindness!!! :)

    I am your big fan!!!! :)

    1. hi sweety aww ur so sweet
      thank u...its my pleasure to advice or help or whatever.....
      i sent u a email about that ek ebook if that was u who emailed me.. :-)
      lol about the wealth/health question..i thought that was a interesting
      well regarding the depends on what issue it would be....example tattoos they send/fire people right away....i know someone who had some issue with a blood they sent them away.....but it all has to be a big issue of course...
      if ur health is good and ur fit to need to worry.....
      and no worries whatever questions u have ask...
      wish u the best dear
      good night

  8. Hello there! I must say I read a lot of your interaction with the scared and excited people asking you questions and I noticed how awesome, patient and positive you are. The impact this job had on you must reflect itself on how you are as a person :)

    I'm one of the scared and excited people and I will join Etihad in about a month, that's why I was hoping to get some help from you with a bunch of less common questions :P

    Regarding the swimming thing, of course at the interview I had to tell the recruiter I can swim, but I'm not exactly a professional, I'm more like a clumsy duck when swimming and I freak out a little if I'm scared. So will this represent a huge issue? How will the ditching be? Were there any people eliminated because they couldn't swim?
    Also...I wear glasses, I asked the HR team to send me some information on how should the glasses look so I can make them before I leave to Abu Dhabi. Is there a way to show me a picture with how the glasses should look or to put me in contact with someone who works/worked for them and wears glasses? And will I feel weird with glasses? Because I have diopters kind of big and I wear lenses too, but I can't wear those for more than 8-10 hours and I don't know exactly how dry the air will be in a plane.

    I have some questions regarding the make up too. are there any specific brands that you would suggest me to use? Or a a specific routine? Because my skin is very white and sometimes I have a few pimples too.. :(

    My last question is regarding the luggage...what should contain? What kind of clothes, what kind of shoes...? Since I'm leaving from a country where is very much winter now, that is important for me to know :))

    I hope there aren't too many questions...Once again, thank you, I hope I didn't ask too much! :) Best of luck in what you do...

    1. hi dear hope all is well with u
      thank you for your thoughts and kind words.....ur so sweet and i do appreciate ur kind words ....thank u
      but being scared and excited is something we all are..including me....but i have to admit i loveee this feeling though....cause usually it means SOMETHING BIG AND AMAZING is ahead of us right....
      first i have to say congratulations for scoring etihad....people might think its easy to score this job but it well done....i know few people who havnt even gotten a invite to attend a i hope ur proud of this new gift!!!
      and lucky u for entering 2014 with something positive as this...leaving 2013 with knowing something incredible is ahead of cool.....
      and no worries u and anyone can ask me 10000 more than happy to share whatever info i have....
      so let me jump to ur questions...
      regarding the swimming question u had...u know i had a batchmate who told me she was afraid of water before she took some swimming classes and it helped her be more calm in the water why wont u take some swimming lessons? or just try to be in the water it wont be a shock for u when u jump ur ditching test at the training...
      the key here...and in anything we do is NOT to show fear...not to show u cant....if u show and act as if u can and know it all....everyone think u can too.....including the trainers who will be watching u during ur ditching test.....
      i actually posted some photos from my ditching training somewhere in this blog...but i cant find it right now so i will share them with u here...this is how the whole place looks like and what we did in the water ect, for privacy reasons i have covered our faces ect....also this will be good so u can get a idea of how it looks like, and i hope it will make u calmer knowing how it looks like:::::::::

      during the ditching we had life vests on all the time...even in the water ect....we did few stuff such as jumping in the water and we did group stuff...building circles doing this and was just to show we can do team work ect....than we had to swim to the raft in the pool.....and climb into the raft...than we did some stuff in the raft as well..that was it...we didnt do anything was pretty simple...
      and no, none from my batch was eliminated ect...

    2. its not like they will tell us to swim back and forth 200m or i advice u..if u have the chance to take some quick swimming lessons and be more comfy in the water its all up to u...if u can do these things shown in the pics and what i written about ect.....
      although bare in mind etihad wont fire anyone just for anything....they have paid a tons of money to bring u guys over...only the visa cost them 2000euros i they will give u guys a lot of chances and they believe in u dont worry about this...hopefully u can do this!!!
      as for the glasses...remember to bring with u all the paper ur eye doctor give u ...cause they might want to see that during ur medical exams in abu dhabi...also there is this grooming manager who have to approve u have to show them.....ur glasses ect....and they have to be wear on board ect...we did have few people in my batch who wore glasses...some lenses...i think they looked discrete.. i actually looked at some of my photos if i could find anyone with glasses so i could show u but i couldnt find any....i dont think i can show u example glasses either as im not a grooming manager and i dont know what they approve and dont approve ect....cause they have a uniform standard rule ect....
      no u wont feel weird with glasses....i have flow with many crew who wore glasses...and lenses too....i think u will get used to wearing glasses on board and lenses if u chose to wear lenses....
      but i would advice u to ask this glass eye wear question on in the middle east section..i bet they would be able to help u more with this than i can...

      during my grooming class..the grooming trainer advised me to use Loreal mineral foundation...and i loved it..and have been using this for years now...i never use liquid foundation only this loreal mineral check this up and see if u can use this too....its great.... the red lipstick...she told me to use MAC ruby red or russian red..and i only used those...which was great too....than personally i always use Garnier scrub and wash and clean ect...than some moisturizer with aloe vera in it...

      as for the packing....and what to bring....something i forgot and didnt bring with i had to have and ran around like a chicken in malls to find....which i advice strongly for anyone to lots of stockings, hair nets, hair buns, black hair ribbons, and hair clips, and tons of pins.....and wc rolls....these stuff i couldnt find anywhere in abu dhabi....and during training we have long hours and than when we come home we are tired...we dont want to be stressed and do stuff we dont want to while we need to rest and study for the exams ect....
      so these stuff is 100% needed...if u can bring with u these stuff than ur good to go.....there was no wc rolls in the accommodation so i had to go buy some...if u bring 1-2 wc rolls u can relax for a bit heheheh although the new joiners will stay in hotels the first there will be wc rolls there hopefully heeheehe
      other than this...1-3 black skirts, 1-3 black pants, stockings, for the training...1-2 black court shoes for the training...1 jacket that u can use winter,fall an one spring jacket, and 1-2 cardigans....for summer....u need at least 1 party there will be tons of party...1 day to day walking shoes.....1-2 white shirts for the training....1 yoga pants would be cool to have...dont forget to bring with u headache pills......u can buy these in abu dhabi too....but these pills dont take so much space so why not bring with u....than bring with u 1 universal wherever u fly u can plug ur electronic in...the rest u can buy there.....there is tons of good inexpensive good stores in abu dhabi....than u pack the basic stuff u always pack.....
      this is the stuff i can come up with now....and if u have anything else u want to ask let me know.........
      again congrats dear for scoring etihad and i wish u a lovely week...and soon its xmas...enjoy it with ur family....
      have a nice day

  9. I'll probably never stop praising you...You are amazing for having the patience to answer at all these questions. Thank you, that helped me a lot...And from what I noticed on your blog, you work now for Emirates...? Well, I just want to wish you the best of luck, remain as positive as you are now ...because your blog is so inspirational, not just for future CC, but for anyone who wants to be positive and peaceful.
    When you retire you could definitely become adviser for future cabin crews :))
    Thank you again and I wish you happy holidays!

    1. awww darling thank u, and i will probably never say ´´thank u´´ and i truly mean it..they say sharing is caring right :-)
      it was my pleasure to share this with u dear...
      no i dont currently work for emirates but this is actually a new goal of mine, but not as cabin crew,,,something else though ;-)
      we will see what 2014 will bring for all of us dear...
      but as for u, enjoy the last days on earth lol because within 1 month u will be up in the sky lol.....
      enjoy the holidays
      blessings ur way

  10. Hi there,

    Your blog is amazing indeed. I read it i feel excited and i feel fun.

    I am waiting for the golden call or an email. I did the interview a month ago, but my passport had less than 18 months. So i made a new one and sent to them about 10 days ago. I'm still waiting for it. Im so worried, what should I do? Hoping to join with Etihad so soon.

    God bless you.. :))

    1. hi dear natty
      hope ur well
      so cool ur about to get ur successful email/golden call....hang in there and think positive....
      i think it takes a while in regards to passports, there is a different department for that and i bet they are busy
      i bet it will be positive and you only have to wait thats it.....
      wishing u the best and dont worry things will go well!!
      good luck dear hope soon u get to hear good news!!!
      blessings ur way

  11. Hi luv! Your blog is . I will start in October and i was wondering if fringe is allowed?

    1. hi dear Amany.....hope ur well sweety.....congrats on scoring etihad....yes dear fringe is allowed.....:-) wish u the best on ur new chapter in life starting october ...good luck xxx

  12. Thats lots! Really I love your blog. Do you have any advice for luggage other than the ones you mentioned abov

    1. Ur welcome dear.....
      check this link as well regarding what to bring...this girl is talking about ek but its the same regarding packing...when u are going to join ek or is the link:

      other than this...i cant come up with anything else :-)

  13. Hey girl! you are amazing and so is your blog. I truly find it great! and that you put so much time and effort in all you answers for everybody !
    Now I am one of those ''lucky girls'' who will start working for ETIHAD ! (yay =D) my DOJ is 19th October btw...
    Since this is a sunday I will assume my flight will be on a thursday or wednesday ('cause from amsterdam the departure time is late in the evening) and I read somewhere you went to abu dhabi on a Thursday.
    anyway I also read somewhere in your answers that the new etihad joiners will be sleeping in a hotel... do you happen to know if this is still the case?
    I am also curious how it will be once I arrive in Abu dhabi...
    Is there a special "CC desk for new employees" or is there a pickup ? or where do I need to go if I land...
    (haha I guess im just stessed out about little details).
    Furthermore I wonder if you made friends easy in Abu dhabi.. I know you have a whole batch with people who go though the same thing... but besides the company was it easy to meet a lot of people?
    And my last question (sorry haha, I just think you answer everybody's questions so well!) I currently have a boyfriend, and sadly he has to stay in Amsterdam because of his study there. Do you know some colleagues who have long distance relationships? did it work out for them ?

    thanks a lot in advance, Im really looking forward hearing from you !

    kiss's and hug's


    1. lovely Jeanine hope ur well dear and thank you for your kind words....
      and congratulations big time for scoring etihad...wohooo you must be over the moon at the moment...enjoy this victory of urs...well done.......

      since your DOJ is on a sunday....yes you will most probably fly over a thursday or a friday.....because on sunday 19th u will start your training....they always give some days for you guys to settle once u land ect.....

      by the way dont know if u know....or u might know....but if u get lucky, and the business seats arnt full on ur flight that day.....u will get a seat in business etihad try to do this to new joiners...fingers crossed u will get a business seat....who knows...if not thats ok too :-)

      it seems the new joiners will be staying at this hotel..before they get accommodation....the last time i heard a candidate had this was perhaps 2-3 months ago...and i assume this is the case today too....

      in 2011 when i was like this...once u landed....before u went thought the passport control...there was this long line next to the passport control...for visa stuff...the papers u have...u must go to some person in the visa place before u go out from the passport place for them to fix ur papers....once they do this....u go and stand in the line for the passport control.....than when we did this...we came to the baggage claim...or baggage area...we picked up our luggage....and than went out....and just when u go out..there is this ´´etihad service´´ place....dont know what this is called now as i heard they have renovated the abu dhabi airport....and THATS where you say your a etihad new joiner and was told to come here....this person will arrange some stuff for u and follow u to a driver...this driver till take u to the hotel or ur accommodation.....sometimes some candidates land at the same time so perhaps u will have another new joiner in that car...its a private car service.....which will take u to ur place.....this was what happened to all of us in year 2011.....i assume it will be pretty much similar for u guys...unless the renovations at the airport has changed the whole airport...i dont know ....
      but make sure do not go through the passport control before u have ur visa papers fixed....i think they take ur finger prints or whatever.....

      yes its easy to make friends in etihad and in ur batch....everyone is in the same shoes like its easy to find folks like urself...and u guys can connect ect....its pretty easy....and than when u start to work u will always find lovely people...that u might become very good friends with....because every flight u work with new set of team....
      but i think the best is to make good friends via ur batch.....thats a good start i think.....

    2. yes there is tons of crew who have boyfriends or even husbands in their home countries.....and they do this long distance thingy....its a big LOVE test for the couple for sure...but if people truly love each other so much the distance wont be a issue....i have many examples of my fellow friends or co workers who had another country....they would skype...they would swap/ request flights to the city of their bf...and the bf could come and visit ....and u have vacation days ect.....i even have this very good friend who had this another country...and all the time she was in touch with her bf....and after 2 years she got engaged to this bf....still living in abu dhabi and he in that country......than they made it work....later she resigned etihad after 4 years and got married this to bf of this situations can seriously create a strong bond connection with can grow way more for this situation....
      but only if couples are willing to work for it...and if couples are willing to wait for each other...and let the other experience a dream or do something else.....
      yeah some couples do break up too during this time...but than i think it wasnt meant to be...for them...and their love wasnt so strong that they would fight for each other and wait......
      if its REAL LOVE....couples can survive anything :-)

      so dear Jeanine i wish u all the best on this new chapter of urs...and no worries if u have any questions let me know....
      congratulations again for scoring etihad.....u will have sooo much fun flying around the world......
      and enjoy this time u have with ur family and friends......
      take care