Thursday, March 8, 2012

Probation Finished - Etihad Airways

Few weeks ago i finished my probation time with Etihad Airways and it feels good to have passed it.
As if its a new chapter now or something.
These days as i finished my probation time, during my flights we have more and more new joiners on board. When i work with these new joiners i think of myself during that time i started flying with Etihad. It is so weird to me how time has gone by so fast.

I have learned so much and still are learning new things with this flying job. After 6 months flying before you could apply to work in first class/business class. Now they changed that rule and we cant apply anymore, they choose us. Those who have good reviews ect ect. Cause i was thinking i want to develop now and move up and work for first class/business class. So we will see how that goes now.

Well what to do in this life than SMILE, THINK POSITIVE AND SMILE :-)

More informative info related to cabin crew here:::

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