Thursday, March 8, 2012

3 Months Flying - Etihad Airways

3 Months has passed now and right now im back home on my annual leave recharging my batteries.
I thought i would give my opinion/ thoughts on how the job has been so far.  Or how things is around me.

I have to be honest, at first everything was magical and i thought wow this is amazing.
As time went things became ´´normal´´ and it became a job and day in and night out as i worked that ´´magic´´ wasnt there anymore.
Of course im still blessed and thankful for this opportunity.
But every job have good days and bad days.
There is horrible moments with this job, there is fantastic moments in this job too and when things doesnt go my way and i think im tired of this job i ALWAYS think of those amazing moments at work which makes me smile.

One trainer at the training told us one day when we feel down we should think WHY DID WE COME HERE AT THE FIRST PLACE?
For OUR DREAM of course.

After a while the things we once thought was amazing now is ´´´normal´´.
We see it everyday and do it everyday, so sometimes we forget those special things about this job.

ANYHOW flying back home for my leave for the first time since i started this...and... sitting in the plane as a passenger i truly REALIZED WHAT A AMAZING JOB I HAVE.
I felt the excitement again and truly working as a cabin crew for ETIHAD is once in a lifetime experience/ opportunity.

I saw my job with different eyes sitting as a passenger. Walking at the airport seeing cabin crews, i was thinking wow i have a job like this too thats amazing. :-)
I think i took my job for granted there for a while.

But once in a while we need to take a break from our jobs regardless of what we have and RECHARGE OUR BATTERIES..
Good for our minds, soul and bodies!

Living in Abu Dhabi is great actually, there is a lot to do, i have met a lot of new friends and they become our families cause there is no other we have there.
Im used to the customs there and now i feel its my 2nd home for some reason. The sun is shining there all the time so no reason to be sad right? lol

Working as a cabin crew is a veryyyy hard work, veryyyy, we have around 200+ passengers we have to take care of, although we cant make everyone of all those 200+ passengers happy, but try! That is all we can do!
But being a cabin crew is a very hard job which many dont know about.
Im still smiling though on board, someone told me when u stop smiling than this job isnt for u anymore :-)

But everything in life happens for a reason and this was meant to be for me, and IM THANKFUL for it.
Of course sometimes we dont like it and other days we love it. THIS IS LIFE.... same with the rest in our lives...

GOOD LUCK GUYS and please NEVER give up, CHASE this dream if you really want it!
POSITIVE ATTITUDE also helps us to see things with different eyes.




  1. Thank you...I really really love your post!

    Wish you luck & success!!!

    1. Dear Thuy thank YOU, and thank u for ur well wishes,appreciate ur kindness, wish u all those things for urself too and double them too....light love happiness sent ur way :-)

  2. Just checking... Does everyone get annual leave after the 3 months? With determinated days or its up to you?
    Thank u so much for sharing ur experience

    1. yes,,,i could get my annual leave even before my probation time...i dont think this has changed...and its up to us..we decide days long as they approve it...which most of the times they do....
      ur welcome dear....have a great night take care oxoxo