Thursday, March 8, 2012

Week 3 of training Finished - Etihad Airways

Week 3 finished thank god

Im still standing up with positive attitude and positive thinking to manage to survive this hard and intense training.
Week 3 is the hardest and longest week of them all....and thank god i did it.....

This week we did these:

  • A lot of practice in the simulator regarding fire, turbulence, decompression, emergency evacuation and ditching. What we shall do in different situations and how we shall react and what our actions would be ect.
  • They taught us various evacuation techniques ect.
  • I had one exam on emergency drills and safety equipment
  • We had a assessment on how to use different fire extinguishers, life jackets, portable oxygen and protective breathing equipment ect.
  • We had a ditching assessment in a veryyyyyyyyy cold cold pool at the training.
  • We had a dangerous goods exam.
  • I learned about Airbus 319-320 as well which we will have a exam on next week.
  • We went and visited A330 - 200 at the airport that was a lot of fun.

A long and intense week packed with information that we had to memorize and know.

Thank god i passed everything and i can move on to the next round...
4 Weeks left :-)
One step closer to my goal!
only 4 weeks left and i think next week we will get our uniforms, no need to wear our white and black attire anymore wohoooooooo

Now weekend started and i can rest my busy head :-)

Next week new challenges and new battles to overcome :-)

The comment section is closed for now, if you have any questions or want to discuss anything please contact me via the ''contact me form'' :-)

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  1. Im starting training this 25th... Im sooooo nervous and excited at the same time! Ur blog is amazing.. Knowing what to expect makes it easier... Thanks!!
    During the practice timing do they keep qualifying u? Or is it really really just practice?
    What about the swimming part? Im not good at all.. Do you get help the entire time from a flotacion device?

    1. congratulationsss fun...exciting stuff..25th this month u said..not long now...
      wish u all the best....
      and thank u for ur kind words....

      as for the training they mix everything in it...its not only exams...they test your knowledge with other mini tests too... during the swimming pool/test, its not like you swim back and forth..its mostly you do group stuff in the water and they ask u as a group to climb over this raft ect...and than you guys do some stuff in the raft too....but while ur in the water ur always wearing the life vest dont worry dear...its pretty easy....stuff with the swimming.....
      even if ur not good at will be wont be like you think it would be.....
      good luck dear..hope i could answer ur questions....
      take care :-)

  2. Hi!
    I would like to ask you about the pool moment: were you wearing any device as a vest or did you had to do it without any "help"?
    Many thanks!

    1. dear maryjane....
      regarding the ditching we had, ...during all the tests we did, we had lifevests all times....
      :-) take care

  3. Many thanks, dear! I'm scared of the pool tests. I almost drown once, but I'm hoping it won't stop me from getting there and become an "Etihad girl".

    1. dear maryjane!
      regardless of what fear we have....its all in our try to focus on something else....the ditching and all that wont happen in a long time for u....focus on the assessment and go from there..also its not that bad or scary as people think it is,, i also thought it would be a crazy time, but it wasnt as i had expected it to be....and dont let anything or anyone stop u from taking whatever u dream of!!!!!!

    2. I think it would be nice if you were the recruiter/interviewer! Can I put you in my pocket and take you with me? :p

      Many, many thanks! You are such a blessing!


      You're truly a dear! :D

    3. lovely MaryJane,,,
      thank you for all your kind words...
      who knows i might be a secret recruiter lol, joking..
      i truly wished i could be a recruiter
      so i could spot STARS like urself, passionate people who truly want this job ..getting it...
      from the bottom of my heart i hope soon u will be wearing the famous etihad hat..and become one of the ´´etihad girls´´
      god bless u dear...
      good night

  4. and what about the attire - do they give it to us or we need to have it already? thanks and all the best)

    1. hi dear alina
      im not sure what attire u mean dear....if its the training attire or the uniform during work...anyhow
      but if u mean about what to wear during the training...than those clothes u will take with u abu dhabi...
      ex black pants/skirt..white shirt and black jacket/ shoes ect...all those u will take with u..urself from ur home country to wear during the first weeks in the training...until ur uniform is finished...than u will be wearing the uniform....during the rest of the training....
      etihad wont provide training attire during the first weeks...u have to bring it with u..
      hope this piece of info helped a bit :-)
      have a lovely day

  5. Hey!
    Can you please tell me, do you have training from Sun to Thu, and then have weekend free?

    1. hi dear
      yes we have the training sun-thu....sometimes it happens there will be exams on saturdays too...but our off days are friday and saturday
      have a lovely day