Thursday, March 8, 2012

Successful email from Etihad

A email landed in my inbox this morning from Etihad Airways:::::::::::::::::::

Dear xxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you for your participation in our recent Cabin Crew assessment.

Following your final interview, we are pleased to inform you that your application has been successful.

You will now be kept in our holding pool and we shall notify you when we have a Cabin Crew training course date available for you.  However, should we not be able to place you on a training course within the next 6 months you may be required to reapply for the position online.

This letter does not constitute an offer of employment and you should not make any decision to terminate your current employment based on it.  Your employment with us is still subject to the successful completion of the necessary clearances.

Kind regards
Cabin Crew Recruitment Team


SO i shall WAIT...and WAIT and ...WAIT...and WAIT...
Fingers crossed they will call me as soon as possible
and let me know a training date...


TO BE CONTINUED...........

More informative info related to the cabin crew job here::: 


  1. Hey,,....... Merry Christmas dear ..!!!!! :)
    I just love your blog........
    thanks a ton that your sharing your experience with everyone and its very useful .....
    You know what i got the same mail from etihad airways , after how long you got the final result ?

    take care ......
    God bless you...!!!!:):)

    1. Hello!!!!
      Merry xmas to u too...and soon a happy new year as well...hope ur 2013 will be u in the sky with etihad!!!!

      so cool u got this successful email from etihad....

      its one step closer to etihad :-)

      well as for me, when i got this email i think after 10 days i got the golden call....
      it took me 1 month from final interview to date of join....

      but its different for everyone, for some it takes longer and for others shorter....

      i hope u dont have to wait too long and can start ur adventurous journey soon!

      take care and god bless u too....wish u a magical 2013!!

  2. Dear Cabincrewdreamer,

    first of all, thank you for your lovely blog =) I have been invited to attend Etihad's assessment day and so I find your blog very informative. Thank you!

    Could I bother you with a couple of questions? I'm very excited and I really hope they pick me, however there are a few things I'm concerned about. I'm European as well so I'm used to be able to do what I want, when I want. How 'bad' exactly are the rules in Etihad? Do they like follow you and make records of everything you do on your free time and on layovers? I'm just concerned that they would really restrain my life whilst I'm not working.

    And my last question is about pay. I know I can't ask you this, but I'm want to have my very own flat some day. Hence I need a job that pays well, so that I can get by plus save for my flat. I'm currently unemployed and the jobmarket in my country is terrible =( So one of the reasons I want to join Etihad is because I hear that they pay you really well. Could you tell me a little bit about the pay in Etihad please?

    Thnak you so much CCD! Keep writing your blog =D

    1. Dear Melissa!!!
      congrats on getting a invite from etihad soooo cool
      must be so exciting and fun
      cause this invite can change ur entire life....
      its like one step closer to something hugeeeeeeeeeee
      so congrats.....

      no worries with questions i dont mind answering whatever it is if i can answer it...

      as for the rules in etihad....
      i can tell u..u still can do whatever u want similar u did in europe...
      and no they dont follow ur exact steps....u can do whatever u want on ur layovers....
      ex u can go to parties wearing whatever u want....u can still wear a bikini and go to pools and u can be free of course
      than on ur one knows what u u can be YOU.....
      during layovers once the crew gets to the hotel its like bye bye and see u later...
      of course if u ex are taking the bus to another city or doing stuff far away from ur hotel u have to tell this to ur cabin manager so they case something happens....
      but other than this ur free

      but i heard during the training with etihad that they do have a curfew...because some trainees did some bad things during their training so thats why they have this rule now...but only during the training....i think u have to be at home before 10pm or 11pm...dont remember now.....

      about the salary...i dont mind sharing this at all..i have written about the salary in other blog posts of mine...dont know if u read it or not...
      on days i had a lot of turnaround and not many layovers my salary was around 1700 euros - 1900euros...
      while if i had a lot of layovers in europe i could get around 2000euros - 2300euros....
      the pay is better with European flights and ex Australian flights or canada ect...because of the currency..
      while ex flying to china or thailand...the pay isnt much ect....
      it all depends where we fly....

      u have chances of saving money of u can always spend half and save half....
      many of my friends in etihad used to save money for future flats or cars or create own business ect...
      so saving money is possible!!!

      if u have any other questions let me know....
      i would be happy to help...if i can

      have a wonderful day and thank u for ur kind words
      and good luck on ur ad!!!!!!

      take care

  3. Hello,

    thank you so much for replying so quickly =)
    That sounds good, that I can do what ever I want when I'm off duty =) and that curfew doesn't sound so bad.

    Oh then I must have missed your post about the salary, I tried to read all your posts about Etihad =) The salary sounds good since it's tax-free and you don't have to pay for accommodation in Abu Dhabi.

    Just one more question regarding salary, I heard that Etihad doesn't pay for overtime or they put you on stand-by and don't pay you for it if there are no flights. I'm just wondering if this is true?

    Thank you so much CCD! Have a wonderful week! =D

    1. Hello dear...
      Hope ur good...

      yes the salary is amazing specially when its taxfree and u get ur accommodation free and transportation to and from work free....

      the only thing u pay is for ur own food and internet and phonebills...and entertainment for urself...
      so its great...

      overtime be honest i have no idea...
      i never checked my salary in details regarding the overtime.....i was assuming we would get overtime pay....
      cause each month my salary was the right amount i would thought it would be....
      but i think regardless of what etihad will make sure it will be a balanced salary and right amount regarding flying hours
      .....with overtime and standby ect ect
      but they do pay when ur on standby....its not much though
      they have airport standby and home standby.....
      hope this gives u an idea....
      take care and have a wonderful week u too!

    2. Hey again!

      thank you again, it's very nice to hear about the company from someone who actually worked there =)
      I'm starting to get very excited, I really hope they pick me! =D

      Alright, if they hire me, I'll find out about the overtime pay. That's lovely! It's good that they pay for standby cuz it would be unfair to ask people to drop everything and wait all day incase they call.

      I'm curious, can you suggest destionation where you'd like to fly to? Does Etihad pick all the destinations for cabin crew or can you ask if they could send you to Japan or the US for example? =)

    3. Hello lovely Melissa!

      you seem to be a very sweet girl and i hope with all my heart etihad will pick u and you get this experience one of the best years of ur life!!!!!!!

      regarding the destinations and if we have the opportunity to effect our roster ect....
      Etihad always send you a roster they made themselves...
      at the end of each month around 23.24.25th the roster is out...

      there is this swapping program...crew always swap flights with other crew....
      they also have this bidding system, which u can bid for flights....
      you also can request flights in this system, before the new roster is out....
      so sometimes crew is very smart&lucky to create a complete different roster than they originally got....

      so you have options of doing whatever suit you the best...if its possible and if ur lucky...and fast...

      regarding usa, if you already have a usa visa than its possible you get usa flights during ur first year...
      but if u dont have it...
      than its a 1 year waiting wont have any usa flights scheduled...until u get ur usa visa done....
      and approved....
      etihad will help u with the usa visa.....but this will happen after 1 year of flying....

      but i think arabic speakers can get this usa visa faster as they need at least one arabic speaker on board every flight...

      as for japan, its a special flight...usually Japanese speakers would get this flight...and its a extra special training for its a special flight...
      but other non speaking Japanese crew sometimes/rarely do get to have these flights too, ex sometimes during standby...or when someone gets sick..

      Take care :-) have a nice day..

    4. Hello,

      oh thank you so much for your encouraging words ^_^ I hope that they like me and that they pick me. I'll do my best and hope that that is enough.

      That's wonderful! I'm happy to hear that crew can swap
      flights and that bidding system sounds interesting.
      But if I get this job, I'll fly where Etihad sends me of course. It would be wonderful though to choose destinations myself once in a while =)

      Ah I not have visa for the USA. So if they choose me then I'll wait. I haven't been to USA before so that's why I'm a little keen to go =)
      Hmmm I do speak little Japanese. I studied it for 4 years, and I have lived in Japan in the past. So perhaps if I start studying japanese again, Etihad could send me to Japan <3

      Anyway I'm getting way ahead, I haven't even been to the assessment day yet. And of course there is a chance that they don't let me proceed to the interviews. But I'll keep positive and hope for the best.

      Thank you so much for taking time answering my questions.
      Have a lovely weekend!! =D

    5. Dear Melissa!!!

      everything u will do will be enough that im sure of!! no doubt u will do ur best during ur etihad ad...but again remember its all about destiny/luck ect too
      thats what i believe personally....
      i have experiences candidates having this or that..or lack of this or that...getting the job and some lost it...thats why i think its about luck/destiny too sometimes...

      thats brilliant that u can speak little japanese and u studied this for 4 years...make sure to put this in ur speak basic Japaneses or something like this
      or if they ask during ur interview make sure to tell them this too....
      cause it might be that u get some extra training at the ey they will put u on japan flights ect....

      lucky u that u lived in japan in the past...thats actually one of my dream destinations...i still havnt been there but hope to one day

      and you should act and talk and think as if u already got the job....ur not getting way ahead...this is how it should be...
      those who can imagine themselves doing the thing they dream of...or can feel it...or see it...they most probably will get it....
      thats what i learned and read from thsi book THE SECRET
      which one of our trainer in etihad recommended to us to read too....
      if u havnt read this it...
      its called THE Rhonda byrne
      or perhaps u already know about this book... :-)

      lol sorry for this long respond...but remain positive!!
      have a lovely evening...take care dear melissa!

    6. Hello dear CCD,

      I had my assessement today and I didn't make it =(
      I made it the first elimination, but I was cut after the group excercise. I answered one of the questions and the assessing lady gave me a really dirty look, that's when I knew that I wouldn't make it.
      I am so sad, and now I have to wait until December to reapply. It's frustrating that I was cut because this ONE lady clearly didn't like my answer. All this trouble for nothing.

    7. my dear Melissa!!!
      :-( im so sorry it didnt happen THIS TIME...
      remember to not give up, dont let this discourage u ok....look at me, i went through 3 years of rejections and didnt give up, of course i was angry/sad whenever i got rejected and thought i will never do this again, but something in my heart told me DO NOT STOP.....
      it will be worth it...
      everything u endured, ur time and money and effort u do for this...will be worth it....dont give up ok....
      dont think of the look the recruiter came u either things like this happens.....
      this is indeed a investment for ur future dear....try and try until u get it....
      perhaps now wasnt ur time dear..i know its frustrating, and annoying and so disheartening, i know how it feels....
      but u owe to urself to stand up and keep going once ur ready again.....
      isnt it november u can reapply again, in 6 months it will be november....
      so who knows perhaps ur xmas gift for 2013 will be this job? :-)
      good luck dear melissa!!!!
      wish u a beautiful summer.....dont give up!!!!!!!

  4. Thank you so much for your kind words!
    I'm doing alright. I just had high hopes for this because they told us in the beginning that they had places for all of us (there were 161 of us there). After that I thought "well they'll definately hire me then". I'm so sad because I was counting on this job to solve my financial problems. *sigh* and now I have to wait until November to reapply. But you are right, it would make a nice christmas present =)

    I have to lift my hat to you for enduring rejections over and over again for three years. You can be proud of yourself that you didn't give up. I am a bit torn, because my mom always says "if you don't get it, then it means that it is not the right place for you". I find that reassuring, but also very confusing because if you want something and you get rejected, doesn't that mean that you need to try even harder to get what you want?
    So I won't stop. I'll try my best to get a job in my home town, and see how I feel in November. Atleast if they invite me back, I know exactly what happens on the assessment day next time.

    Thank you so much for your kind words and great advice! I wish you all the best and have a lovely, warm summer!! =)

    1. Melissa!!!!
      thank u for taking ur time to reply back...

      1st: i have to say regarding ur mothers quote: that ´´ if u dont get it, then it means it is not the right place for you ´´
      i do believe we need to rearrange those words and write instead: IF YOU DONT GET IT, IT MEANS NOWWW ISNT THE TIME BUT LATER IT WILL,,,,´´

      of course u will get this....u know my story and how many times i got rejected....if i told myself OK THIS ISNT MEANT TO BE AND THIS ISNT THE PLACE FOR ME...i would loose the chance....

      of course this will be urs...dont think other ways ok.....ITS URS...TOTALLY....but perhaps not now....

      once u get this job...u will understand the reason why u didn get it now....
      think of HIDDEN BLESSINGS...

      click on this link and read please:::::

      so now i hope u understand....whatever happens in life is HIDDEN BLESSINGS.....

      i promise u, if u get it by xmas or before xmas...this will be the best xmas present ever....the golden present ever....imagine getting the golden call or the job offer during focus on the positive.....

      ´´We push, and strive, and struggle, and succeed´´´´

      dont forget those words.......
      in this life we dont get anything for free or without struggle...we have to struggle and endure..and wait...
      u and many of us and me know this......

      so enjoy ur summer, cause summer time always goes fast than fall will come and without knowing it NOVEMBER will be here.....than u can try again.....

      wish u all the best dear....u have came this keep walking and continue

      good night oxoox

  5. Hi,

    Could you please help regarding teeth. Can anyone being sent home from Abu Dhabi because missing teeth which are not visiable?

    1. hello dear....i answered this question of urs in this link :-)

      take care dear

  6. hello CCD,

    My name is Fatima Zahra, I am moroccan and I enjoyed reading you posts and comments ... well tomorrow I am attending the assessment ... I have already attended it on March 2013 but didn't make it even if I stayed until the face to face interview :( and it really was frustrating... well I hope that I ll succeed this time ... I made a lot of research and wish a hard luck for Melissa as well ... I ll keep you posted

    Take care and have a lovely day :)

    1. hi dear fatima,,,,hope ur well
      wanted to wish u all the best tomorrow on ur assessment....fingers crossed tomorrow will be the first step towards a new chapter in ur life for u...
      keep us posted...good luck tomorrow of luck for u
      be safeee have a great day

  7. Hello CCD,

    I hope you are good, well it is me Fatima :p... and juste to let others know that I didn't attend that assessment day because it wasn't full 6 months yet to re-apply again... but it was good that I went, helped people there,gave some advices for people who were attending the AD for the first time... there were few and nice people... even if it was an AD people came without invitations and they allowed them to get in... Best of luck for all of us and i will keep you posted after my next AD with EY
    Inchallah everything's gonna be alright, Keep it up girls

    1. hello fatima.....thank u im well
      hope ur well too...
      thank u for updating us, also i guess its not long now until ur 6months will be up so u can attend again...wonderful of u that u helped others and sparkled their days, i bet even if u were not able to do the ad, u at least gave sparkles to order to help them...
      wishing u all the best....patience is all we need and have to endure... :-)
      have a great day dear

  8. Hi,

    Can anyone tell me etihad training for guys and girls are in different batches is. Because my all Friendz (girls) r called and i hve not received any mail from them about joining.

    1. dear sahil...
      as far as i know...every application/candidate has different might take 5 days, 5 weeks, 5 months for someone...ect...
      i have a friend who is male and he got his call from etihad, 3 weeks after his final interview...and i know another one who is male who got his call 10 days after its different candidate to candidate....and the batches in etihad are mixed....both girls and guys in the same batches.... hopefully soon you will get a positive reply...fingers crossed for u
      take care :-)

  9. Dear,
    Thanks alot for giving me this information. but u know i an just thinking its been long. I gave my Interview on 21 September... Let's see i can just wait now nothing else i can do.

    1. dear sahil!
      i understand how frustrating it must be to wait so long...if u have the chance to attend a emirates open day i suggest u do that..if u can....why not having 2 choices than 2 right...
      but this wait will be worth it...regardless result..cause it is making u stronger...patience and endurance is making people stronger....i hope ur rewards will soon come!!!
      xoxo :-)

  10. Hey thanks alot u give such positive notes. Emirates actually is only hiring bengali speakers. and i got a mail from Qatar and scheduled for Qatar cv submission on 21st October, but its in Mumbai and i tried i can't go as im from Delhi. so just wait till Qatar comes to Delhi. and plzz pray i get thru etihad..... i really wannna join that.

  11. Replies
    1. dear sahil...
      hope ur well
      any news on etihad yet?
      regarding qatar are u sure qatar is the company u want to work for?
      specially all the things we hear from the news ect....
      wishing u the best
      take care sahil

  12. Hi sweety, how are u?
    I read ur blog since I have applied for Etihad, its amazing the way u answer all the questions, the details, all the blog is veru interesting!!!
    I had yesterday my final interview and I am looking forward to receiving a positive response from their side:)
    I though wonder if u could help me regarding a doubt that I have. The recruiter said I better make the dental X-ray in my country. At this moment I have to extract some wise teeth and also do some implants, there are 2 gaps that are sometimes visible at laughing. If I simply smile this would not be so obvious, can u please help with an advice? Do they check the teeth there in Abu Dhabi as per dental X ray? Because in the medical declaration form is written that "No gaps allowed and missing teeth should be replaced.?
    thank u so much dear :*

    1. dear raluca!
      hope ur well, thank u im well....
      thank u dear for being so kind.....
      congratulations may i say for scoring that final interview....well done...u must be sooo happy for u
      i hope with all my heart that u get a positive answer back...which i know u will
      regarding the dental x ray, yeah as the recruiter said you can do the x ray at home or in abu to do it in ur home country...cause when u come to abu dhabi, u might not have so much time to go to a dentist and do this and that...would be stressful...
      better to do everything in ur home country, so u can relax when u arrive to abu dhabi and focus on the studies and ur training and the things that will come....
      as for gaps, i have flown with cabin crews who did have gaps actually...perhaps not that visible but it was seen...
      if ur 2 gaps isnt that visible than dont worry about the gap
      also if the gap was a issue ... the recruiters would never choose u for the final interview....the recruiters obviously control and check every candidate during that day...and they observe very it seems that the gaps u had wasnt so visible....
      in abu dhabi no one checks ur one does a control nothing...u only give them the xray ur dental dr gave u....and those who didnt do the xray will have to do that and return back and give it to them......
      if u have the opportunity, do the implants in ur home country,
      the missing teeth rule they have is example if ur smiling and people can see u have missing teeth...i think its ok to have missing teeth in the back if its the wisdom teeth....only regarding the wisdom teeth...

      if u click on this link which i have uploaded:

      its the pre medical papers, before joining etihad and emirates are under the same government.the medical stuff is pretty much this paper...u can read about the well...just so u can get a idea....perhaps.....

      this is pretty much everything i can think of, i hope this helps a bit....
      but dont worry dear, and dont have doubts....things will be ok.....
      wish u the best on your journey to abu dhabi soon!
      i have no doubt u will get a positive answer from them....
      good luck
      have a lovely day

  13. Hi dear!!! WOW! U wrote so much for me! I can barely believe there are so awesome people in the world as u are sweety! U made my day and I am really thankful for ur lovely answer. I am so happy that I cannot actually describe ! I received today a positive answer after the final interview and I am so nervous now and also mega excited!!! <3
    Maybe it will seem stupid to u but i ask u again,sorry about tat:(((
    If I gave them the xray dental from doctor and they then see on it there are the gaps will they tell me something? I obviously want to do the implant but it will take some time to be ready:(( offff these are my concerns bat this point:p
    And etihad send some form to the previous employer for references ? Thank u so much and have a great day . I am beyond happy. But there are so many questions I worry about :(

    1. dear raluca!
      Congratulations big time for receiving that positive news from etihad...well done and i wish u all the best
      thank you sooo much for being so sweet...
      regarding the xray and your gap, and if they see the gap ect.....the thing is etihad pay so much for each candidate to come to abu dhabi and work for them....the working visa alon is they wont fire people easily for small issues....they try to fix it ect....
      example i have a friend who went to abu dhabi and they found something in her blood which wasnt standard to there rules but they gave her 3 months in the country so the etihad medical center is helping her fix that etihad try to help....
      what i mean by this is, i doubt they would fire u for this gap....if this gap is a big issue for them which i doubt....they might send u to a dentist and perhaps they could fix it a implant perhaps later on...who knows....
      cause they spent so much money on u guys coming over....they wont fire anyone easily like that....
      you sent etihad pictures of yourself and obviously your smiling on those pics...the recruiters saw u on the final interview speaking to u...they observe everything....and now u got a positive reply back from ur final interview...this means this gap thingy isnt a issue as far as i know....
      so i dont think u should be worried
      if it was a issue u wouldnt have received that positive news..
      and no etihad never send any forms or anything to previous employer....
      they will only call references if u have written them for them.....
      if u have more questions no worries dear....ask them...and i will try to help u....
      congratulations again and try to think positive and not worry too much...things will be ok!!!!!!!!
      wish u all the best dear
      blessings ur way

    2. Hello Raluca.

      I attended the AD last Jan 22 for cabin crew position in Abu Dhabi and still haven't receive any result. They told me to wait within 4-5 days and today is my 7th day of waiting. May I ask how long did you wait before you got the result in email ? and do you know anyone got unsuccessful email within the same waiting time ? I am starting to get worried. Thank you and congratulations!

  14. Dear sweety ,
    i am aruna from india
    I read all your blogs and the way u reply to the mails ,,, really so so wonderful... I FIND YOU ARE ONE KIND OF GREAT AND AMAZING PERSON in this world
    if u can please try to help me also
    i had attended etihad final interview on jan 20th , the customer service position , there were around 100 people made for the final interview , all were asked diffrent and difficult questions regarding the experience and how to deal customers , Surprisingly the questions which were asked to me were very basic such as 7
    why do u want to work for etihad ? and also did u complete ur education ? tell me abt urself ? what kind of visa am residing in ? what s my salary exp ? and wer did i previously work as what ?and the position might have night shifts
    kind of questions , and thats it
    but now i am very much puzzled is this mean they are not interested in me ? still i didt receive any rejections or positive replies from them .
    but this things keeps haunting me
    pls help me dear !!!!!!!

    and KEEP WALKING and ROCK ur life

    1. hello aruna, i hope ur well....and being happy.....
      awww ur so sweet, god bless u dear.....
      i try to give as much as i can... :-)
      wow that is so cool u made it to the final interview ...lucky u....congratulations too for making it to the finals....
      the recruiters have different interview questions for each group of candidates that it wont be the same questions to they mix it up...the fact u got easy questions doesnt mean they thought less of u..or u have less chances....i remember during my cc interview i got different questions too..from other girls ect....
      so they do change the questions dont think this is a bad thing or a bad sign.....
      its been 8 days since ur final interview i believe so give it more time....each department have different ways of handling the recruitment process...and each application take different timing to finish...
      i understand its frustrating to wait...but hang in there and keep ur positive thoughts.....
      fingers crossed u will be successful in ur role!!!
      good luck..wish u the best
      good night....
      god bless u xxx

  15. Hello, it's Melissa once again ^.^

    So last May (2013) I attended Etihad's assessment day and I made it to the group task, but was turned down afterwards. I did an assessment day with Emirates three months later, and again I was turned down after the group task.

    I waited the 6 months and finally had a new assessment day with Etihad last monday =) And this time I made it all the way to the final interview!! O.O Three days ago I got positive results 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。 I'm now waiting to hear if they want me to do the medicals =)
    I was so sure they'd turn me down again, after I messed up in the group task. You only had to be there xP But they let me proceed to the final interview. *chuckle* and I didn't do so well in my interview either. After the interview, I didn't dare to hope to get positive results. But when I got the email, I was beyond happy! <3 Now I have chance! Of course nothing is still 100% sure, but now I'm daring to be a little optimistic that I might land this job =D

    So for all of you who are trying your best to become a cabin crew member, don't give up! Our CCD is a great example of perseverance =D She had to try...(was it three years dear?) until she landed the job. Even if Etihad decides to turn me down this time too, I'm gonna try again after 6 months.

    Thank you once again CCD for being so inspiring and encouraging!!

    And the best of luck to Fatima Zahra too! Getting the job at Etihad is a game of luck too! So don't give up! =D

    xxxxxx to everyone!

    1. melissa welcome back....
      oh my god i cant believe how time has flown by so quickly....just read ur previous posts, its insane....soon it will be 1 year since u were here and wrote here
      but its a pleasure and honour to have u back melissa.... and i love positive news and i love how ur sharing ur victory with us..its motivational and happy news is like a wave of happiness u give us all....
      congratulations big time darling for making it....with etihad....and u even got the successful email.....
      100% i think ur heading to landing this job, after a successful email its doubtful that they would send out might happen but the % is very soon ur GOLDEN CALL IS COMING melissa....
      i love how determined u were and are melissa....and many people when they get rejected they think ´´its the end´´ and they will never ´´´succeed´´ but i think if the fire is burning bright in our hearts for a dream of ours...we shall never give up...LOOK AT U.....yes i did try for this dream for 3 years heheheh lol.....
      i totally agree with u melissa that this is a game of luck.....being there at the right time....the right timing...ect.....
      yayyy so happy for u melissa this is awesome news....enjoy the every step of the success....embrace it all....
      congratulations once again and thank u for coming back and sharing ur success story with us!
      have a wonderful day....blessings ur way

    2. Hello!!
      Yes it has almost been a full year =)I got a job in my home country so luckily I was kept busy before my Etihad assessment ^.^
      Thank you so much for posting that long post about Emirates/Etihad inquiries people have send you! I found it really informative!

      It has been a week since I got my "successful email", but I'm patient and thanks to your kind words, I dare to be positive about the final outcome /////.\\\\\ Your kind words and enthusiasm is very inspiring and comforting! Thank you so much!

    3. ♥ hi sweety, what positive energy u bring with u whenever u write here.....ur welcome dear and thank u for being so kind....and lucky u for having such exciting journey ahead of u...every step of the way is 1 stepping stone towards success and dreams coming true...and each step is equally exciting...something to look forward embrace it all...even if the wait might be frustrating, its the journey towards that fulfillment of the dream that is amazing as well............
      imagine than having the e-ticket and the visa ready for ur departure.....those emotions are out of this enjoy it all.......
      sending u lots of light and happiness ur way....
      take care and have a lovely day dear melissa... ♥

    4. Hello! <3

      I-i got my Golden Call today! o(〃^▽^〃)o I still don't understand it fully!! Just earlier this week they send me an email saying that they haven't been able to contact my reference people and asked me to send a separate form for them to fill. I was so scared that this would be my downfall! But today I got a call and they asked me if I could join them in April and if I'd like a non-smoking or smoking accommodation and which airport I want to depart from ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ They said they'll send me my e-ticket etc information next week!! After I receive those, I'll truly believe I'll become a flight attendant this summer! (I'm optimistic, but I don't like to count my chickens before they're hatched ^.^''').
      Thank you so CCD for your endless support! <3 It's nice to read about your experiences, and I like it that other people can share their thoughts here too <3 A semi-friend of mine is applying for Emirates, so I pointed out your blog ^_^

    5. ohhh my godddd melissa
      thats amazing news!!!
      just enjoy the victory...enjoy all the emotions u have now....
      this is so magical so surreal right...
      2014 will be one amazing year for u..a beginning of something big...
      i understand ur laying low a bit..and waiting for the e-tickets to come and the visa...
      but still embrace it and celebrate it...cause this is ONE AMAZING STEP..
      ur much closer now to ur dream than u ever been before...
      try to enjoy it.....
      congratulations again....and thank u so much for sharing this wonderful news......
      yayy and thank u for sharing ur story melissa so we could follow ur journey!!!!
      motivational indeed
      wish u a lovely day today
      and congrats again.............

    6. Thank you so much!! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ I'm slowly starting to realize that I'm moving to A.D in April ^_^ It's gonna be summer for me all year long. I'll hardly need any winter clothes xD
      If you don't mind, I'd like to mail you couple of questions regarding living in A.D? I noticed the wonderful list you posted little while ago, but I still have couple of things I'm curious about.

      So if you don't mind, I'll send you an email in a few days ^_^
      Have a lovely weekend dear!!! hugs <3

    7. hi sweeety....
      i got a email from someone with questions, i guess it was from u....anyhow i replied back....if it wasnt from u, than feel free to email me with ur questions and i wouldnt mind answering .....
      enjoy the feelings of knowing SOMETHING BIG is ahead of u :-)
      and the victory u have gone through cause this is a gift u got....
      have a nice day dear
      take care xxxx

    8. Hello again =D
      Thank you so much for answering all my questions!! I feel a lot more at ease now and I'm really looking forward to moving A.D next month <3
      Thank you so much for being so supportive and answering our questions =D I guess there is one more thing everyone who got this job wants to know: is it true that Etihad flies you from your home country to A.D in business class? ;)
      Have a lovely week dear!!!

    9. hi sweety, ur welcome dear...hope ur doing well
      yayy not much left now until u move
      and embark on one of ur biggest adventures in life yayyyyy

      as for business class ect....i remember when i resigned they flew me back home on business class..
      they try to fly people on business those who join and those who resign....
      BUT only if a business seat is available on ur departure date...if the business is full u will be seated in economy...
      some people who live close to abu dhabi and if they fly on planes that dont have business class than they wont fly on business....those who live far away from abu dhabi and they fly on planes that have business they most probably will put them there....
      ex when i flew back home....on my ticket it said economy when i went to the gate and was going to check in to board, they saw a different seat no and changed my seat to business :-)
      that was amazing to fly back home on business

      so fingers crossed u will b lucky enough to fly to abu dhabi on business...depending on what will happen ect......
      so good luck.....will be exciting

      have a wonderful day/morning/night depending on ur timezone
      god bless u melissa

  16. @ AnonymousJan 29, 2014, 12:53:00 PM
    Hi everyone, happy Valentines Day<3
    I had Final Interview on 19.01, successful email on 26.01.
    Date of Joining on 10.02-so after 2 weeks
    Offer of employment on 11.02
    So very very fast!!!
    I am very happyyyyy
    @Cabincrewdreamer, can I please ask u a couple of question privately? do u have an email address? Thank u so much and GOOD LUCK!!!

    1. ♥ RALUCA... happy valentines day to u too dear.... ♥
      by the way lucky u for having such a speedy recruitment process...lucky u.......
      sweety do you see the ´´contact me´´ form to ur right can write to me will be sent to my inbox and i will reply u back.......
      no worries whatever you are curious about let me know........
      catch u later than....

  17. Dear Cabincrewdreamer,

    I just saw Melisa story, and I swear I got tears in my eyes and so happy for her.
    I applied 4 times for Emirates, last 2 times reached the FI and got Rejeceted.
    I applied for Etihad, and got shortlisted, and 10 days is my assessment :))
    I am really looking forward to reach the FI and get accepted.
    I really feel that I am ready for the process...I donno what to say but I cant wait until 19th of May to attend the AD and make it all the way...
    Goodluck for everyone !
    Cabincrew dreamer, thanks for the support

    1. hi dear, thank u for ur kind words...
      u have came so far and being so close now...
      so cool u have a etihad assessment coming soon....good luck dear
      wish u all the best on 19th may dear and may lady luck follow u

  18. From Raymond:

    Dear CC Dreamer,

    I need you kind opinion,

    Do you think its a good idea that the Etihad Recruiters should know that I applied 4 times with emirates and ive been rejected including 2 FI ? In 1 way its good it shows passion for the job & in another way they might believe that I am not worthy the job as Emirates rejected me 4 times !

    In your opinion: ive been always asked about a conflict I had with my manager, honestly I never had a conflict or a problem with any of managers, do I have to make something up ?
    In general, if they ask us about something that never occurred with us, should we make up something up , or just tell them it never happened ? bcz im starting to believe that they want us to make somthin up, even if it never happened with us, bcz sometime in flights we have to make up something for the passengers, and cant always be honest with them. ( something related to character )

    Another Question: when they ask about a time I made up a decision without reffering back to my manager, what do you think? is it a trick question ?

    Do you know any other tricky but not humble tricky question ?

    If they ask something we have no answer too prepared, how do you think we should react ? as they give us a minute to think about something, you think we should ask for a minute or wait for them to tell us take your time or smth ?

    Sometimes I believe that they don't want us to answer all the questions correctly and effieciently, even though that it doesn't make any sence, but it might be bcz they will consider us then that we know everything wich might be a problem working within a team, or dealing with passengers...

    These are some ideas on my mind that I am thinking about, if any more comes up as I am preparing I will share with you,

    Thanks for the help ! :)


    1. hi raymond
      regarding etihad
      etihad will never ask u if u applied for xx airline or xxx airline...
      and i feel there its not necessary to disclose such info to the need...and no one will know...
      before i got the job with etihad i made it to the finals with emirates 1 time and did many emirates open days and qatar open days and several other airlines too....but i never told them this....because there is no need for them to know...even if it would mean they would understand ur dedication in this field
      the recruiters doesnt want to know details about other stuff....this is my personal opinion.....
      about the question with the manager ect....we are humans and even if u never had a conflict with ur manager for sure there was times that he or she said something u perhaps didnt agree....what i usually would reply to this is....i would listen and have respect for the manager, i would perhaps explain my side of the story...a good manager will listen to its employees and its all about communication...we learn from each other.....ect.....communication is the key and even if we never had a conflict with a manager perhaps one day we didnt agree with this person views or ideas....
      sometimes we might take up the topic and talk about this to our manager....or respect and not talk about this....ect....
      and u can simply make up a story, but this is a sensitive topic raymond so u need to find a topic that will be positive at the end of the day ect....

      and yes 100% u should make up stories during interviews even if it didnt happen for u.....i did..during my etihad interview....

      for the other questions u asked.....there is this contact me form raymond to ur left side, write ur email address there for me so i can send u tons of info and e-books and i have some interview questions/answer stuff for u too which will help u for ur assessment....or u can simply write ur email address here.....
      usually during interviews they give u few seconds to prepare and re-focus and re-think ur answers....u have done emirates FI´s many times so u know how it will be the same with dont worry if they will throw u a question u might not be aware or...or be unprepared....

      im surprised myself but our minds as humans we are really talented sometimes even if we dont think it ourselves in certain situations....i remember i was nervous for my etihad interview but when they asked me 1000 questions i came up with answers without even thinking....i believe we have it in us...and it will come at that time :-)
      so good luck dear on ur etihad assessment.....
      and if ur interested in those e-books or documents email me...
      have a nice day

    2. Hi CC dreamer!!

      Its Raymond again!!

      I made it all the way to the FI,and i got the succesfull email !! :D

      I am very happy,thank you for your support...Abu dahbi here we come !!

    3. awww congratulations beyond happy for awesome news..thank u for sharing the happy news with me i can celebrate this with u too.....wish u all the best on the new chapter in ur life that is about to begin!!!
      good luck

  19. Hi,
    I am prianka I love your has helped me a lot to clear my assessment with Etihad ...however I gave my final interview on 13 th may n they told me to wait ten days...its been 5 days already and I havent received any mails...although two girls got their successful mails in two days n they gave their interview on 12 th of the girls of their batch have no mail..yet....does this mean v all r not selected and probably will get t regret mail after ten days?? Should I be hopeful... Has it happened to anyone genuinely that the successful mails come after 6 or 7 days?? This was my second trial with etihad n m very anxious n sad for having no news yet...please help me if u could.

    1. hi dear prianka
      hope ur well
      first off congrats on scoring all the way the the finals thats a good thing
      regarding how long it will take for the recruitment team to send off those all depends on the recruitment team cause each of them take care of certain amount of candidates and applications ect....just because a certain amount of candidates get the successful email doesnt mean the rest of u guys will get rejected ect....
      ex in my group, a girl got the successful email after 3 days, another got her successful email after 3 weeks...than both got the GC, so it all depends...
      another girl got her rejection email 2 days after another got hers after 1 week ect ect..
      so we never know....
      so be positive and hopefully soon ur successful email will come fingers crossed....
      i understand its a stressful situation....but wait a bit more
      i hope soon u will get positive replies....
      good luck
      take care

  20. Hi CabinCrewDreamer, I've been reading a lot of your blog lately since i just been to my Etihad assessment day 3 days ago on the 3/07/14 and i received my successful email on the 3/07/14. I must say i was surprised when i got the email straight away on the next day. However they send me another email with a reference check form for me to send to my referee to fill up and then my referee will send it straight to Etihad. They i guess i will wait for the Call or email about training details. May i ask if this is a new process with Etihad because i can see it didnt happen with you. I hope you can help with please. Thank you for all your help. your blog is so helpful with everything about cabin crew assessment day :)

    1. hiiii dear
      congratsss dear for getting the successful email from etihad....well done....
      about etihad sending its candidates for references happens to some...not everyone....but it did happen for some of my batchmates too during the time i got the job....its nothing to be worried about....perhaps something wasnt clear for them ect....
      ...just have your reference person/persons sign or write that letter and send it off......
      dont worry dear nothing to be worried about....
      celebrate your victory that you got the successful email!!!
      well done...
      enjoy ur summer before ur off to ur big adventure!!
      good luck

  21. Sorry i meant i went for the assessment day on the 2/07/14 lol.

  22. Aww thank you so much for replying back so fast. Thank you for clearing that up for me.I am still waiting for one of my referees to reply back to my email if she has send her form to Etihad. Im still nervous lol, i think until i get a call for training dates i will relax a lil bit lol. Hope all is great with you lovely. Thank you again for your help. xxxx

    1. you are welcome dear and i hope as soon as possible it all will be done and finished with so u get ur golden call....and will be soon starting ur adventure...i understand u wont be able to relax until its all i hope everything will soon be finished for u
      have a lovely day xxxx

  23. aww thank you cabincrewdreamer. This process is so stressful lol Etihad gave me one week for my referees to sent their reference check form back to them. However one of my referee is on holidays this week but she send her form yesterday. I saw that she sent it to an incorrect etihad email address. What i did i forward the email that my referee send me to Etihad and explain the situation. I hope thats fine. What do you think? So much going on and stressful

    1. Dear im sorry for all the stress/hassle the process has caused u.....must be frustrating....
      but good you re-sent it urself from ur reference person....and explained the situation to sure etihad will understand...
      hope things will go well.....
      good luck dear
      take care

  24. Thank you so much for replying. All is submitted and now waiting for that Golden call. Fingers crossed! Have a good weekend sweetcheeks and take care.


  25. Hello,
    First of all, i would like to thank you for this blog !! it really helped me a lot to get ready for my assessment day !!
    I ve been dreaming about becoming a cabin crew for years now and i had always everyone against it !! Now that i finished my studies and got my master degree, i decided to go for it and went to an open day for Etihad airway, they told me they might call me before 5 pm, i was positive but then i met a girl and she told me that they told her to comeback the next day at 8am and i thought maybe they were being polite and im not what they are looking for :( in my way back home i stopped by the beach i felt down it was almost 5 pm and i got no call :( by 5:05 i thought it was over and i gave up !! but then at 5:07 i got the call !! they asked me to comeback the next day at 8 am for the assessment day.
    the next day i was suprised that only 31 got through from more than 100 people (a girl there said we were about 200) don't know about that !
    The assessment day was intense but at the same time it was very interesting because of all the informations we learnt about Etihad and Abudhabi and it was also fun !! and i had a great time getting to know everyone (the wannabe cabin crew and the recruiters ).
    Thanks God, i got to the final interview along with 6 other girls, they said that i will receive an answer in a week, it's been 3 days now and im getting crazy checking my phone and email everytime hoping i get a positive answer !!
    I was wondering if i won't get an answer unless i give them the employer service letter ? and also do i have to apply online ? because i didn't so i was wondering if i have to do that so i can get an answer or not ?
    Thanks a lot again
    Nana xxxx

    1. hi dear nana
      hope ur well
      congratulations dear for making it to the cool....i read that u lost faith that they would never call u back from ur open day...than suddenly they called u and look now...ur in the finals...u were chosen among all those be proud of urself for that....well done......
      imagine being 1 in 6 ...from all those 100+ people that came during that day......u see how amazing u are!!!! :-)

      if etihad need u to provide with more details or any extra paper work they will email u about it....if they havnt emailed u or called u about this...than they dont need this right now....if they didnt tell u guys during ur recruitment day to apply online ´´after u guys go home´´ than u dont need to...all the info u guys needed they gave it to u on those days....they have ur email address......during the time i did this recruitment day...all contact i had with them was via my email ey account no nothing....only email contact.... :-)

      i understand nana that this is a very stressful situation ur under now...cause u want this so much and its frustrating to wait every single day for call/email...i fully understand this.....but try to think positive.....hopefully soon positive news will come via ur phone or email....wishing u all the best dear....fingers crossed ur dream will come true soon!!!!
      take care

    2. Thank you so much !! You are super sweet !!
      Actually i love the girls who were with me that day and i wish for them all the best !! but i also feel a bit unsecure cause they are all in the airline industry, some were cabin crew in other airlines, other were in the ground staff and other just graduated from cabin crew schools !! so im the only one that has nothing to do with the industry but i also think i did fine and im trying hard to stay positive.
      I can't stop day dreaming about life in Abudhabi !!
      Too bad u are no longer a cabin attendant in EY, it would be amazing if we could meet (if i get accepted) but who knows maybe one day we could !!
      Just so you know, you have helped so many people by providing for them informations that could help make their dream come true !! including me !! Im so grateful to you !! and i wish for you all the best in whatever you are doing now, and i hope it's working out for you !!
      love u girl !!!
      Nana xxxx

    3. hi dear Nana ur welcome... :-)
      in etihad it doesnt matter if people have previous flying experience or my batch 80% had no flying experience...and the rest had..i had no flying experience when i joined....i know a friend of mine that joined etihad 5 months ago she had no flying experience.....etihad welcome everyone with open dont worry about that dear
      if they didnt like u or ur resume ect...they would not let u pass to the finals....
      and if u would not qualify to join they would have not picked u among all those 100+ folks...
      so know ur a WINNER right now Nana...regardless results....
      and never stop daydreaming about ur dreams...have those emotions and thoughts in ur mind dear...cause its those emotions/thoughts that are positive and will help u think positive.....and its ok to have negative thoughts..we are only humans...and i understand ur infront of a very big change in ur life and of course this is a major having fear/doubt or whatever emotions is natural being in ur shoes.....
      and who knows dear our paths might cross in the uae one day....who im myself planning to return to uae soon... :-)
      thank u so much sweet Nana for ur sweet warm words...appreciate it....and please update me whenever u can... once u get ur golden call and date of join...cause 100% ur gonna get them!!!!
      update me so i can congratulate u once more and celebrate ur victory too!!! sharing ur joy is double the joy :-)
      wishing u a lovely day dear
      be safeeeeeeeeee

  26. Thank you dear for your encouraging words, it means a lot to me <3
    I really hope i can get a positive answer soon !! Im so nervous
    Are u Really planning to comeback to UAE? is it for Etihad ??
    that would be awesome !!!!
    i wanted to ask you something, how fast is the progress in the company ? for someone who wants to start his career there
    And how soon can your parents visit you ? is there a way that they can attend the graduation day ?
    Nana xxxx

    1. hi dear Nana
      hope ur well
      the progress in the company is actually one of the best...and fastest....ex u can go from economy to business&first class after 2 years...sometimes after 1,5 years too...and u can work in the office too in case u get tired of flying...there is so many doors that could open for u as soon as u step ur foot inside the company.....
      as for me no im not going back to flying/etihad...its something else but for privacy reasons i cant write here...and im anonymous here so better to not write about private stuff :-)
      yes your parents can visit u anytime they like....even during ur training....yes they can come join ur graduation.......
      but remember if ur family wants to stay in your accommodation, only mother/sister can sleep over...fathers/brothers have to leave after 1am...and u and ur roommate has to sign a paper that states u both agree to have ur mom/sister over..than etihad approves of it....
      only female family can sleep over....not male family members....
      have a lovely sunday dear
      take good care of urself

    2. That sounds just amazing !! i hope i will get hired and have the chance to grow in the company :)
      But about the father can't stay, that's bad :( but i guess i can figure out something, im glad it's possible !!
      ya i understand u don't wanna talk about it in public, best of luck with it !! and i hope everything will go as u expected or maybe even better !! just keep doing your best :)
      Take care !!
      Nana xxxx

    3. yeah being a part of Etihad is amazing...
      when my dad came and visited me in abu dhabi, he stayed at a hotel near by....crew have tons of discount on hotels in abu dhabi/ u can use ur discounts on hotels + other things...
      thank u dear for ur kind words....
      fingers crossed soon u will hear positive news!!!!!!!
      hugsssss Nana

    4. hello dear !! I got my successful email yesterday :)
      i was super happy and they said they will contact my referees, and today i got a new email asking me to send my medical report ? im not sure what to send ? can you explain to me please ?

      "Can you please provide us with more information and if specified a medical report regarding the inquiry below? Once you have obtained the necessary information / report, please send it to outlining the relevant details. These details will then be forwarded onto our medical department for review. Once the clearance process has been completed or if we need further information, we will be in touch with you.

      Thank you in advance. "

    5. hi dear
      congratulationssss yayyy thats super good news happy for u..thank god u didnt have to wait longer for this email.....
      :-) regarding the medical report...i dont know really what that is dear....perhaps its the pre-employment papers u got? that u had to fill in and send?
      im not the person that sent u the email and ask them to specify what this medical report is....
      good luck dear
      have a lovely day and congrats again!!!

    6. Thank you so much !!
      well when i see below they ask for height and weight but they already called me and i told them and sent them 2 emails providing that information :( so im not sure why they still ask for it :(
      what could happen if im over weight or under weight ?

    7. hi dear....
      sometimes their data/system and files mix and they keep asking people to send over stuff they already sent before...just some mistakes in their system i has happened many times...frustrating indeed to send over documents which u guys sent over before....
      as for what could happen if people are underweight or overweight....i actually dont know what they do in regards to this i have no info about this.....and i havnt come across this before.....
      but i hope dear u dont need to wait longer and soon things would work for u and u dont need to worry about any of these
      good luck
      have a lovely day

  27. Hi Dear

    I love your assistance for every body , and i need your help for answering my question as well if you dont mind , i passed my assessment day on 30 /07/2014 and i got my succeful e-mail i send all ready my documents and ever thing last minth they send mr an other e-mail they put me on holding pool , now is more than on month , could you please help for what i have to do in this situation . thank you in advance.

    1. hi dear
      congratulations for making it to the finals with etihad and getting the successful email :-) well done
      regarding the wait with etihad....i have had many candidates emailing/ messaging me about this situation with seems that this year etihad is hiring sooo many crew as they bought so many new planes...they need more crew...and the hiring process is getting so slow now...they are super busy at the HR office....also they are building new accommodation for new crew and that takes time too i think...they dont have space for everyone....thats why it also takes a long time i think....
      there was this girl who did her ad this summer and she just recently got her doj in november with etihad.....
      so this situation ur in now it seems its happening to a lot of people.....
      all u can do is remain positive and have patience and wait...
      also email the HR people and ask about a update regarding ur application that would be good too....
      but know ur not alone in this frustrating boat of waiting.....
      not much to do than wait :-(
      good luck dear and fingers crossed u dont need to wait more
      take care

  28. Thank you for replaying to my e-mail , just one more question , because in holding pool e-mail they told me , if you didnt receivecany answer withing 6 month you need to apply againe , if i didnt receive any answer from them within 6 month i have to start from the begining right ? so whats the solution in this situation .

    1. HI dear
      you are welcome and no worries whatever questions u have i hope i can help
      yeah thats true if they wont continue with your application within 6 months u have to re-apply again its crazyyyy
      but usually they will contact people within 6 months specially people who received the successful email...
      i know its a frustrating situation to be in....but with these companies they have a different recruitment process/logic...which i dont understand
      yet we have no choice than go with it
      nothing else than wait.......which is a common thing when it comes to ME companies :-/

      have a lovely day dear

  29. Hi Cabin Crew dreamer, I hope you can help me with this.i had my AD on 13th May 2014 got a successful mail and got a doj for 2 nov then 2 days later asked to wait for another date.and another mail saying im in the holding pool . Unfortunately today just received an email saying since they are unable to put me on a course I have to reapply because 6 months are done for my I really have to reapply after getting through the whole process??? They had sent me an email long back that clearances are done.after all this do you think I should reapply??? Or this is an automated email? Do you happen to know anyone in this case.Please help me out here after all this effort n time put in I dont know what to make of it.meanwhile at the same time they are recruiting more people and some of them get dates within a month of the interview. This is just unfair. Will they consider our case again if we reapply?

    1. hello dear
      oh im sorry dear that ur in this sorry....and it must be frustrating....
      but unfortunately it is what it is...if candidates dont hear back within 6 months they have to re-apply again... :-(
      but know that ur not alone in this situation....i have heard tons of stories similar like urs...this seems they are hiring sooo many new crew and ordering so many new planes and making tons of candidates wait for so long...their hiring process has become soooo long...similar to emirates.....
      and their hiring process is crazyyyyyy not like it used to be
      no logic in it and it doesnt make sense :-( and its not fair at all
      :-( unfortunately with these middle eastern airlines/companies they make u wait...and their HR policy and process isnt logical at all...not what we are used to in europe for example...
      frustrating indeed.....
      what i would do if i were u...i would re-apply again....
      there is no other choice.... :-(
      and if they will consider ur application once again or not..i dont know....
      but try to email the HR office and ask for a update regarding ur application....if u can do that...that would be great.....and see if u get any replies....
      :-( sorry once again dear for being in this frustrating situation...
      wishing u the best
      hope it works out one way or another for u
      good luckkkk

    2. Thank you Cabin Crew Dreamer for replying soo fast and helping me dont know me but u have a heart of gold to do that.i did call them up today and ask they said I have to reapply again soo calmly after 6 months.i even asked them incase I apply again will I get my doj soon?they said they cannot guarantee that! Indirectly meaning I wont if I reapply again.when I asked her why are some people getting dates within a month of their AD now she said its according to operational requirements.she also mentioned that there are many people in the holding pool and many applications might expire like mine.I asked her incase I dont reapply will they call me after many months because my clearances were done.they said they wont n I have to reapply again. After all this im having some faith and hoping everythings hoing to be fine.thanks for your help. :-)

    3. hi again...
      im happy u called them....
      but the replies u got from this HR person is so sad, upsetting and unfair... :-(
      it just shows that they dont care....they have 1000000 candidates applying for them, willing to join them each they dont care about those who already are in the system waiting for date of join or golden call or emails....truly they world...and run this company....
      .they know its popular for candidates to apply for they wont loose anything
      why they are doing this i dont know...its just upsetting...
      why they dont give doj to people who already got successful email but still let other newbies go through assessment&final interview weird.....
      how some get doj after 1 month and some doesnt even hear from them and they explain it because of operational requirements...doesnt make sense...etihads hiring process used to be a lot easier before, when i joined...less complicated....way better.....
      this new hiring process/policy/style they have now... none of this makes sense to logic in it what so ever... :-(
      but again what to do.....
      just be proud of urself dear that u were selected among 100000 candidates and made it to the final interview ect....thats a big thing!!!
      good luck in whatever u chose to do...and if u re-apply again good luck dear....
      wishing u success and happiness!!
      take care and thank u for sharing this piece of info with me...

    4. Lots of hugs to you too dear.Sometimes some tjings are just meant to be and some not.i just have to keep hoping for the best! and im thankful I made it until the end.byt if etihad continues with these policies of hiring they will lose the goodwill of people; in the long run it would be bad for them.hope they understand the damage they've caused and we are just not a number we are human..and a lot of dreams are tied to that job.they should stop over recruiting.hope they change.

    5. i totally agree with you dear, such a shame Etihad has become this way and doing what they do.....
      have a lovely friday/ weekend dear
      take care

  30. Dear cabin crew dreamer thank you for helping us , me too a in the same situstion like the other girl in holding pool sense 2 months , what i read it , from the previous girl makes me upsade , and could happen to me as well , am waiting for long for this apportinity with etihad , and is desappointed to put so many people on hold and they steel hiring more people they have to help the people who they are waiting for the date of enjoyning , and am afried to stey waiting 6 month and i have to re-apply againe , am afried of this really

    1. hi dear...
      yeah it sucks and truly upsetting that it has become what it has become...with etihad..
      and its sad that when we make it to the final interview.. getting the successful email...that still there is no guarantee that we will make puts fear/doubt in people...that lets say even if people get the doj...that people still would not know if they 100% will be seated on that plane to abu dhabi....there is no guarantee...truly upsetting and sad....that the hiring process has become what it has become...that u can get rejected at any given time...
      and the only moment u can feel safe is sitting on the plane to abu dhabi...
      it was indeed not like this when i joined in year 2011...yeah we had doubt too how it would be....but not like it is today.....
      but obviously etihad has grown so much these past years and they are hiring more staff and more planes is when the company grows....the staff becomes numbers..than people...
      when i worked in etihad, it felt like we were a part of a family..and when we spoke with someone they knew us...but now it seems everyone is treated like a the system....sad that it becomes this way
      its the same with emirates and qatar too
      and having fear/doubt regarding this is understandable.. :-(
      im sorry dear that ur in this situation too...
      but fingers crossed and lets be positive and have hope...that this will end on a positive note.....
      wishing u the best dear...
      have faith!!!
      good luck

  31. Dear Dreamer

    Thank you for helping us with your answers for our questions , for my case now sence 5 month and half am waiting for enjoining date from etihad airways , till now no replay , could you please tell me what should i do in this situation ?

    Thank you for your usual help

    1. hi dear
      hope ur well
      im sorry that your in this situation...must be frustrating....but ur not alone being in this situation....
      dont know if you have read the posts above you...but if u havnt go back to november 12th and red all the posts...because there has been others in your situation as well....i would advice you to do what i wrote to them as well...
      what i advised them and you is to contact your HR coordinator...and see if u can get a update from them...
      because once 6 months passes for u...unfortunately u have to re-apply again and go back to the application stage... :-(
      as i assume ur in holding pool at the moment
      but dear try to contact them and i wish u the best
      hope this will work out for u at the end :-)

  32. Hello everyone, hello Cabincrewdreamer,

    Thank you for all your support and advice provided, for being an inspiration and an example of winner for all of us!
    Regarding teeth issues, I had a look about your explanations and got a general image of it, but may I ask you, what about porcelain veneers?what is Etihad position about this, are porcelain veneers banned/accepted? In my case, porcelain veneers were a must have not because of beauty, but for my health. It was a great improvement for aspect, too, but now I can say my teeth are completely healthy. I understood why they require dental X-ray, for the worse that can happen. I just passed the final interview with Etihad and now I'm taking in consideration the further steps that I have to do. ...and still a little bit worry for my teeth, I just hope they won't affect in any way my future life.

    :) thank you !

    1. hello dear
      hope ur doing well
      about porcelain veneers, as long as the teeth looks natural its all good...
      here u can read the etihad pre-employment medical paper and see if u can find info about teeth:

      but i dont think it would cause u a issue dear, as long as when u smile that u would have a nice smile...
      they need the dental xray to see if u have straight teeth and u have teeth at all lol....
      so i dont think u should worry about that dear
      congrats on making it to the final interview with etihad dear...
      wishing u the best
      may u soon get the golden call and the ticket in ur hand and start the new journey in ur life
      good luck dear
      take care

  33. hello cabincrewdreamer
    I just passed my final interview yesterday I was a little stressed but recruiters were so nice to me and they made it easier for me, and it dosn't take more than 15 minutes
    I really want to know if stress will be a negatif point for me , and please tell me how much time it takes to receive the mail of confirmation or rejection :'(

    1. sweety congrats again...
      i replied to ur email....but i forgot to mention the thing about stress...
      the thing is, the recruiters observe each candidate and if they feel this or that candidate isnt fit for this role they would not chose them for final interview...
      but they chose u know its ok to feel stress a little bit...we all this situation everyone feel like u...
      i bet it was ok, for u....because u made it to the finals and they dont randomly chose people for final interview...they chose the candidates they think fit the role for that certain day ect....
      so good luck again
      take care

    2. thank u a lot, cabincrewdreamer, your ansewer reassures me, thanks alot for your kindness and your friendliness , I will inform you about news as soon as I receive their answer, thanks again
      take care

  34. Hi Cabincrewdreamer , I would to thank u again for your helpful blog, thank u thank u tank u ...
    as I tlod u , I will inform you about news as soon as I receive their answer , today I received the famous mail, and it's not the same as yours :

    Dear NADA

    Thank you for your participation in our recent Assessment Day.

    Following your final interview, we are pleased to inform you that your application for the position of Cabin Crew has been successful.

    We will now proceed to contact the referees provided on the day. Please bear in mind that unsatisfactory references may result in the withdrawal of our offer.

    Your employment with us is still subject to the successful completion of the necessary clearances. Once we receive all clearances, a member of the recruitment team will be in contact with you.

    However, should we not be able to place you on a training course within the next 6 months you may be required to reapply for the position online.

    This letter does not constitute an offer of employment and you should not make any decision to terminate your current employment based on it.

    Please note:

    We can only proceed with your application to the next stage once we have received all your documents.

    If you could not provide all necessary documents on your Assessment Day, kindly forward them as soon as possible to --------@-----.--

    Thank you and best regards

    Cabin Crew Recruitment

    I(m really happy because I know that it's good to receive this email on a first time, but I'm wonderring what are these referees provided on the day that they will contact ? and please tell me that it's not a big probleme if I send the documents tomorrow because Sunday it's our week end here in Morocco , (it's not like them), And my Last question is (what is the next step ?) .
    I know that you must have incredible patience to answer my questions whenever I know il takes you time but please, you are my only source, because you're the only one that I know who has the experience. I'm waitting for your ansewer :* thank u .

    1. lovely Nada
      congratulationsssssssssssss :-)
      sweety for getting this positive successful email....thats great!!!
      1 step towards the right direction :-)
      and no worries whenever u have questions, u know where to find always here answering happy to help dear :-)
      the reference people they will contact are the people u wrote in that paper during ur recruitment day...during the ad/fi...u handed in a paper with 2 people if im not wrong...from ur previous workplaces...reference letters....they will contact them...
      but its 50% 50% they will contact these people....
      and yeah no problem whenever u send these documents....
      anyhow the next step would be the golden call....and u get ur date of join ...
      then few days before ur departure u get the visa/e-ticket to abu dhabi....
      if there would be anything they need from u, they will email u....
      there isnt many steps left after this...
      u send off those documents they needed....if u havnt already give that to them during ur recruitment day....
      and the timeline from successful email to departure varies a lot from candidate to candidate....
      for some it can take 1 months...from others 5 it depends....
      and all these papers has to be approved from various departments....
      than whats left is having faith positive news will come and fingers crossed heheheeh
      good luck dear nada and i hope soon u get positive news....
      congratulations again for this successful email...

  35. hi Cabincrewdreamer
    I'm Linda, I was selected for the assessment day and I received the successful mail, But now I'm afraid because I have a naevus on my leg and I didn't tell the recruiters that i have it, (i know that they don't accept tatoos and perciengs) but what about neavus? i was born with it !! i can remove it with lazer but it will take time ! can wear pants ?

    1. it's like this one :

    2. hi dear Linda
      congratulations for that successful email dear
      thats fantastic news.. :-)
      regarding your ´´neavus´´ i actually didnt knew what this was, thank u for linking a pic of it, now seeing what this is....i would not be worried if i were u...
      i was reading the etihad pre-employment medical paper and they dont even mention neavus in this...
      u can check the etihad pre-employment medical peper here too if u want:

      although u might have this paper already... :-)
      anyhow i doubt its a serious thing if they dont even mention it...
      u can easily cover this with makeup....
      or perhaps start the laser removal if its a very big neavus....
      during the etihad training, u guys can wear both skirt and pants...but while working the crew only can wear skirts...
      there are only certain flights u can wear skirts on...
      but i would not be worried if i were u dear....
      if i were u, i would at least do 1 laser removal session, and the rest cover it with makeup....if possible....
      good luck dear...fingers crossed soon u get the golden call
      have a lovely day

    3. hey sweety
      your answer gives me hope
      I started today the laser removal and the doctor told me that it will take time ( I hope that they will not call me sson and that papers will be prepared at least in 2 mounths XD), I'm glad to know that I can cover it with make up , because I thought that it's forbidden ! thank you very much

    4. GOOD LUCK dear Linda!!!
      and update me when u get the golden call....
      i understand this job is a important job and we dont want any issues
      but know 90% of the crew are hiding something....regardless what it is...
      everyone are using makeup to hide whatever they have...
      i had a scar very visible on my eyebrow which i had makeup on....and i have tattoos which i never declared and i had makeup on...
      as long as it looks natural...
      what these airlines mean when they ´´ban´´ certain things ect, they mean extreme things that cant be hidden....and would be visible....
      so then yeah we would understand...
      but tiny things we all have and we can hide,,,of course we would hide..
      i once flew with a cabin manager that had a foot tattoo, which she had covered with makeup...imagine that heehehehe
      anyhow good luck dear
      have a lovely day......
      and smile :-)

  36. Hi cabin crew dreamer,

    It's really very nice and supportive from you to have all of this patient answering all of those questions.
    Same like all the others above i got the successful email in 12 of march i send all my documents they required from me and i'm waiting same like others,
    but when i read the comments and i found that there's some they didn't get call or they put them in hold and finally their application will be rejected for no reason i start to be worried about that and i found that i need to know starting from now what i could do to avoid this situation ,
    Second issue is about health,
    i had before 6 years small issue in my lung and i did operation and now i'm ok i don't have any problems but i didn't mention that in my application that time when i did my final interview as i was so worried that they could reject me immediately.
    thank you in advance for your kind advice.

    1. Just i would like you to put in consider that i'm living in UAE 6 years ago.

    2. Dear kareem
      hope ur well dear
      i understand that we feel doubt/fear and worry regarding this...and yes we never know how this can turn...but fingers crossed u get ur golden call and date of join and dont need to worry about any of that dear....
      and no there is nothing we can do as candidates to avoid its not in our control this stage....
      and as for ur lung operation u did, as long as ur fit to fly and u know for sure flying for u wont cause u problems and u made sure with ur doctors that u can fly...then i dont find any reasons for u to declare this...
      although during the etihad medical exam they will be taking a chest xray...but i doubt they would see this because ur healthy now and ok....
      yes ur right, we never know about these companies, the smallest thing can cause a big issue and we could get i feel personally if something is personal and wont cause us issues in the future why declare.....
      but u know best about ur own health dear...and hopefully it wont be a issue
      wishing u the best kareem and hope ur golden call comes soon
      good luck
      wishing u the best

    3. Dear CabinCrewdeamer,

      I really cant believe that you are that much kind, hopefully one day i will be like you, I really would like you to know that your advise is very helpful to me and i never talk to any one work in Etihad since i did my final interview, so it very supportive to me and 100% i will let you know about any respond from their side.

      Thanks and best regards.

    4. dear kareem....thank u dear for ur kind words....and yes please do update me when u get ur golden call, would be a fun positive news for me too...have a lovely sunday...dear hugsss

  37. Dear CC Dreamer

    Greetings and thank you for all your patient and courage to support all CC dreamers, i have been through many comments but not all of them since there is so many. but i have one question.. i attended an AD in AUH recently and successfully got in to offer approval process, the Recruitment team requested all necessary documentations and reference forms. which are all sent already.

    But it's been more than two weeks and didn't get any call or e-mail yet which makes me worried if this is a good path still or they might reject me anytime during this process. Do you know how long does this process usually takes?

    Thank you for your time.

    1. dear karim...
      congratulations dear that u made it all the way to FI....
      yet u havnt gotten any rejection email so ur still for now...
      we can not be 100% safe knowing we got the job until almost at the end...cause at any given time anything can change....with these middle eastern airline companies this is what it is.. :-)
      it is a frustrating period of waiting and not knowing....
      every candidate have a different timeline when it comes to the hiring process....
      for some it might take months...for some shorter....we cant really calculate a fix timing for this....
      Just be positive and have faith u will soon get positive replies :-)
      wishing u all the best dear
      and congrats once again for making it to the finals...which not everyone do make it...but u well done :-)
      have a lovely night

  38. Hi CC, I hope you can help me. I received my successful email yesterday. As far as I know I had all my documents at my final interview and the recruiter's didn't say anything. Will they call me and ask for something specific if they dont have it?

    Do I just wait for the call now?

    Thanks so much for helping all of us.

    1. Hi dear
      hope ur well
      and congratssssss on making it to the finals with etihad and also getting the successful email...thats super positive news....well done..... :-)
      and yes if there is something that they need they will email or call u....other than that now all u will wait for is the golden call for a joining date....
      wishing u all the best dear
      good luck